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Kate Answers Your Questions In Final Episode? Halloween Wig Sells Out, Jon & TLC Not the end?

Hello Gosselin fans! Well lets face it, it may be better to save the best episode for last, then for TLC to try to paste together a few more shows from old footage. And lets face it, they didn't have much to paste together. Many blogs stated that there wasn't much to footage left. Because contrary to naysayers complaining the kids were filmed too much, actually they weren't shot as much over this summer. Both myself and I'm sure TLC are waiting on baited breath for next week's court ruling..and to see where they stand with trying to move the show forward without Jon. If not, I hope that at least one of the many Kate-discussed projects will come into fruition sooner rather than later..
Please post your question HERE for Kate and this weeks (hopefully not) final Jon & Kate Plus 8 episode.. And yours may be answered on the show!
Kate Gosselin's post-Jon plan? Answer your questions:

You ask. Kate answers. Maybe...... Although considering she's already gotten 9,000 questions on TLC's Web site and other platforms, these will have to be very short answers. On Monday, TLC will air an episode of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" that's not necessarily a finale to the most successful shows in its history, but there does feel like there's a finality to this whole affair (doesn't there?) Without footage of the kids or Jon - you know what's happened there - TLC will instead air a question-and-answer episode. (The show changes its name to "Kate Plus 8" on Nov. 2.)
The show, and Kate Gosselin, have already received thousands of questions via Facebook and the show's Web site. According to the episode description, these are some of the questions she (may) answer: "Will she ever get married again? Where does Kate see the kids being in 10 years? Do you wear heels all the time? Do the kids know they're famous? How is it handling school homework with eight kids?" TLC also asked viewers to submit favorite moments.
Meanwhile, on Monday morning, Kate and Jon are scheduled to meet in Montgomery County, Pa. court to reach a financial settlement, according to news reports.

Kate Gosselin Wigs Completely Sell out for Halloween:

If you feel compelled to snatch the hair off of Kate Gosselin's head, better act fast: Kate blonde wigs for Halloween are selling out in New York stores, according to Wednesday's Today show. One of the replicas of the Gosselin 'do – described as "a reverse mullet" – made it onto the morning program's set, and then on to the crown of guest anchor Erin Burnett's head. Also on display were two other best-sellers in the costume department: a mask of David Letterman, currently embroiled in an alleged extortion plot against him, and a mask of imprisoned Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff.

Jon & TLC..Not the End?? TV

Jon the dumb ass obviously threw a tantrum when TLC announced that the show would go on but it would be Kate Plus 8. It was at that point that Jon rushed out to the house and hung a sign on the drive way gate (how many of us have drive way gates?) saying TLC was barred from the property, announced that show was no longer in the best interests of the children and then proceeded to take away the dogs.
Jon then had his lawyer contact TLC requesting that Jon be released from the exclusivity clause of his contract so he could find work with a different TV network. TLC responded to Jon by suing him for breach of contract.
This is where the rubber meets the road. Jon has one of two choices to make. Negotiate with TLC (remember TLC is a business first) to the point that he no longer bans them from the property and allows them to film the children and he gets his release from exclusivity or option number two, find a job outside of the TV industry and try to meet his financial obligations. Good luck on that one Jon!
Now back to Kate, as a registered nurse Kate is never going to make enough money to look after the kids and daycare without child support and you can bet she will be entitled to alimony if there is no "Jon and Kate plus 8." An IT analyst usually makes twice the income of a registered nurse.
At days end I see Jon and TLC negotiating because Jon is cornered and some sort of show will go on eventually. That word eventually has a short life span though because like any TV net work, TLC knows it has to fill the time slot and you can bet Jon's dumbass they have another family waiting in the wings.
What would be the right thing to happen? Jon and kate should get their divorce and face up to their future. Jon and Kate Plus 8 had to end sometime and they would have to face reality eventually. They should stop wasting their money on lawyers and egos and save what they can for the job ahead as normal struggling divorced parents.

Also one final note.. The Women's Conference is October 27th.. Please let me know if any of your are I can hear about it and post the pics..Thanks!

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Kate Gosselin In Vanity Fair, TLC Sues Jon For Beach Of Contract, Jon Wants TV Gig, Watch Butterflies & Water Rockets

Hello Gosselin fans! Go figure now the ratings for Jon & Kate Plus 8 are going back to where they should be with over 2+ million last week... meanwhile no one one knows what the fate of the show will be. With all that is going on with me and the kids right now, my posts will also be stretched a bit. I know my loyal readers understand that life for all of us is just crazy right now. You guys are getting the big news even before me! But it's all good, we all feel everything happens for a reason, and I hope and pray I will have some positive news to post on this family soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the remaining shows of Jon & Kate plus 8. Because past all the media there have been recently some really good last episodes....

TLC Sues Jon Gosselin For Breach Of Contract: CNN.COM

In its lawsuit, TLC alleges Jon Gosselin has violated his contract with paid and unpaid TV appearances he recently has made. The network claims it has lost more than $30,000 as a result of Gosselin's alleged disregard of his contractual obligations. In a statement provided to CNN, Mark Heller, Jon Gosselin's attorney, said that neither he nor his client have been served any documents; Heller said he read the complaint on the Internet."Apparently, TLC has elected to initially litigate this case in the court of public opinion .... because neither Jon nor I have been served with legal pleadings or informed by TLC of the instant litigation," Heller wrote in the statement, calling TLC's claims "weak, feeble and baseless."

"Discovery and TLC has treated Jon Gosselin like a dog by attempting to keep him on a leash and muzzle him and deny the father of eight the opportunity to earn a livelihood to support his family," Heller wrote in the statement. TLC's complaint said both Gosselins agreed to a contract before the fourth season of "Jon & Kate" in April 2008 in which their per-episode compensation "substantially increased." In addition, Jon Gosselin agreed to provide "his and his family's services in taping and promoting the program in and around the family home and to provide those services exclusively" to TLC, behave in an "appropriate" manner and not "promote or endorse any products or services," according to the complaint.

Jon has also "entered a lucrative agreement with 'Entertainment Tonight' and its companion show, 'The Insider' to discuss his family and the problems he was having with Mrs. Gosselin," according to TLC's complaint. TLC also alleges that Jon has "sold photographic rights to numerous media outlets" and "has accepted payments to endorse products and services," such as a pool party hosting gig in August at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.
In his statement, attorney Heller said the contract will be "unenforceable" because the Gosselins entered into the agreement without legal representation. "In any event," the statement added, "when TLC and Discovery ended the program 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' they also effectively terminated the purported contract."Heller said that Jon will "vigorously defend against the baseless action."
It's unclear when either of the Gosselins will return to television after "Jon & Kate" becomes part of reality TV history. Jon, however, appears optimistic. The 32-year-old told "Entertainment Tonight" this week that "he's not worried about future employment" and plans to continue his television career.

The Unreal Rise Of Jon & Kate Gosselin: Vanity

‘Nobu, Nobu, I want Nobu!” Kate Gosselin wants to go to Nobu. She’s got a night away from her eight kids—also her co-stars on the hit reality series Jon & Kate Plus Eight—and a reporter is offering to take her out on the town. “I want sushi!” Kate says, leaning back in an armchair in her suite at the Essex House hotel overlooking Central Park, checking her BlackBerry, popping gum.
But Laurie Goldberg, vice president of communications at TLC, which airs Jon & Kate, doesn’t think Nobu’s such a great idea. Kate cried on the Today show this morning, answering questions about why she’s still wearing her wedding ring (“for them,” she said of her children, sniffling), and this afternoon she told People, “I am so emotionally spent” (from her husband’s behavior, which has included philandering with the daughter of the plastic surgeon who gave Kate her tummy tuck), and so it might not look good for her to be out enjoying herself at a hot spot.
“You’re like a prisoner,” Kate says of her newfound fame, annoyed.
Kate, who in the first season of Jon & Kate, two years ago, appeared on-screen as a dowdy, sweatpants-wearing mama hen, is now looking very much the celebrity—from her tanned, trained body to her curiously asymmetrical blond hairdo, now so iconic as to be the model for a popular Halloween wig.

TLC confirms 'Kate Plus 8' delay: Reality

TLC has confirmed Jon & Kate Plus 8 will no longer be re-launched as Kate Plus 8 beginning November 2 and the reality show's last original Jon & Kate Plus 8-titled episode will now air sometime in mid to late November. A new premiere date for the show's Kate Plus 8 rebranding has not been determined yet, a TLC spokeswoman told Reality TV World on Thursday. Monday night's Jon & Kate Plus 8 broadcast had featured a promo announcing there are "only a limited number of episodes left" failing to clarify whether Kate Plus 8 would still debut on November 2.

"TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8" will end in mid-to-late November, but "Kate Plus 8" is still a go. "The show is not done," a TLC rep told TV Guide. "There is still every intention of the new incarnation [happening]." "Kate Plus 8" will not begin Nov. 2, as previously announced. No new launch date was given. "

Jon Gosselin Plans to "Continue on Television": TV

Jon Gosselin may not want Kate Plus Eight to go on, but he definitely wants his television career to continue.Gosselin, whose cease-and-desist order caused TLC to suspend production on the show, told Entertainment Tonight that he plans to "continue on television" and is "not worried about future employment."TLC announced last month that it has a deal in place with Kate Gosselin for a new project next year, but did not announce one for the father of eight. The 32-year-old was last reported to be pitching a show with Michael Lohan called The Divorced Dad's Club. Gosselin also admits that he improperly withdrew money from his joint bank account with his estranged wife. On Tuesday, a judge ordered him to return $180,000 by Oct. 26 — their next court date."It was just after arbitration and we weren't supposed to take money out of the restrictive account and we both did," he said. "I was found in contempt for doing so. I didn't realize. I thought I was just taking my paycheck out."Gosselin, whom Kate has accused of draining $230,000 from the account, says his wife violated the arbitrator's order by taking out money as well. Her amount is "unaccounted for," he said, but he expects the final paperwork on her end to be complete by Friday."I'm going to be truthful and abide by the court and I'll put it back," he said. "And she has to do the same."

Watch Butterflies & Water Rockets Here!