Friday, April 13, 2012

Gosselin's Have A Great Easter, While Jon Owes $3600 In Back Child Support

Kate Gosselin Planned Easter Egg Hunt for Kids:

Photo: INF Kate Gosselin prepped for a fun Easter holiday for her children. Each year, Kate tries to make things exciting and enjoyable for her eight kids, but that usually requires and awful lot of work. Easter for the Gosselins is a day to spend together, to eat treats, and to get a lot of exercise running through the yard and finding egg treasures.

"Good morning everyone! Busy day here! 800+ eggs and 8 baskets to fill, cooking, baking and Easter outfits to lay out! I better get going...!! Yikes!" Kate tweeted on Saturday. If you have watched any episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8, you probably know that the Gosselin children love Easter, mainly because their parents have made it such a fun day for them all.

Kate Gosselin will be quite busy getting everything just right for tomorrow. Hopefully they have nice weather so the kids can get outside and explore. Which Gosselin do you think will find the most Easter eggs for their basket?\

Jon Gosselin Owes $3600 In Back Child Support:

Jon Gosselin seems to be behind on his child support payments to his ex-wife Kate Gosselin again.
The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality star dad has eight children that he is required to support by law in Pennsylavnia, but has exclusively learned that he owes $3557.06 in child support payments. The Pennsylvania Department of Child Welfare has the outstanding amount listed on their PA Child Support Program website, calling out the thousands of dollars he owes.

As previously reported  Kate seemed blindsided by the fact that Jon was going to go back to court for non-payment of child support after a Twitter follower alerted her. “I don't know if he's going to court but wouldn't surprise me.... How do you know this stuff?!?” the former Kate Plus 8 star wrote but quickly stopped engaging the follower, writing: “Woah....I'm not allowed to talk about orders from the court.…" Since ending her reality show Kate has been working as a blogger for while Jon has been working in construction to support their children. They have a contentious relationship, but if Jon owes back child support to Kate a new court battle could be their most explosive meeting in a while.

I feel HAPPY for the Gosselin family for the following reasons: By TashaPork

1. The children have two parents who while they may make different choices than the mainstream, both care about their children.
2. They have all of their needs met, food, shelter, educational, etc which is not an easy feat.
3. They have had opportunities to travel, to learn to experience things.
4. None has a severe handicap or illness
5. They are being taught to be independent and to work as a team.
6. They are being taught to help others
7. They have had a lot of opportunity to learn about the television industry as well as others that might open up career possibilities for them later on.
8. They have college funds
9. Kate is teaching them to be strong and independent and that you have to go after what you want
10. They aren't deprived of the presence of either parent
11. They have good child care arrangements when neither parent is available.
12. They eat a healthy diet and get opportunities to play outside

No their life isn't perfect, but I think it gives kids a disservice to try and create a perfect world for them because then they are grossly unprepared to deal with the real one when they grow up. I've seen that happen and it isn't pretty. Yes, they face adversities, but I believe everyone has one kind or another and they are in a good position to thrive despite them..........