Friday, July 2, 2010

Kate Gosselin Is A Hit on The View WATCH HERE!, Kate's Airbrushed Abs? Botox NO, Jon's Hideous Tattoo

Kate Gosselin: 'Boobs, no! Tummy tuck, yes!' Extra TV.Com

Jon and Kate Gosselin Reality TV mom Kate Gosselin joins the women of "The View" in an episode to air on Friday, and things got a little heated when they discussed her rumored plastic surgery procedures. Getty Images Gosselin is used to defending herself in the media, but was uncomfortable discussing the work she's had done. "I had a tummy tuck... we all know that," she told the women. Joy Behar was persistent on finding out about her chest size and if she's tried Botox. "How bout your boobs? Those are yours?" asked Joy. 

"Why is it so fascinating?" Kate answered. "I did say no... I got a good bra." Adding, "Botox, absolutely not! Boobs, no! Tummy tuck, yes." Clearing up more rumors, the mom of eight once again said she has no plans to become the next "Bachelorette." "I'm not the next 'Bachelorette'... Now I am a bachelorette, but I'm not the next 'Bachelorette'." The former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant said that having a man in her life is "not on my calendar anymore." Check out Friday's "The View" on ABC to see Kate's entire interview.

'Jon and Kate Plus 8': Kate Gosselin does not have 'airbrushed' abs: Examiner via US

First, she had to face allegations of breast implants -- then, the topic of the day became botox injections. When will it all end for former "Jon and Kate Plus 8" star Kate Gosselin? The reality TV is now facing a speculation (via a new Us Magazine piece) that she may have "airbrushed" abs. However, an expert by the name of Dana Enochson suggests the truth -- it was really all just part of a good tan: "When I look at Kate's pics from the previous year and then compare them to these, you can see she is taking advantage of a good tan to make her abs and arms look much more defined! Why waste that hard work at the gym without emphasizing it with a tan?

"It doesn't look like she's had her stomach specialty airbrushed to draw in ab-muscle definition, but a spray tan will make your abs look 10 times better." Kate Gosselin probably doesn't have a whole lot of time to spend worrying about this mess -- after all, she does have eight kids (and an upcoming TLC special) to worry about. Are people being too hard on Kate Gosselin right now? Let me know your thoughts with a comment and stay tuned for more of the latest "Jon and Kate" news.

Jon Gosselin's Dragon Tattoo Was His Girlfriend's Idea:

Jon Gosselin’s already infamous dragon tattoo was the idea of his new girlfriend Ellen Ross, the tattoo artist who created it. And not only is the back-covering work of art certain to last for life, but he thinks their relationship might also go the distance. Todd ‘Sharkbait’ Williams -- who went to high school with Ross in Pennsylvania and now works at Never Say Die Tattoo Parlor in Harrisburg, PA -- revealed that he became convinced that Jon and Ellen's relationship is for real when Ross recently introduced him to the former reality TV star dad and asked him to sketch the giant dragon for his back. “I have known Ellen for several years,” Williams told “Ellen is a really good person and they really like one another – she is not the type of girl who would go out with him because he is famous. “She genuinely likes the guy and he seems to really like her too.”

Ellen talked to both Gosselin and Williams about them pairing up for Jon’s elaborate artwork, so he wasn’t surprised when the dad-of-eight came in with a Japanese style dragon design. After some tweaking and bouncing around of ideas, they came up with the final image that will be forever imprinted on Jon’s back. Gosselin saw the dragon as a sign of new beginning in his life, and he chose it after “doing a lot of soul searching,”“It was done over two sessions of around six and seven hours each. Jon had a very good threshold for pain,” Williams revealed.“Despite what people may think of him, I found him to be a really friendly guy. He was always talking about his kids and where he has traveled to around the world - he was a very good client.” Williams, 24, admits he was nervous about the final results of the tattoo because the intricate artistic details. Fortunately, Jon and his girlfriend were “really pleased” with the final results, which Williams promised him will remain unique. He added: “Jon’s design is a ‘one-off’ there will not be anyone else walking around with it on their body."

Sunday, June 27, 2010

3rd Times A Charm For The View, Botox & Why The World Cares, Jake Pavelka & Kate Gosselin?

Now Kate Gosselin sparks rumours she's turned to Botox?
US reality TV star Kate Gosselin has sparked more rumours she has sought the help of a plastic surgeon to refresh her look. The Kate Plus Eight star was spotted looking frozen-faced as she shopped for food near her home in Pennsylvania on Wednesday. Her eyebrows appeared to have developed a much more defined arch and her forehead seemed smooth and waxy, both possible signs of Botox use. Only last week, reports surfaced that the 35-year-old mother of eight may of undergone a secret boob job early last year around the time she separated from her husband of 10 years, Jon.  Insiders claimed that Steve Neild – the star's bodyguard – drove his famous client to the doctor’s office when it allegedly took place on March 30, 2009. However Kate dismissed surgery talk earlier this year, saying: ‘Plastic surgery? Please. Who has time to even think about it, let alone do it?’

Has reality TV star Kate Gosselin had a secret boob job? But she's not completely adverse to the idea of a going under the knife. In 2007 Gosselin had a tummy tuck procedure, which was shown on her TLC reality show, Jon and Kate plus Eight. Toned physique: Kate, who competed in Dancing With The Stars earlier this year, showed off her amazing legs One thing is for sure - the once dowdy blonde has given her wardrobe a serious update this year. The star, who is still incredibly toned following her stint on Dancing With The Stars earlier this year, opted for a very racy look complete with white hot pants, a plunging top and black heels. Perhaps Kate is hoping to attract a new mate. She was overheard outside the supermarket telling onlookers, 'I am lonely. I do need help.' Gosselin told In Touch Weekly magazine back in April that she 'has no man in her life', and admitted she was worried that no one will love her again.

Kate Gosselin could be next for Jake Pavelka?

"The Bachelor" star Jake Pavelka and fiance Vienna Girardi broke up this week after seven months of unwedded non-bliss. Vienna is moving on with ABC Family's "Greek" hottie Gregory Michael, and has learned Jake may be calling America's most famous mother of eight. Yep, we're talking about Kate Gosselin. A friend of the former couple tells that Jake liked Kate so much during his time on "Dancing with the Stars," she may be hearing from the hunky pilot for a date now that both of them are single. "Jake adored Kate on 'Dancing with the Stars' and spoke very highly of her to Vienna," the pal said. "It's never easy to hear your man talking about another woman. During 'DWTS,' Vienna and Jake were having some problems already and Jake would gush about Kate! He really liked her, respected her and looked up to her. Jake was always talking about Kate and the two of them had super friendly chemistry on set."

"Jake was the one man at 'DWTS' that seemed to understand Kate and he accepted her as she was," said our insider. "He liked her and was never bothered by her while all the other guys would avoid her." Kate appreciated the support from Jake, too. (Gosselin was one of the show's worst dancers and did not get along with her dance partner Tony Dovolani.) "Jake was adorable with Kate. He hugged her and chatted with her when they had down time. He would tell people what a great mom she was and how hard-working she was for her kids," said our source. "Jake loved her goals and her work ethic. He's a driven guy and they had that in common. Kate did her share of friendly flirting with Jake right back, it wasn't all Jake." Meanwhile, Vienna has already moved on, and is hoping for her own run on "Dancing with the Stars." "Vienna felt like she was trapped in a contract and they had to try to stick it out, even though the romance faded fast," our source said. "She tried to make it work, and now she would like a spot on 'DWTS.' She's moving on fast."

Kate Gosselin Set to Co-Host "The View" Again:

"The reality TV mom of eight will soon join the ladies of "The View" again as a guest co-host on July 2. Gosselin will partake in a summer-themed episode while discussing topics that include tanning without the sun, summer foods, and red, white and blue outfits for Independence Day, according to ABC. This will be Gosselin's third time sitting around the table on the daytime talk show. Back in 2009, she subbed for a few days for host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who was out on maternity leave, and appeared again this past March. Her show "Kate Plus 8" recently debuted on TLC and Gosselin will soon premiere another reality show called "Twist of Kate," which also will air on TLC this fall."