Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Cara & Maddy! Walk A Day In Kate's Heels, Kate NOT Returning To Nursing

Kate Gosselin Wishes Cara and Mady Happy Birthday on KatePlusMy8 Blog:

Kate Gosselin took to her Kate Plus My 8 blog to wish her twins a happy birthday, in a post titled “Happy 11th Birthday, Cara and Mady!!!!”See photos of Cara and Mady Gosselin through the years!
In the post, Kate recalls the day her “first two precious children were born,” getting up “completely miserable at 4:30am” that day and realizing it was “THE day” that she’d have her twins! Kate writes, “They came into this world at 5:41 and 5:47 with Cara Nicole weighing 5 pounds 3 ounces and Madelyn Kate weighing 5 pounds 1 ounce” She shares, “I enjoyed absolutely every moment of being a “twin mom.” I devoted my all to being these little girls’ mommy and the rewards they gave me were worth every sleepless night, spit up stain and inconsolable cry!” Gosselin notes that she is “amazed at who each of them has become,” adding that they have “own styles, passions and goals.” She writes that they are “a joy to “hang out with” and discuss life issues with.”Kate closes the blog post by writing, “Happy 11th birthday, Cara and Mady! I love you both so very deeply – and just as you said this morning when I told you that again – “yes, we know, mommy!””Check out the birthday photo of Cara and Mady that Kate Gosselin shared… twin cupcakes! Image:

Exerpt: Walk A Day In My Heels (Love it!)

I may wear heels and you may choose to wear comfortable flats. How refreshing to have a conversation about our different shoe styles — you not understanding how I walk in heels and I can’t understand how flats are more preferable for your walk down life’s paths. We agree to disagree on those things realizing that our individual choices work for us. We respect each other’s choices. Certainly if I am not walking in your “flat shoes” and you’re not walking on my “stilts,” how can we make judgement or point the finger at one another? The same applies to parenting. Give advice, hold back criticism, agree to disagree when necessary and move on! If everyone took this idea to heart, it could change the world! (Heck, if it only improved Twitter, the world would be a kinder place!)


Kate Gosselin denies return to nursing:

As fans wondered what Kate Gosselin will do without a reality show, an "exclusive" report is declaring she'll return to nursing. "A friend reveals" that the Philly-born mother of sextuplets and twins "is terrified about being able to make ends meet," so she'll once again work as a labor-and-delivery nurse, according to "Is Kate Gosselin headed to a hospital near you?" After all, Gosselin, who still lives with the kids in Wyomissing, Berks County, was a nurse at Reading Hospital as recently as 2004. Then a series of reality-show gigs came along: Jon & Kate Plus 8, then just Kate Plus 8, both on TLC. The cable network, though, seems to have backed off on running a series titled A Twist of Kate." Apparently, though, the nursing idea is a misdiagnosis. "No truth," Kate tweeted late Thursday night on her account, @kateplusmy8. "Renewed license when up for renewal. And that got it all going!" She was responding to @Livin4LifeLove, who tweeted: "A friend of yours (source) said you were already going back to nursing. Rumor or lie? There was an article stating that. LOL."Nevertheless, the Gosselin gossipers are all asking, how will she make a living if no new reality-TV deal comes along? One report even called her as an "extreme couponer," after a major shopping trip.


  1. What is ridiculous about the articles trying to make a big deal of her couponing is that none of them have done any research or they'd know she's always been a couponer (BTW, they also know nothing about extreme couponing if they think a handful of cupons qualifies.)

  2. Peggy~ That Extreme Coupon show is INSANE! Sorry I have no need to "stockpile" 200 tic Tacs and 300 razors. I really wonder how they are able to dedicate 20-30 hours a week on that. It's hysterical.

    What is also crazy, is when haterz complain that Kate uses coupons when she has money. Why do you think the rich are rich? And why is there anything wrong with buying an expensive car, but yet they are not allowed to use coupons? Hey I don't go into Bed Bath & Beyond without them either. It should be a crime ;)

    haterz one again please get over yourselves and stop trying to burst brain cells by spending your days hating on Kate...

  3. Loved the picture of Mady and Cara hugging each other...soooo sweet!

    Really enjoyed Kate's "Walk a Day in my Heels". I've enjoyed all her posts but this one really gave insight into her soul. I think one of the traits I respect most about Kate is that she doesn't hold grudges. I was impressed that after all Jamie and Ashley said about Kate in those last episodes, Kate had only nice things to say about them.

  4. Baby Mama-To me, "Extreme Couponers" is the farm leagues for "Hoarders"

    I think one of the major sources of tension between Jon & Kate was over how to handle money. Jon was the grasshopper, who grew up never wanting for anything. Kate knows what it was like to be poor and wanted a better life for her kids (and for herself; there's nothing wrong with that.) With Kate, she's clearly willing to spend money but doesn't want to pay any more than she has to and she wants value for what she spends. I don't see her ever buying Gucci tennis shows. With the Audi, she doesn't need a big car for when she's running errands, etc on her own. An Audi, including a used one, is a quality car with a great reputation for quality workmanship and safety. Audis are one of those makes that owners keep for a long time.

  5. I loved this photo of Cara and Mady! So cute! :)

  6. This is a well written site, I've enjoyed reading it. I am in the dark (LOL) having only EVER seen a couple of episodes back when kids were just babies. Is that REALLY a POOHBEAR Tattoo on Kates Ankle? That is SO cool.

  7. Good Sunday Morning!

    Very nice post, BabyMama. I agree about the couponing and not stockpiling things you probably don't need. I use coupons for the things I use and once in awhile I'll use coupons for something new but it's not in huge quantities.

    It's so nice to see Cara and Mady celebrating their 11th birthday. Time sure flies.

    Kate's article "Walk A Day In My Shoes" was so thoughtful. She really rocks those heels! But she doesn't say it's for everyone. She appreciates/respects the differences in people.

  8. I love coupons and sales, I also like to stock up so I don't run out of things, but I don't buy thirty deoderants, I buy like one or two extra just so I don't run out. Stuff expires and only lasts so long. That extreme couponing is an addiction when it is like that. I could understand maybe if they were either donating the unneeded stockpile to the poor, or if they had sales and sold it at cheap prices like at a flea market in order to sustain other expenses. Still it takes too much patience for me. I tend to not uses as many coupons as I probably could because I tend to buy different brands or buy at Costco where the don't take coupons. I do use plenty of bigger coupons like Bedbath and Beyond or restaurant ones.

  9. GM all...Southern Sunshine to ya! Oh, I hate that winter is even showin itself in cool mornings here!

    And lookey who showed up! MummyBear from the land of OZ! Welcome to a "hater free" site! LOL! I slept good despite your "spider" scares! LOL!

    And Jacque...nice to see you girl from Brazil...and where is Debora?

    Strange thing happened here! I tried to go to the site as usual...and only the older post came up! I had to go to BabyMamas twitter link to get here! Now LindaO...please explain that one! What techy explanation do you have for that?

    The "Walk in my Heels.." blog by Kate gave us some insight into how she feels about all this negativity. I tweeted her that I knew she had been unnecessarily hurt and that I prayed God healed those wounds for her. She tweeted back that it would take a a huge prayer to do that.

    That lil comment spoke volumns to me. It tells me that despite her hard outer shell appearance of ignorin haters...that many comments do indeed hurt her!! She is walkin this path alone right now. She doesn't have a mate, husband to love and console her. When she is hurt...she pretty much has to deal with it herself and that is sad.

    Even so-called friends Ashley and Jamie seem to have woefully failed to be genuine friends for Kate.

    I am glad that at least thru twitter ...even tho far away and sorta anonymously...we can support her and affirm our love for her and her children!

  10. Hello,
    Fire thanks by for remembering me, was in trouble on my account so not commented these days.
    WOW Cara and Mady are with already eleven years old, congratulations to them and may God bless their lives and their families.
    Here is cold and rainy, the Sunday is calm,good Sunday to all.

  11. Good Sunday morning everyone. Welcome Mother Bear and welcome back Jacques and Debora.

    I agree, extreme couponing is just another form of hoarding. Scents expire, keeping deodarant for more than ten years is probably not a good idea. Kate is definitely not an extreme couponer. As everyone identified she is just a smart shopper. LOL

    Ahh, it has finally climbed up to plus 9C from 1C (celsius), now off to watch our son play footbal.

    Have a great day everyone.

  12. Fascinated, you got it, thats why I make it a point when I go visit my Grandma every few years to clean out her pantry and medicine cabinet. I've found medicines in there for people who died fifteen years ago and stuff from stores that haven't been around since my childhood like cake mixes. I have had to leave big bags for the trash man. I know its a great depression thing, but I don't want her to get sick.

  13. Tahapork~ that's so funny you mention that. After hearing that a friends elderly mom got sick from eating food that was expired. Not sick to the point of hospitalization, but not even realizing that things like pasta & nuts get worms, and sauces expire fairly quickly. I'm all for using a coupon for something your eating right now. But this whole, 150 body washes you now you will never use seems pointless to me.

    Adele & Debora welcome back.. missed you. Was wondering what happened to my international girls. It's always sweet to see the support & hope you are doing well!

    This morning I love reading Kate's Twitter about the "early bird" getting the worm. Those haters sure love to make comments about people getting up early, when you KNOW they dont do it themselves. Can we all get through this Monday in one peace..hope so!

    Hugs to Linda, feel well my friend :)

  14. Hi all (and thank you for the hugs Baby Mama)

    The wealthiest man I personally know mentored me some 20+ years ago. He always used coupons. Warren Buffet uses coupons. Using coupons is free money in your pocket. I'm not talking about the obsessive coupon use of 2 zillion of something; I'm talking about coupons for places that you shop buying things you already planned to buy.

    fascinated - oh my goodness that sounds cold already where you are. brrrrr.

    Hi Jacque and Debora! Glad to see you post!

    In the US, it's getting closer to Black Friday (the Friday before Thanksgiving when stores do super sales and many folks buy all their December holiday toys, gifts, etc.) Last year I listed the website that does all the BF ads. In case any of you have misplaced it, here it is again. You can sign up and they'll send you emails.

    Super busy around here. Hope all are doing well.

  15. hello 4FiredUp LindaO! Sure glad to see you postin again! You stay "under the weather" alot and Im genuinely concerned for you. Nasty cold hasn't even gotten here yet!

    Kate sures seems to be really pre-occupied with stuff during the day. Im hopeful that she is workin on tying down some kind of deal.

    Its just gone too long ...LOL...been only a month...but got so used to seein the show and always had future episodes to look forward to.

    Miss seein her babies already. Why is it...we still see them as babies! They are much older, but they are still so darn cute!

    Hey BabyMama...what you been up to? Guess you noticed...seems Im a favorite target of the haters lately. Been told that they yak about me for hours on they're hateful blogs! LOL!

  16. FiredUp - My apologies. I'd never intentionally overlook my favorite Southern sister! (It's my husband with kidney stones again now, so that puts a lot of pain on him and I just get the stress. My health issues mean taking drugs that hinder the immune system which can leave me blindsided when viruses roll through. The kids bring things home from school and there's no way Momma's gonna not comfort a sick child. Also, with traveling a lot, I seem to get exposed to those nasty germs on airplanes. I am listening to your advice and taking great doses of Vitamin D3 - so thanks!)

  17. Good evening everyone! I finally get a moment after a very busy 2 days. I just love how people talk about my site like I don't have 50 million comments. But we are ladies with ourbown lives and struggling to keep it together. I will always make my site my priority no matter what and I love and appreciate my fiends that ave been loyal to our thought process here and commenting on this site!

    firedUp~ trolls with no lives get bored attacking the same people day-to-day to the same 5-6 people. They need to switch it up to keep from falling asleep at the computer they are using at the library. They might think they are trying to make it their home.. Lol I have been talked about for YEARS now. Back in the day I took on haters bashing Kate on Cafe Mom one by one. They were nasty, cruel & horrible to every person that did not share their views. Their miserable lives were made beteer by attacking women that came on that site to enjoy meeting similar moms raising young children. They had no business being there. These are THE SAME malicious trolls 4 freaking years later. I stay because I vowed I would stick around till people like BL & Lisa Knight fade off out of existence.

    So keep it coming haters..and for those loyal supporters that may get upset just know that it only happens for a short time before they move on to fresh meat.

    "Keep talking, your just making me more famous"

  18. LOL BabyMama...I bow to the Master! I know you are well trained in "internet hater" warfare! Its amazing to just look at Kate's thread sometimes and you can scroll endlessly and see the same few mop-heads workin her page!

    How can these people waste so much time? Are they independantly weathly? Have no families? No friends? Any other interests in life?

    LindaO...thanks for the shout-out! Brrrrr...darn winter is comin! I hate it! No southern sunshine today! You take care of yourself girl!

  19. firedup - but they have time to iron their sheets!

  20. If anyone wants a good movie to take their family to, in my book its Courageous. I thought it might be kind of corny, but it was drama and action all the way. Loved it.

  21. LOL Ziggy...imagine that! They all profess to be the "Best HouseKeeping" women of the year!

    They are better cooks than Betty Crocker and the most loving, kind , "Mother Teresa" personnas on the motherhood front!

    Isn't it all evident in their 24-7 sittin on their butts sunshine sweety tweets to Kate!

    YooHoo..crack that whip...shout-out to the Perfect Hater Women! May God bless their merry compassionate hearts!

  22. BabyMama...Big news about Kate. She's goin to that gala event in Australia to benefit Steve Irwin zoo!

    Also accordin to Ziggy...Kate has a speaking event coming up at Penn State!

    Glad to see she has some stuff cookin!

  23. firedup - That's great news about Kate. Thanks for sharing.
    I stay amazed at the rumor mill and made up stuff about Kate.
    INF must be desperate now. Why would shopping at Old Navy be because of her reduced financial situation? Some of the stuff they make up is just bizarre to the Nth degree.
    As for your comments above about the Perfect Hater Women (PHW)... that is soooo funny. One who used to post here always claimed her house was immaculate. Baby Mama once posted several years ago comment that her mother was coming and she had to clean her house. This PHW posted right back that "her" house was always neat. I cracked up at that one since the PHW had posted a Tweet with a photo of her children and right in the photo there's "mess" all over the sofa and a beer bottle sitting on the floor at the edge of the sofa. I guess her definition of "neat" and mine are two completely different definitions.

    She'd always state too that she "never, ever" raised her voice to her children. I don't make it a practice to yell at my kids. I find it hard to believe that she had never raised her voice unless she was stoned out on valium. Come on. Get real.

    Just like she "spent quality and quantity" time with her two very young children every day. Yeah right. How can you do that and be on blogs and Tweeting garbage at Kate 24/7. Poor kids. I doubt that Kate bashing mother had time to even notice her kids.

    Sad. Sad. Sad.

  24. Kate Gosselin DID renew her nurse's license on Sept 30, 2011

  25. Thanks Denise.

    Kate has identified that she renews her license every year and fulfills her required hours in November.

  26. Hello Gosselin fans! Been reading a lot of all that as been going on on Twitter. One of the things that were very upsetting was when an organic company called "Cascadian Farms" who was excited to hear that Kate was promoting their foods on her sire. They happily offered to send Kate some free samples.. No biggie. Well the vicious haters that live & breathe on Twiiter attacked this poor site , saying how dare they send Kate anything. I felt so bad for this company that had never known any group of people attack them like that.

    I think this is the reason why I get so angry all the time. People attacking other people for no other reason than they aren't getting freebies themselves. Linda I sooo LOVE "Perfect Hater Women" it's their new name.

  27. Baby Mama - the Perfect Hater Women was from FiredUp and I loved it also.
    BTW, I upgraded the iPad to 5 and was a mistake. If you haven't done it yet, I'd suggest you wait. It took over two hours to upgrade and I really dislike the new Internet format - Maybe because I'm not used to it - but not liking it!
    Brrr - cold and rainy here. Lol, not cold by standards of where Fascinated lives, but cold by Southern standards for October.
    Also upgraded to that "whole house" DVR service. Not liking that upgrade either, lol. Maybe I'm just grumpy today, lol. Gave us whole house DVR service but knocked out the whole house WI-Fi and the phones. So they have to come back again to fix and we have to make sure we're home again for a half a day. Does it bug other people to have service calls that you can't set a specific time for other than "some time between 1 and 5 pm"?

  28. Re: the Khaters, I do not understand, and I guess I never will, how anyone can rationalize behaviour that attempts to malign another person based on a distorted thought processes, not connected to a mental illness.

    I wouldn't have the audacity to contact the owners of another site or business to bash them because they support someone who is not harmful in comparison to the rest of the evils in the world. It is purely unthinkable and bizarre.

    Re: the weather, we were blessed that the temp went up to 16C today. I live in the central area of a prairie province of Canada. Definitely not the coldest part of Canada, but it isn't Toronto or Vancouver. LOL

  29. Hello everyone! Im putting a new post up. Feel free to discuss this whole crap with BL AND ALL THE HATERS going on and on about some photos that look like Kate is yelling at the twins? First off I refused to put it up on the main page because it gives them more ammo. But sorry in no way do I see "yelling" check out the photos at the link and tell me what you think. It's called "being a mom". I don't think many of them know what its like going shopping with kids. Perhaps they should hang out with mine on a 40% off sale at Justice!!

    Again please feel free to discuss this on the new thread!

  30. Ohh I forgot to say FRESH PAPER! We are in need of some, as some new goodies have emerged! Now the scent of the day is warm candy apples! Just in time for Fall..yummmmmm