Friday, May 20, 2011

Kate Gosselin Vs. The Crazies on Twitter, New Interview & File that Appeal!

Hello Gosselin fans! Its been a while since Ive personally written a post. With the end of the school year winding down there hasn't been the time, other than perhaps 2am, where I get to really be alone and relax before life takes me away. I think about how this summer will be my 3rd year with my blog about Kate Gosselin. I took a quick look back at how my blog has evolved and it's amazing how much has changed in both my life and Kate's as well during this time. Before I ever know what a Facebook or a Twitter was. When the both of us were even scared to go near a computer, much less "Tweet" on one. Since Kate got on Twitter things quickly changed both on this site on on Facebook. The new shiny "Toy" was what everyone wanted, and the next thing you know hundreds of new accounts opened up all wanted to talk to Kate. Unfortunately the crazies that were attacking the fans on Facebook quickly realized that it was much more fun to attack the celebrity personally that deal with Kate's supporting fans. Using her name they created their own  idiotic, sad chat room where they giggle back and forth like bored teenagers.

Recently someone took it upon themselves to create their own 5 minutes of fame by possibly pretending to be a pedophile on Twitter in the hopes of creating negative buzz about Kate Gosselin. The page was quickly removed, but not before our own celebrity book hawker Polly Kahl aka Werny Gal graciously alerted RadarOnline who printed the story. (Which by the way told you she was the author of a Gosselin novel even Shoka wouldn't even play with.) Which gets me back to Kate, who also loved the "idea" of Twitter but quickly realized even she didn't want to deal with the nasty roaches and slowed down her conversations with the masses, leaving many saddened that they couldn't talk to her like they all had hoped.

Jon's rent was due and boy did he need one last shot at that fame by giving an interview with In Touch Weekly. Huh? Yeah you got that right! He did an interview about not wanting to be interviewed. Before I loose my pizza, Jon got the dollars by fake posing with Ellen and gushing about how things are so "great". Meanwhile, Ellen Ross has now sniffed out her own way of getting freebies by setting up her site for anyone to "win" items that she has gotten free to promote. So Jon has convinced Silvia Lafar that Kate should be the one to pay their counseling fees (even though neither did get actual counseling) and Ellen has convinced people to give her free stuff. Sounds good to me.

So in this recent wrap-up I have learned this: Just because Jon & Ellen has been out of the media they are still going after the buck and there is nothing wrong with that. But Kate Gosselin is attacked for doing in publicly, and there is a HUGE problem with that. But Kate is a strong woman and regardless will continue to be fine. File that 30 day appeal and do NOT let them get away with you paying because you can! Let your haters be your motivators Kate! We still support you! xoxox BM

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back From The Kentucky Derby, Kate Gosselin Tried To Save Her Marriage

It's back to normal for Kate Gosselin as she returns home from the Kentucky Derby in time for Mother's Day:

She clearly enjoyed glamming it up with the racegoers at the Kentucky Derby this weekend. But it was very much back to normal for Kate Gosselin today as she made her way back home to see her eight children in time for Mother's Day. The 36-year-old reality show star arrived at Reagan National airport in Washington D.C looking low key in grey jeans and a long sleeved white top. She clutched a bouquet of flowers as she headed out of the airport, accompanied by her friend, bodyguard Steve Neild. The TV star's outfit looked a far cry from the more extravagant clothes she wore at the races over the weekend. Kate certainly seemed to have a good time at the famous event, although at one point had a panic over whether she could carry off her over-the-top hat. 'Having hat panic - it's big & feathery & matches my dress perfectly. But it's a big one to pull off,' she tweeted. The hat - a big black feathered number - was certainly larger than life. Kate teamed the extravagant headgear with a black and gold mini dress and strappy heels at yesterday's big event, which was won by horse Animal Kingdom.

However, she was looking forward to return to her home town Wyomissing Pennsylvania to see her children in time for U.S. Mother's Day. 'Thanks for all the well wishes re mom day!' she tweeted after arriving home. 'Finally home and ready for my kiddies to arrive and get our celebration started...yay!' And like many mothers, Kate was determined not to cook on her special day. 'I picked up Chinese take out 4 dinner!' she wrote on Twitter. 'Something I do MAYBE 1-2 times a year (kids like mom's homemade). 'It's my day& I'm not cooking! (would have but not home in time)!'

Reality TV star in Freeland for hearing: Standard

Creative Energy Options Inc. filed the complaint against Kate Gosselin, the star of "Kate Plus 8," alleging the Sinking Springs resident owes $10,325 for services rendered from March 4 to 23, 2009.

Sylvia Lafair, president of Creative Energy, who said she has been a marriage and family therapist for 35 years, contends Gosselin requested her to fly to Los Angeles to provide marriage counseling and then refused to pay for the services or travel fees. Gosselin, however, testified otherwise.
A small crowd of about 15 people waited patiently to catch a glimpse and to photograph of Gosselin, who was wearing a pink dress, as she walked out of district court. A little girl waiting on the side walked piped out a quick "Hi!," to Gosselin as she got into the vehicle. Gosselin, looking back toward the girl, replied with the same. Lafair said she was called by Gosselin to provide marriage counseling services because she was having trouble with her then-husband, Jon Gosselin. Lafair said she told Kate Gosselin that she didn't perform individual counseling and only provided marriage and family counseling. However, Lafair said Gosselin was persistent for her services. Lafair said she told Gosselin her rates and Gosselin told her she would do whatever it would take.

Lafair contends the two entered into a verbal contract, a practice Lafair said she used for 35 years. She further stated that she was asked not to put anything in writing because of the couple's high-profile status.
She said she had over-the-phone sessions with the Gosselins and then, at Kate's request met both of them in California with little notice. Lafair said the little notice required her to cancel vacation plans in Mexico with her husband and the agreement was that her travel expenses in California would be covered. Lafair said a limousine picked her and her husband up at the airport and their hotel was paid for. On March 23, Lafair said, she met with the Gosselins for four hours and then arranged for another meeting on March 24 with the couple.

The second meeting, Lafair said, was cancelled when she arrived at the hotel where the couple were staying in separate rooms, and was told by Kate Gosselin to leave. Gosselin contends that at no time did she enter into an agreement with Lafair. She said the reason Lafair was asked to come to California was because Jon would only go to California to speak with her if Lafair and her husband came, too. She also said the reason for the meeting in California was not for counseling but for advocacy for Jon. Gosselin said she had her own advocate, Phil McGraw and his wife, Robin, meeting the couple in California to discuss the best way to handle a divorce involving children while in the public eye. Gosselin said she originally contacted Lafair after she was recommended by another person to help with Jon's drastic behavioral changes. Kate said she was obtaining help from the McGraws to deal with how Jon's "issues" affected her.

She said Lafair called her a few times to get information on Jon's background because she said Jon wouldn't talk to Lafair. At one point during a phone call, Gosselin said, she stopped Lafair's questions because they were pertaining to her childhood. Looking at Lafair's invoice while sitting in the witness chair next to Feissner's bench, Gosselin said there were never phone calls between herself and Lafair that lasted 3½ to 5½ hours because she doesn't have the time to be on a phone call that long. Gosselin said the longest she ever talked to Lafair was 1½ hours at the most and the conversations always centered around Jon. Gosselin's attorney, Kimberly Borland of Wilkes-Barre, said the issue boils down to "simple contract law." He said there was never a contract and that Kate Gosselin is not responsible for Jon's bills. Feissner said he would render a written decision and submit it to both parties within five working days. He said either side has the right to appeal his decision within 30 days.