Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kate On The Today Show & In People, Jon Gosselin Gets A Job, Kate Plus 8 On Sarah Palin's Alaska 12/12

Kate Gosselin Shares More Of How Her Kids Are Dealing With Divorce:

Kate Gosselin has already cleared up that her kids, Collin and Alexis, were not expelled from school, but the reality mom opened up a bit more to People about their struggle to cope with their feelings.

“[Collin and Alexis] were not expelled. [The school] did not feel like they could meet their needs anymore, so it was decided they should leave, for now.”“They’ve been the ones to verbalize the most that they miss Daddy,” she says. “I could see that they’re the ones struggling the most.”Collin was upset and saying things out of frustration – he’d crumple his papers and throw them on the floor.  Alexis was angry in a different way. She didn’t want to sit still. She’d get up and want to run around.”
Kate shared that the kids are in therapy and doing really well.  The reality mom also shared that she and the rest of the kids are just doing the best they can to deal with the situation. Kate explains how hard she’s working to keep things consistent for them: “I’ve kept the stability, the income – everything that they know and love – “I’ve come through on that.  I am doing what my kids need me to do. That’s really all that matters.” I do find it sad that Jon doesn’t seem to be working to help support the kids (MORE BELOW), as far as we know anyway.  It shouldn’t all fall on Kate’s shoulders, because then when she IS away working to support the kids, everyone bashes her for not being at home with them.  It’s a difficult position to be in – she can’t seem to win in the public’s opinion of her.  Kate recently landed a new gig as Entertainment Tonight’s  correspondent for the new Skating with the Stars show, doing interviews with the contestants.

Surprise! Jon Gosselin Gets a Real Job:

It may only be the first of December, but we're gonna go ahead and call this a Christmas miracle anyway: Jon Gosselin has a job. Like, a real one. That has nothing to do with reality TV.Everyone still standing? OK, then…a source tells E! News that the original octodad has found work in the technology field—you know, his profession before he became a reality-starring, Ed Hardy-wearing womanizer. "Jon is back at work at a normal job not in media or entertainment," the source says. "He's working in technology, which he did before the show."And he apparently isn't paying too much mind to his ex-wife Kate Gosselin's ongoing TV shenanigans, including her appearance on the Today show this morning in which she said she was still awaiting an apology. "He is happy as can be," the source said. And, incidentally, still happily dating girlfriend Ellen Ross. Sorry, ladies.