Saturday, February 19, 2011

Watch Kate Gosselin on George Lopez HERE!, Jon Gosselin: Still Under Construction

Hello Gosselin fans.. ugh I didn't want to jump on the Jon Gosselin "is working out of the spotlight so we should all praise him" bandwagon. But since every blogger is posting about it, I guess I will too since it's a slow news week.  Yeah he's working. Hello the man stayed home smoking on his balcony and sitting by the pool for over a YEAR. Now was that something to be proud of? Don't get me wrong, we are all thrilled that he's working, but he couldn't be where he REALLY wanted to be when TLC got the lawyers out and pulled the plug on his media career. You can't really pat him on the back when we all know this isn't where he wants really be. But there you go, he's working, lets hope he continues to do right by his family. I'm happy for him.
From TMZ: "Sporting a rhinestone-free safety harness and hardhat -- former reality star Jon Gosselin was laboring away at his new J.O.B. this week ... installing solar panels on the roof of a storage building. The ex-computer technician scored a gig with Green Pointe Energy -- a Pennsylvania-based company that specializes in renewable energy.  Those Ed Hardy shirts don't pay for themselves ..."

WATCH IT HERE! George Lopez " Huge Success" Now Gets His Wish: Kate Gosselin on Lopez Tonight This Monday

What do you think of Kate's current media tour? Is there a show you think Kate should be on to promote Kate Plus 8? Do you think there is anything on the horizon for her other than the show? We hope so!


  1. Ahhh... fresh paper and it's banana bread, tyvm Baby Mama.
    I feel like I've said this before, Deja vous? ... I'm glad Jon has a job, hope he can keep it, working will help his self esteem.
    Not sure how to say the next part about Jon ... Not trying to bash him, but the man just doesn't look healthy at all! I'm not talking about the weight as much as the smoking and boozing have him looking very bloated... As in heart problems???

  2. Linda, I saw the same thing and was concerned, he looks swollen and bloated more than chunky and with his family history I hope he is okay. It also seemed a pretty big change from other recent pictures of him.

  3. I like George on tv. In his personal life...not so much, but it does give them common ground. They both have recently been through scandals and divorces in the press. If any one can relate, it's him!

    As for Jon, I hope it's a job he likes. It does seem kinda neat to install green panels, huh?

  4. I wonder if George's wife want's her kidney back.. I kid I kid. George has been making fun of Kate for forever. But I like him. So it will be interesting to see how this interview goes. I can't wait. I know she will do great and roll with the punches. You never know, this may break her into a whole other audience!

    Either way, talk shows are so increibly boring. Gearge is funny, and Kate just needs to llosen up and laugh a bit. I know this will be great. If Sandra Bullock can take her sweet girl image and allow George to put marker on her eyebrows and make her a chola gangster, imagine the "tough mom makeover" he can do on Kate ;)

  5. Hey Baby Mama~ where did my post go? Did you delete it because I am pro Jon and anti Kate? Oh we can not be here if we do not idolize Kate~ is that what it is?

  6. CPMom~ I deleted your post because it was snarky and stupid.. Yay Jon has a job now hopefully he will get full custody of the kids? What the heck is that? If he's working a full time job how will he take care of the kids. Listen this is a Jon & KATE fan site. If your going to be nasty then it goes.

  7. I seriously don't understand that mentality at all. I was half expecting her to add nah nah at the end of the post. Are we 4? I don't go to other sites demanding they be nice to Kate. Who cares? It just goes to show Baby Mama that even if you attempted to be nice about Jon at this point it wouldn't matter. It always has to be one side or the other.

    I for one am glad they are both in the news in a positive light this time. Yay.

  8. Seriously, if a fan goes to those nasty (my fav. word) hate sites they get ripped a new one and get spit out. We are not allowed to go play with the mean girls. Yet, and it happens all the time, I'm expected to allow those type of comments here. The blog administator sets the tone. I'm not going to allow or tolerate the attacks and the trash talking that goes on on other sites.

    Because at the end of the day they "claim" to not be those types of blogs. They sure as heck don't practice what they preach.

  9. Sounds like:
    Deja moo: same old bull, lol.

  10. Baby Mama--Love the new banana bread scent!

    I'm glad that Jon has a job and I hope it's
    long term. The fresh air will do him good too so he can be his best for his children.

    KatherineDenise--My heart goes out to you and I wish there was more I could do to help--can't get you off my mind for some reason--but will surely continue to pray.

  11. Jon Gosselin: Still Under Construction...haha I like it.

    I like George too, I don't watch it very often as I am not up that late. Any comedian will say anything for a good laugh, I don't think Kate should take what he says about her personally. I think this interview won't be so serious and will alot of fun. I am excited to see it. Hope she does a funny skit with George as shes really good doing those and I enjoy watching her.

    Corrina you are so sweet, thank you. It has been since May and I have finally crawled out of my dark hole. I have since gotten my GED, good secure job and have big dreams for the future opening up a store. Never imagined my life would turn out this way but I finally feel I am on the right path to moving on to bigger and better things.

  12. Corrina and CMo3 - okay, wishing both of you sunshine and that the snow forecasts for you are really wrong!
    KatherineDenise - You go girl! The journey to our dreams starts with single steps! The courage to make those steps is the hard part. We can't control much of what happens to us, but we can control our responses to what happens.You seem to be picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and moving toward looking at a new life. Hang in there!
    Beautiful day here but a bit colder so glad we got to enjoy yesterday outdoors. Have a great day all.

  13. KatherineDenise-My goodness it's almost a year for you then--congratulations on leaving that dark hole behind and moving up--I hope your dreams of opening a store comes true! You are on the right path-no doubts.

    LindaO-We are so far north of MPLS-it's just starting to snow here --and I had a bet we wouldn't have any snow lol--It was wishful thinking! Thank you for the sunny wishes. :)

  14. Can't wait to see Kate on George Lopez! He is really funny and I think that Kate will have a good time too.
    I'm glad that John has finally got a job and seems to be getting on the right track... but can I say that I'm impressed? Not really.
    On a different note I was in NYC today I as I was walking down the sidewalk I did a double take when I saw Hailey Glassman. (Mabye?!) It was pretty fast but I honestly think it was her. I think she was even wearing Ed Hardy. Who knows... just felt like I had to share with you all!

  15. Happy Sunday everyone? Ugh I feel like my weekend is just starting, but fir everyone else it's ending. What did I miss? What is everyone doing today? It's cold, but everyone is out and about. Happy Sunday! Xoxo

  16. I am cleaning and trying to get things reorganized, we've been working on a reallocation of basement space, changing bedrooms and adding workspace,etc and it has to be done in phases as finances, availability of muscle for heavy things, etc, next phase is removing teenybopper lips wallpaper border from what is now my room and getting rid of some bulky furniture and getting a daybed, for the guest/workroom in what used to be my room, cool thing is now I get a door on my room and no furnace. This week has been crazy and its nice to have a day or two to stay home for a change

  17. Corrina, you can do it! There is nothing more rewarding than making our dreams come true. I heard a quote last year "Do what you love & the rest will happen!" Well, I did just that & now I have a business page on FB, an Etsy shop & my items are even in a small gift shop. So just keep working it will all be worth it!

  18. Kate Gosselin's next stop is 60 Minutes!

  19. Natasha--You are so right! That is so awesome that your dreams came true! OH--and tomorrow I am making your recipe for Breakfast Apple Cobbler. It's snowing pretty good here and the cobbler will make such a nice treat. Thank You!

  20. We are not allowed to go play with the mean girls. Yet, and it happens all the time, I'm expected to allow those type of comments here.

    Exactly, BM. Same accusations made about my blog.
    Those who come to post who don't support Kate seldom operate on provable facts, they operate on speculation. i.e. Kate abuses her children. There has never been any proof Kate abuses her children, none, zilch nada. They may not care for some of her parenting technique's, but that does not qualify as abuse. Abuse is a very serious charge and shouldn't be made lightly.

    Nor do they operate with any kind of common sense - Jon should get the kids. One, Jon doesn't have room for the kids and Jon doesn't earn enough to support the kids. Like it or not these things are necessary. Even if he got the kids and Kate handed the house and grounds over to him, and she was required to pay child support, he would still have to make the utility payments, mortgage payments, taxes, food, clothing, schools, health care, etc.

    There's a hell of a lot more that goes into parenting & raising kids than rolling around on the floor laughing with your kids and it takes far more than that to be a good parent. Jon always, always took the way way out when it came to the kids. He didn't want to bother with the effort and self-discipline it took to be a real parent, he wanted to be the good-buddy parent.

  21. On the previous thread, someone said that Kate was supporting the kids. I think its the other way around: The kids are supporting their parents. Jon still gets some kind of pay off until the current contract ends. Gotta go, will check back later gators.

  22. Oh dear, here we go again, sigh. You're entitled to your opinion.

    Rest assured that we have discussed this repeatedly. If your desire is to stir the pot, you're at the wrong site. If your desire is to tell us who wrong Kate is, and how perfect Jon is, you're at the wrong site.

    We'd like to see Jon succeed and be happy. As for ever being financially responsible, that is extremely doubtful, no matter what we wish. Again, I wish happiness for Jon.

    I believe Jon's bitterness is precisely because he is no longer getting money except from his current squeeze. We can hope despite his declarations that she will become the love of his life. I think that's unfortunately doubtful, since he's got to first love and respect himself. I can hope, but the reality seems doubtful.

  23. Linda, you have again missed the point. It was about Kate using the kids for work. I still believe it its wrong, but she does have to make a buck, one way or another and all the divorced moms out there will probably line up on her side. I am done now. You can have the last word.

  24. Patricia
    Pkease continue.

    Kate makes many appearances that do not include the kids: DWTS, Rachael Ray, the Emmy's. The View, The new ones, etc.

    Yes, those appearances initially happened because she's "the mom". However, the appearances continue because of Kate, not because of the kids.

    Another example is the article in People Magazine now about exercising and improving her fitness. That has nothing do do with the kids. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, clubing, smoking, etc. She chose to get more physically fit.

    She's a living example, with 8 kids for eating right, exercising and living a healthy life. That's an example for her kids.

    IMO, yes, the kids are cute and I enjoy seeing them, but I continue to watch more because of Kate than any other reason. She makes me laugh. I enjoy listening to her.

    I'm happy for Jon in having a job. I'm hopeful that Jon will be able to stick with this job. There is no free lunch. You want money, work! Hopefully he will stick with it this time. If not, then hopefully the next job.

    Please continue to express your comments. I may not agree with you, but you certainly have the right to your opinion. :)

  25. Corrina, hope the breakfast cobbler you made this morning was good. It has turned chilly here again so I am getting ready to make a big pot of vegetable soup. Reminds me of one of my fav. episodes where kate makes several large batches of soup. Kate enjoys feeding her family well & so do I. The veggie soup is full of all kinds of vitamins and the kids devour it.

  26. We are officially iced over. So glad there was no school. Hope this storm blows over by tomorrow. Hope every one had a good weekend. Off to go work.

  27. Good morning everyone! Hugs and thank you Linda for keeping an eye out on the blog while I was away.

    UGH Patricia. While I appreciate you posting here, I think I will vomit if I see another "Kate is working off the kids" quote. Do you have young children? Are you a parent? Do you even know what it's like to be a single mom taking care of 8 kids on your own? NO? Then girlfriend you need to step off the pulpit cause you ain't peachin at this choir.

    Kate is a hard working single mother taking care of HER OWN kids. She is not expoiting them, she is not taking money that belong to them or making money off their backs. This is her fan site, where we support her. I don't know why I had spit that nugget out again, but ohh well..

    TashaPork~ That was on BL'S Blog and I never believe a word they say until I investigate the situation myself. 90% of the crap they spew is just that. It's redic. over there. But if anyone knows from a reliable source then let me know ;)

  28. Anyone else that comes on this site with the ol "making money off the kids" stupidity it will just be deleted immediately.

    I'm pretty much done with a few of them. I know everyone is done with the boobies thing too, but coming from getting the best Victori'as Secret bra Iv'e gotten to date.. I can get at least one final round off thr boobies thing. If anyone is interested in debating it.. lol

    And if Corrina is making something and not sharing she is in deep touble. I'm too hungry over here ;)

  29. Baby Mama - You have some of the best bra shops in the world in NYC (and one of my particular favorites!) While this particular one has many outlets across the country, there isn't one in NC. In going through my lingerie drawer last week I considered scheduling a business trip to NY just for the sideline opportunity to restock. Victoria's Secret is good but doesn't hold a candle to the other shop. Google the bra whisperer and you'll find it. What they do is awesome!

  30. Corrina & CM03 (and others in the frozen tundra) Oh my goodness, so very sorry that you have more snow. Doggone it!

    We have a high of 76 today but scheduled for a low tomorrow night of 31. The old "enjoy while the sun shines" really applies. Don't like the weather?; It's sure to change in just a bit, particularly this time of year.

    Obviously I have spring fever. I've frantically worked on business since very early am and am soon off to play hooky while it is warm. I'll go back to hitting the work late tonight but this sunshine and warmth is just what the doctor ordered.

    By tomorrow night it'll be back to kvetching about the cold again, lol, even though I know many of our "hearty women" face the cold for half the year. I salute you!!! I'm just a old Southern wimp woman who needs it warm to stop the bones from aching.

    Trying my best to send warmer weather north!!!

  31. BM, Corinna posted earlier she was making the Breakfast cobbler recipe I posted on the recipe thread a while back. I wish we could all share it is yummy! I just finished making my soup. It is sleeting right now. You can hear the ice hitting the skylights. I had to go out this morning & later this afternoon to run the kids. I sure hope it's better because it is slicker than, snot out there. I was going to star that word but thought you might think I was referring to the other 4 letter word that starts with S. I dont talk like that & didn't want it interpreted that way. lol

  32. BabyMama...I like how you call things straight up. It is stupidity!

    I too agree, I am so sick of the "living off the kids" quote.

    Maybe she should go talk to Bieber's mama.
    Think she has made a mint off that young boy of hers? And he truly is doing all the work!

    So many mamas and daddys out there have raked in big bucks off the talents and beauty of their kids.

    Everyone else gets a pass...but Kate is the exploiter?

    Maybe they'd all be happy if Kate just sat on her butt and collected welfare checks and lived in a project where her kids are exposed to drugs, alcohol, sex and violence?

    Kate's kids are just having a ball, living life and experiencing all these fab, educational, life-changing trips!

    And even the TLC filming involves alot of work for Kate. She's required to do conferencing calls, scheduled appearances to promote the show and all the work that goes into packing and preparing for those trips.

    And remember, Patricia, this money earned through filming provides the means to give these kids a good lifestyle, excellent private education, healthcare, a nice roomy home and property, and paid for college some I would imagine.

    The money benefits the kids!!!! Kate isn't running around in furs and diamonds. Or jetting around the world, nite clubbing or barhopping seeking her own pleasures.

    This opportunity affords her the best gift in the be a stay at home mom and financially support her family as well.

    Get it?

  33. LindaO..We are looking at the same scenario...warm today...darn cold temps in the morning again!

    Katherine Denise...Still thinking about you girl! Sounds like you got your life on the upswing. Adversity refines you and brings out the best if you learn from it!

    Ziggy, excellent post. Daddy spends a few hours playing and when that gets old he is ready to bring them back to Kate. Parenting is hard day to day, every get cranky, bored, or just unhappy and you as the parent have to deal with it! They fight, they get jealous, they want attention...discipline and order is a must!

    Jacque and Brazilian and kisses! How are you two doing in school?

  34. BM - I just can't worship her like your bloggers, sorry. But I don't blame her for wanting to continue the show because it pays better then anything else. I guess you didn't recognize the title.
    #1 Caregiver. I thought LO knew who she was speaking to.

  35. Firedup, so true about Justin Beiber. My son went to see his movie yesterday. Where does all his money go? His mom is his manager so she probably pulls a paycheck. I think the dif in people's eyes is he wanted to play & sing since he was a very little boy. His mom couldn't have stopped him if she wanted to. On the other hand, the G kids are celebs b/c their parents introduced them to the world. The two scenarios are a bit different but related just the same. You made a good point.

  36. If Kate earns her money off the back of her kids, the whole western half of this country was originally built off the backs of peoples' kids. Farmers moved west and built homesteads and had a lot of kids to help do chores and take care of the land. Six year olds were up at dawn to help get eggs and milk cows. Boys regularly missed school to plow or harvest crops, girls helped mome with the meals and canning and drying of meat and such. The family couldn't survive if it wasn't for the backs of everyone in the family. Many people look at that era today as the good ole days, a simpler time, etc. There is a big difference between going to Alaska for a trip and spending all day out in the fields. I would look at the whole thing differently if for instance Kate was dropping Maddy and Cara off at a studio for 8-12 hours a day to memorize lines and she was leaving them there to go to the spa and back home to watch tv and they were having to stay up late to catch up on schoolwork while Kate was out at parties.
    There was no precedence for a show like this so I really don't think Kate had sextuplets to get famous, even though there are some things that show that may have happened in Octomom's case.
    I also think its crazy that all these people who don't know Jon or Kate or the kids personally have such strong opinions of custody. All I know is what I have seen which leads me to believe that they need both parents. I have seen kids say that they like what Mommy does with them better, I have also seen them run up and hug Dad excitedly. I also have not seen Kate spend long periods away from them since DWTS and even then she took steps to mitigate it. If the judge felt that Jon should get more custody than he has he/she would order it.
    Another thing I was thinking about was that maybe that has something to do with why Twist of Kate hast taken soo long, I think when it was proposed, Kate imagined Jon being more stable and having the kids more so she would have more time to film it. My understanding was that she'd be traveling someplace for a few days to be involved in their lives. Now they are probably trying to make it more local so she can do it during the school day or something. Things didn't work out that way and she probably sees it as best to stay closer to home more

  37. Patricia, I don't think that anyone who supports Kate worships her. The word worship IMO is reserved for our faith whether we are Christians, Jewish, Buddha or whatever God or spiritual object we believe in. I personally take offense when someone uses the word that we worship Kate Gosselin because when that description is used it's tone is meant IMO to be offensive.
    We support Kate Gosselin and the Gosselin family for their right to live their lives the way they choose without a bunch of busybody's that feel it's their life's goal to hate on woman they've never met. Many of us have jumped on the band wagon I'll call it because we've watched the hate movement go on for years and there comes a time when you see how unreasonable it is and see how judgmental these groups and individuals are that spout the most vicious and vile words we've ever seen anywhere. Many of us have enough common sense to know that if you don't care for somebody whether it's a singer, artist, politician, celebrity, etc. the most sensible thing is to just not be involved with who you don't like. For instance isn't it much easier and make more sense that if you don't care for a celebrity or the show the person makes an appearance on, to just change the channel? I don't understand the concept of spending hours, days, month and even years wasting your time commenting on any and all stories that involve a person you don't care for. Exactly what do you accomplish by being so obsessed with hating a person?

    I've seen some of the most overused words or phrases repeated over and over again like narcissistic, boobs, hair, selfish, worship, "they want to be Kate", altar, bodyguard,child abuse, bit*h,tan,botox, plastic surgery, exploit,ignorant,spending the kids money,etc.

    Why do people have to be so obsessed on hating a person that they must go to any and all FAN sites telling people who are obvious supporters how horrible they feel this person, family or show is? What part about FAN SITE do they not understand? There are some that have built web blogs under the cover of "child advocacy" when the reality is that it's not about child advocacy but a place where they can voice their dislike of a person or show by voicing that they don't like the person's hair, boobs, clothes, shoes, cankles, etc. and that's a huge ECT because they literally dissects every word the target of their hate says, use a magnifying glass to study every single inch of that person,make vile videos of the person or family,vile caricatures so that's why I say a big etc. Let's call them UnFan sites. Fine it's a free country you have a right to have your sites but IMHO to try to voice your negative opinions on a FAN site says to me that those people are lacking in a simple human trait called COMMON SENSE.

    Thanks BabyMama and Linda for letting me get that off my chest because whenever I see these people use the word "worship" I find it extremely offensive because that word should be used explicitly for your spiritual beliefs.

  38. Baby Mama--Oh if I could send some of Natasha's Breakfast Apple Cobbler, I would in a heartbeat.
    Guess I could put it in a cooler and FedEx it.:)
    Natasha's right, we wish we could share it with everyone. I put a sooop of frozen yogurt on it too. :)

    Natasha-Thanks so much for the recipe and I will be making it often. It's like a dessert.
    And your soup sounds so good on a day like this.
    It's still snowing here and windy.

    Thanks for the kind wishes, Linda--I'm happy for you to have the warmth and sunshine you need to knock out that virus.

  39. Patricia - I never "out" anybody. You signed in this time as "Patricia," not as "#1Caregiver" so I addressed you as Patricia. Since you've stated it above, I wanted you to know why.

    Even though I did not agree with your position, I tried to be respectful. Because you used to post a lot, I didn't just delete it.

  40. Okay, one more post about food & Then I'll get off it. lol My husband is a type one diabetic so there are no hamburger helper type meals at our house. Most everything has to be made from scratch. I have a 15 year old son that is a wrestler & an 11 year old daughter that is a competetive swimmer. Feeding them healthy foods help them keep from getting run down(2 hour practices daily) and all the other kids their exposed too. I had to laugh at my son, I fix lots of fresh fruit smoothies, vegetable type soups, & quick breads with fruits & nuts in them. So one day, I handed him his supper & he looked at me & oh so seriously said "I'm onto you & your sneaky ways!" rofl
    I am sure Kate's kids will appreciate all the healthy foods she's fed them over the years. It will help them make better choices as adults!

  41. Thank you though Patricia/#1 Caregiver though for at least acknowledging that in order to support her children Kate is doing what she feels is best for her family. It truly is a wonderful opportunity for Kate as she can be with her children and still support them. They film so little now compared to any of the other family reality shows it's a shame that she isn't given the credit by some that there is only a handful of specials a year now compared to several days a week for week after week for a weekly program. I also believe Kate is working hard to have a career in the media field without her children because as we all know whether you love or hate Kate, the kids are getting older so the reality is that the show will end. So the backlash Kate is receiving for making appearances on other shows just mystifies me as to why there are people so negative about it. If she appears with the kids she is slammed and when she appears without the kids she is still slammed. Thankfully Kate has enough determination to support her children that she can ignore the negativity and stays on the positive side of life. Thankfully the stories by a "source" have slowed down and has anyone noticed that how quiet it really is in the Gosselin world when there are no "source" stories? If only the "source" could realize that he/she is exploiting the children far more than a handful of specials do a year and if only the hate blogs would also realize that writing books, making videos,caricatures, or making vile comments on any and every site where Kate Gosselin's name is mentioned could realize that they too are exploiting the Gosselin children with all the negativity they spread. IMO it is these people that are guilty of exploiting the children far, far more and what's worse it's a very hateful and vile manner.

  42. Natasha kudos to you for making sure your children eat healthy food even if you have to be a little sneaky about it. LOL Been there and done that with children who were into competitive sports. As a mother who spent nearly 15 years with children in competitive swimming you get triple the kudos because unless you've been a "swim mom" or a "swim dad" nobody can appreciate the long and numerous hours that the parents spend encouraging their child on when competing in such an exhausting and time consuming sport. Then to top it off with another in wrestling, oh my you are one busy mom. I miss the camaraderie of the parents in the sports but not the long hours waiting for your child to swim in very hot and very cold weather and the traveling to competitions. My hat is off to you.

  43. Thanks Lexxi, you are so correct. My weekends are no longer my own. But I take my work with me & get lots done in those long hours waiting for practices to end & events at meets that only last seconds & wait for an hour or more for the next event. lol This coming weekend one child has a meet in one town & the other child in a different town. We divide & conquer. DH takes one & I take the other. Texting results back & forth the entire time. What the heck did we do before iPhones. lol

  44. For the record I'm happy that Jon Gosselin has found a job but I'll be more convinced that he is getting his life in order when he has held on to job on a steady and stable basis unless he finds one that he enjoys more or is financially better off for him. I just hope he heeds the advice of many out there that have been in the working world and that is to not quit your present job until you have another to replace it right away because in this economy with jobs so few and far between it's a much wiser choice.

    Looking forward to seeing Kate on George Lopez's show tonight.

  45. Firedup- kisses for you too. Well I'm studying hard and I'm meeting new people, of course without forgetting the old friends, and Débora and I see ourselves and we talked every day, (we love to be taking pictures in the range of classes lol).

    Linda- you were very respectful with Patricia, I admire that.

    Frankly I do not understand what these people do not like Kate is doing here. Hello this is a support site!. Who does not agree with us or think Kate plus eight is an ''exploration'', you can go to the site 15 minutes or site small town gosselins, there you can express your opinions and will spew hatred.
    Kate is doing the best for her children, those eight kids are having many opportunities that few children have. It's a shame that people get carried away by jealousy and not seeing how much they are hurting themselves.

  46. GL show does not come on until midnight here & after the crazy day I've had I know I wont be able to make it up that late. I'll have to catch the replay later.

  47. Helloooo Everyone! Just finished watching Oprah right now. I don't know if you got to watch today with Celine Dion. OMG how that woman lives.. Amazing. Was just given millions to start an additional 3 year run in Vegas. With her was the McGhee Sextuplets family. The babies are 8 months already and they are looking into several offers themselves for a TV show of their own. They may or may not accept.

    Their story is a very sad one. Both the couples mothers were single parents in the projects and one mom was addicted to drugs. They met in High School & married young. The woman was pregant with twins that both died when their unbilicical cords were cut right after she gave birth. So sad..The couple tried for years after that to start a family then started fertility treatments where they found out they were pregnant with 6. 2 girls & 4 boys

    So this is where Oprah comes in, and I hope Kate wasn't watching lol. Man this couple scored big since Oprah is in her last year!

    1.$250,000 of credit at Walmart
    2. $15,000 of misc. baby items on stage
    3. Dream Honeymoon for 4 nights at Caesars Palace at the infamous "Rain Man" Suite. All expenses paid Honeymoon including airfare, & all meals paid.
    4. Front Row seats & backstage passes to Celine Dion's new show.

    Overall this couple was given well over $300,000 in 3 minutes. But that wasn't all. Everyone in the audience gor tickets to Celine's new show and 2 nights in Caesars Palace.

    Holy smoke, I need to get tickets to the final season of Oprahs show stat. Every time I watch it the audience in on pins & needles hoping they score big. I feel bad for the people that go there tomorrow and get some crappy book. lol Remind me again if Jon and Kate got ANYTHING?

  48. GL for some reason was last week on a regular network channel but I've noticed it no longer is on our local channel and only on one of Direct TV's channels and comes on later here also so it looks like it's up to TIVO to record it so I can view it at a more reasonable time. So I'm with you Natasha and I too will be watching it probably tomorrow.

  49. Thank you for letting me know Celine was on Oprah. I love her. We went to see her Vegas show a few years ago and my hubby was not a Celine Dion fan at all but he took me to the show because he knew I am a fan of Celine and after the show he admitted it was one of the best Vegas shows he had ever seen and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Looks like I'll TIVO her rerun of the show tonight as I don't want to miss it. Thanks for the info.

  50. I forgot to mention. The MCGhee's were also given free roundtrip airfare courtesy of United. Everyone in the audience didn't get the air, so they may be wondering how the heck they are going to get over there. lol Mr. McGhee started his own carpet cleaning business, so if your in the Columbus, Ohio area, don't call Stanley Steamer! lol

    I'm going to keep one eye open and try to stay up till midnight tonight for Kate on Lopez tonight! WHO'S WITH ME???

  51. I don't think I get Lopez. What stations is it on. If it is the George Lopez show, I definitely don't get it. I will have to wait for the reviews. LOL

  52. It's on TBS which is a great station. If you get family cable you will get it. Check your local TV listings, sadly here it's on at midnight. It's called Lopez Tonight.

  53. Thansk Baby Mama,

    I checked into the TBS channel, and I guess Canada no longer gets TBS, it is Peachtree now. That would explain why there are peachtree ads during the movies I watch. I didn't even notice the switch. It took place in 2007. LOL.

  54. Baby Mama - Worked early from 5am-Noon, play hooky in afternoon in the sunshine, the worked again from 7-9:30 pm. Am going to try to stay awake to watch, but doubtful. I'll have to catch it on

    Natasha - soooooo empathetic... I am self- employed so can schedule own work which helps. We spend a heck of a lot of time in lines, waiting, picking up, shuttling, etc. When two at same time, one spouse videos and emails to the other. That helps a bunch I agree. Right now it's golf, tennis, dance and play tryouts. Thank goodness school basketball is over; they do summer swim teams but not the school ones. Not complaining, just so very glad I'm well enough to help with driving. It was great to watch practices in afternoon.

  55. Baby Mama said...
    I'm going to keep one eye open and try to stay up till midnight tonight for Kate on Lopez tonight! WHO'S WITH ME???

    ME me me...walking around the quiet house trying to find things to do, folding laundry, dishes etc. to keep from laying down,cause if that happens it's over, lol

    George comes on here at midnight as well.

    AWww I LOVE Celine Dion, my all time favorite. I went to see her 2 years ago, front row seats. Most amazing concert I have ever been to, she looked right at me as she sat and sang The Power of Love as I sobbed my eyes out.LOL Ahh, it was breath taking, something I will never forget. Her twins are adorable, I saw her home in Florida in People, that women knows how to live.

  56. My favorite Celine Dion song is "Because You Loved Me". I cry each and every time I hear the song as it was the song my son and I danced to for the Mother & Son dance at his wedding. He surprised me with at the wedding reception and I had no idea. Of course the tears flowed the whole time he danced with me because he doesn't know how much he touched my heart with choosing that song.

  57. Kate's on right now. Looks absolutely amazing.. Looking hot is truly the best revenge! George has wanted on the show for so long. She just kissed him.. too funny

  58. It was a great interview. I love how he asked her if she vomited in her mouth a little when she saw Ed Hardy t-shirts. LOL

  59. Wasn't Jon or Hailey the one that had a comment about vomiting in their mouth. Kate is soo classy and now I feel differently about Kate being on a dating show, I didn't like it a year ago, but now I think it could be cool. She's developed a sense of confidence that I didn't see before.

  60. Good morning all.

    Finally got to see it. Thought Kate did very well with Lopez.

  61. Morning sunshine here although a bit chilly!

    Oh my Kate rocked it again. She just gets better at these gigs each time!

    Georgie had a crush on Kate I do believe!!

    He even flashed her bikini pic on the screen and said "Now that's hot!"

    She went with the flow of the interview...taking the jokes in stride and handling George's dissing of Jon carefully but cute.

    Who knew our gal has visions of running a marathon? Kate you're putting us gals to shame. I have only two younguns' have eight...I'm doing good to actually run a couple of miles!!

    And that husband says.."Wow, she's a looker!" He was impressed. LOL!

  62. Darn, I couldn't find George's show until it was too late and missed it. Any chance of seeing it here? Also agree with Lexxi 100% on her views about people posting negatives. Why are they even commenting if they are tired of hearing about her?

  63. I have to say I always liked Jon on the show, but it was always apparent that Kate was the adult.

  64. Good morning guys! I'm running in and out today.. But as always as soon as i can get any show that Kate on it I will. I always try to get it on first! So hold tight cause if you missed it I'll get it :)

  65. I was pretty impressed with the interview. Kate rolled with it and laughed with the best of them. She looked awesome and took what came her way in stride. Nice job, Kate!! We love ya!!

  66. wow! Kate looked beautiful, loved the dress!.
    I died laughing when Kate gave a kiss on George, then he winked at her lol, the interview was very laid back without a doubt.

  67. For those that missed it, you can now watch Kate Gosselin above ;)

  68. BabyMama, have to share this! Another too funny event on the haters site...they are all fussing about Kate's dress. They said she was playing "with her strap" to stimulate the guys!

    Lordy...I think the girls are having big crushes over Kate. They're fuming too about the little clip of Kate on the interview couch for Australia episode...they saw some cleavage!

    Noticed in Kate's appearance on The Talk and with George cleavage!! She's taunting the haters.

    I figured it out...Kate is going to make those haters watch her show to see "her cleavage"! No freebies, haters, have to watch the show!

    Are these women beyond ridiculous?

  69. That was a pretty dress! The wardrobe dept messed up, not Kate. They have that two-sided skin tape. A few pieces of that & it would have been fine. They probably had a couple dresses backstage & that one was picked over the others & if it was last minute they didn't have time to secure the straps. Again, what else could they have picked apart but a strap mishap. (insert eyeroll here)

  70. Hello everyone and good evening! I'm happy ot get all the positve repsonses that everyone is happy they got to watch the show here. I can't BELEIVE that the only thing the trolls can talk about tonight is how fat they think Kate is. Is that really the best you got? Please

    Still on the hunt for who made Kate's dress she wore on Lopez Tonight. If anyone knows please let me know!

  71. Gotta share some hilarious stuff!!

    This is the funniest of the junk emailed to me today:
    1. Jon got a real job, when will Kate?
    Response: Kate's had a real job all along! She is a celeb in addition so eat your cold hearted heart out!!! Add up the days with Kate & Kids filming versus Kate appearing without the kids. Guess what? Her solo appearances outweigh the appearances with the kids. So stuff a sock in it!

    2. Jon is working hard now to work things out with Kate because he misses her enough to try to resurrect a relationship.
    Response: Only in some parallel universe. I hear the old Twilight Zone music playing there!

    3. Jon's really been working all along but was trying to keep quiet about it.
    Response: Perhaps he has in his dreams. Otherwise, read answer for #2.

    4. Kate has been hired to replace Vanna White.
    Response: Vanna is still employed. Otherwise, Same as #2 again!

    5. It was deliberate with the dress straps. Kate wanted the dress to fail.
    Response: Say what? Uh..not!! Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction. Kate wasn't even close.

    Ok, non fans. Do you have any clue how absolutely silly those statements are? At least make them a tiny bit believable.

  72. Here we go again.. Rob Shuter from makes up so much crap, he can't keep it straight anymore. I wonder how Ellen is gonna feel when she reads this BS:

    "Jon Gosselin is doing everything he can to win back the love of ex-wife, Kate, including getting a real job to impress his ex.

    "They both realize how much they miss each other," a friend of the couple's tells me. "Neither one of them have been really happy since their ugly split and would love to turn back time to the point where they were both in love before fame took over."

    Anyone that watches the Lopez clip will see that Kate is done and moved on. As in "looking for anyone other than Jon". So please stop insulting our intelligence w/this slow news day post.

  73. I loved it when Lopez, after commenting on the how hot Kate looked in the white bikini, closed in on the shot even tighter and pointed out the essential mom thing poking out of Kate's bag-the packet of wet wipes. Kate cracked up.

  74. Thank you for the invitation babymama,
    I thought G L was crazy funny with his jabs at Jon last night. Still laughing at the way he said I think he killed the line !
    Overall it was good solid positive and funny entertainment that put Kate in a good light. And that's why the haters are sooooo mad today. BONUS !

  75. I finally saw Kate and GL -thank you Baby Mama!-and it was a great interview! Kate handled it with grace.

    It's so funny how the nonfans feel they have the right to criticize Kate STILL!! They have been harping on the same things forever. If the horse you've been riding has been dead for years, DISMOUNT! lol

  76. With some of the non fans, it seems like multiple cases of arrested development, i.e. Stuck at the same spot.

    After reading some of the non fans' comments, I found myself really wondering... Are they wearing the same hairstyles and clothes from 20 years ago? Are they really stuck in a rut? Do they never have an original thought!

    Let's see... According to Jon, he's doing what he wants to do. So great!
    Kate has certainly moved on...doing more and more appearances that only occasionally include the kids. The major unhappy one seems to be the "source.'

    My take on the " source" is: sometimes you may kiss a lot of toads to find the handsome prince. I'm beginning to wonder if she feels it got reversed for her?(she went to bed with what she thought was a handsome prince and woke up in bed next to.....?) ??? Nah, I think she's still under the spell.

    I guess photoshopping those photos of Jon at the beach didn't work for her.

    How about we nominate Jon for a makeover? I think the guy got snookered by his life coach. I thought that was supposed to make you look and feel better. Jimmy Cricket, she charged him $10k a visit? For what?

  77. Whoever came up with that rumor obviously didn't watch George Lopez last night that and they don't seem to get the idea that if you want to be with one person, you can't simultaneously be with another. He'd need to dump the government worker.
    Having said that, I do think it would be wonderful if Jon and Kate could have a more amicable relationship for the kids, for instance to be able to plan a birthday party together or something.

  78. Ok..part of the above is missing.

    To the "source" I say: if you love somebody, you love them, tall, short, skinny, fat, bald, full head of hair, whatever. You accept them but at the same time you want the very best for them. You never belittle an ex spouse, remembering that at one time that person was loved also. Everybody is accountable for themselves. Perhaps if you lived and ate healthy, your example would be an inspiration to him.

    Please remember that the father of your current love died young from a heart condition made worse by alcohol. The smoking and boozing are more likely to shorten his life. A poor diet probably isn't helping either.

    Good grief, don't you worry about him on rooftops being out of condition?

  79. Linda--Yes--I would nominate Jon for a makeover--and I bet he would even enjoy it.
    It would be interesting to see what the "source" thinks of the rumor that Jon & Kate want to get back together.

    tashapork--I too would like to see Jon & Kate be more comfortable around each other for the kids' sakes. No doubt it could happen as time goes by--I am hoping so.

  80. I don't like to comment on someone's appearance unless it's a compliment but I really wish that Jon would take better care of himself. In recapturing his 20's he has aged far beyond his actual age and with the family history of heart problems I hope someone who cares about him helps him to realize he needs to start taking care of himself. Coming from a family with both sides having heart problems I do know that Jon should really be concerned. Sadly it seems with men particularly until that first attack happens they don't think it will happen to them. That is hoping the person does get a warning and that the first one isn't fatal. I know within our family the men are so darn stubborn none of them listened until they did have that first warning. Then suddenly they wake up and it scares them and they do start taking better care of themselves.
    Jon will also feel better about himself if he tries to get in better shape and that will be mentally and physically. After all of course hopefully he is still around to see all of his children graduate from high school and even better see them all graduate from college and beyond.
    True Linda Jon is accountable for himself but sometimes men just need some prodding from the woman in their life to get their butt in gear.

    Wouldn't it be nice Linda if Jon really did get into that kind of shape like the photoshopped one at the beach only this time do it for real and no photoshopping?

  81. Good morning to all my diva ladies!

    I don't know what to do. My flame is about to blow out so to speak. Trying to do 50 things at once..I wonder all the time how Kate does it all. My kids fight for individual attention, I'm working long hours and my place is a mess. In other words, I want to stay home. But I jacked up the ol CC so bad these past 2 months, and we want to go on vacation this year. So call me by my new name "BURNTMAMA". Because I'm not a woman that can offically do it

    I love coming to my site though and seeing all you ladies and your amazing comments. It makes me smile that this summer will be 3 years Ive had this blog. 3 interesting, memorable, crazy years and I wouldn't change it for a thing! xoxox

  82. ohh Ziggy if your reading this, I'm sorry I haven't had the chance to check my e-mails and write back to you. I got that funny pic you made and will post it up later. No Cankles Kate is exactly what we will call her, since the only thing people can think of to comment about was that she appeared bloated. They all wish they looked that good bloated ;)

  83. Ohh and you RWA trollies that do nothing but obsess over me on proxy.... lets make this clear.. When Kate was talking about "my own worst nightmare" they were referring to you all. So take note of THAT! hehe

  84. Thank you thank you for posting the whole interview! I am so happy to have been able to see it. I love your blog and am so glad I found it. I have been checking in on Kate via internet for some time and would get so depressed at the garbage people would spue about her. Thank you for the fresh air, and hope you are granted the time you need for this awesome service to all of Kate's fans.

  85. Thank you Nikki! Welcome to you, Pink & all my new commenters. Please continue to post your thoughts. We always learn & appreciate each other here :)

  86. Good afternoon! Just checking in...had a running around day myself. Spring isn't far away here in the south and kids already into their sports thing...boy loves baseball, daughter into softball and soccer.

    I need a limo service to get them back and forth from school, practice, equipment purchases, uniforms, etc.

    Can you imagine what Kate will go through as her 8 get bigger and more imvolved in extra activities?

    What a baloney story about Jon and Kate getting back together again? She just said on Lopez...she needs a "man"...not a "9th child"!

    Let "government worker" raise him along with the dogs. She can train him if she stays after him enough. Kate didn't have the time for that anymore...she's running as fast as she can taking care of her 8!

    My, the haters have really been having "hissy fits" over Kate's appearance with George. You know she really did well when they get all upset like that!

    They are in sheer agony and pain over how good she looks! They put out a "latino alert" to protect all the good Latin men out there! LOL!

  87. Oh, by the way, your avatar!

    BabyMama...Slow down, take a deep breath. Everything will wait for you. Stress will cripple you...try some southern style "sittin' on the porch" watching the day go by relaxation!

  88. Baby Mama - Awwww. Please don't be a burnt out mama, although I can identify, big time. I vote for more hours in the day, less hours at work, houses that clean themselves, clothes that both auto wash and auto fold, children that put away their toys & clothes & always polite... Wait.... That sounds a bit like "Stepford" and it's spooking me out.

    Holy smokes... Wonder if that guy felt really as stupid as he sounded in popeater??? He's saying "now that Kate is no longer in the media..." in between her appearance on The Talk and her appearance with George Lopez. Then it was picked up on blindly copied by MyFoxPhilly and they muy stupido ran it right after the comment about appearing on Lopez. So now I'd say they both have egg all over their faces!

  89. YEAH, can not wait.. Love you Kate

  90. Imagine if someone else paid for you and your kids to go around the world. Imagine if you were able to work one day out of the month talking to people about your life and then were able to spend the rest of the time at home with your kids. Imagine if someone else videotaped your holidays with you and your kids so that you had a record of your trip together forever.

    The only stipulation is that some very jealous, and sadly crazy, hateful people forced you to take a body guard with you whenever you went out to work or were on holidays with your kids.

    Would you take this opportunity? Well, Kate did, and I think she is doing fabulous and this is why the haters, hate her so much. She reminds them every day that she is living the dream and doing well and they HATE it.

  91. I too think Jon could look healthier. We see so few pics of him anymore; I hope this is just a non-flatering one! To PinkCadillac: Not funny about Lopez making fun of Jon, and Kate not stopping it. Years ago I had a falling out with my father for dissing my ex in front of my kids. Had it been Jon dissing Kate last night on TV the comments here would be different-think about it. The kids' self-esteem is at stake.

  92. Lori Anne - Hope you are well.
    Your post reminded me again of how people can see the same thing and reach two different conclusions. You are entitled to both your view and your perspective. Sorry about you and your father falling out.

    Personally, I don't think Kate was dissing Jon. I think she has shown remarkable restraint.

    Dissing Jon could have been statements such as (None of Which She Said):
    * Bad enough he's killing himself with cigarettes but he's killing the kids with his secondhand smoke
    * Yeah, he sold photoshopped pix of himself in a swimsuit but the whole world knew the difference
    * How many 25yr olds does he need in a year to feed his ego
    * You heard his conversations with Lohan and his potty mouth. Sad that Jon thinks the key to cool is his vulgarity.

    If any, I mean any real dissing came out of Kate's mouth, trust me, I would be jumping on it!

    I tried extremely hard to never, ever, utter a derogatory word about my ex. Am I perfect? Heck no.

    I tried, regardless of my feelings to see that my children maintained a relationship with their father. Despite that, he still managed to destroy it. None of them who are adults have anything to do with him. That makes me sad. Respect is a two way street.

    Friends and family were furious that I wouldn't fight back. My job was to respect myself, which included not saying horrid things about him. While I could not control what he chose to do, I sure as heck could control my reactions to them because I have to live with myself.

    Differences of opinion, outlook, perspective. I'm thankful the kids have a strong mother who wants them to succeed, feel loved, and reach for the world.

    My hope for Jon continues to be that he find happiness, health, and love.

  93. Baby Mama - Your loyal followers appreciate the time, energy and sacrifices you've made for almost three years now for providing us with a forum where we can express positive words about Kate without getting bashed.

    We are grateful and thankful of any time you can spare here. If you need to take it back to moderation, to keep life in check, please do so. We'll understand. For those who don't, oh well! Most of us here have priorities that put family and job over blogging. Those who exist solely to blog... Get a life folks!

    If you get snarky comments, remember, a lot of folks have your back!!!!

    --From your wing woman.

  94. Great points LindaO!

    Lori Anne...I see where you are coming from given your own personal experience. I respect your view.

    However, Kate was sitting down with a comic! When he made the reference to Jon being a 9th kid...did you expect Kate to jump to Jon's defense and deny it?

    Jon's actions speak for themselves. She just modestly deflected responsibility and said "you said it"!

    On the Ed Hardy comments...she truthfully said "that all came after me." She also refused to comment on the "vomit in your mouth" joke and just said..."next question?".

    I thought she handled herself very well. She let Lopez get his laughs and was a good sport with her own misgivings of being a bad dancer.

    I cannot imagine what it is like to field questions on the spur of the momment with someone like Lopez and having a live audience...knowing that there is an element of haters out there that will always pick apart every word she says, every expression on her face and every nervous wiggle of her foot!

    Our gal Kate did us proud! And I look forward to seeing her again!

  95. "fascinated"...I totally am on that page with you!

    Why people can't see the beauty of that situation just rattles my thinkin' processes!

  96. Okay BabyMama...Are you still stressing out?

    Or did you slow your little buggy down and get some rest?

    Earth to BabyMama...whatcha doin' gal?

  97. Firedup4Kate~ Doing well thank you dear. Even though I'm beyond exhausted I took the kids and my cousin & her kids shopping today. They have been good without me recently, and they had a great time! My feet are throbbing from my boots though. So as soon as I reast a bit I will be starting up a new post!!

  98. OK so the Gosselin news is rather slow today, I decided once again create my very own new post. Sometimes it's a hit, other times a miss. But I feel it's a great discussion topic. So come join me and tell me what you think. The fresh paper scent of the day is my new obsession... Rasberry Herbal Garden tea by Tevana. Can you feel it going through your nose?? If you ever get a store like this on your mall, you must check it out. All of them are heavenly.