Friday, September 30, 2011

Kate Gosselin Radio Star? Why I'm More Like Kate Everyday

Hello Gosselin fans! It's certainly been a while that I have addressed you personally. So much has been happening in my private life and that in part, was due to the dedication of this now single mom Kate Gosselin, which is why I'm so proud to say I feel more like Kate Gosselin everyday.
First off I need to stress the main big difference of the both of us as I have the best amazing support from my wonderful husband who is the Rodger to my Rachel (Zoe, my other strong female empowered favorite). I would not have my strong sense of self without him. But in terms of Kate my goal now is to give my children the best opportunities out there and give them the strongest most supportive mom out there. I need to learn through Kate to go out there and do whatever I feel I need to support my family. Take whatever opportunities are out there and when one door closes open all the windows available.  Recenly I became aware of a site that came after me accusing me of taking from their blog and leaving nasty emails.  Funny this is from the same site that originally ripped off this one, while chatting me up with personal emails. (I sent out one email after I found out what they did. Not several thank you.) In the end I realized through Kate that a part of her success came from those that wanted to talk about her daily. That if she was able to ignore that hate and create an empire for herself, that all the lies (I called up who's job BL? that's just CRAZY) that were made up about her, were actually part of the component that led to her becoming a reality star.

Now granted she has a long road ahead of her taking this amazing opportunity and creating a new one, I want to believe the best for her so I can continue to model my determination & hard work after her, and all that she has done for her children. We are both blessed with amazing kids. We are both emotional, stern and a bit rough around the edges. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope to continue on with this saga for as long as I am able to. I would like to thank my amazing Linda and all my incredible friends I have met along this path towards all of our success. And I hope that you will continue the journey with me for as long as this ride takes me...xo BM

Will Kate Gosselin Get a Radio Gig?
It's no secret that reality mom Kate Gosselin has been trying to figure out her next move since her TLC show, "Kate Plus 8" got the ax. Although Gosselin has expressed her desire to be on TV ("I love being on TV"), the mother of eight may try for a radio gig instead, according to Show Biz Spy.

"This is an idea that thrills me to pieces!" Kate wrote when a fan asked about whether she would host a show on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. "I LOVE doing satellite radio tours and it's something that a few people have suggested recently. I must admit, it would be a great way to put my 'gift of gab' to great use! I'll look into it... thanks for the suggestion!" Kate, 36, recently told People of her jobless situation. "I am freaking out, big time. Nobody was ready to leave the show. I've never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up. I don't know what's next."