Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Cara & Maddy! Walk A Day In Kate's Heels, Kate NOT Returning To Nursing

Kate Gosselin Wishes Cara and Mady Happy Birthday on KatePlusMy8 Blog:

Kate Gosselin took to her Kate Plus My 8 blog to wish her twins a happy birthday, in a post titled “Happy 11th Birthday, Cara and Mady!!!!”See photos of Cara and Mady Gosselin through the years!
In the post, Kate recalls the day her “first two precious children were born,” getting up “completely miserable at 4:30am” that day and realizing it was “THE day” that she’d have her twins! Kate writes, “They came into this world at 5:41 and 5:47 with Cara Nicole weighing 5 pounds 3 ounces and Madelyn Kate weighing 5 pounds 1 ounce” She shares, “I enjoyed absolutely every moment of being a “twin mom.” I devoted my all to being these little girls’ mommy and the rewards they gave me were worth every sleepless night, spit up stain and inconsolable cry!” Gosselin notes that she is “amazed at who each of them has become,” adding that they have “own styles, passions and goals.” She writes that they are “a joy to “hang out with” and discuss life issues with.”Kate closes the blog post by writing, “Happy 11th birthday, Cara and Mady! I love you both so very deeply – and just as you said this morning when I told you that again – “yes, we know, mommy!””Check out the birthday photo of Cara and Mady that Kate Gosselin shared… twin cupcakes! Image:

Exerpt: Walk A Day In My Heels (Love it!)

I may wear heels and you may choose to wear comfortable flats. How refreshing to have a conversation about our different shoe styles — you not understanding how I walk in heels and I can’t understand how flats are more preferable for your walk down life’s paths. We agree to disagree on those things realizing that our individual choices work for us. We respect each other’s choices. Certainly if I am not walking in your “flat shoes” and you’re not walking on my “stilts,” how can we make judgement or point the finger at one another? The same applies to parenting. Give advice, hold back criticism, agree to disagree when necessary and move on! If everyone took this idea to heart, it could change the world! (Heck, if it only improved Twitter, the world would be a kinder place!)


Kate Gosselin denies return to nursing:

As fans wondered what Kate Gosselin will do without a reality show, an "exclusive" report is declaring she'll return to nursing. "A friend reveals" that the Philly-born mother of sextuplets and twins "is terrified about being able to make ends meet," so she'll once again work as a labor-and-delivery nurse, according to "Is Kate Gosselin headed to a hospital near you?" After all, Gosselin, who still lives with the kids in Wyomissing, Berks County, was a nurse at Reading Hospital as recently as 2004. Then a series of reality-show gigs came along: Jon & Kate Plus 8, then just Kate Plus 8, both on TLC. The cable network, though, seems to have backed off on running a series titled A Twist of Kate." Apparently, though, the nursing idea is a misdiagnosis. "No truth," Kate tweeted late Thursday night on her account, @kateplusmy8. "Renewed license when up for renewal. And that got it all going!" She was responding to @Livin4LifeLove, who tweeted: "A friend of yours (source) said you were already going back to nursing. Rumor or lie? There was an article stating that. LOL."Nevertheless, the Gosselin gossipers are all asking, how will she make a living if no new reality-TV deal comes along? One report even called her as an "extreme couponer," after a major shopping trip.