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Kate's Ice Skating Fun, Slams Dating Rumors AGAIN, Not Jealous of Jon's GF

PHOTO: GATHER,COM: Kate Gosselin is always looking for something fun to do with her eight kids. Today she hosted an ice skating party for the family. Many fans feel like a private party for no reason might just be a bit too much. Kate went to her Twitter account to let fans know about the fun they had today.
Guess what we did 2day? Our fam& friends hosted an ice skating (private) party at an ice rink!Had SO much fun! Kids can't wait2skate again!
She doesn't mention that it was anyone's birthday so the party sounds like it was just for fun. What do you think the cost of a private party for the Gosselin family would be? Kate even told a fan that she doesn't actually skate so it must have been just for the kids. Here is what she had to say about her fear of the ice.
ha. I didn't skate tho- cant break a leg literally. What the heck would I do??!! Scares me!
It sounds like this mom of eight just sat back and let her kids have all the fun. It would be a great day for the family. She probably really enjoyed watching them on the ice. Do you feel like a private ice skating party is too extravagant just for a day of fun? It is possible that with Kate's reality TV background this is the only way they could get peace from fans and paparazzi.

Kate Gosselin Slams “Completely Fabricated” Dating Rumor:
Kate Gosselin is taking an active approach to silencing rumors about her personal life by creating a “Kate + Rumors” section on her website.The reality TV mom, who has been the victim of several tabloid rumors since rising to fame, has already used her new weapon to kill one rumor before it gained momentum in the mainstream press. That rumor is that she has a “new boyfriend” that she’s been seeing “secretly.” As you probably imagined, Kate says that’s a complete load of bullocks.
“Unless my running shoes, kitchen utensils, or wrapping paper are considered ‘dates,’ I have not been on any dates and certainly no ‘blind dates’ set up by friends … Sorry Hollybaby, you lack credibility and are lying, as usual,” she writes.
“Once again, if you read something about me (or most other people in the media) in a tabloid where information has been provided by an unnamed ‘source’ you can assume it to be completely fabricated and totally false.”
Looks like the tabloids are going to have a fight on their hands from here on out if they try and mess with Kate.

Kate Gosselin Is Not Jealous Of Her Ex-Husbands Girlfriend:

KATE Gosselin is not a happy lady! The reality star is said to be furious that her kids adore their dad’s new girlfriend Ellen Ross. “Kate’s kids are starting to ask about Ellen and talk about her to Kate,” a source told HollyBaby. “They think Ellen is so funny, and they ask Kate if their dad is going to marry Ellen.“Kate can’t stand that the kids like Ellen. “Kate wants the kids to not think of Ellen as a stepmother, it drives Kate crazy. Kate doesn’t like the kids getting close to her and she refuses to accept Ellen.”
Recent reports claimed the former reality star’s DVR is filled with episodes of Kim Kardashian’s reality shows but she won’t let her kids watch it with her! “Kate watches reality TV all the time, especially the Kardashians,” a source said. “But she doesn’t want anyone to know about and she won’t let her oldest daughters Cara and Mady watch it when they beg to with her. Kate just shuts the door and goes in her room and watches countless episodes.”

Where do they get this rediculousness? How do they know she goes ot her room and slams the door? lol BM PURE CRAP!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kate Gosselin Gets Ready For The Holidays Despite Jon's Hard Times

Kate Gosselin & Kids Enjoy Movie Night:

Kate Gosselin and her kids are enjoying a fun night in with popcorn and a movie! Since the brood doesn't have school tomorrow, they are getting to stay up a little late and have a little extra time with their mom.

"Ahhh...happiness is: Home sweet home... With my kiddies, popcorn and a movie.. Snuggled up watching together," Kate tweeted on Sunday night. It sounds like the whole family is having a relaxing night—even if Kate did forget to put a "treat" in the popcorn!

The kids presumably spent the weekend with their dad, Jon, and Kate Gosselin was busy-busy, getting presents wrapped and taking care of other things around the house—she is definitely glad to be relaxing and to have all of her kids back home. Last week, a couple of them were sick with the stomach flu, but it sounds like that has passed and they are all just excited to be together, waiting for Christmas! There really is nothing like a movie night with the ones you love, especially after a busy weekend!

Did Jon Gosselin Get His Car Repo-ed? National
Times are so bad financially for the former star of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” that his prestigious BMW M3 was recently repossessed, and the infamous skirt-chaser is now stuck driving his mother’s beat-up minivan, reveal insiders. The 34-year-old dad – who works in construction and instal­lation – missed multiple payments on the vechile, disclosed a friend. “Jon contem­plated selling the car a few times over the past couple of years, but he never did,” noted the friend. “He loved it and always scraped together the monthly payments.”
But the hard-pressed hard hat – who lives in a one-bedroom apartment in Wyomissing, Pa., with his 24-year-old girlfriend Ellen Ross and several rescued dogs – could no longer afford the upscale car.
Although he’s lost a lot, Jon still has time with his kids.

Fol­lowing his split with 36-year-old Kate two years ago, he shares custody of their eight children – 11-year-old twins Mady and Cara, and 7-year-old sextuplets Joel, Collin, Aaden, Alexis, Leah and Hannah.
Still, expenses are high, and Jon is running on empty. He was extremely upset to lose the car, but he’s been trying to put everything into perspective and realizes the minivan he’s borrowed from his mom is actually better for lugging the kids around, noted the friend. “And the money he’ll save will help him, Ellen and their dogs get a bigger apartment.”

Sound Bite....Kate Gosselin Talks Christmas With The Kids

“Each year following the gift-opening marathon, and the hours of clean up wage on for me, the kids run off playing happily with all their new stuff and I clean up alone in peace and quiet. This is probably my favorite part of the day. Not because of the peace and quiet, but because I have the most grateful kids in the world! They return often while I’m sweeping the floor to thank me again and truly the ‘thank yous’ don’t end until bedtime. The happy chortling that I hear from rooms all over the house really makes ME happy too! I so love Christmas… and I especially love the happy chaos it creates at the Gosselin home!”

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gosselin Tree Unveiled! Kate's Knee Injury Prevents Her From Running, Jon Tweets About The Kids

Kate Gosselin Unveils Her Christmas Tree! (Shares Her Tale of Tummy-Bug Woe)

kateplus8tree 225x300 Kate Gosselin Unveils Her Christmas Tree! (And Shares Her Tale of Tummy Bug Woe) Here's hoping the Gosselins recover quickly enough to enjoy this beautiful tree. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Kate Gosselin‘s house. She proudly posted a picture of their tree on Twitter yesterday – a handsome pine aglow with white lights and an angel on top. She also set the record straight to followers who thought she might have had some outside help in her holiday preparations. “Do some people actually pay ppl to do their decorating?” she tweeted. “Unheard of here! Took us all day :(” Nor is the tree Rockefeller Center-sized, in case you were wondering. Kate, who bought it from a local nursery, describes it as “Tall enough, yet small enough that I didnt have to use the mop to put the angel on top – just a step stool, lol.”

But even famous reality-show moms are still moms, subject to the same kid-disasters as the rest of us. And as any mom knows, those disasters usually happen at the worst possible moment. Kate tweeted yesterday evening that she “had a vomiting child to clean up…Again!” When one of her octet said “No, thank you” to dinner, Kate had a feeling that something was up. And her motherly instincts were right. The appetite-less child – she hasn’t said which one it is – started upchucking soon after that and running a fever. “Yep, tis the season2 clean up vomit!” she joked. “If it hits all, wish me luck!” At last report, a second little Gosselin was down with the bug as well. Kate’s relying on an “old time trick” to get the germs out: turning off the heat, opening windows and bundling the children up. Here’s hoping it helps. Not even the most die-hard Kate-hater would wish an eight-fold round of stomach flu on her.

Kate Gosselin Knee Pain Preventing Her From Running:

Kate Gosselin is itching to get running again but she is still having some pain in her left knee after completing her first marathon last Sunday. Although she is an avid runner, this marathon kicked her butt a bit. She did have a really fun time—and is already looking forward to the next big race—but she is still sore from pushing her body.
Is Kristen Stewart 'Vogue' Photoshop too Much?
When asked how she was feeling, Kate tweeted "better every day. Itching to run but left knee still says 'no.'" This has to be really frustrating for the mom of eight, who runs nearly everyday near her home in Pennsylvania. Hopefully a little rest and maybe some icing will have her back in tip-top shape very soon.

As far as her next marathon goes, Kate has suggested that it will be within the next six months. She is excited to give it another go, this time with less nerves, and she is super motivated to beat her time. Once her knee feels better, she will be back at it, and ready to prep for marathon #2!

Jon Gosselin Tweets About The Kids.. What Do You Think?
Jon Gosselin
Good morning! I'm so proud of my kids today! I watched them at their Winter Concert this AM. They did great. Have a great day and weekend!
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Kate Runs in Vegas Marathon, Housewives Star Has Kate Gosselin Crush! Not Filming With Jon Again

PEOPLE.COM: She's used to chasing after her children (and at times being chased by paparazzi) but Kate Gosselin had a different reason to be running down the famous Las Vegas Strip on Sunday. The mother of eight, who bundled up on an unusually chilly night with a top that said "Finishing Is Winning," completed the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon – her first marathon – in 4 hours, 59 minutes and 21 seconds.

"I'm not one to do anything lightly," Gosselin, 36, told PEOPLE before running the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon. "I either do it or I kill it. I guess this is considered killing it." Gosselin, who's been a runner for three years, trained for the marathon on the roads near her Wernersville, Pa., home, often in below-freezing temperatures. And by finishing 26.2 miles, Gosselin hopes to set an example for her children.

"I'm running this because I want to show that with dedication and determination anything is possible," she said. "I want them to remember this moment when their mom completed a marathon, knowing that nothing in life should stop them from attaining their goals." The lesson does come at a cost, however: "This will probably be one of the most painful messages I will ever impart to them," she said. via Yahoo: Could a new reality TV couple be in the works?
According to Access Hollywood Live's Kit Hoover, the recently-single Tareq Salahi, formerly of Bravo's "Real Housewives of D.C.," has a crush on Kate Gosselin. "Tareq Salahi e-mailed me personally," Kit revealed on Thursday's show. "He wants to be set up with Kate Gosselin." Kit explained that Tareq is interested in the former TLC "Kate Plus 8" star, who appeared on Access Hollywood Live on Tuesday. "He said, 'Is she really single?'" Kit recounted. In his e-mail, Tareq wrote, "Set us up if she is." And Kit had a promise for Tareq, who is currently embroiled in a divorce with estranged wife Michaele, who left him in a very public way for Journey's Neal Schon. "Tareq, I'm totally on it," Kit said of trying to set him up with Kate. Do you think Tareq and Kate would make a good couple?

Kate Gosselin On Access Hollywood: Will Not Film With Jon, & No Face Lifts!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kate Gosselin Slams Tabloids Over Jon Gosselin Rumor, US Weekly Lies About FaceLift

Good morning Gosselin fans! It's time to get the lawyers out, and sue the #@$& out of US Weekly. This week they pull a rabbit out of their behinds and print that Kate Gosselin had plastic surgery in 2009. SHE DID NOT AND THEY HAVE NO PROOF! and she also had botox. I'm pissed for her.. Has Kate Gosselin gone under the knife -- again? When the former reality star recently reported for her first day as a blogger, she revealed a new face to go with her new gig. And it's not the first time the formerly full-figured brunette has freshened up. "She's consumed with her appearance," a source says of Gosselin, 36, whose TLC reality show Kate Plus 8 was canceled in August. (says who? the source is the person that wrote this stupid sham of an article. Anyone can make that crap up!)

To keep her youthful appearance, the single mom of eight -- who got a tummy tuck in 2007 and breast implants in 2009 -- relies on thrice-weekly tanning sessions. Last June, she even gave herself Botox injections! (The result: unnaturally arched eyebrows.) (It was a quick photo and even I can arch my eyebrows like that when I'm mad. Get real!)

New York City plastic surgeon Jon Turk tells the new issue of Us Weekly (on sale Wednesday) that based on recent photos, it looks like Gosselin's gone more extreme this time: A defined jawline and changed eye shape "suggest a facelift." It's not surprising, the source tells Us: "Kate wants to look 10 years younger." (Every mom wants to look younger dumba@@. It must be a slow news week for you!) XO BM Kate Gosselin is blasting tabloids for reporting that Jon Gosselin was forced to take care of their eight children to save money so she could go on an Australian vacation with her bodyguard last week.
“To set the record straight, Jon did NOT keep the kids during my recent trip and especially not so I could save money,” she tweeted. “Sick of all the fables and fairy tales. Don’t believe what you read! Sick [of] how tabloids prey on people, especially moms trying to support their kids! Move on people.”
But then after saying Jon did not keep the kids during her trip, Kate makes this concession:
“My babysitter had the [kids] except for 24 hours, and we all wish he would take them more than his chosen custody! Would be great for all!”
RumorFix accurately reported last week that Kate was going down under for business, not vacation. We were also first to report Jon kept the kids during part of Kate’s trip.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kate Gosselin Poses The Red Cross & Shines At Steve Irwin Gala, Kate's New Job At Coupon Cabin!

Kate Gosselin Poses for Celebrity Red Cross Contribution:

Kate Gosselin was grouped with other celebrities for The Red Cross! The pictures are a campaign to collect money for the local Southwestern PA branch of the American Red Cross. She looked amazing! And haters can't handle both the amazing Kate and all she is doing in her spare time for charity free of charge!
What most people don’t realize is that these essential Red Cross Home Fire Relief services are funded exclusively through donations. No government subsidies. No federal funding. Just the generous contributions we receive from people like you. Yay Kate!

Kate Gosselin Shines At Steve Irwin Gala:

THERE was hardly a piece of khaki in sight - especially not on the Irwin clan - when the 2011 Steve Irwin Day Gala Dinner was held to raise vital funds for the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre venue looked a treat and Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin were dressed to the nines for the occasion.
Special guests included Kate Gosselin, star of the hit reality television series Kate Plus 8, international model Ellie Gonsalves, musician Xavier Rudd and Dr Chris Brown, host of Network Ten's Bondi Vet. The fun will switch to Australia Zoo tomorrow when many of the same celebrities are guests at Steve Irwin Day!

Kate Starts Her New Job At Coupon Cabin!

Former reality TV star Kate Gosselin reported for her first day of work at, an online coupon website on Wednesday. She'll be contributing blog posts to offer money-saving advice and shopping tips. Kate met with the CouponCabin account team to discuss creating exclusive coupons, blog ideas and money lessons that Kate has learned over the years. And she hung her picture on the wall in the offices in Whiting, Ind., just outside Chicago. Don't worry; she didn't move there. She will be working from home, contributing once a week to the site.
Her first blog post will go up on Tuesday with tips on how to navigate the busiest holiday shopping day of the year, Black Friday (Nov. 25). And when she's not blogging, she's running. Kate tweeted two days ago that she is preparing to run the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on Dec. 4. "Omg!I can't believe I'm doing it! Scared2death!"

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kate's New Car Drama, Coupon Blogging, & Offering Advice To Students Speaking at a college campus may have inspired Kate Gosselin to put together a vocabulary list as an outline.The former nurse and mother of eight, whose life inspired a reality show on The Learning Channel, admitted she was a "crammer" in college. "I wrote my speech on the way here," she told an audience of predominantly women and students on Thursday at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus.

Gosselin, 36, is a blogger on the website and travels to speaking engagements across the country. Yesterday, she used the words strength, perseverance, courage, focus, resilience and endurance in discussing a life that included parenthood to multiples, sudden fame and divorce. Gosselin encouraged students to complete their studies."I have eight kids to send to college someday. I'm speaking from a mom's perspective when I say work hard and do your best," she said. Now a single mother, she reviewed a day in her life, from overseeing homework, dinner and showers to bedtime. After cleaning up from "Hurricane Gosselin," she packs eight lunches before going to sleep. Her 2010 appearance on "Dancing With the Stars" also took perseverance, she said. The judges gave her low scores for her stiff dancing, and she was voted off after several episodes."Did anyone here vote for me?" she asked, to audience applause. "Thank you. I recommend you see your eye doctor. Who were you watching?" she joked. She found courage when her divorce "went so ridiculously public," and she had to face down paparazzi and deal with the tabloids' "lies of the day." "I feared people would not be able to see the real me, because of all of the crap -- sorry -- that was written about me," she said.

"I want my kids to grow up and look back on their childhood and say, 'You made good decisions. I'm proud of you. I love you and thank you,'" she said."I thought she was really down to earth, just a regular person," said Marian Jarina. She said she liked Gosselin's advice to moms and students to never give up, to persevere and to achieve one's goals. Student Brandon Mitchell, 20, of Masontown said he understood how having eight children could cause stress."I liked what she said about not needing everyone's approval. If her kids think she did a good job, that was what was important."

Kate Gosselin outrages child safety group after her 'unsupervised' young son crawls under the family van:
Reality star Kate Gosselin has outraged a child safety group after her son crawled underneath her van in Reading, Pennsylvania. They claim the little boy was lucky to escape with his life after jumping underneath the minibus, while he appeared to be grabbing a piece of schoolwork he had dropped. He and his eight siblings had just gotten off the school bus, where their former Kate Plus 8 mother was reportedly waiting in the family van. But despite his other family members jumping in the vehicle, the youngster decided to dart underneath it to retrieve his paper. Kate allegedly remained in the driver's seat when her children got off the bus. While the little boy safely got into the van after his dangerous duck, the incident has still outraged child safety president and founder Janette Fennell told RadarOnline: 'A minivan is a 3000-pound lethal weapon and having children crawling around it is not prudent.'

Miss Fennell said Kate should personally made sure all her brood got in safely. She said: 'She should have gotten out of the car to supervise them, especially when you have that many children.' 'Kids tend to put themselves in harms way in an instant. 'You should never leave children unattended in or around motor vehicles. 'Even if they are all capable of getting themselves into the van and getting buckled up, children at that age are unpredictable.' She added: 'She is blessed she didn't run him over.' Miss Fennell also was keen to point out that motor vehicle accidents are the number one killer of children. She said 50 children are backed over by vehicles every week in the US, and at least two of them die. A further 1.5 children are killed every week by being driven over forwards very slowly in a parking lots. The criticism will come as a further blow to the one-time darling of reality television. It was announced in August that her show Kate Plus 8 was cancelled after seven seasons and 150 episodes. She has since found employment as a coupon blogger. announced today the news about its new hire, who is a longtime advocate of couponing. Company president Jackie Warrick said: 'Kate has embraced coupons her entire life. We look forward to sharing the unique insight she has gained over the years.' Kate added: 'No matter what your financial situation is, there’s no reason not to use coupons. It’s like free money in your pocket!'

On a final note... Having young children of my own, there are days I'm mortified at the things kids do in a split second. Having said that, I think no one has any right to judge Kate based on this incident. Do we even see her as the one in the car? And if she was, do we see what happened after this? Why are there no photos of anyone getting out? What if she didnt know? When you have children this age and cameras following you to take photos to make you look bad at any given moment, then please contact me. BM

Friday, October 28, 2011

Watch Kate Gosselin On The View! Kate Plus 8 Not To Be Blamed For Reality TV Problems Heading out for an interview session, Kate Gosselin was all smiles during her chat on Raw Dog Comedy’s “The Phone Show” at SiriusXM Studios in New York City on Thursday (October 27). The floundering reality TV star looked sexy in high black boots paired with a black and teal dress upon arrival and seemed to be enjoying herself immensely during her sit-down. Just ahead of the interview, Kate tweeted, “I'm doing Sirius radio soon... Howard Stern 101 'what's worth watching' listen gift of gab at work, lol.”
And shortly after exiting the studios, Gosselin wrote, “Can I just say how F.U.N. @siriusradio is? I had a blast on 'the phone show'(Howard stern 101)&'what's worth watching.’

Kate Gosselin

YES! See me on on Monday! Yay! I love my View ladies! I miss them and can't wait to dish with them on Halloween! Don't miss it! 4 hours ago
Former TLC Editor Arrested for Child Pornography A large bust in North Carolina included the arrest of William Johnson Blankinship, credited by TLC as Bill Blankinship, who is listed as a writer, editor and on-line editor for Jon and Kate Plus 8 from 2007-2009 and an on-line editor for Kate Plus 8 from 2010-2011. Blankinship also worked on 19 Kids and Counting, Sister Wives and Table for 12, three other TLC shows about children.

Kate Gosselin

The haters are having a field day with this one. Why are they trying to blame Kate for this?  If anyone should be faulted for overlooking this mans character it was TLC. He was never in the home or had access to the kids. Nor was he ever part of the crew. Why are they so concerned when there was also a FIREMAN arrested. Because they are secretly THRILLED that it can somehow be linked and therefore can be blamed on Kate. More for their sad lives to talk about all day every day...What do you think? Feel free to discuss xo BM

Watch Kate Gosselin as a zombie on The View HERE!

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Back To Australia For Steve Irwin Auction Gala, 10 Parenting Tips We Learned From Kate Gosselin

Hello Gosselin fans! With Sacarlett Johansen fetching a whopping $41,000 for just a dinner at a recent charity auction in the UK, Kate was smart to take advantage of this opportunity to show those constant naysayers her charitable side and try for herself to help Terry Irwin for her foundation. How do you think Kate will do? And how wonderful is it that she gets to visit Australia again, this time for such a wonderful cause.. take that haters! ..BM

Steve Irwin Day, November 12th, 2011: The annual Steve Irwin Day Gala Dinner celebrates the life and legacy of the original Wildlife Warrior - Steve Irwin. All proceeds from this fundraising dinner go towards Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors, so that we can continue the conservation work Steve was so passionate about and continue to keep his dream alive. Our goal in 2011 is to continue to keep Steve's dream alive; to celebrate the life of the one and only Crocodile Hunter and raise vital funds for Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

LUNCH WITH KATE GOSSELIN, STAR OF KATE PLUS 8A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you and 9 friends to dine with Kate Gosselin at the multi-award winning Chalk Hotel in Brisbane, plus a signed copy of her book.

10 Parenting Lessons We Learned from Kate Gosselin:

Parentables team took a look back at the show's run -- and at the many lessons we learned from Kate herself. From motherhood and fitness to education and hairstyles, here are ten teachings that we'll remember long after the credits roll.

1. Take Control: Order is possible in the midst of chaos. Kate's keen sense of organization makes daily adventures with her eight kids a reality.
2. Get Organized: Organize as much of the chaos that you can, and just roll with the rest. We've always admired how she could mobilize eight kids in under a half hour when it takes us 20 minutes to get our little urchins out the door.
3. Hit the Road: Education doesn't have to happen in school. Kate takes education where ever they go...she is a closet homeschooler!
4. Teach Your Children Well: Kate makes education fun, and she incorporates it into everything they do -- even vacations. The kids learn in hands-on environments, giving them lessons that will last a lifetime
5. Slow Down: Take each day one moment at a time. When things seem to be at their worst, recognize that this is a moment in time and it will pass. We can't put a finger on a singular episode that this lesson was gained from. Rather, it came from watching many episodes and seeing her take each moment and dealing with each new challenge one at a time.
6. Turn Lemons into Lemonade: Lesson learned: Never be afraid to reinvent yourself.
7. Trust Yourself: Kate has taught us that you need to do what you feel is right for your kids and stick to your beliefs rather than letting everyone else in the world tell you how to raise your children.
8. Pay Attention: Kate taught us that each child, no matter how many you have, is deserving of your undivided attention. She makes it a priority to have one-on-one dates, cook together, read stories--despite the fact that she is strapped for time.
9. Be Yourself: Kate taught us to make room for ourselves. Having kids doesn't mean you lose yourself--you can still run, dance, and enjoy life.
10. Enjoy the Moment: We are reminded by Kate Gosselin that the beautiful thing about being a parent is that it keeps you real. Even a person who is a celebrity in the eyes of the world is just "mom" to their kids. Successes, achievements, awards, and honors are nothing compared to the hug of a child who loves you.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Cara & Maddy! Walk A Day In Kate's Heels, Kate NOT Returning To Nursing

Kate Gosselin Wishes Cara and Mady Happy Birthday on KatePlusMy8 Blog:

Kate Gosselin took to her Kate Plus My 8 blog to wish her twins a happy birthday, in a post titled “Happy 11th Birthday, Cara and Mady!!!!”See photos of Cara and Mady Gosselin through the years!
In the post, Kate recalls the day her “first two precious children were born,” getting up “completely miserable at 4:30am” that day and realizing it was “THE day” that she’d have her twins! Kate writes, “They came into this world at 5:41 and 5:47 with Cara Nicole weighing 5 pounds 3 ounces and Madelyn Kate weighing 5 pounds 1 ounce” She shares, “I enjoyed absolutely every moment of being a “twin mom.” I devoted my all to being these little girls’ mommy and the rewards they gave me were worth every sleepless night, spit up stain and inconsolable cry!” Gosselin notes that she is “amazed at who each of them has become,” adding that they have “own styles, passions and goals.” She writes that they are “a joy to “hang out with” and discuss life issues with.”Kate closes the blog post by writing, “Happy 11th birthday, Cara and Mady! I love you both so very deeply – and just as you said this morning when I told you that again – “yes, we know, mommy!””Check out the birthday photo of Cara and Mady that Kate Gosselin shared… twin cupcakes! Image:

Exerpt: Walk A Day In My Heels (Love it!)

I may wear heels and you may choose to wear comfortable flats. How refreshing to have a conversation about our different shoe styles — you not understanding how I walk in heels and I can’t understand how flats are more preferable for your walk down life’s paths. We agree to disagree on those things realizing that our individual choices work for us. We respect each other’s choices. Certainly if I am not walking in your “flat shoes” and you’re not walking on my “stilts,” how can we make judgement or point the finger at one another? The same applies to parenting. Give advice, hold back criticism, agree to disagree when necessary and move on! If everyone took this idea to heart, it could change the world! (Heck, if it only improved Twitter, the world would be a kinder place!)


Kate Gosselin denies return to nursing:

As fans wondered what Kate Gosselin will do without a reality show, an "exclusive" report is declaring she'll return to nursing. "A friend reveals" that the Philly-born mother of sextuplets and twins "is terrified about being able to make ends meet," so she'll once again work as a labor-and-delivery nurse, according to "Is Kate Gosselin headed to a hospital near you?" After all, Gosselin, who still lives with the kids in Wyomissing, Berks County, was a nurse at Reading Hospital as recently as 2004. Then a series of reality-show gigs came along: Jon & Kate Plus 8, then just Kate Plus 8, both on TLC. The cable network, though, seems to have backed off on running a series titled A Twist of Kate." Apparently, though, the nursing idea is a misdiagnosis. "No truth," Kate tweeted late Thursday night on her account, @kateplusmy8. "Renewed license when up for renewal. And that got it all going!" She was responding to @Livin4LifeLove, who tweeted: "A friend of yours (source) said you were already going back to nursing. Rumor or lie? There was an article stating that. LOL."Nevertheless, the Gosselin gossipers are all asking, how will she make a living if no new reality-TV deal comes along? One report even called her as an "extreme couponer," after a major shopping trip.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Kate Says No To H8R, But Yes To Tooth Fairy!, Why Do People Hate On Freebies?

Whats Wrong With Kate Getting Freebies? Why is she accused of Mooching?

Kate Gosselin says definitely she won't pay for getting her hair styled. Even though she's said to be pinching pennies, she still looks like she's getting some pretty expensive hair treatments. How's that all working out? According to Hollywood Life, it seems there's a bit more to the story. Some might even say she's doing a bit of mooching. Just because Kate says she's not paying to get her hair done doesn't mean she's not getting it done. It seems that Kate has utilized the services of the upscale Ted Gibson salon. Now that she's no longer on TV, she is still getting the hair treatments comped. How did word of this get out? On Twitter, of course. Kate Gosselin was asked recently by a Twitter follower how much haircuts cost at the Ted Gibson salon. "Always comped. Wouldn't dream of spending that kind of $ on hair!!??!" Kate replied.

Kate GosselinSo how long does Kate Gosselin think these comped services will last? She still doesn't have a job and had so been hoping that a deal for a new reality show would come up. Rumors have been circulating about Kate Gosselin doing a radio show, but she's said there's no basis to that. The former Kate Plus Eight star is 100% unemployed. Do you think this is a cut and dry case of Kate mooching? How much longer do you think the salon will continue to comp Kate's services? It will be interesting to see if in the very near future, Kate Gosselin starts sporting a different hair style. What do you think?

Kate Gosselin Talks Cupcakes and the Tooth Fairy!

Kate Gosselin  is very excited to celebrate the birthdays of her twins, Mady and Cara this weekend! The family received something very special from one of their favorite bakeries, just in time to kick off the festivities! "My friends at Georgetown Cupcakes overnighted 5 dozen cupcaFile:A rainbow of cupcake bites, March 2009.jpgkes! Oh how excited Cara and Mady were," Kate tweeted on Wednesday. Of course she has been very busy planning for their birthday party, which is presumably on Saturday. Aside from planning the party, the mom of eight is also struggling with other duties... ones of the tooth fairy kind.

On today's blog Kate talked about how it's not easy keeping track of all the Gosselin missing teeth! With the sextuplets all losing pearly whites on a regular basis, mom is having a hard time keeping up! Her suggestion? "More sleep and less night flying!" There is never a dull moment in the Gosselin house as you can tell from the range of topics Kate covers in 24 hours! The big question is, will the "little kids" still be able to eat those cupcakes despite losing so many teeth? Perhaps they should leave one out for the tooth fairy as incentive...

Kate Gosselin Says NO to H8R, Then Show Gets Canceled:

The star of the former hit show, Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin is making headlines today. According to a new report, Gosselin has allegedly passed up an opportunity to appear on a new show entitled, H8R. On each episode of the show, a celebrity confronts his/her "biggest hater." A producer of the show, reportedly stated that at this point, it does not seem as though Gosselin is interested in making an appearance on the show.
As Huffington Post reports, a show producer of H8R reportedly said of Kate Gosselin: "We have had more videos sent in about Kate than any other celebrity. We have reached out to her many times asking her to do the show, but so far it doesn't look good." Now that Kate Plus 8 has been canceled, in previous interviews, the reality star revealed her wishes to continue her career in television, and it is certain that her fans would love to see her return to TV. However, at this point, there has been no news of Gosselin making a return to TV in the immediate future, but H8R is reportedly interested in having her on the show. The show has since been CANCELED

Friday, September 30, 2011

Kate Gosselin Radio Star? Why I'm More Like Kate Everyday

Hello Gosselin fans! It's certainly been a while that I have addressed you personally. So much has been happening in my private life and that in part, was due to the dedication of this now single mom Kate Gosselin, which is why I'm so proud to say I feel more like Kate Gosselin everyday.
First off I need to stress the main big difference of the both of us as I have the best amazing support from my wonderful husband who is the Rodger to my Rachel (Zoe, my other strong female empowered favorite). I would not have my strong sense of self without him. But in terms of Kate my goal now is to give my children the best opportunities out there and give them the strongest most supportive mom out there. I need to learn through Kate to go out there and do whatever I feel I need to support my family. Take whatever opportunities are out there and when one door closes open all the windows available.  Recenly I became aware of a site that came after me accusing me of taking from their blog and leaving nasty emails.  Funny this is from the same site that originally ripped off this one, while chatting me up with personal emails. (I sent out one email after I found out what they did. Not several thank you.) In the end I realized through Kate that a part of her success came from those that wanted to talk about her daily. That if she was able to ignore that hate and create an empire for herself, that all the lies (I called up who's job BL? that's just CRAZY) that were made up about her, were actually part of the component that led to her becoming a reality star.

Now granted she has a long road ahead of her taking this amazing opportunity and creating a new one, I want to believe the best for her so I can continue to model my determination & hard work after her, and all that she has done for her children. We are both blessed with amazing kids. We are both emotional, stern and a bit rough around the edges. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope to continue on with this saga for as long as I am able to. I would like to thank my amazing Linda and all my incredible friends I have met along this path towards all of our success. And I hope that you will continue the journey with me for as long as this ride takes me...xo BM

Will Kate Gosselin Get a Radio Gig?
It's no secret that reality mom Kate Gosselin has been trying to figure out her next move since her TLC show, "Kate Plus 8" got the ax. Although Gosselin has expressed her desire to be on TV ("I love being on TV"), the mother of eight may try for a radio gig instead, according to Show Biz Spy.

"This is an idea that thrills me to pieces!" Kate wrote when a fan asked about whether she would host a show on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. "I LOVE doing satellite radio tours and it's something that a few people have suggested recently. I must admit, it would be a great way to put my 'gift of gab' to great use! I'll look into it... thanks for the suggestion!" Kate, 36, recently told People of her jobless situation. "I am freaking out, big time. Nobody was ready to leave the show. I've never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up. I don't know what's next."

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kate Gosselin Running & Feeling Better, Do Children Belong On Reality TV?

Kate Gosselin Gets Back to Running:

Kate Gosselin is feeling much better after starting to come down with a cold earlier this week. The mom of eight got back to running today, completing 8.5 miles in the rain! Quite proud of her accomplishments, she took to Twitter to share the news.

"I'm baaacckk...8.5 mi in POURING rain through flood water and all! Not my best time but I did it," she tweeted on Friday morning.

As you may know, Kate Gosselin is training for a half-marathon, so running has become something more than just exercise for her. Sure, it's a great way for her to stay in shape and to burn off steam, but she is driven to push herself, and that's a good thing. You have to give her credit for doing something for herself that has nothing to do with media attention.

It seems as though Kate is staying busy since her TLC show was canceled. Aside from running and taking care of her little ones, she's also keeping up with her website, which is popular amongst her fans. She has proven that she is going to be just fine.

 Do Children Belong On Reality TV?  (Edited For Content, Click Title for Full Article)

Few topics can get heated faster than discussing how parents raise their children. Want to start a full-out conflagration? Try discussing how parents raise their children on reality TV. Recently, viewers have seen tots dressed up like a prostitute and primped like Dolly Parton on "Toddlers & Tiaras," which ends its season on Sept. 21. Ever-present cameras captured spotlight-loving mom Kate Gosselin and her eight children’s last hurrah on "Kate Plus 8," which had its series finale on Sept. 12. The public even had to consider how a 5-year-old girl's appearance on reality TV might impact her after her father, the husband of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Taylor Armstrong, committed suicide.

Candi Wingate, owner of, helped Kate Gosselin find a part-time caretaker in 2007, and said she saw nothing worrying on set of “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” (The show’s title changed to “Kate Plus 8” after the Gosselins separated.) "The kids were so natural with the camera crew. They didn't act any different; it wasn't a set-up thing. I think it's a great way for the kids to look back on their childhood." It seems the decision to give young children a role on a reality TV show is a reasoned choice based on good parenting skills and a complete comprehension of what being filmed regularly does to young minds and emotions. But while the first part may be true, the second is harder to believe. Those on the outside may feel that watching reality TV series starring children can be like being witness to a slow-moving train wreck. In scripted television, that spotlight withdrawal hasn't always gone so well.

"Kids who grew up on television supposedly had a guild keeping them safe. And even on sets of TV shows with rules to protect those kids, many of those child stars still wound up going to jail, getting stuck on drugs or alcohol or having destroyed relationships," said Galinsky. Ultimately, no one is sure whether the Gosselin kids will miss the cameras beyond a surface level, whether the beauty pageant toddlers are changed by their experiences, or if what is cute, hammy 4-year-old behavior now will turn into a vortex of destructive attention-seeking later on. Said Galinsky. "No one could have predicted that it would last this long, with no end in sight. Guidelines have to be drawn up at some point to protect these kids, because there's nothing now."

Should children ever be filmed for reality TV?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What Do You Think About Kate's New Site? Going Back, Watching Sextuplets & Twins

GATHER.COM: Kate Gosselin may be sad that her reality TV show Kate Plus Eight has ended, but she is probably happy that the final show received the season's best ratings. In fact, it received better ratings than the show had gotten in an entire year. According to the Hollywood Reporter, 2.1 million people tuned in for the final episode of Kate Plus Eight. That's the best it's done since June of 2010. And the final episode even scored its best rating among 18 to 34-year-olds since July 2011.
Even though these numbers are certainly something to be proud of, they are a bittersweet reminder to Kate Gosselin that it's a case of too little, too late. Kate Plus Eight never had the kind of ratings that Jon and Kate Plus 8 had. It seems that the audience really enjoyed the interaction between Kate and her now ex-husband Jon Gosselin--even when things weren't going smoothly for the couple.
It seems that all good things must eventually come to an end, and such is the case with Kate Gosselin's TV show. She doesn't quite see it this way, however, as she is now faced with trying to figure out how to support her eight children as a single mom, and keep the whole family living the way they have become accustomed. That won't be easy, but Kate is determined that she will somehow find a way to stay on TV.
For now Kate is keeping fans abreast of the chaos in the Gosselin household with a new website. is live, but many of its pages are still under construction. At least Kate Gosselin can revel in the fact that Kate Plus Eight went out with a bang. Will it be a big enough bang to get networks to give her a second glance? Who knows? Kate can be very persistent!

What do we honestly think about Kate's new Website? What would we change if we could? Please share your thoughts!

RELIVE THE MEMORIES: Surviving Sextuplets And Twins

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kates New Website!, The Final Episode Of Kate Plus 8, Kate Talks On Today & E!

Kate Gosselin reveals launch of 'Kate Plus 8' website on the 'Today' show:

Gosselin said the end of the show is 'the end of an era' Kate Gosselin recently admitted that she was “freaking out” that her TLC show Kate Plus 8 has been canceled, leaving her with an unknown future.

Her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, has publicly advised her to return to a normal life, but the mother of eight appeared on the Today show Monday morning to reveal plans to the contrary.
Kate told host Matt Lauer that she and her brood will be keeping the public in touch with their lives with a website. " goes live together as a place where fans can go and follow us, so we're not just sort of ending," she revealed, The Hollywood Reporter writes.
She went on to explain how she prepared for the cancelation, which she found out in August. “I got a call from TLC and I knew we were in the deciding place… and so it was not a surprise. Obviously ratings and everything else… so I braced myself and here we are," she said. Kate does admit there is “some relief” that comes with the end of the show, "But there is sadness because it's the end of an era. I feel sad for my kids because of all the opportunities and they're now questioning what's going to happen. I feel sad for fans. They're devastated: You're the neighbor that's moving far away and we won't see you again.” She continued, “There's also been this fear because this has been -- although maybe not my career -- my job, and the way I've been providing for my kids for six years. So, you know, it's a little scary." USA Today reports that she even responded to Jon’s recent public statements to her to stay off of television. “Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids and working a regular job. I want the best for my kids and the best opportunities, not unlike every parent,” she said. “I think to be a good parent is to work as hard as you can and get the best opportunities in life."

Kate Gosselin On The Today Show

Kate Gosselin Is the First Guest on The Wendy Williams Show!

Fresh off of a new public mini-feud with her ex-husband, in which he tells her to go get a real job after her reality show has been canceled, Kate Gosselin will be the first guest of the Season 3 of The Wendy Williams Show.
On the very same week her TLC show Kate Plus 8 permanently leaves the air, Gosselin will help kick off Williams’ new season.
The Hollywood Reporter writes that Williams said of her next season, “I loved spending the summer connecting with people on a personal level in their home towns,” adding, “I’m so excited to start the new season, share my experiences and introduce some of my new celebrity friends to viewers.”
This move coincides with Gosselin’s recent statements that she would like to continue to work on television, much to the dismay of her ex. However, she also told People that she told her eight kids, "I told them I will work"...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kate Gosselin on People! WATCH RV Breakdown HERE! What Did You Think Of This 2nd To Last Episode? Kate Gosselin's long-time TLC show Kate Plus 8 has been canceled, and she's the first to admit that the transition from reality star to regular mom isn't going to be an easy one. "I'm freaking out. Big time," she tells PEOPLE in the new issue.

Her kids, twins Cara and Mady, and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel "weren't ready," to leave the show, which has been airing since 2005, she adds. "Nobody was. I've never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up. I don't know what's next." But Gosselin, 36, whose messy divorce from husband Jon played out in the tabloids – and on TV – in 2009, vows to work hard to keep the lifestyle she's provided for her kids. "I told them I will work my fingers to the bone to make sure that they can stay here and go to their school," she says. "There are no guarantees in life for anyone, but they know that I'm giving it my best shot."

‘Kate Plus 8’ RV Breakdown Episode Recap Part Four:

The drama of the Gosselin family RV trip doesn't stop until the end of the episode. When the new RV won't start, Kate accuses the Kate Plus 8 crew of rigging the RVs. Of course, that isn't the case. It is just some bad luck for Kate and her caravan. When it is discovered that one of the kids is eating pizza, Kate blows up. She says there were only four slices of pizza left from the night before and those were earmarked for the adults. When the two ladies from the Party Bus note that they don't want the pizza, she tells them that the pizza should go to Steve, who doesn't eat mac-n-cheese or salad. She claims that the kid eating the pizza ruined lunch for everyone and now Steve doesn't have anything to eat. She tells the women in the bus to get Steve a piece of the remaining slices of pizza. Mady grabs the pizza and hands it to Steve. Kate promptly starts in again about how it is 'disgusting' for Mady to grab the pizza and that one of the adults should have wrapped it in foil instead of letting Mady grab it with her 'dirty' hands. This upsets Ashley, who has a breakdown. Frankly, it is surprising that she has lasted this long without a serious breakdown considering the way Kate has treated her and Jamie like children the entire trip.

Ashley remarks that everyone has enough food to eat because the two refrigerators are so stuffed that it is difficult to close them. Seriously? Like Kate couldn't just run in at a store or a fast food restaurant to grab food for the people with her on the trip. The whole incident was just the icing on the cake for poor Ashley. She notes that she has worked for Kate for five years and that this is the worst it has ever been. The Kate Plus 8 staff members send Ashley home. She has a sad goodbye scene with the kids. She reminds them that she loves them all and that she will see them again. It was a touching scene, and hopefully when Kate sees it, she will realize what a gem she had in Ashley. For the kids' sake, Kate should apologize to Ashley and hope that Ashley will come back. On her Twitter page, Kate tweets that she didn't know Ashley was leaving. She says she was in her RV doing an interview. That is probably one of the smartest things the producers of Kate Plus 8 have ever done. Can you imagine the dramatic scene that would have unfolded if Kate had been there? It probably would have been much worse than any ever seen on this show. The end of the episode finds the kids somewhat happy and the adults happy that the two-week trip is done. The final episode of Kate Plus 8 airs September 12 at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

Watch RV Breakdown HERE!