Saturday, September 4, 2010

WATCH HERE: KATE GOSSELIN Plus 8 in "Pirates, Kites, and Turtles, Oh My!" New "Kate's Take."

Kate & kids on the beach.
Another episode of Kate Plus 8 debuts Monday night on TLC: "Pirates, Kites, and Turtles, Oh My!"
Previews of this episode show pirates and the beach as Kate Gosselin and the adorable 8 kids share part of their summer visit to Bald Head Island. We first got wind of this visit when Katy Hall published information at Huffington Post, with her version of "reporting" leaving a lot of questions in the minds of anybody who follows the Gosselin family. North Carolina tourist areas have been hard hit by downturns in the economy and many vacation rental homes have gone unrented this year. Hotels along the coast from Southport to the Outer Banks report lower occupancy rates than past years. 

Is Bald Head Island only for the ultra rich or celebrities? While there are large homes, accommodations there are available in many price ranges. No motor vehicles are allowed; these are parked back on the mainland. Golf carts and bicycles are used for transportation. It's a place of quiet, not glitzy night life such as that found in Atlantic City, NJ, or even that of the not too distant Grand Strand in SC, that includes Myrtle Beach. People go there to tour Old Baldy, as the lighthouse is called, to enjoy the nature preserve, play golf, swim, etc. To get away from crowds and just enjoy nature is how North Carolinians describe Bald Head Island's charm.

Old Baldy

Bald Head Island, off the coast of North Carolina, is an island reached by a 20 minute ferry ride. Despite Ms.Halls's claims of exclusivity and her parent's home being across the street from the Gosselins' rental home, North Carolinians, of all incomes have been taking the ferry there for "day tripping" as well as overnight or week stays for decades! Anyone, yes that's you or me, can enjoy a visit there. There are overnight accommodations for one night or a week, and they stretch across quite a difference in price ranges. Private homes tend to be more secluded with trees retained before construction began, or planted later. 

Last year's house
The photo at right, made during the Gosselin's visit last year gives you an idea about the trees and vegetation. This allows an increased feeling of being a bit more private. It's not so easy to see the houses next door. Beaches are not crowded; you can easily look around and see your whole group without having to herd them to avoid being lost in crowds. 

Yes, celebrities visit there for the quiet, but they are not given special treatment by police, shop owners, or local residents. For decades it has been known for its "live and let live" attitude. Quite a different place than that described by Ms. Hall.

Boys at the Battleship 2009
This is the second year that Kate and her 8 children visited Bald Head Island. Last year, a side trip for the boys included a visit to the Battleship (USS North Carolina) in nearby Wilmington, N.C. What do they have planned for this year? (Approximately two years ago, Jon and Kate visited Carolla, located on the northern portion of NC's Outer Banks. Bald Head Island is located off the southern portion of the NC coast.)

Watch "Kite's & Turtles Ohh My" HERE!

Could the Gosselins' Marriage have been saved if Jon Had Taken this Course? Or, I Knew Kate Was Controlling and This Proves It!

Today’s post is designed to be funny and a spoof!
First, the confession:
It is not original (But I will never reveal my source who is close friends with an employee who works with a cousin once removed who knows somebody who once lived in a town near the Gosselins and he knows for a FACT that Kate wanted to send Jon here but he wouldn't go!!) 
I have failed in my research to find the original publication, despite my best efforts of Googling the entire free world and all search engines at my fingertips. Sigh…2,931,647 sources listed and I checked every one of them! (Of course, not really and you have to have been around a while in Gosselin Blogging Land to get some of the references.) 
I'm not I sure if I really wanted to babysit this blog or not. Did I really promise to do this? I did? Then a promise is a promise but Baby Mama, you'd better bring me something better from DisneyWorld than a tee shirt because since the breast augmentation I don't wear tee shirts any more! So here goes...
(Women In Charge Of Everything)
is proud to announce the opening of its



Note: due to the complexity and level of difficulty, each course will accept a maximum of eight participants. The course covers two days, and topics covered in this course include:
Step by step guide with slide presentation
Roundtable discussion
Practicing with hamper (Pictures and graphics)
Debate among a panel of experts.
Losing the remote control - Help line and support groups
Starting with looking in the right place instead of turning the house upside down while screaming - Open forum
Group discussion and role play
PowerPoint presentation
Real life testimonial from the one man who did
Driving simulation
Online class and role playing
Relaxation exercises, meditation and breathing techniques
Bring your calendar or PDA to class
Individual counselors or life coaches available
PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of full disclosure, we must post the following responses on evaluations by men who have attended previous courses. Formerly this appeared only in the small print, but we've enlarged it so nobody can claim they were deceived and we get hauled into court again!
1. Empty Cartons belong in the fridge because that way they don’t go bad and stink before I have a chance to take out the garbage
2. The woman is in the kitchen to make dinner, she might as well empty the dishwasher while she’s there.
3. But every time we bring flowers you assume we did something wrong and it ends up being very harmful to our health.
4. Real men don’t get lost unless they make the mistake of letting the woman read the map.
5. Well, unless someone finds that impossible creature: a woman who CAN parallel park, we’ll never know.
6. This just scares me. I mean, just because women wanted emancipation, why did we ever agree to it?
7. Will there be Red Bull during snack breaks.
8. I have to fail! If I pass she will be unable to partake in her favorite pleasure — nagging me!
9. Look, I get enough exercise just pushing my luck.
Please just lighten up folks. Learn to laugh at your own mistakes and the world around you.  Have a nice day! This post will only be up for one day (maybe two or three) and then we'll go back to reality...Or maybe not.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kate Gosselin Wasn't So Quirky After All! Maybe Jon Does This Also! Wash Your Hands and Leave Your Shoes at the Door!

It Turns Out That Maybe Kate Wasn’t so Quirky in Her Habits After All!
A recent program by the famous Dr. OZ, M.D. was about avoiding deadly “superbugs.”
Dr. Oz says: Did you ever think MRSA)would become a common household term? It has, because last year MRSA killed 19,000 Americans, and experts believe that over 2 million of us are living with this deadly bacteria on our bodies…” He listed some key steps to help reduce your family’s chances of contracting a superbug: 1. Wash your hands often and try to avoid sharing towels. 2. Leave your shoes at the door of your house and keep another pair of “inside” shoes at the door to switch.

Kate Gosselin was ridiculed for requiring the SAME thing of people entering the Gosselin residence. Immune systems of very small children are particularly vulnerable. Dr. Oz is suggesting the steps for everybody. You heard that right! Not just small children but everybody!
Another example needed? Try this link:
Advice by Dr. Kerry Peterson (M.D.) on the Rachael Ray show included: What's the best thing you can to do to avoid getting the flu? "All the basics ... and keep your hands clean; washing your hands for 20 seconds (rubbing your hands together vigorously), is the best thing you can do for yourself. And make sure you use soap."

Kate Gosselin was ridiculed for having instructions posted in the bathroom about how to wash your hands. Doctors' offices have similar signs. Schools have similar signs. There’s even a website on hand washing! Kate wasn’t giving her helpers a hard time! She was making sure they actually knew how to do it. Most adults don’t even realize how long you have to do it. Need a timer? Imagine singing “Happy Birthday” twice through to a friend.
Here's a link with details:

Then there were the comments labeling Kate a complete germ-a-phobic for leaving shoes at the door. You’ve seen Dr. Oz’s comments above. He does it. Is he a kook also?

Why is this idea so strange? In much of the world it is the NORM to leave your outdoor shoes at the door. These countries include Japan, Korea, Thailand, the Czech Republic, Scandinavian countries, and much of the UK until fairly recently to name a few. Some do it for religious reasons. Some do it as a measure of respect. Some just do it because, “That’s the way it’s done here!” All of these cultures benefit from a reduction in germs, bringing in pesticides from lawns, fungicides, dirt, etc.

WHY would Kate Gosselin want her precious babies crawling around on the floor to be exposed to stuff from other people’s shoes. To do that would be the ultimate YUCK factor!

If you ever plan to visit Hawaii, bring a pair of “flip flops or slippers” to use indoors.  It is considered VERY rude there to enter someone’s home with your "outside" shoes on. You’ll see signs there at doors with “Mahalo for removing your shoes.” (Mahalo means thank you.) There are humorous ones that say, “Please remove your shoes. Don’t take better ones on your way out. –Mahalo” 

Perhaps the next time you hear somebody ridiculing Kate over hand washing and shoes, you might want to gently say, “I think she was right. And so does Dr. Oz, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)...” Just continue the list as long as you like. Let's follow Kate's tips: Wash your hands and leave your shoes at the door! Mahalo to Kate Gosselin for the reminder.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Watch The Big Apple Sneak Peek Here! 10 Reasons for Admiring Kate Gosselin. Can We Abide by Grandma's Rules?

Kate Gosselin is a polarizing person. Few people are neutral when hearing her name. It seems to be either people love her or hate her with not too many people in the middle. This is a blog where the Gosselin kids are adored. It's also a place where you can express nice things about Kate or Jon
My 10 Reasons for Admiring Kate Gosselin
1. She has no problem voicing her opinions. No passive aggressive junk here. You know exactly where you stand and exactly where she stands on issues.

2. She can say she was wrong and can apologize. She's not perfect. She did not talk very kindly when speaking to Jon about issues during their marriage. She has repeatedly (4 times I can cite) said that was wrong. Life goes on! If you are perfect, please start a blog and sell your secrets to perfection.
3. She realizes that you cannot go backwards. You can only move forwards. Neither parenting nor life comes with a manual for perfection.
4. She values life and a healthy lifestyle. No selective reductions. No surviving on junk food. Exercise helps you stay fit. Healthy food helps you stay fit. She'll drive 40 miles for organic foods. She knows to pack vitamins for trips where she and the kids will not be eating organic. Healthy bodies begin with exercise and eating healthy.
5. She looks for growth in herself as a person and is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone to look for new opportunities. Yes, $$ from DWTS were great but it was certainly outside her comfort zone.
6. She values motherhood highly and recognizes that taking time out to nurture yourself increases not only your self esteem but additionally revitalizes you for the next round. Mani's, pedi's, and spa days are a good thing! Women are entitled to respect and taking care of themselves whether they are SAHMs, WMoms, SMoms, or DMoms!
7. She recognizes the differences in her children and celebrates their unique interests and abilities. Example Colin has a need to be not only helpful but to organize things.
8. She realizes that good parenting is living as an example, setting goals, and setting limits. She can have fun with her children and play but doesn't have to be a playmate. Parenting comes before being a pal.
9. She can set and enforce rules. She does not appear to be the type to say "No TV for a week and then give in later." Nor can I imagine her saying for the 10th time, "If you do that just one more time, I'm sending you to timeout!" Children need to know limits, respect rules and authority, and learn that life comes with consequences.
10. Her laugh makes me smile all over. It grates on some people, that is understood. Not me. You can see it start in her smile and spread to her whole body.

You are invited to comment on Kate’s attributes that you agree with and feel free to add more. While I’m the babysitter for this blog, I ask that you think good thoughts and not express the negatives.

Do you have 10 Reasons that you Admire Jon? If so, I invite you to express them here. As they are listed, I will update the post and add them below. At one time, I was a huge admirer of Jon. Personally I have found little to rejoice or celebrate with him in the last year. In the interest of fairness, I'll like to do the 10 Reasons for Jon also. (Jon's list is now posted below.) 10 Reasons for Admiring Jon Gosselin (According to Readers Here)

1. Despite being in situations that would make most people run away and hide, he does stay involved with, and loves his kids.
2. Jon is a playful loving father. He takes the kids places and buys them things Kate wouldn't.
3. Jon is providing a voice to men in relationships that don't have a voice.
4. He is finding himself and exercising the right to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. Jon typically has good intentions, even when he goes about them the wrong way and they blow up in his face.
5. I like when I see him bend down to their (kids') level to talk to them. I don't see a lot of Dads do that. He treats his kids like children and interacts with them like a father should.
6. I heard Jon trying not to bash Kate even though the Rabbi was pushing him that way. From what I have seen of recent (days), Jon is working on not bashing Kate in public.
7. He stood up against TLC; It seems it's still a work in progress; I think he's trying to get them off "tv" and I applaud that.
8. I think Jon is funny (as in entertaining.)
9. I am so proud of Jon because he has come full circle and is back with the kids; They will always need a strong Father in their life.
10. Jon worked well as a team with Kate during the marriage.