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Kate Answers Your Questions In Final Episode? Halloween Wig Sells Out, Jon & TLC Not the end?

Hello Gosselin fans! Well lets face it, it may be better to save the best episode for last, then for TLC to try to paste together a few more shows from old footage. And lets face it, they didn't have much to paste together. Many blogs stated that there wasn't much to footage left. Because contrary to naysayers complaining the kids were filmed too much, actually they weren't shot as much over this summer. Both myself and I'm sure TLC are waiting on baited breath for next week's court ruling..and to see where they stand with trying to move the show forward without Jon. If not, I hope that at least one of the many Kate-discussed projects will come into fruition sooner rather than later..
Please post your question HERE for Kate and this weeks (hopefully not) final Jon & Kate Plus 8 episode.. And yours may be answered on the show!
Kate Gosselin's post-Jon plan? Answer your questions:

You ask. Kate answers. Maybe...... Although considering she's already gotten 9,000 questions on TLC's Web site and other platforms, these will have to be very short answers. On Monday, TLC will air an episode of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" that's not necessarily a finale to the most successful shows in its history, but there does feel like there's a finality to this whole affair (doesn't there?) Without footage of the kids or Jon - you know what's happened there - TLC will instead air a question-and-answer episode. (The show changes its name to "Kate Plus 8" on Nov. 2.)
The show, and Kate Gosselin, have already received thousands of questions via Facebook and the show's Web site. According to the episode description, these are some of the questions she (may) answer: "Will she ever get married again? Where does Kate see the kids being in 10 years? Do you wear heels all the time? Do the kids know they're famous? How is it handling school homework with eight kids?" TLC also asked viewers to submit favorite moments.
Meanwhile, on Monday morning, Kate and Jon are scheduled to meet in Montgomery County, Pa. court to reach a financial settlement, according to news reports.

Kate Gosselin Wigs Completely Sell out for Halloween:

If you feel compelled to snatch the hair off of Kate Gosselin's head, better act fast: Kate blonde wigs for Halloween are selling out in New York stores, according to Wednesday's Today show. One of the replicas of the Gosselin 'do – described as "a reverse mullet" – made it onto the morning program's set, and then on to the crown of guest anchor Erin Burnett's head. Also on display were two other best-sellers in the costume department: a mask of David Letterman, currently embroiled in an alleged extortion plot against him, and a mask of imprisoned Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff.

Jon & TLC..Not the End?? TV

Jon the dumb ass obviously threw a tantrum when TLC announced that the show would go on but it would be Kate Plus 8. It was at that point that Jon rushed out to the house and hung a sign on the drive way gate (how many of us have drive way gates?) saying TLC was barred from the property, announced that show was no longer in the best interests of the children and then proceeded to take away the dogs.
Jon then had his lawyer contact TLC requesting that Jon be released from the exclusivity clause of his contract so he could find work with a different TV network. TLC responded to Jon by suing him for breach of contract.
This is where the rubber meets the road. Jon has one of two choices to make. Negotiate with TLC (remember TLC is a business first) to the point that he no longer bans them from the property and allows them to film the children and he gets his release from exclusivity or option number two, find a job outside of the TV industry and try to meet his financial obligations. Good luck on that one Jon!
Now back to Kate, as a registered nurse Kate is never going to make enough money to look after the kids and daycare without child support and you can bet she will be entitled to alimony if there is no "Jon and Kate plus 8." An IT analyst usually makes twice the income of a registered nurse.
At days end I see Jon and TLC negotiating because Jon is cornered and some sort of show will go on eventually. That word eventually has a short life span though because like any TV net work, TLC knows it has to fill the time slot and you can bet Jon's dumbass they have another family waiting in the wings.
What would be the right thing to happen? Jon and kate should get their divorce and face up to their future. Jon and Kate Plus 8 had to end sometime and they would have to face reality eventually. They should stop wasting their money on lawyers and egos and save what they can for the job ahead as normal struggling divorced parents.

Also one final note.. The Women's Conference is October 27th.. Please let me know if any of your are I can hear about it and post the pics..Thanks!


  1. Ok this is a first because I;m normally not the first one to post on my blog..but I want to say it was slim pickings in Gosselin media today.. But I did want to put up a new post to stay fresh..The next one will be better I promise!

  2. Baby Mama, no need to ever apologize.

  3. Maybe it's better its has been quiet. I noticed that there are not many paps pics of the kids lately. I saw some of Jon witht he kids yesterday (i assume). But none of the school or any of the hoopla of a couple weeks ago. I'm glad their isn't much to report. However, I'll be glad when you can report a release date for Kate plus 8. I'm gonna miss those kids.

  4. I thought the Octomom video with her Jon Gosselin crush was a bit stupid and an obvious bid for attention, so I pulled it. I was sent this article about Jon not wanting to lose TLC and I loved it so I posted that up instead. It's a good read if you want to go to the site!

  5. TLC filmed the gymnastics class and the kids at a baseball game. Are they just discarding that footage?

  6. baby mama - you spoke to soon! New Jon vids on Radar Online and commercial splashes of a 'new tell all' interview with Jon on The Insider and others tonight. -- I used to wish he'd just shut up for the sake of the kids - but now - I hope he keeps going so that it is nothing but crystal clear to the courts that he has lost it and has no respect for his family OR the orders of the court to stop parading the tidbits of his divorce in the media for the sake of his kids!

    The guy interviewing Jon in the latest RO interview in the driveway -- isn't that the voice of the guy we've heard so many times interviewing Jon - and the one he ended up hiring to also work as his bodyguard?

  7. This just in from TMZ:
    Gosselin's Lawyer Formally Up a Creek
    Posted Oct 21st 2009 1:30PM by TMZ Staff

    Jon Gosselin may be on the hunt for a new lawyer soon, because we've learned the person who sponsored New York attorney Mark Heller to appear on Gosselin's behalf in Pennsylvania has formally made a motion with the court to withdraw his support.

    Attorney Mike Marino filed his motion today, saying he wants to wash his hands of the whole case. Marino told us he had never had contact with Heller until Mr. Heller found him in a legal directory, cold called him and asked Marino to sponsor him for a one-time-only case -- Jon vs. Kate.

    The judge will schedule a hearing on Marino's motion. We also learned Marino sent the judge a letter last week requesting out of the whole case.

    If Heller doesn't find a new sponsor, he can't practice in PA.

  8. And this also from in regards to this being the last episode...

    "Published reports that this is the last episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 are wrong, has confirmed. As we originally reported, the show will run into November, with some extra footage of Kate being shot to supplement what is left since Jon pulled the plug on TLC filming the kids."

  9. The ROL video was again credited to INF (I think that is Jon's "friend" paparazzi/bodyguard.) That's the same credit as the up close photos of Jon and the pumpkins and kids at the table after he didn't want TLC photographing them. Jon that is sleezy. You could have stayed in PA if you really cared about the dogs. You could stop paparazzi from photographing up close photos if you really cared about your kids. You could have cleaned up the dog poop in the back yard like you promised; and trained the dogs so they didn't knock over the kids; eat their plants, etc. It's always just "me, me, me, me" for you, Jon. Unlike Peter Pan, it really is time for you to grow up!!!

  10. Does anyone know if it really makes a differance if there were lawyers present when they signed the contracts? If it doesn't then I think Jon is in big,big trouble:)

  11. Sorry to go off track.. but I received this e-mail and since Gosselin Garb was put on hold maybe you could help me with this??

    "Hello, I have to find where Kate's t shirt was from on the Butterflys and Rocket episode shown Oct. 19. It's the one she's wearing in the interview chair, I can't tell if it's navy, gray, black but it has a white round pattern (tie dye?) on the front. I have to have it, I loved it so much!!! Any idea where I can find it or where I could check? Thanks so much for your help!~Ann"

  12. Thank You Linda, I wanted to shake him and tell him pretty much the same thing. "Jon, shut up and be a man and take responsibility for your pets. You can find a petfriendly place to live, and one that is much less pricy than you live in now. Do not blame Kate, you knew where she stood with the dogs before you ever got them. Not only that but your dogs will be better pals for you than most of the humans that you currently hang out with." That whole Radar video looked to me like a sympathy ploy for poor Jon against mean ole Kate (and TLC)

  13. I think she bought it at Ann Taylor Loft.
    I know she buys alot of her clothes there.
    I'm not sure if they would still haveit in stores
    because it was a summer line, but you could check at
    the loft outlets.

  14. Hmm, Kayla, I would say the quiet Gosselin news days are numbered as the day draws nearer for their court date on Oct. 26th. Also with Jon being sued by TLC and whatever will come of that, I can bet things will liven up again in no time.

    As for the lawyer withdrawing his sponsorship for Heller to represent Jon in PA, it's no wonder. Who would want to stand up for someone like that? Like I said, Heller is a sheister, not a lawyer!

    I am glad to hear that there are still a couple of episodes of Jon and Kate plus 8 to come. Hopefully, there will be a ruling regarding the whole TLC/contract mess and Kate can continue with Kate plus 8 as scheduled in November. I do hope though that the focus will shift off of the personal drama and just go back to Kate and the kids living life day to day. I know the divorce will factor into this somehow because it is a part of their reality now but I just hope things can go back to the lightheartedness the show once had. If the kids are to keep filming, I think they need things to be lighthearted.

    Oh, and yes I do think that is the same guy that is always interviewing Jon outside the fence. It's definitely the same voice. I watched a video on ROL where the guy is asking Jon for his thoughts on TLC suing him and he basically says he can't comment on litigation but as he walks to his car he says "see you in court" to the pap. I think it shows that Jon has some deal with him to have him there. I think the same guy was in NY too the day Jon went to pick up the cake for the twins' birthday. Jon probably figures if he willingly gives the paps what they want, maybe they will paint him in a good light in the media. That's all fine and good but I draw the line at letting them show up and film the kids going to or coming home from school. Leave the kids alone for heaven's sake!

    I DVR'd the Insider and ET tonight. Better go watch it and see what this big interview is about with Jon.

  15. ha ha Jons actions are biting him in the butt, Finally.... I am glad that Marino is pulling out. He is wise to pull out and it will show the judge that not even that guy can respect Jon and all of the crap that he has pulled.

    All of the court action will be coming and I can only hope that the judge see's Jon for who and what he is.

    Good luck to Kate

  16. Is Rabbi Boteach the person Jon is going to for counseling?

  17. Ok -

    1. If Jon cared about the dogs - he'd be living in a place where he could keep the dogs. If Jon cared about his kids - he'd be living in a place closer to the kids. I do believe - the old house would be perfect and a lot less money then the 5k per month for the NY apartment AND parking for all his cool cars!

    2. That TMZ article about Mike Marino withdrawing? What's up with that? The same story was published a few weeks ago - EVEN TMZ reported back on the 12th that Marino had 'withdrawn'?? ( ) So has he withdrawn? Why does this story keep getting repeated? Did a judge not allow the first withdrawal? Something doesn't add up here.

    3. I guess Jon didn't learn anything from his Jewish advisors - since their 'advice' was clearly to live for a bigger cause than himself - and to not use the media for the 'spotlight' and to teach his kids by example. Somehow I don't think his media stunts with Hailey - nor his comments about Kate and the dogs are what they had in mind. Just proves that whole fiasco was just another 'media stunt' and I hope the Jewish community starts calling him out on it SOON. I'm not Jewish - but I think its awful how he is going on and on about how this 'Jewish' thing is so awesome and that he is 'half Jewish' now and then his actions are going to cause people who know little about the Jewish faith to think all the wrong things about the Jewish faith! Ugh! I feel bad for the folks on that panel who I believe gave Jon genuine and good answers to his questions - how they must feel now that it is SO obvious Jon used them to further his cause - and NOT because he truly wants to make a heart change!

  18. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA When will he learn??

    (From NYDaily News):

    Most would pay him to go away.

    But Jon Gosselin seems to think some would pay him $12,000 an hour just to show up.

    That's how much the delusional dad of eight demanded to co-host a Florida radio show, according to

    The celebrity news Web site spoke with the host of Tampa's MJ Morning Show who said he reached out to Gosselin's rep in the hopes the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star would co-host the show for one morning.

    They offered Gosselin two first class round trip plane tickets, limo service and a "first class" hotel room for his time, but it wasn't enough.

    On top of all that, Gosselin's rep also reportedly requested an "appearance the 10-12K range."

    "[Jon's] name and appearance on your show will instantly draw press ... and will be a high point for the show," the Gosselin rep apparently told the station.

    His team also went for the hard sell, describing Jon as "quite funny, sharp witted and interesting."

    The radio host told TMZ he "fell out of his chair" when he read the demands.

    We guess that's a no, then?

  19. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach said in his Huffington Post article that he counseled Jon "briefly." (First time I'd ever heard a counselor refer to a counselee by name and that astounded me. Jon lost the confidentiality here.)

    Several times Jon has referred to his counselor in the female gender. He's also referred to his counselor as being Jewish, but since the learned Rabbi is male, I don't think he's Jon's regular counselor. And in fairness to Jon, that person's identity should remain confidential. IMO.

  20. Jon is a very lost soul and I do hope he finds himself, mainly for the sake of his kids. They love him so much, that is very clear, so he needs to pull himself together for them. The only thing that may shock him into reality is if the courts rule harshly against him. Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to begin the climb back up.

    I also hope and desire to see the kids continue on TV. But it does seem as though the show, in whatever form it takes, is dying a slow death. I hope for Kate and the kids that it works out for them in the way they want it to. Kate + 8 would be a great show.......fingers crossed.

  21. On a light note, I DID get the Kate wig, I ordered it about a month ago and plan on wearing it during trick-or-treat when I take my son out. (No fancy parties for us! lol Gotta get the kid out there!) It was an irresistable (sp?) price of 12.99...but it's pretty obvious it was only 12 bucks. It's pretty poorly made and when it arrived, it came in a flat box with the wig sealed in a bag inside, so it's all flat & kinky. I'm hoping if I just air it out for a few days it'll fall a little more natural..

  22. Hope, I really like what you wrote about the advice Jon got at the event he went to. I just watched it yesterday and found it very interesting. I wish Dr. Oz had added to his comments about the kids learning from the way he treats himself and said that they also learn from the way he treats his wife (ex-wife). When a spouse bad mouths the other spouse and the kids hear it, they take it very personally and think "what did I do to cause this?" Also, the boys are learning how to treat women and the girls are seeing how they should be treated by men by watching their dad. They are seeing horrible things right now! I shudder to think what their futures hold re: dating/marriage.

  23. Hope,

    I was wondering the same thing about the Marino withdrawal thing. We heard about it weeks ago. My guess is that maybe it is just now being heard by the judge so they brought it up again.

    Also, I agree that he didn't have to move all the way to NY when there was
    a house right there sitting empty that they are
    still paying for. I know that much house is too much for
    one person but he could have lived there till they sold it. Personally, the last thing I would want to do in a situation like that is
    move far from my kids. What kind of message does
    that send? It says his career opportunities are more important than being available to his kids. And, as for the dogs, if he won't stay for the kids then forget about the dogs altogether! Right now he's in a place where
    it's all about him and breaking free from anyone and anything that tries to hold him down in any way. It's sad because by the time he realizes what he's done it will be too late.

    Regarding the panel he attended, was that the one on ROL that was about 42 minutes long? For some reason, I couldn't watch it. It kept saying the video was unavailable. I would have liked to see what he asked them. I think he asked something about how to raise good kids or something. Maybe he should have asked how to make himself a good father.

    Oh, and that was hilarious about the radio station. Seriously, how does
    he think someone will pay him 12K to be on
    air for a few minutes. I agree that it would be
    entertaining because you're guaranteed to get an
    answer to every question you ask him but 12 grand? Some of the
    things he says and does really make me cringe for him, like
    that comment about how he's famous enough
    to go up to Diddy and say 'Hey Sean, what's up'. SHEESH


    Lol about the wig. I'm not surprised it doesn't
    look so real. My daughter wanted a play wig and
    I was not going to spend big bucks ( it wasn't even Halloween season so there was nothing ou there) so I found one under 10 bucks and boy was it crappy. After driving around for hours, my daughter had a melt down over how bad it was. Hopefully, if you leave it out and maybe try to style it with water or gel, it will cooperate. I'd say try taking a flat iron to it but it would probably melt. Lol

    Before I go, I just wanted to say sorry if my post looks weird. I don't have my laptop today so I had to resort to using my iPhone.

  24. Hope,
    Re Marino withdrawing his sponsorship of Heller, I believe they're reporting it again because he just filed the final required paperwork and a formal hearing will be held. Right now Jon has to keep the court appointed attorney for the divorce & asset issues until he retains another local one.

    As far as the TLC breach suit, as far as I know, he'll retain Heller for that one.

  25. Maria,
    Since Kate is the stronger parent and will fight to make sure to raise them with good strong Christian values and high standards, I have faith that they will be grounded enough to learn from their father's mistakes. It may not be the norm, but I know of a lot of kids who grew up with wayward dads but became stalwart leaders in their faith and role models in their church and community.

    Having said that, I certainly hope Kate will start taking them to church again. Although it is the parents who have the strongest influence in their lives, they will still need other positive strong support systems in their life. Having strong faith to rely on is also so crucial.

  26. another mom - I do agree with you about jon should be closer and even in their old house, because it might be awarded to him aways. Kate gets the big one, and he gets the little one. ???
    I do not agree with your statement that says he not there for the kids. Right now they are changing every other week, and he had them a little longer at times during the summer. We just didn't see it as much since they didn't tape jon as much and then not at all since the cease and desist order.
    Hope - When did Jon get a Court appointed att? I know the Arbitrator was assigned their case. Heller was in court with him last time and representing him in the divorce action too! Did I miss somthing here? to my knowledge, Heller is not out yet, until they hear from a judge!

    OH, BABY MAMA, on a sad note, please say a pray for the family of SARAH, because they did find her last night. Her little body had been thrown in the dump.

    To J&K, and all the posters here. Kiss and Hug you kids tonight because they are the most precious and important things in your life.

  27. Thanks for posting the TV Grapevine article, I loved it!

  28. Lucysmom, I really hope what you posted (good things!) happens to the Gosselin kids. Maybe seeing Kate refusing to be treated shabbily and taking the high road will have more of an influence on them than their father's bone-headedness (is that a word?... if not, it should be in the dictionary with Jon's pic next to it!) And I totally agree that they need that faith structure in their lives... it can be a good thing for them to turn to when times are rough, like right now!

  29. I also hope that Kate is taking them to church. Their chuch no longer let's any camera or film crews there so hopefully she is and we just don't hear about it. Perhaps that would be one place the family (Kate+8) could go in peace away from the paparazzi.

  30. On a fun note, please check out the Kate link below..They are trying to find the best new haircut for Kate. Instead of celebrities with Kates look, you can vote for the best new look for Kate. Ironically, she doesnt look bad in Kim Zolciak's wig!

  31. I'm not the one who posted that Jon had a court appointed attorney so I don't know! (I hadn't heard that before, either).

    I'm not so sure Heller will be able to represent Jon in the TLC suit since that was filed in MD and I do not believe Heller is licensed to do law in this state anymore than he was for PA. Why Jon continues to retain him is beyond me! With the money I'm sure he is paying to M. Heller - I would bet that Jon could retain a large firm that has seasoned and professional attorneys who can practice in the states in which Jon is currently involved in litigation! Keeping Heller on just seems like the whackiest thing Jon is doing (although the list is long - and there are quite a few giving it a run for its money!)

    On a final note - WHAT was Jon thinking when he lifted his shirt for the Paps when picking up the kids???? For God's sake he KNOWS they are there click, click, clicking away - and that belly shot? I swear I think his mind is just off -- be it excessive drinking, smoking pot, prescription meds -- but SOMETHING does not seem to be firing right with him anymore! (Unless of course someone told him [and he believed them] that PlayGirl might call if he showed some skin???) :)

  32. Linda, I've been wondering for awhile if they were still going to church...I'm sure Kate would still take them, I can't imagine that she wouldn't seeing how much she's spoke in the past about her faith and all that, but I haven't heard her say anything in a long time. I hope that she does, and has a supportive church family. I also speculate that Jon does not take them or go to church anymore. Oh wait- he's half Jewish now. So I wonder if he'll push any of that onto the kids, and how Kate will react to that???

    All I know is, Kate's next book should be very interesting! Multiple Blessings is very christian oriented, I guess is how to put it, so I'm interested in reading how her faith has changed through all of this, good, bad, whatever, if it has...

  33. #1caregiver,

    I understand your point and I am not trying to say that Jon doesn't love his kids as much as Kate does. When I said he prefers to be closer to his career opportunities in NY rather than being available for his kids, I meant it more on an emotional level. Yes, he is physically present half the time when it is his
    custody days but what about the rest of the time? Suppose his kids needed him emotionally for some reason, maybe Cara who seems to be especially close to her father and who seems to be one of the most affected by the divorce breaks down and wants him; he would be too far to be able to comfort her. Sure, there's the phone but it's not the same. I also realize that during Kate's custody Jon is not welcome home anyway but if there was a special circumstance, I am sure Kate would put her kids needs before her desire to not let Jon come

    Also, what if (God forbid) one of the kids got seriously hurt. It would take hours for him to get home. When Kate is off her custody days, she says she is usually just a phone call away except if she's travelling for work. She makes herself pretty available even when it isn't her time because it's always in her mind that something could come up and she could be needed.

    I realize that lots of parents that are divorced do not live in the same towns but in this case, I feel it was more a choice on Jon's part. He had a place to live and everything at least temporarily and he could travel when
    necessary like Kate does but he also has Haylie in NY and I think that and his career were his biggest motivators to relocate. He says he misses his kids all the time but he just seems too happy to leave when the time comes.

    I know parents that are married even have it where moms or dads that travel like the Gosselins did before they separated but in this case, where there is such upheaval in the kids' lives, I feel that both parents need to be there emotionally for their kids, and sometimes in order to be there for them emotionally you have to be available physically too. JMO

  34. there is a story circulating that Kate is going to continue pushing for Kate Plus 8, asking TLC for a "new home" according to a story running on TransWorld News.

    Entertainment News

    Kate Gosselin to Continue with Kate Plus 8?

    Atlanta, GA 10/22/2009 10:15 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

    Kate Gosselin is reportedly determined to go forward with her TLC show Kate Plus 8 despite her estranged husband’s efforts to stop it. Sources say Kate has enlisted TLC’s help in finding her a new home for filming.
    “Kate wants a new house for a fresh start. She doesn’t want to get dragged into court every other month because Jon keeps claiming he has ownership of the house,” says an insider.
    After TLC dropped him from Jon and Kate Plus 8 and announced they were revamping the show for Kate only, Jon Gosselin issued a cease and desist order that banned their film crews from entering the Pennsylvania home he shares with Kate. The order caused TLC to canceling filming on the show.

  35. Mamaholly - about that article that Kate wants a new house. I couldn't get it on my server, but here's JMO.
    Its probably just a rumor! The Arbitration will decide who gets the houses and someones name will be taken off the title. But here's a fact: the person who gets the house is responsible for paying the balance of the mortgage. I read some where that the balance is $780,000.00. I would assume she knows all this by now, so we will have to wait and see.
    Here's a thought I had, Kate is atill getting paid by TLC, but Jon is being sued. So does Kate get to keep his half of the paycheck to pay bills??? The contract runs to February so she will have an income until then. As long as she does what they say. Kids or no kids on TV.

    I still want to know who is living in the old house???? lol

  36. I wonder if having a new house that was all her own would actually prevent Jon from being able to restrict what goes on there? Technically, it wouldn't be happening on his property but the kids are still his kids too and that might overrule anything else.

    That said, the way he keeps talking to paps and having his kids "unoficially" accessible in the front yard and when being picked up and taken to school could cancel out any actual validity to his argument that he wants his kids off camera.

    It won't take much for a judge to see that since his admonitions on LKL that doing the show is unhealthy for the kids, Jon himself has provided opportunity to have his kids on film and by none other than the paparazzi whom are defintiely not out to capture the kids with their safety and permissiveness in mind. I'm sure the judge will see the hypocrisy of the whole situation so that might work in Kate's favour.

    One other factor to consider though, is that it depends on the judge's personal feelings on the matter of children in the media. Although he can't let his personal feelings intervene, he can make it very difficult and try to find every legal loophole he can to prevent the kids from filming, if that is his stance on the matter. I would hope that no matter what happens, somewhere along the way, the kids will be consulted separate of their parents so they can give an honest answer as to whether they actually do want to film or not. Sometimes I get the feeling that both parents have their own ulterior motives for wanting to either stop or continue and each parent spins it like it's what the kids want. Who do you believe? Kate that says the kids love it and were devastated when they had to stop, or Jon who says his kids have told him on numerous occasions that they do not want to film anymore? Kate obviously wants to film because it is their bread and butter at the moment and I think she is terrified that if they stop, nothing as lucrative will come along (this show is already successful but another venture might not take off like this one) and Jon wants to stop all of a sudden because (imo) he's bitter about being essentially written off the show and so he wants to stick it to Kate where it hurts. Neither of these reasons speaks to whether the kids actually want to stop or continue and that is the most important thing of all.

    My take on the whole thing is that Kate wants to provide for the kids and I think she should seriously look into furthering opportunities that arise where it is just her on film. It might be a risk because as I mentioned above, a new show might not be as popular and therefore be taken off the air but if she chooses the subject matter wisely, based on her recognizeability and popularity, she will be ok. As for Jon, his arguments for having the kids off camera are noble but I think his intentions are not.

    Maybe it was a good thing that the kids have been forced to stop filming for a while because now that they have had a chance to not be filmed for a while, they might have a more realistic idea of what they want. Don't forget, for the last several years (essentially as long as the tups could ever remember) they have been on camera and that is all they know. Now that they have had a break, they can honestly say which they prefer.

    In the end, even though I would love to see what happens in their lives as they grow up, the most important thing is what the kids want and what is best for them and if that means we are not to be a part of their daily lives, then so be it. I mean imagine, Mady and Cara are approaching adolescence and who wants to be in front of cameras when you feel awkward and are having the dramas of puberty happening to you? Not a great idea!

  37. Hope said:

    "On a final note - WHAT was Jon thinking when he lifted his shirt for the Paps when picking up the kids????"

    Oh noooooo, another CRINGE moment. Why does Jon always do these things? Maybe he got an extra boost knowing Octomom finds him hot and that was a special shout out to her? lmao!!

  38. Ok, I have to say something here. Jon moved to NY to be closer to his career opportunities??? What career opportunities??? There is nothing for Jon in NY except partying and his slutty girlfriend. Jon has no career -- he's never had a career. Kate gave him a career -- the TLC show which he shut down. Please stop referring to Jon's career opportunities as if they exist. They only exist in Jon's mind. And his stating that he continues to work on websites. Really? Who's, I'd like to know? Just more of Jon's lies. Jon has no employment. None! NY is his escape from reality -- nothing more!

    Sorry, just had to vent!

  39. Wow I've missed a lot! I'm just posting this comment so I can get the comments emailed to my BlackBerry and I can keep up. lol.

  40. One comment I'd like to make is that while I still feel Jon should LIVE in PA, he may still be in NYC for most of the time he doesn't have custody if that is where his "career" is. My husband is in Manhattan 5 days a week and that is about a 2 hour commute. If there is an emergency with our daughters he will have to commute back from NYC to be there. Not ideal but that's where he works.

    If Kate is away at a conference and there is an emergency she will have to commute home too. I don't think it's fair to say he doesn't care about his kids because he can't get home to them fast enough in case of an emergency.

    Oh and as for the Vanity Fair article, I think it painted Kate in a bad light. It made her seem self-involved and rude. She can't be happy with it, neither can her PR people. I found it interesting that they told her to stop talking a about one topic (can't remember what it was).

    The whole shopping at FAO story, from whose idea it was to go shopping there and the fact that she has a personal shopper, etc was very negative in my eyes. I also think it was ridiculous for her to shop there because toys cost twice as much there than Target and Kate seems a lot more thrift than that). I do wonder if the writer didn't like her prior to the interview or if she felt that way only after she met her. But it was an interesting read.

  41. I have a question... in the previews they showed Kate going through and answering questions. I thought she was going to answer questions that hadn't been asked yet. Weren't they compiling the questions throughout this week? Or was that different footage? Maybe I wasn't paying much attention?

  42. I would be surprised if that whole new house story was true. I thought that both parents agreed (it might be only thing they CAN agree on these days!) that the house was the for the kids. If Kate decided to move into a new house to start over, it would be a little selfish in my mind. With all that is going on, it would be like taking away the only "normal" that the kids have left these days. But who knows? It's probably just another rumor anyways. I doubt that Kate would do that to them.

  43. Sorry to everyone that had to wait all day for their posts to show up. I was at work and didn't have access to a computer today. Starting next week, I will have help again moderating, so your posts will come up quicker.. Monday looks to be busy! Read below.. Do you think Jon spent all he took and thats why he hasn't put it back yet??

    EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kate’s Lawyer Reveals Jon HASN’T Returned The Money!-----------------------Not so fast, Jon Gosselin!

    Despite the fact that his lawyer Mark Heller said Jon was in “complete compliance” with a court order that required him to return $181,000 he took from the couple’s joint bank account, Kate’s lawyer tells that’s not true. Mark Momjian revealed to that Jon has only put back $28,500!

    Heller said earlier Friday that Jon had put back the money but that’s not so, says Kate’s lawyer Momjian, who also questions why Heller is speaking for Jon.

    Momjian told “Mr. Heller doesn’t represent Jon Gosselin in the divorce action in state of Pennsylvania so it’s a little puzzling to us why he’s making statements on a case he is not counsel of record on.

    “He’s withdrawn his application to be admitted specially in Pennsylvania.

    “All I can tell you is Jon Gosselin has until Monday to put all the money back and we hope he complies.“We’ve only seen a very small a very small partial compliance as of today but he has until Monday.

  44. I've been meaning to comment for some time on this... I think it is DIGUSTING if Jon is indeed giving the paps or tv news shows like ET or The Insider exclusive filming of the kids. I haven't seen any footage of it myself but I keep hearing it (the birthday party was never filmed like it was rumored).

    I know there seem to be some pics taken as opposed to actual filming. I understand if Jon feels that the paps are going to take the pics anyway so he may as well get money for it but that's just stupid reasoning. It's just wrong no matter how you slice it.

    Also, I don't think Kate will sell the house so that she can film the kids elsewhere. I just don't see her doing it, not after they both said the house was for the children, etc. If she does, then that's just wrong too, but I think that's a false rumor. Just my opinion. Besides, if TLC said they won't film if one parent is against it I don't think it matters where they film anyway.

  45. TMZ had another statement later then and it said Jon's attorney, not Heller, has the rest of the money is his position. So do we believe????

  46. Since Heller can't practice in PA, Kate and her lawyer(s) don't need to answer to him in regards to the divorce and assets, so he should keep out of it and keep quiet.

  47. Jen Santos said...
    Ok, I have to say something here. Jon moved to NY to be closer to his career opportunities??? What career opportunities???
    Okay, his ALLEGED career opportunities. lol.

  48. Maybe {and I am just guessing} the house if there is even talk of a house is for kate to live in when she doesn't have custody and if the kids are filmed on her time, she can take them there for the day Also maybe this Kate only show that TLC has planned for her will be filmed there. That might be an interesting idea because the filming won't be happening in the kids' house and they can have more privacy. They are probably just in the stage of throwing around possibilities and figuring out how to make it work. I also think that they had some kind of bad experience at the old house before they moved and that could be why nobody wants to stay there. I remember hearing something about them having to go to a hotel for security reasons. I just pray that the court hearing on Monday goes well and for the kids' sake that everyone does what they are supposed to. Too bad one of Jon's people who he thinks are friends doesn't show him the pictures of his belly and give him a wakeup call.

  49. It will sure be a stressful week for Kate, court on Monday and off to California with the Womens' Conference and the paparazzi.

  50. SchmeckyGirl - Recent examples of Jon letting the papa take pictures are stepping back from the car while picking up the twins so the pap could shoot into the backseat of the car, and the photos of the pumpkin carving at the backyard table. Both sessions carried an INF photo credit which I believe is Jon's pap friend that he sometimes uses as a bodyguard.

  51. SchmeckyGirl said...

    Jen Santos said...
    Ok, I have to say something here. Jon moved to NY to be closer to his career opportunities??? What career opportunities???
    Okay, his ALLEGED career opportunities. lol.
    LOL Yes, fine, Alleged. Sorry Jen, I think we are just repeating things as they appear in all the media. Doesn't make it true.:)

  52. Those of us who post on this blog are well aware of the group of "haters" that post vitriolic verbiage on other sites, and try to post here.

    I don't think many of them realize that nothing you post anywhere on the internet truly goes away. There are web-tracking bots that collect and archive the information.

    Recently I did something stupid here and while waiting for a large client file to download (I have to turn off the basic browser's security to do that) and while waiting I was surfing and posted here. It was a mistake that I have rectified. But in the interim, I got a group of haters that were determined to do damage. It won't happen to you unless you turn off your browser security (that was really stupid on my part.)

    Should you encounter this, please know that there are steps you can take. You can call your local sheriff or police to see if they have a cybercrimes unit OR you can go here:

    The FBI takes this very seriously. Yes, the first priority of their cybercrimes unit is stopping internet terriorism, child pornography etc. they are also investigating blogs that post pure "hate" and the damage they do. As I was told, we may not go to them right away because of higher priorities, but we will get there eventually. I, for one, got tired of their threats and decided to take action.

    Be careful about posting your last name/and or city on any blog or website.

    I'm not trying to scare anybody. You are safe unless you bypass basic security as I stupidly did. I just want you to know that you don't have to put up with haters. You can certainly feel free to express your own opinion about somebody's actions. But, one person's freedom stops where somebody else's begins. You cannot post malicious garbage that you make up. You can say "I wonder if..." but you can't say "I know that ..." unless you really know it.

    IMO I am glad that a number of these blogs have shut down in recent weeks and months. There is just no room for hate, particularly when it affects children.

    BabyMama, I'll leave it up to you as to whether or not you post this. If you choose not to, it certainly won't hurt my feelings. And feel free to edit the length.

  53. Jen Santos...........yep, I totally agree with you. He has never had a career and screwed up the best gig he will ever have!

    Perhaps saying Jon doesn't care about his kids because of the distance is just semantics. But it really is in the best interest of the kids when separated or divorced parents stay in close proximity for many, hopefully obvious, reasons.

    I'm not sure if the house is the determining factor in whether they can film the children, or rather the parents' permission to film them? I'm not clear on this one.

  54. I heard that one of TLC's ideas with Kate was about organic cooking and organic restaurants. (Again just rumor since TLC's been quiet on the issue.) Since TLC can't film on the current property until the issue with Jon is resolved, perhaps they are looking for a house where they can film just Kate and Jon doesn't get in an uproar. Maybe like the house that was at one time used for Rachel Ray, or the kitchen used for Barefoot Contess or Paula Deen. Pure speculation on my part, but I was just wondering if it might be something like that.

    If so, I'm sure Kate would want the location close to where she is now. And it might also give her a place to stay on her non-custody days. I'm sure the neighbors in the old location don't want anybody filming near there. And there were security issues there I think with the paparazzi. Again just my opinion.

  55. I tried to post this last night and lost my post and I wasn't about to retype it again at midnight. lol So here goes again...

    SchmeckyGirl - I just wanted to address the comment about Jon living in NY and not being readily available to his kids.

    I don't think it is right to compare that to your husband whom you said works 2 hours away from home 5 days a week. It certainly wasn't the thought behind why I wrote that comment. There are a few very key differences.

    First of all, you and your husband are not going through a divorce so your children do not have that added upheaval in their lives.

    Secondly, I assume your husband has had this job for a while and this is what is normal in your family, ideal or not.

    The reason I take exception to Jon moving to NY at this time is because of the two reasons above.

    Jon and Kate are going through a divorce and the kids' world has turned upside down. Jon used to be the parent that was home most with the kids prior to everything happening and now he is gone. Everything that those children knew as normal has just vanished. As it is divorce leaves scars that last a lifetime, some of which include kids feeling like somehow they are to blame or that their parents are divorcing them too. At a time like this, they need as much reassurance as possible and that means having two parents around them at all times telling them that they love them and that they will be there for them no matter what. IMO, Jon is taking this security away from them.

    While Kate was the one to previously travel, I have noticed that she doesn't travel quite as much anymore. Why? Because she realizes that she needs to be with her kids as much as possible. Unfortunately, she has committments that were made way in advance that she can't break so she is forced to travel sometimes.

    Jon, on the other hand, has no prior job or committments in NY so the fact that he up and moves says to me that it is 100% choice and not necessity. What is in NY that requires him to live there? Alleged career opportunities and a girlfriend that he has no business having while he is not even divorced? I think the girlfriend part makes it even worse. If I were one of his kids (namely Cara or Mady who I am sure know about Hailey by now), you can bet I would think that not only did my dad leave because he didn't want to be with us as a family anymore, but that he left because he would rather be with his girfriend than with me, his child. That is a lot of burden for a young chid! It certainly is no surprise that they are acting out a lot.

    Anyway, the point is that at a time of upheaval like this, the kids need all the emotional support they can get from both parents and I just feel like Jon is making himself unavailable by choosing to live so far away from his kids.

    I have to interject here that I know that even if Jon lived in PA, he wouldn't be able to spend any more time with the kids than his custody allows but the idea that he is at least in the same town would send the kids the message that he is thinking about them and considering their feelings in this rather than just going off and doing what he wants. The way it is now, I just think he is putting his needs of wanting to be free of Kate and his old life before the needs of his kids who right now should have both parents rallying around them.

    Anyway, those are my feelings on the matter. I just wanted to make it clear that I was only speaking to Jon and Kate's situation specifically and not trying to imply that all parents that have to travel or live out of town are being selfish.

  56. another mom: I so agree with you. Moving to NY seems so extreme. He never seemed to have a connection there except the twerp-girl.

    I commuted into NY when I lived in Jersey and later, living in PA, commuted to Philadelphia because that's where the work was...even after a divorce. But I was always had back-up close to home (no nanny, just friends). If I needed to be home, I was, and worked from home when necessary.It wasn't ideal but necessary.

    But actually taking an apartment barely big enough for two adults not to mention 8 children, why? It's like rubbing a dog's nose in poo. Like "here." "I'll show you!" No logic to it. Just seemed like an angry statement to me.

    I totally understand Kate asking for a house from TLC. If they want to continue the show, she needs a place where he can't hang up "no TLC" on the fence. A place in her name only so she can be free to live her life. If TLC decides to stop the show, of course, she still needs a place to live - can't spend her life in hotels. Seriously. Living out of a suitcase stinks so she would have to buy a place sooner or later. But I think she is totally in line by asking for a house as part of her contract. That's why show-biz is such a good deal. They get perks.

    Question: Why hasn't their old house sold? Is there something odd about it or wrong with it? The main floor is small with no formal dining room so I get that, but the ad I saw said it has 5 bedrooms. I thought there were 4. Cara & Mady's, the boys, the girls and the parents. Finished basement. Did they repair the ceilings after the lights came down? What is holding up a sale? It looks like a decent place and there is that $8000 first-time buyer credit...What's the deal?

  57. Holli Day, I have often wondered the same thing about the old house. Could it be the notoriety that scares potential buyers away? It doesn't look like a bad house in any way and I am sure if not Jon and Kate, then TLC would have since repaired any damages made from the filming equipment. Maybe people are afraid that others (including the paps) will come and gawk at who bought Jon and Kate's house. Other than this, I really can't think of another reason. As for the number of bedrooms, I think I remember them saying something about altering the original configuration to make bigger rooms? Maybe I'm imagining it, but if that is true, then it could be that they put it back to a 5 bedroom. Who really knows? I hope it sells soon though, I can't imagine it being fun carrying an extra mortgage for all this time.

  58. Holli day- the fifth was the small room the girls used to do their homework.

    Linda- I hear ya on the security. The haters tried to max out my band-with on my website after one of them posted my site on twitter and then some one tried and I stress tried to hack one of my blogs. I saw that and I had that link you posted bookmarked on my computer just in case. They can do anything they want but if anything happens I'll know who did it because my webmaster now has all their IP address trapped. So ya'll be careful. Really stupid that we have to even think about stuff like that. Some people have no morals even though they like to pass judgment on the saying goes...people in glass houses...

  59. another mom............I completely agree...well said!!!!!!!!

  60. I'm sure the old house hasn't sold because large homes in today's market do worse even with larger decreased asking prices. They're probably need to ask for a certain price to try to eek out enough to partially cover for what they purchased it for near the height of the market.

    But I would think filming at another house would be rather disruptive for the kids. It's already a struggle in trying to maintain some sort of a "normal" routine already.

    If Kate were to get her own house(just speculating here), then the only other options are: 1) sell the new house (fat chance in this market) or 2) buy Jon out of the current house(being that his prospects of a celebrity career compared to Kate is not as good, he'll want the money more than the house).

  61. LBK - Excuse me, but Hope and I were correct on how papers are filed and served. You can simply go online and review the procedures if you doubt this. Papers from TLC were filed in the Montgomery County MD Circuit Court. Online they list the procedures. After papers are filed a packet is mailed to the defendant and/or the defendant's attornies unless you want them served by the sheriff's department.

    I tried to cut and paste but that option isn't working on my iPhone tonight.

    I called the Clerk of Court's office before I listed my statement in the previous post. However, I could have saved the phone call since it is clearly stated in the gov website online.

    If you are unable to find it, I'll type the web addy.

    Sorry, I'm not being confrontational. I just decided that each time I hear something or rather read something from ET or ROL, I'm going to try to go to the source or get a second confirmation before posting.

  62. Hi Linda. I believe the papers were filed in Montgomery County, PA - not MD. My understanding is that Montgomery County keeps info closed where other counties in PA, it is considered public information. Many counties publish divorces, home sales, police info in the newspaper. Montgomery County does not - at least with divorces.

  63. OH! Sorry. I just went back to read the posts from Linda and Hope and realized they were referring to TLC vs Jon - not the divorce. Sorry for the confusion. BabyMama, you can just delete these two posts from me if you'd like. DUH. Read first/Talk second.

  64. Well I see from ROL that Jon invited the Kreiders over for a visit. Wonder if Aunt Jodi will be truthful and report that all those up close photos of the kids were photographed by Jon's paparazzi friend with INF? I'm sure she and her sister Julie can put some spin on it. Sorry, I just don't care for family who sell out family for their own personal financial gain. Don't guess it matters to Jon if the kids are photographed by his pap friend, just that it isn't TLC.

    Yuck. Yuck. Ugh!

  65. Radar Online reporting: Jon Gosselin Reconciles With Kate's Estranged Brother!

  66. NEWS FLASH*****NEWS FLASH*******
    Radar Online posts photos of Jon hugging Jodi and Kevin at the Wernersville house, after the family "allegedly" visits the kids MINUS Kate, who is in California getting ready for the Women's Conference with Maria Shriver.

  67. Doesn't Kate have to be in court in PA tomorrow for the "public" proceedings? I thought the book signing is in LA tomorrow night and the conference Tuesday...

    Is this Jon's 99999999th pitiful attempt to sabatoge the mother of his children? Man, he really wants to have to pay child support for eight and have only limited supervised visits with those kids, doesn't he?

    You don't let someone who's so utterly venomous towards the mother of your children have ANY contact with those children.

    Our pediatrician always said: Do not allow anyone who is abusive to you access to your children. EVER.

    Someone posted earlier about a security problem at their old home. I read that they woke up one morning and all the tires of the large van were flat and they never spent another night there.

  68. Just another poor choice made by Jon. Will it ever end? These poor kids. So much negativity in their life.

  69. I did watch Hailey's interview. Though I really tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, her performance seemed just that, rehearsed. If what she claims is true, she needs help. If not, she needs help.
    If I were her parent, I would be cringing. However, I do know parents have influence but cannot necessarily force a 22 or 16 year old to really break off or from a relationship.

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