Friday, April 30, 2010

Kate Back To Being A TV Mom, Jon Gets New Lawyer & New Girlfriend

Kate Gosselin Back To The Grind! She's getting back into the grind of everyday life following her stint on Dancing With The Stars, which ended when she was voted off two weeks ago. Kate was back to doing what she does, and loves best, mommy duty – picking up her adorable kids from the school bus on Friday. Caring for eight kids looks like as much work as her grueling dance schedule was – as Kate loaded the kids into the van they were all begging for snacks, let’s hope Kate is planning on an early dinner!
 And there’s no rest for a working mom – earlier in the day a harried looking Kate was seen running errands in Reading, Pennsylvania, stopping at the local crafts store, the UPS store and the dry cleaners. As if that wasn’t enough to tire out any mere mortal, the super-mom ended her day by taking the twins, Cara and Maddy to the doctors. Phew! We’re exhausted just watching Kate go about her day!

 Kate Back To Being A TV Mom: (photo INF)

They’re back! Kate Gosselin and the kids are returning to a TV near you and caught up with them Thursday as TLC started filming new reality tv episode. Life has returned to normal – normal for the Gosselin kids, who have grown up on TV. TLC recently announced that it will air a series of specials of Kate Plus 8 and is also doing a new show with Kate. Jon has given the network permission to film the children again, after revoking it. On Thursday the camera crew followed Kate and the kids at their Wernersville, PA home. And Kate, looked a bit frazzled at times.

Jon meanwhile has moved out of his brother’s place and into his own apartment. He will not be a part of the reality specials or Kate’s new show. He is, however, still drawing a paycheck from the network and that seems to have calmed him. When his last attorney began attacking Kate in the press, Jon fired him. As reported exclusively Thursday, Jon has hired a new lawyer but has also said he wants to works things out amicably with Kate.

Jon Gosselin Debuts New Girlfriend:

Jon Gosselin made his first public outing with his new arm candy. On April 29, Jon showed up at the Greene Turtle bar in Frederick, Md., with his new girlfriend, Ellen Ross, a 23-year-old brunette who works for the Pennsylvania government. “They’ve only been dating a few weeks now. They met through a mutual friend who works for the government,” a close friend of Jon’s tells Star. “They were at the Green Turtle bar to support a fundraiser for a local soccer team that Jon’s brother coaches.

“They were set up on a date by their friend. They met at a local coffee shop near Reading, Pa., for their first date. Jon was instantly attracted to her and says she’s sexy, funny, and smart. Ellen’s very down-to-earth and just fun to be around. She’s not a fame seeker and Jon really digs that about her.” The friend says that Jon’s taking it one day at a time and just having fun. “Jon’s taking this one slowly. He’s very into Ellen and finds it much easier to date someone who’s also from Pennsylvania and lives near his kids. He’s hoping this one works out!”

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DWTS Misses Kate, Did Ratings Drop After Her Departure? Jon's $10 Autograph Apparently, Kate Gosselin was a big reason why Dancing with the Stars pulled ahead in the ratings. Sources say the show even posed a threat to American Idol, and that's all because of the reality TV mom.  Supporters and haters of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 star just had to tune in to watch her week after week, just to find out if she's staying or going. It ended up being no surprise that when her fate was finally decided, ratings for Dancing with the Stars dropped significantly. Entertainment Weekly reports that the recent installment of the competition, post-Kate, marked the lowest ratings for this spring. Among adults 18-49, the numbers decreased 10 percent from last week. It also went down 20 percent from the show's prior average.

The loss of Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the Stars also meant missing out on the colleagues she bonded with on the show. The Jon and Kate Plus 8 mom apparently became friends with Evan Lysacek, who told E! Online about how much he misses her. Even the rest of the cast noticed Kate's obvious absence. "We all miss her for sure," Lysacek said. "All you have to do is spend five minutes with her to know what a sweet person she is and how nurturing she is." He's not the only one giving kind words to Kate Gosselin. Dancing's Louis van Amstel also apologized to the reality TV matriarch, after announcing that she "needs a psychologist." Us Magazine caught up with him after a recent performance to hear him out.

"I want to apologize to Kate. I really do. She grew on all of us so much," van Amstel declared. "What I was meaning to say is that dance is like therapy. It's such a great way to use movement without having to talk about it -- just move and go to a certain place. That's what I said and that was what Kate needed." Too bad it's the other way around. Dancing with the Stars needs Kate right now, if they want to keep those ratings up. But we doubt she'll return anyway; the show will just have to survive on its own, and it has, even without the reality TV mom. It was the question on everyone's mind after last night's Dancing With the Stars: Does anyone seriously miss Kate Gosselin on the dance floor?

Does Anyone Miss Kate Gosselin? E!

We know what you're thinking, but what the still-standing dancers had to say about the latest eliminee might surprise you. Unless, of course, front-runner Evan Lysacek was just feeling the effects of a nasty noggin injury..."I'm OK, a little disoriented, but we definitely miss [Kate]," he told us. "She was such a nurturing person." In fact, he's kept in close contact with reality-TV's megamama. "Anna and I were actually lucky enough to see her this weekend. She came to my show in Hershey, Penn. It was great to see her, and we all miss her this week." Niecy Nash seconded that emotion: "The thing about Kate that people don't realize is that she really wanted to be here. I'm not quite sure why that didn't translate on camera."

People really do miss Kate over on Dancing With the Stars. Do you?

Would You Pay $10 For An Autograph?

But how much is a photo opp? Dude is getting desperate. Jon Gosselin is now charging $10 for his autograph. OK, OK, so the money isn't for him-- it's for a college sports team-- but still. Will anyone really part with $10 for a Jon Gosselin autograph? We'd hand the $10 over to the team and say "no thanks" to the autograph. But if you're one of the few who would die for a Jon Gosselin autograph, you need to head to The Green Turtle Sports Bar in Frederick, MD, this Thursday. Jon will be there signing autographs for $10 a pop. Whose brilliant idea was this? Well, the money will go to support the women's soccer team at Mount St. Mary's University, which Jon's brother Thomas coaches. Nice that Jon is helping out his brother, but sad that his life has come to making public appearances at a charity event for a soccer team. And sad that the team needs money this badly that they think having a Jon Gosselin appearance is a good idea. Of course, the university doesn't seem to be a fan of Jon and they want everyone to know they're not actually sponsoring the event.

According to the school's director of communications, "We are a Catholic university and we don't sanction infidelity... Well, at least his heart is in the right place in wanting to help his brother... Thomas is a great coach. We have a terrific soccer team." Ha! We love that she just basically assumed reports of Jon cheating on Kate Gosselin are true. But can you believe Thomas actually wants brother Jon at this event? Maybe he loves his soccer team so much, he'll just do anything for them. How much money do you think Jon will make for the team? Maybe he's just hoping to land himself a rich soccer mom.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dancing Without The Star! Still Watching?, Jon & Kate Together, Children Set For "Kate Plus 8"

Jon & Kate Gosselin Both At Pennsylvania Home Sunday:
It was almost like the good old days of Jon & Kate Plus 8 -- almost. Jon and Kate Gosselin were both photographed Sunday at the Wernersville, Pennsylvania home they once shared. The reality TV mom, fresh off her stint on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, was snapped at a local supermarket stocking up on groceries before heading home. Jon, in the meantime, was at the house and seen playing with the kids and corralling their toys out of the garage. The two were not snapped together at any point throughout the day. Regarding the current custody controversy between the two, Jon Tweeted last week that he had fired his attorney Anthony List and that "Kate, her attorneys and I are moving forward to work out things privately and amicably."

Kate Gosselin Dances Off In Week Five. Will the Show Be The Same?

Week 5 of Dancing With The Stars brought some disappointing news for reality TV mom Kate Gosselin, as she and partner Tony were the next to be voted off DWTS. Tony and Kate certainly had some bright moments in the spotlight, but ultimately not entertaining enough to keep them there. For weeks now, Kate has been expected to be voted off the show at any given moment, but has lasted a lot longer than most viewers originally anticipated. Since the start of the season, Kate has shown much dedication in wanting to take her dancing skills or lack there of, to a new level, and while there was some improvement on her end, her partner Tony can take credit for making her performances bare able to watch.

Kate has been criticized for even accepting the invitation to be on the hit reality show Dancing With The Stars, saying that her time would be much better spent with her 8 small children. Seeing as how the divorce of Kate and Jon Gosselin has been made very public and there is little if any privacy among their personal matters, it is a well known fact that their financial situation has come into question many times, and that it very well may have been necessary for Kate to pick up this gig in order to care for her children financially. Who will be the next to go?

Gosselin kids get permits to work on mom's new show: CNN.Com

Kate Gosselin's eight children are cleared to work on their mom's newest reality TV show, "Kate Plus 8," according to a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. "Each child is individually permitted, and they need to be renewed every six months," said spokesman Troy Thompson. Pennsylvania labor officials recently decided that while the Gosselins violated the state's child labor law by not getting work permits for the kids for their original show -- "Jon & Kate Plus 8" -- no charges would be filed as long as they had permits for future shows. An agreement signed by Kate Gosselin's talent agency with state labor officials said she must get work permits for the children for any future TV work. Otherwise, the state could reopen the case and file charges for past offenses, according to the state letter released earlier this month. The Gosselins and show producers have said the children -- 9-year-old twins and 5-year-old sextuplets -- did not need permits.

The state said their participation in the show was work. At least 15 percent of the money paid to the children must be put into an irrevocable trust account that can only be spent when the children turn 18, the state said. The state's Bureau of Labor Law Compliance concluded the kids were not mistreated during the taping of "Jon & Kate Plus 8." Although Jon and Kate Gosselin reached a child custody agreement last year when they divorced, he recently filed for a new court order. Jon Gosselin's filing contends that his ex-wife is placing her career efforts ahead of the children and that she is unfairly denying him time with them. She defended her busy show business schedule, which includes "Dancing with the Stars," her book tour and preparations for a new show on TLC. "I'm a working mom, I'm single and I have to provide for my kids," she said. "No pun intended, but the show must go on."