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Jon & Kate Reunite at a Yard Sale for New Kate Plus 8


Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin Reunite at Yard Sale—and Yes, TLC's Kate Plus 8 Cameras Were Rolling!

Kate Gosselin, Jon
Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin aren't often photographed together.
Since calling it quits in the summer of 2009, the exes have, for the most part, kept their distance. On Saturday, however, Jon went to St. John's United Church of Christ in Wernersville, Pa., for a family yard sale. His ex-wife, 39, sold appliances, books, booster seats, car seats, clothing, furniture, toys and more.
Per a local radio station, Kate said, "No price tags! Let's wheel and deal!" A portion of the proceeds went towards the Animal Rescue League of Berks County. A source tells E! News that the yard sale will be featured in an upcoming Kate Plus 8 special, airing in December, but there are no plans to have the recently evicted father of eight, 37, appear in the episode.
"We had a memory filled X at r yardsale! Met hundreds of THE nicest ppl & saw many old friends 2! PLUS raised tons of $ for ARL Berks County," Kate tweeted. " Thank you ALL 4 coming out to meet us! My kids had fun w ur kids on playground! And thx 2 for your generous donations to ARL Berks County!" Earlier this year, Jon said he regrets letting Discovery Health and TLC film his family from 2005 to 2011. "I don't think being on TV is good for kids. A lot of them do not want to film and they come to me and tell me that," he told In Touch. "It's upsetting and I think it's embarrassing for them. They are enjoying having an ordinary childhood." At the time, he alleged that Kate used their children "as props" for TV.
"Kate Gosselin

The Gosselins have often argued about how to raise twins Cara and Mady, 14, and sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel and Leah, 10. Over the summer, Kate explained why she's kept her kids in the spotlight. "If there was another way to singly support eight children, you would not know this name and I would be on an island, and so would they. You would never hear from us again," she told E! News"Having said that, this is a pretty fantastic way to feed my children, keep them in an amazing house, at an amazing school, and make memories together. That's just my life and cameras are there," she said. "So I understand this situation because I landed on TV somehow. This is just part of that. I look at it as work and the kids are with me, they run in and out of the frame, and we go to cool places sometimes.

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Finally Kate Plus 8 To Return This Winter!

Kate Gosselin and Kate Plus 8 Return in December Kate Gosselin hasn't finished up her run on TLC just yet. The cable network has ordered more installments of Kate Plus 8 to air in December. TLC says the cameras will follow Gosselin and her brood as they travel to Boston and explore the New England area as part of their family vacation. 

Viewers will also be treated to the Gosselin kids' final days of summer as their mom prepares for another year of school. Cara and Mady will enter eighth grade, while the sextuplets – Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel – will go into the fourth grade. In Gosselin's recent two-part Kate Plus 8 special that aired in June, she talked about how it was "never my intent to portray myself as superwoman" and that she cries, "behind closed doors, I struggle." The program averaged more than 2.1 million viewers.

The reality star, 39, divorced husband Jon in 2009 after 10 years of marriage.

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Were Back! All new Kate Plus 8 Special, Jon & Kate Feud on Who is Watching The Children

Cake, Cotton Candy & a Clown Costume: Kate Gosselin Throws the Sextuplets a Carnival Birthday Bash

Cake, Cotton Candy & a Clown Costume: Kate Gosselin Throws the Sextuplets a Carnival Birthday Bash
Kate Gosselin
Raising eight children can be a circus – a comparison Kate Gosselin took to heart to celebrate her sextuplets' birthday.

Dressed as a clown for her kids' big day, Gosselin threw a carnival-themed bash for the youngest in her very busy brood: Aaden, Collin, Joel, Leah, Alexis and Hannah. The sextuplets turned 10 years old on May 10, and TLC captured all the fun for the family's two-part return to reality TV.

"It was quite a celebratory carnival, marking 10 years of survival, health, happiness and the blessing of the best kids a mom could ever ask for," Gosselin, 39, tells PEOPLE. "And to me, if I'm being real ... maybe it didn't seem too much crazier than our usual family-circus-type life."

The party was an extravagant update of the sextuplets' 3rd birthday celebration, also broadcast on the show. Back then, Gosselin rocked a pink wig. But this year, she went all out in a full costume.

"My dream was to reinvent our carnival theme from their 3rd birthday party," she says. "And make it bigger, better and on a grander scale. In other words, more suited for kids of the double-digits age range this time around."

Cake, Cotton Candy & a Clown Costume: Kate Gosselin Throws the Sextuplets a Carnival Birthday Bash| Jon & Kate Plus Eight, Kate Plus Eight, Birthday, Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin and three of her children
With amusement park games and plenty of sweet treats (including a cake shaped like a circus tent), the fĂȘte was a rousing – and slightly exhausting for mom – success.

"The day was a blur of activity from the crack of dawn til late that night," Gosselin says. "I think it turned out to be way more fun for all of us than any of us could have imagined. All nine of us came together – dreamed together, planned together, set up together and enjoyed a huge milestone with tons of our friends. Not to mention, the tons of candy, hot dogs, funnel cakes, popcorn, cotton candy, cake, ice cream and carnival games that also 'attended.' "

Cake, Cotton Candy & a Clown Costume: Kate Gosselin Throws the Sextuplets a Carnival Birthday Bash| Jon & Kate Plus Eight, Kate Plus Eight, Birthday, Kate Gosselin
The birthday cake
See all the action (and what else the Gosselins have been up to) when Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10 airs as a two-part special on Thursday (10 p.m. ET) and next Thursday (June 26 at 10 p.m. ET) on TLC. In the meantime, check out this sneak-peek video of Gosselin doing her best to get the kids on board with her plan:

He-Said-She-Said! Jon & Kate Gosselin FEUD Over Who’s Watching Their Children While She Films ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Kate Gosselin has primary custody of the eight children she had with ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, but who’s watching the brood while Kate’s filming Donald Trump‘s Celebrity Apprentice in New York City? It depends who you ask. While the bodyguard once used to protect and watch over the children hasreportedly turned into more of a boy toy for Kate these days, a source close to Jon exclusively tells that he’s helping out with the children, while another source close to Kate says her estranged ex isn’t helping any more than usual and she’s had to employ three nannies to help out while she tapes. “Jon has the kids for a few days a week. The custody schedule changes all the time, always depending on Kate’s schedule,” the source told Radar.
“Jon drops them off at the house, and the nanny takes them at the front door. He usually doesn’t know if Kate is around or not, and he doesn't know her shooting schedule. She really keeps Jon in the dark about a lot of things. But it’s safe to say Kate was not with them last week, because Jon is.”
But according to an insider on Team Kate, Jon hasn't stepped up any extra at all while she films the reality TV show and Kate’s been forced to foot the expensive nanny bill. “Kate actually asked Jon to help out more with the kids while she does Celeb Apprentice, but he refused. He only wanted to take them his usual one day a week,” the insider told Radar.Just last weekend the Gosselin children were spotted in New York City though, presumably to visit their mother while under the care of their nannies.A passerby walking her pug in Central Park ran into the Gosselin kids over the weekend:
Absolutely Delightful, Vivacious, Polite & Loving children + 1 Amazing Pug. You should be proud @Kateplusmy8
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Kate Gosselin Lays Down the Law in Kate Plus 8 Special, Jon Gosselin Fired From Waiter Job

Hello Gosselin fans! We are back! Yes I guess it finally took all the haters to finally go away and take a bit of a hiatus myself to finally come back with a positive outlook and fresh start. I have been so blessed working hard and creating a future for myself. But still going through the exact thing that makes me have so much in common with Kate..raising our kids! I have children both the twins and the sextuplets ages, and they have truly given me a run for my money. Its not been easy being a working mom and raising my children. Ive struggled quite a bit and have really read so much on the Internet to help me. I have missed you all, and wanted to remind you who is STILL HERE and never really left. Now that theres new Kate news I look forward to getting back in touch with you all. Please say hi in the comments and let me know your still around! xo BM   p.s I just bought my daughter a cell phone.. bad idea??

Kate Gosselin Lays Down the Law in Kate Plus 8 Special They're not little kids anymore. Kate Gosselin and her brood return for a two-hour Kate Plus 8 special next month on TLC. And judging by this exclusive preview, family life is just as hectic for the reality mom – though her tactics have become perhaps a little more devious. 

"It's all still happening, with or without cameras," she says. "I'm getting older, tireder, more worn out. The kids are getting older and smarter and giving me a run for my money, daily and hourly and moment by moment." 

Two and a half years after the show went off the air, twin girls Cara and Mady are now 13, and the sextuplets – daughters Leah, Alexis and Hannah, and sons Aaden, Collin and Joel – just turned 10 on May 10. Organizing the clan seems to still be a full-time job, while discipline has become even more of a challenge. One trick Gosselin, 39, has picked up is to use technology to get her teen girls to behave. Watch how she does it in the clip above. "I've learned I'm not the only parent of teens who has discovered that little gem," she says. 

The Kate Plus 8 special airs June 25 (9 p.m. ET) on TLC.

Jon Gosselin No Longer Waiting Tables — ‘Fired For Blowing Off Shifts,’ Says Insider

Radar The father of eight hit rock bottom last year when he started waiting and bussing tables at a local Penn. Pub to make ends meet, but has exclusively learned Gosselin was fired from his position a few months ago. “Jon was fired for blowing off shifts and coming in late,” a source close to the situation told Radar. “He had no work ethic and felt he could come and go as he pleased.”
Gosselin, 37, finally found a way to supplement his income though when he joined VH1‘s Couples Therapy with girlfriend Liz Jannetta. But even while waiting tables, the source tells Radar that Jon took precautions as a public figure to protect himself while he worked at Emily’s pub in Beckersville.
“Jon had the restaurant sign a non-disclosure agreement stating they cannot speak negatively about him,” the source told Radar. Another source tells Radar that Gosselin now has a new career endeavor in sales. “He left the restaurant a few months ago,” the source said. “He’s doing sales for some credit card type of company where they help manage credit card swipes for businesses.” As Radar previously reported, Jon is paying no child support to the mother of his eight children and ex-wife,Kate Gosselin. The one-time TLC star made a secret deal with Kate, 39, in which he waived his rights for a say in the kids’ TV appearances in exchange for not having to pay his child support.

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Kate Gosselin Rumored To Join Celebrity Appentice! Comes Back For 1 Hour TLC Special

Brandi Glanville, Kate GosselinBrandi Glanville, Kate Gosselin, Ludacris, and more have joined the cast of Celebrity Apprentice in Season 14 -- see who else made the cutCredit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank; Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire
The Donald awaits! The cast of Celebrity Apprentice's Season 14 has been revealed, and it seems as though the boardroom will surely be drama-filled with cat fights galore.
This year's celebrity contestants include The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBrandi Glanville, mom of eight Kate Gosselin and The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya MooreUs Weekly can confirm. Veteran journalist Geraldo Rivera will also be joining, along with The Cosby Show alum Keshia Knight PulliamTMZ reports. (Go Rudy!) 
Us can also confirm that LudacrisVivica A. FoxShawn JohnsonLorenzo LamasIan Ziering, and Gabrielle Reece will come face-to-face with Trump and his famous "you're fired!" line.
Last year, Trace Adkins beat out Penn Jillette for the win in the first-ever All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. He was joined by other famous faces Dee SnyderDennis RodmanGarey BuseyLisa RinnaLil Jon, among others.Celebrity Apprentice Season 14 filming is set for spring, and will air on NBC in the in the 2014-2015 season. The cast will be officially announced on Thursday, March 20.

TLC to Air Kate Plus 8 One-Hour Special

TLC to Air Kate Plus 8 One-Hour Special
Kate Gosselin

Kate and her eight are heading back to where it all started – for one night only.

It's been more than two years since TLC viewers have peered into the lives of Kate Gosselin and her sizable Pennsylvania brood, and in June the cable channel that launched the family into reality show superstardom will air a one-hour special catching up viewers on their lives, PEOPLE confirms exclusively.

The special promises to touch on how all eight kids have grown, what their interests are currently and the latest on Kate's life and career. Viewers will also get a look back at some of the Gosselins' favorite memories. The sextuplets – Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel – are nearly 10, while older sisters Mady and Cara are officially teenagers at 13.

The Gosselins took reality TV by storm whenJon & Kate Plus 8 launched in 2007 when the sextuplets were just toddlers. America eagerly watched the couple raise their large family, and the cameras continued rolling when Jon and Kate's marriage famously fell apart two years later. In 2010 the series was renamed Kate Plus Eight and focused on the now-divorced Kate raising her many children, but the show was canceled a year later.

PEOPLE readers got a glimpse of Gosselin life now when Kate and the twins sat down for an interview at the beginning of this year. In it, twins Mady and Cara painted a picture of domestic harmony – despite semi-joking that their mom is 'annoying' – and refuted reports that participating in the reality show had a negative affect on their childhood.

"People think we're supposed to be messed up, like, 'Oooooh, the poor Gosselin kids, they're going to be scarred for life, waaaaah,' Mady told PEOPLE at the time. "Here's the big news: we're not messed up."
Will you watch these new shows? Let me know in the comments! xo BM

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John on Couples Therapy, Someday He Wants To Take The Sextuplets Away, But Not The Twins? Wants Kate To Have An Evaluation

This is the first time in a very long time that I jumped up out of my seat and ran to this blog to share my thoughts. It's been years of Kate hate and for a time just a few of us being angry and frustrated at Jon Gosselin hoping that years out of the spotlight would change him. At first I refused to watch him on couples therapy. But tonight as I got the kids to bed and sat down for a peaceful hour that i stumbled upon it while flipping channels. It's almost over at day 11 and for the short time he was on I was glued to my seat.

Recently you have seen Jon on TV making ridiculous claims about trying to take away his sextuplets, while dodging bullets as to why he hasn't seen the twins in months. Attacking Kate, calling her a bad mother using the Today Show as the only leverage this guy has. Keep in mind he lives in a cabin in the woods and is a waiter in a dumpy restaurant AND carries a gun.. Don't you know how judges love to hear about men with Ammo. But I'm getting to a point I swear...Seeing him tonight on Couples Therapy really makes you see that Kate is not the problem.. its HIM. If you need examples of this I came in at the right time. Watch next week when Jon's in the hot seat and the group tries to tell him that hes attracted to strong women and his current girlfriend is horrible for him. I literally now can't wait for next weeks episode.

For a man that is sooo out of the public spotlight, he's been promoting the show hard. Going to many events, I could not see how a man would go out of his way to claim that SOMEDAY when he gets money he's going to try to take his kids away from Kate. Someday after he gets back on Reality TV, makes money off of more interviews and appearances and get out of the money hole hes in. Now I really feel for his girlfriend. She has a no-money man with 8 kids. I applaud her for trying to straighten him out and try to make him a more stable person.. But watch next week, because all the things he's attacked Kate for Couples Therapy clearing shows that he brought back in a Kate-Clone. Either accept who you are attracted to.. basically a woman with more balls than you, or try and go out there and find a totally different make. Because they show Jon what his problem is, and well he's his own worst enemy. Couples Therapy 9pm Thurs. on VH1


Jon Gosselin Wants "Temporary Primary Custody" of Kids: Kate Needs a "Psychiatric Evaluation"

Jon Gosselin's not giving up on his eight children. In an exclusive interview with E! NewsAlicia Quarles, the divorced father of eight said he's concerned about leaving his children in Kate Gosselin's care. "I want temporary primary custody until Kate goes on a psychiatric evaluation," he said, claiming that his ex-wife "instill fear" and "controls" their kids.
Kate, 38, appeared with twins Mady and Cara, 13, on the Jan. 20 cover of People, where they gave readers an update on their family's life after Kate Plus 8 went off the air in 2011. "That article is total f---king bulls--t. I really think that was edited using Mady and Cara as the source," Jon alleged.
After the magazine hit stands, Kate took her elder daughters on a press tour that included TV appearances on NBC's Todayand ABC's The View. Asked how they handled their parents' divorce, Mady replied, "Honestly, it wasn't hard for us. I think it was harder for [our mom], definitely. It didn't really affect me and we still saw both parents. We were little, we were like 8 or 9, so we knew what was going on, but we didn't see the stuff [in the media]."He argued that Kate is "trying to win [the twins'] favoritism by making them look like a bad person."

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Kate and The Twins On The Cover of People, Kate's Today Show Interview

For the record, I feel terrible that Kate is once again being attacked for her daughters having a case of stage fright. It disguts me that it awakened the last of the hate sites to write some horrible things about Kate in her children. I hope that you share your thoughts in the comments section....

TODAY.COM Determined to clarify what she calls “inaccuracies” about her and her children, Kate Gosselin wants the world to know her family is doing fine, but the effort took a strange turn when her daughters clammed up on live TV.
The former star of “Jon & Kate + Eight” appeared on TODAY with her 13-year-old twins Cara and Mady on Thursday to show they’re normal teens who haven’t been hurt by the drama of the reality TV show and her stormy relationship with her ex-husband.
“They get really frustrated that people assume certain things in our house and they always say, ‘But that’s not how it is, mommy. Why do they say that about us?’” Gosselin said.
“They’re just really regular, every day, awesome teenagers.”

The segment started awkwardly with the girls not answering questions posed by TODAY's Savannah Guthrie and instead just looking at their mother and each other.
Kate Gosselin prompted them to speak, saying, "It's your chance, spit it out." She and the girls were recently featured on the cover of People magazine as part of her campaign to show the kids are doing well.
"This is the most wordless I've heard them all morning," Kate said. "I don't want to speak for them but, Mady, go ahead. Sort of the things that you said in (People) magazine, that years later they're good, they're fine. Go for it, it's your chance."
"No," Mady replied, smiling. "You just said it."
They were tongue tied for most of the interview and let Gosselin do the talking, though Mady did speak up when asked whether people have the wrong impression of her and her family.
“I wouldn’t say wrong. I would just say not the full story,” Mady said. “A lot of people think that filming our show has damaged us, but it’s only really helped.”
Both girls said they would want to be part of another TV show.
After the TODAY interview, Kate tweeted:

Thanks to for having Cara, Mady and me on the show today! 1st live interview can render even the gabbiest girls speechless :)

In October, Jon Gosselin told OWN his children have developmental problems that have led to issues with their peers and talking to other people. He added they have problems with "wants and needs and manners and morals."
The Gosselins became stars in 2007 when they allowed TLC to film their large family, which included the twins and sextuplets. The couple divorced in 2009.
Kate Gosselin referenced Jon's comments on TODAY, saying the twins are "aware of what is out there, the inaccuracies, things that are said by the general public , their father, whoever ... their friends talk about it at school. So I sort of am forced to kind of inform them."
Jon Gosselin recently revealed he had a vasectomy to make sure he wouldn't have any more children. He said he doesn't talk with his ex-wife.