Saturday, February 19, 2011

Watch Kate Gosselin on George Lopez HERE!, Jon Gosselin: Still Under Construction

Hello Gosselin fans.. ugh I didn't want to jump on the Jon Gosselin "is working out of the spotlight so we should all praise him" bandwagon. But since every blogger is posting about it, I guess I will too since it's a slow news week.  Yeah he's working. Hello the man stayed home smoking on his balcony and sitting by the pool for over a YEAR. Now was that something to be proud of? Don't get me wrong, we are all thrilled that he's working, but he couldn't be where he REALLY wanted to be when TLC got the lawyers out and pulled the plug on his media career. You can't really pat him on the back when we all know this isn't where he wants really be. But there you go, he's working, lets hope he continues to do right by his family. I'm happy for him.
From TMZ: "Sporting a rhinestone-free safety harness and hardhat -- former reality star Jon Gosselin was laboring away at his new J.O.B. this week ... installing solar panels on the roof of a storage building. The ex-computer technician scored a gig with Green Pointe Energy -- a Pennsylvania-based company that specializes in renewable energy.  Those Ed Hardy shirts don't pay for themselves ..."

WATCH IT HERE! George Lopez " Huge Success" Now Gets His Wish: Kate Gosselin on Lopez Tonight This Monday

What do you think of Kate's current media tour? Is there a show you think Kate should be on to promote Kate Plus 8? Do you think there is anything on the horizon for her other than the show? We hope so!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kate Gosselin on CBS "The Talk" Hits it Out of The Ball Park..Take that Haterz!

Hello Gosselin fans! Things have been quiet in Gosselin Land for a while. It was sad to see that because of this there was crazy fighting within the hate sites themselves. They couldn't attack Kate so they wen't in on themselves. So when it was announced that Kate Gosselin would be appearing on the The Talk they decided the only way to stop the fighting within their own circle they "attempted" to start a twitter campaign contacting the hosts of the show. I was told several new accounts popped up and started trying to get them to comment about their upcoming guest. Epic fail.

When Kate appeared she was a breath of fresh air. She talked about how great her kids are, and how wonderful they were not only on the trip but on the long rides on the plane. She talked about how Jon is their father and always will be no matter what happens in the future...

"I needed to respond at some point because the rumors get out of control. 99% of what you read about me online is not true.  It’s far from true.  And so I feel like the answers that I put out there were because I have to remember that my kids are going to be able to look back on this and there’s certain things I needed to come out and say.  I need to clear the record and say ‘this is not what’s happening’ And so, the only things I came out and said were things I didn’t want my kids to see me on The Today Show, on any show, bashing their father.  I won’t do it.  You will never hear me do it.  He will always be their father no matter who’s in my life."

Watch Kate Gosselin on The Talk (entire Interview here!)
What did you think of Kate on The Talk?