Thursday, March 17, 2011

Because We're A Fan Site..THAT'S WHY! Why is Sister Wives A Hit?? Jon Gosselin Jumps on the Charlie Sheen Band Wagon

Hello Gosselin fans! Well I see those hate sites going into convulsions that I haven't had a new post in a while. Well kids it's called LIFE and I just like all of my commenter's have had alot going on. The second they don't see 200 comments they feel my site is a failure..uhh hello? All is quiet in the Gosselin front. Isn't that what they wanted? For the family to be living a normal life without cameras? So that's what they are doing. But apparently that's not good enough because they feel without the media following Kate's every step she's no longer relevant.. So which one is it? At the end of the day and after now almost 3 years on my site.. the yapping is all the same.. Kate's 15 minutes are up.. yada yada yada. Hmm didn't they also say that TLC was getting rid of Kate and the show? Wasn't the contract up this year? Well at the end of the day, Kate and her 8 are doing just great. Thankyouverymuch. Her birthday is almost here, March 28th. How do you think she will celebrate? What will she wish for? Well if I was her, I would wish for another year of her successful show, and peace and happiness for myself and my children. Ohh and perhaps hopefully seeing another hate site bite the dust? One can only xoxoxo BM

Jon Gosselin Jumps on The Charlie Sheen Bandwagon:

Charlie Sheen is probably off somewhere jumping for joy -- he has managed to create such an internet meme that even Jon Gosselin has gotten involved. In response to a new Us Weekly story that "details" his private life, the former "Jon and Kate Plus 8" star posted a message on Twitter using the "Two and a Half Men" actor's new catchphrase:
"Hey @Usweekly, it's not exclusive if you read my tweets, manipulate them, and embellish them to make a "story". Nice try though. #Winning"

Jon ultimately has a point here, since the Us story largely claims that he has a new job installing solar panels and that he loves watching "Jersey Shore" at night with his girlfriend Ellen Ross -- things Jon has been talking about for months. (Granted, you find out his hourly wage through the story -- but is that really enough in the way of new information?) Unfortunately for Jon, Us is still "winning" in that they can manage to make plenty of money acting as if some of this new information is indeed "shocking" -- it's just that not everyone has Twitter, and even the ones who do rarely spend the time to read over the tweets of random celebrities. Do you think Jon has a beef here?

Is "Sister Wives" a hit thanks to Kate Plus 8 being MIA?

"It looks like the news is all positive so far for TLC's newest season of "Sister Wives." After the Brown family was able to do their first real publicity tour for the show (as they were virtual unknowns the first time around), the show premieres Sunday night to a solid 2.2 million viewers and a 1.0 ratings in the all-important 18-49 demographic. If you want some sort of evidence of just how strong this rating ultimately is for cable TV, consider that Kim Kardashian's "Kim & Kourtney Take New York" -- which receives far more publicity -- only received a 1.1. Are these numbers below what Sarah Palin was getting? They are, but those sort of numbers were far beyond the norm for the Discovery-owned cable network. So what is it about this show that is fascinating? It may just be that there's not much else on TV like it at the moment like it."

What do you think? Do you think shows like this are only successful because Kate Plus 8 is not on the air? Do these people that many love to hate more than Kate herself only becoming popular thanks to controversial mom Kate Gosselin. Please share your thoughts in the comments section!