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NEW SHOW TWIST OF KATE, Where's Jon Gosselin Been? New Excerpts From Kates Book, Jimmy Fallon Is Nuts

Jon Gosselin Spent WEEKS Away From His Kids:
Jon Gosselin should prepare to explain this in his court battle against ex-wife Kate. While charging that Kate is an “absentee mom,” Jon did not see his children for weeks by his own choice. Jon spent time in Utah and California with then-girlfriend Morgan Christie until she recently dumped him.

“He didn’t see the kids for weeks and the only reason was that he wanted to hang out with his girlfriend,” a source familiar with the situation told exclusively. “He’s claiming that Kate is an absentee mother when the truth is she’s a working mother. “What he’s saying is an insult to every mother who has to work to take care of her family. Jon went to court Wednesday to file papers trying to obtain primary physical custody of his eight children.

He is claiming Kate’s appearance on Dancing With the Stars makes her an absentee mother who leaves her children with an army of nannies. But Jon has not addressed the fact that until recently he didn’t see his children at all because he wanted to be with his girlfriend. Kate is making $200,000 for her appearance on the hit ABC show and flies from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles and back again every week, rarely missing more than a few nights with the children. Jon, however, didn’t see the kids at all until Morgan dumped him. “When they compare who has spent more time with the children Jon is going to be embarrassed,” “He’s doing this because he blew through all his money and has no place to live.

'Twist of Kate': Gosselin's new TLC series!:
Kate Gosselin will use fan letterrs as the basis for profiles of women facing their own challenges. Kate Gosselin is struggling as a hoofer on Dancing With the Stars, but she already has found her new calling: using her role as an "example mom" to help and learn from others. TLC announces plans today for the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star to get her own series, Twist of Kate, and to revisit her family life, without ex-husband Jon, in a series of Kate Plus 8 specials. It's part of a plan to build on the channel's growth that also includes Sarah Palin's Alaska, a travelogue series about the state and its high-profile former governor.

In Twist of Kate, Gosselin will use fan letters from women inspired by her story as the basis for profiles of women facing their own challenges. Twelve episodes will start airing in late summer. "I look at it as a loose concept," says Gosselin, who says that despite rumors, she never contemplated dating or talk shows. "I want to be out there learning from others, helping to provide insight whenever I can, though I don't consider myself an expert on anything." Gosselin will visit the homes and workplaces of everyday people. "She will be in that person's shoes. And more often than not, it's not going to be terribly comfortable for her," says TLC chief Eileen O'Neill. "She's game for things, but she also has limits and boundaries."

Kate Plus 8 was scuttled last year when her ex-husband raised concerns about filming the kids, but the first in a series of specials will air in June, focused on Gosselin's new role as single mom. (Jon has sued Kate for primary custody of their children.) Gosselin is a true reality-TV superstar and a source of fascination for tabloid magazines that chronicle her mothering skills, her marital woes and her every dance step. Good or bad, her appearance on ABC's Dancing has helped the show earn its biggest season start yet, beating American Idol for the first time two weeks in a row.

"The fact that people really support me and want the kids and I to do well ... is flattering," she says. "I never understood the importance of fans until we struggled and went through tough times." And those fans are keeping her dancing on ABC despite withering comments from the show's judges. The contest "is very much more mental than physical, willing my mind to be able to withstand the pressure and pull off what I do in rehearsal," she says. Does she think the judges' criticisms are fair? "No, but it's their option to say what they're going to say."

Exclusive Excerpts From Kate Gosselin's New Book:

Kate Gosselin is a busy woman. She flies from her Pennsylvania home to Los Angeles regularly to compete on 'Dancing With the Stars,' she mothers her eight children, may have to fight another custody battle with her ex-husband and is set to release a book of letters to her kids.

In excerpts from her new memoir, entitled 'I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Children on Love, Faith and Family,' given exclusively to PopEater by Life & Style, the mother of sextuplets and twins writes of the part she played in the end of her marriage and tries to reassure her sons and daughters.  "I want you to learn a lesson that I did not learn early enough. Accept help when you need it," Kate explains in one letter to sextuplet Hannah. Berating her husband, Jon: "Much of what I said to Jon was unwarranted. I could have watched what I said better, I could have guarded my tongue better. I wanted to communicate better, but I often failed."

Not doing enough for the family: "I also didn't focus on the fact that much of the responsibility for our children, the finances, the schedules and the decisions about the future was on me." To daughter Alexis: "I'm willing to help you." To son Collin: "I will never leave you. I know that all the recent events in our family structure have greatly upset you, maybe you most of all. When I leave for work, I will always come back." Spending time on herself to look good: "Is there a law that says once you have kids you have to look frumpy?"
Kate is THAT Famous: Jimmy Fallon Takes A Stab? Thoughts?

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Kate's Safe For Another Week! Jon Fights For Custody & Less Child Support

Kate Defends Her "Clever" Dance:

How do we know Kate Gosselin must not own a TV? Because according to America's busiest and most expressive mom, "It is very difficult for me to let go and show on my face how I feel." That's funny, we were thinking the exact opposite when it comes to those undeniable Kate G. facial expressions (most notably seen during last week's elimination). Still, Kate swears her paparazzi-tinged paso doble was tougher than it seemed. "I have to keep how I feel all inside, so once I tapped into that and let go? I was this character," Kate said of that meddling Jon Gosselin/paparazzo inspired jig. "My anger was there, and I felt like the storyline was so appropriate and so real." "Very clever," she added.

Her partner Tony Dovolani agreed. "Regardless of .what the judges say, I am proud of her. This was a complete triumph," he told us. Kate did take some time to address current criticism surrounding her decision to join Dancing with so many kiddies back at the homestead, and said: "I don't really worry about what other people say because I know it's me who has to feed my kids and take care of them, so that's where my focus is all the time."

Jon Gosselin: Kate ignores kids to be on 'Dancing':

ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- Jon Gosselin plans to sue ex-wife Kate for primary custody of their eight children because her appearances on "Dancing With the Stars" have turned her into an absentee mom, a lawyer for the former reality show dad told The Associated Press on Tuesday. 'Dancing' twirls past 'American Idol' for 1st time this week. Jon Gosselin's new lawyer, Anthony List, said he plans to file papers in Berks County Court in Pennsylvania this week to reopen their divorce settlement.

List said that Kate Gosselin's participation in the smash ABC dance competition show has taken her away from the children, and that she has delegated most child-rearing responsibilities to three nannies. "Without a doubt, she's an absentee parent," he said. Kate Gosselin's attorney, Mark Momjian, called the allegation reckless and "patently false." "It's deplorable to make a comment like that," he said. "I know Kate Gosselin is all about her children, and she's always been about her children. Let him file what he says he's going to file and we'll respond accordingly."

The two formerly starred on the hit TLC reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8," which chronicled the lives of the Gosselins and their large brood - twins and sextuplets - at their home in eastern Pennsylvania. The show ended its run in November, and their divorce became final in December. The no-fault divorce settlement gave Kate Gosselin primary custody of the children and the family home in Wernersville, Pa., about 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia. List said Kate Gosselin has been pursuing her career at the expense of the children.

"If she's truly committed and dedicated to these children, as I believe she is, then she should open her eyes and see what's happening to these children," List said. "Their life is topsy-turvy. Jon can give them stability." He said Jon Gosselin also wants a modification of his $21,000-per-month child support obligation, an amount List called "horrific" given Kate's earning capacity. "Dancing With the Stars" was America's most-watched show last week, outdrawing both editions of Fox's "American Idol" for the first time. Kate Gosselin also has a new book out this month, "I Just Want You to Know."

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Is The Paso Doble Kate's Best Dance? Is She Safe For Another Week? Kate's Plea: VOTE FOR ME!

ello Gosselin fans! Tonight is another nail biter on Dancing With The Stars. For those that need the site to vote on line, just click the logo on the right or the link above. You get 11 votes per e-mail.

Some troll was snarking the other day about Kate not going to church anymore.. Are you kidding me? Does your obviously old behind realize how hard it is to take ONE child to mass let alone 8? And function? What about not even being able to enjoy the sermon because people are staring at you and the press is hounding you? Why does Kate or anyone else for that matter have to go to church to be spiritual? What right do you even have to attack her other than hate and jealousy for absolutely no reason? GET A LIFE! I say this out of sheer frustration of taking my own kids to Mass yesterday after a very unsuccessful morning of trying to get them to stay with the other children while trying to enjoy family mass. You people need to stop attacking like you know better. Kate is doing just fine thanks to you...

Tony Dovolani: ‘Paso Doble Is Going To Be Kate’s Best Dance’: Access “Dancing with the Stars” pro Tony Dovolani says when it comes to partner Kate Gosselin, people ain’t seen nothing yet. “Paso Doble is going to be Kate’s best dance,” he Tweeted on Saturday. Tony Tweeted a number of happy thoughts as he and the reality mom prepared for their next performance. On Thursday, he Tweeted, “I am loving this dance,” and Friday, he added that the pair had debuted their moves to the music. We just did the dance to the music yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaa bbbbbaaaaabbbbbyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he Tweeted.

The optimism was a far cry from the footage from last week’s rehearsals (shown on Monday’s show), which revealed a heated argument between the pair, prompting Tony to say “I quit” and walk out of the studio. He returned, however, and the twosome scored 15 out of 30 for their jive performance – one of the week’s lower scores, but enough to stay on the show for another week as Shannen Doherty was chosen as the first celeb to leave “Dancing’s” 10th season.
Kate Gosselin: I Dance 'For My Kids': Good Morning
"Dancing With the Stars" contestant Kate Gosselin tearfully responded to criticism today, saying that she uses her fame to help her kids, not the other way around. "That just does me in. Any work that comes my way -- and this job [on 'Dancing'] is most cost effective," the reality star said. "If it could all go away because I was financially set and I could stay home and bake and cook from scratch, I'd like to do that. I'd so be there." Gosselin is one of three mothers in the cast of "Dancing With the Stars" this year -- Pamela Anderson and Niecy Nash being the others -- and all have had to figure out a way to balance the demanding training regime with finding time to be with their kids.
"I have eight kids, and I'm a mom and I have a very full schedule anyway," she said on "Good Morning America" in early March. "Obviously, the kids come first. It's going to be hard. I'm determined to do it." Gosselin gained fame on her TLC reality-TV show "Jon and Kate Plus Eight," which went off the air after she and husband Jon Gosselin got divorced. She commutes to and from Los Angeles for appearances on "Dancing With the Stars." When asked if she had any dancing experience before the show began, Gosselin said, "not so much," adding that she isn't worried about the notoriously grueling physical preparation for the show. "I will be dancing in the basement" while the kids are in school or asleep for the night. "That's the part I'm looking forward to," she said. "Beat my butt, because I need to do it. That part I'm not afraid of. Honestly, my mind is willing to do it. It's just making my body figure it out." After her first dance, it looked like things weren't going as smoothly as Gosselin hoped. In a television clip that aired last week, Gosselin's partner, Tony Dovolani, walked out of a rehearsal after becoming frustrated with Gosselin. Gosselin squeaked by the latest "DWTS" elimination round, edging out Shannen Doherty who was cut, but took harsh criticism from the judges.