Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back From The Kentucky Derby, Kate Gosselin Tried To Save Her Marriage

It's back to normal for Kate Gosselin as she returns home from the Kentucky Derby in time for Mother's Day:

She clearly enjoyed glamming it up with the racegoers at the Kentucky Derby this weekend. But it was very much back to normal for Kate Gosselin today as she made her way back home to see her eight children in time for Mother's Day. The 36-year-old reality show star arrived at Reagan National airport in Washington D.C looking low key in grey jeans and a long sleeved white top. She clutched a bouquet of flowers as she headed out of the airport, accompanied by her friend, bodyguard Steve Neild. The TV star's outfit looked a far cry from the more extravagant clothes she wore at the races over the weekend. Kate certainly seemed to have a good time at the famous event, although at one point had a panic over whether she could carry off her over-the-top hat. 'Having hat panic - it's big & feathery & matches my dress perfectly. But it's a big one to pull off,' she tweeted. The hat - a big black feathered number - was certainly larger than life. Kate teamed the extravagant headgear with a black and gold mini dress and strappy heels at yesterday's big event, which was won by horse Animal Kingdom.

However, she was looking forward to return to her home town Wyomissing Pennsylvania to see her children in time for U.S. Mother's Day. 'Thanks for all the well wishes re mom day!' she tweeted after arriving home. 'Finally home and ready for my kiddies to arrive and get our celebration started...yay!' And like many mothers, Kate was determined not to cook on her special day. 'I picked up Chinese take out 4 dinner!' she wrote on Twitter. 'Something I do MAYBE 1-2 times a year (kids like mom's homemade). 'It's my day& I'm not cooking! (would have but not home in time)!'

Reality TV star in Freeland for hearing: Standard

Creative Energy Options Inc. filed the complaint against Kate Gosselin, the star of "Kate Plus 8," alleging the Sinking Springs resident owes $10,325 for services rendered from March 4 to 23, 2009.

Sylvia Lafair, president of Creative Energy, who said she has been a marriage and family therapist for 35 years, contends Gosselin requested her to fly to Los Angeles to provide marriage counseling and then refused to pay for the services or travel fees. Gosselin, however, testified otherwise.
A small crowd of about 15 people waited patiently to catch a glimpse and to photograph of Gosselin, who was wearing a pink dress, as she walked out of district court. A little girl waiting on the side walked piped out a quick "Hi!," to Gosselin as she got into the vehicle. Gosselin, looking back toward the girl, replied with the same. Lafair said she was called by Gosselin to provide marriage counseling services because she was having trouble with her then-husband, Jon Gosselin. Lafair said she told Kate Gosselin that she didn't perform individual counseling and only provided marriage and family counseling. However, Lafair said Gosselin was persistent for her services. Lafair said she told Gosselin her rates and Gosselin told her she would do whatever it would take.

Lafair contends the two entered into a verbal contract, a practice Lafair said she used for 35 years. She further stated that she was asked not to put anything in writing because of the couple's high-profile status.
She said she had over-the-phone sessions with the Gosselins and then, at Kate's request met both of them in California with little notice. Lafair said the little notice required her to cancel vacation plans in Mexico with her husband and the agreement was that her travel expenses in California would be covered. Lafair said a limousine picked her and her husband up at the airport and their hotel was paid for. On March 23, Lafair said, she met with the Gosselins for four hours and then arranged for another meeting on March 24 with the couple.

The second meeting, Lafair said, was cancelled when she arrived at the hotel where the couple were staying in separate rooms, and was told by Kate Gosselin to leave. Gosselin contends that at no time did she enter into an agreement with Lafair. She said the reason Lafair was asked to come to California was because Jon would only go to California to speak with her if Lafair and her husband came, too. She also said the reason for the meeting in California was not for counseling but for advocacy for Jon. Gosselin said she had her own advocate, Phil McGraw and his wife, Robin, meeting the couple in California to discuss the best way to handle a divorce involving children while in the public eye. Gosselin said she originally contacted Lafair after she was recommended by another person to help with Jon's drastic behavioral changes. Kate said she was obtaining help from the McGraws to deal with how Jon's "issues" affected her.

She said Lafair called her a few times to get information on Jon's background because she said Jon wouldn't talk to Lafair. At one point during a phone call, Gosselin said, she stopped Lafair's questions because they were pertaining to her childhood. Looking at Lafair's invoice while sitting in the witness chair next to Feissner's bench, Gosselin said there were never phone calls between herself and Lafair that lasted 3½ to 5½ hours because she doesn't have the time to be on a phone call that long. Gosselin said the longest she ever talked to Lafair was 1½ hours at the most and the conversations always centered around Jon. Gosselin's attorney, Kimberly Borland of Wilkes-Barre, said the issue boils down to "simple contract law." He said there was never a contract and that Kate Gosselin is not responsible for Jon's bills. Feissner said he would render a written decision and submit it to both parties within five working days. He said either side has the right to appeal his decision within 30 days.


  1. Okay, after Blogger being down for 18 hours, it's back up now. Baby Mama will get post fixed soon.

  2. I am happy Blogger is back up, you don't realize what you miss until you don't have it for awhile. We've been busy getting ready for company. Twitter has all kinds some people think filming kids while having fun is the same as using needles to introduce unprescribed toxins into their child's body so they can win a beauty pageant. Doesn't make sense to me. I hope everybody is well during this end of school and graduation season. We have one neice graduating high school next week. To me it's kind of scary because kids today are soo sheltered. I wonder how some will function as adults.That's one of Kate's parenting strengths in my eyes, she stretches the kids to do difficult things and teaches independence more than what kids often get.

  3. Question:
    Didn't Lafair contradict herself in saying she only works with couples? (It was my understanding that she has been working with Jon on his book.)

    Didn't Lafair make a press release for Jon when ROL had the story on Hailey suing Jon? (It was my understanding that Lafair said that Hailey was a brief relationship previous relationship of Jon's.

    Is Lafair totally out of the real world? All of us know that Jon professed on tv that Hailey was the "Love of his Life" and that he loved her more than he'd ever loved Kate.

    Does this mean Jon's book deal is now a "no go?" (It was my understanding that Lafair said six months ago that Jon's book would be coming out in just a few months.)

    Didn't Jon state that Lafair was his "life coach" and that he was paying her $10K per session/weekend?

    If Jon is now just going to live a "regular" life, why does he keep his Twitter "celebrity" account? Why on Spiffbox does he describe himself as a celebrity?

    Isn't Lafair's place where the paparazzi were allowed in to "film" Jon, Ellen, & kids on that infamous weekend visit of having a "picnic?"

    It will be interesting, very interesting to read Hailey's book and to see what happens with her lawsuit.

    On other news - we finally got those doggone catapults finished! (Not allowed to call them trebuchets and I have no idea why that isn't permitted.) Hurrah! Counting down the last two weeks of school.

    Have a fabulous weekend, everybody!

  4. Linda, I agree with everything you just said. I hope Kate's legal team is aware of where in multiple televised interviews, Jon made comments about Kate refusing counseling and HIM spending 10,000 dollars on therapy. I also thought that if she wanted to sue, she should have done it before the divorce was finalized while they had mutual assets. I don't buy her comments about waiting, the gravy train that she was expecting just fell through. I doubt she has a case.

  5. Linda, I think your musings on Lafair are about as complete as even a Sylvia could recount. If she could tell the Glassmans that Jon needs forgiveness for his lies, 'he can't help it' should think she might think twice about what he's told her over the years.

    The reporter who wrote about the case either didn't sit in court during the hearing, or had NO idea of the history behind Jon's Lafair. To me it read that Kate found the Lafairs FOR Jon...? I wouldn't be at all surprised if it wasn't Dr. Phil who 'paid for the limo & hotel', & Kate was told BY Jon that he wanted his own councelor present & she expedited the process FOR Jon. (At that point, Jon was gadding about as Mr. Celebrity Millionaire.) Somehow I doubt Kate would let $10+k go unpaid IF she thought it was her bill. Good grief, the lawyer's time might match that amount when all is said & done!!!

    Finally, I don't get this touchy feely business that both Lafair & Hailey spout. Any councel would say...strike when the iron is hot. Just as Jon's lawyer (in lieu of Heller) did. He attached his UNPAID/overdue bill to the final distribution of divorce assets.

    Yes Linda...Jon & Sylvia's joint accounting of Jon's journey to a better parent, boyfriend, friend & son was to be published in March 2011. I have a feeling Jon's TLC contract prevented it as Sylvia had stated that 'of course his problems w. Kate & their marriage HAD to be addressed' in their book.

  6. Couldn't say it better Linda0...I had all the same thoughts!

    Seems Lafair spins a lie about as good as Jon does...maybe there is the connection on the "get in bed together" for the book thing!

    And most profoundly I will state...what the heck good has Lafair done for all her $10,000's she has charged Jon?

    He is still a deceiver, a con and the only reason he is living the life he is because he has been forced to do it!!!

    If a TV deal came his way...he'd jumped in a minute to snag it and proclaim it on his twitter. A fan of his recently asked about any TV deals down the pipeline, Jon?

    Jon apparently tweeted back...nothing yet, still working on it. Fan responded...well, don't give up...something big will soon come your way.

    Delusional people still stroking Jon's ego.

  7. Per JensOpinion and Jongosselin_1 recent tweets, JensOpinion asked Jon if he was still under contract with TLC. He answered that he is not under contract with TLC. Because Jon is no longer under contract with TLC that probably is why Jon tried to stop his children from going to Australia and New Zealand.

    As far as Sylvia LaFair is concerned, Jon bragged to the public that he paid 22k to LaFair for two life coaching sessions and he had 6(?) more sessions at 10k a pop.

    It is hard to believe anything Jon says because I remember in September 2009 Jon said he paid LaFair 22k for therapy.

    Either way, Jon has spent a lot of money on Sylvia LaFair: 20k in Sept '09 (backed up by Hailey Glassman)and then another 20k for two of the six life coaching sessions (RadarOnline article). I don't know what is what, but it seems to me Jon has spent approximately 40k on Sylvia LaFair.

    And Jon's supporters think Jon would be the best parent to care for his children. If the Gosselin children did depend on Jon, they would be on welfare and receiving food stamps OR Jon would look for Kate to take care of his fat behind again.

  8. Oh MsGoody...doncha know it's all about Jon's definition of 'a normal life'! Now he has himself the ultimate coupon clipping, freebie begging, dog-pissing owner for his leading lady. (Did I forget the extra hands to help w. his 8 children.) W/o Ellen, I don't think Jon would have inside plumbing.

    Not for a nano-second do I think the public has heard the last of Jon. Ms. Ross has BIG dreams, & IF Jon screws her up...he's in trouble. Has anyone wondered what Jon would do IF Kate didn't keep that big blue bus running...what Jon would do? Kate Tweeted that she bought a larger, used SUV for all 8...hmmm? Same week Jon complained about the cost of fixing his Mercedes.

  9. HELLO EVERYONE! Lisa Knight is a has been loser. Her 2 socks are now accusing my site of being over. Don't think so! She is a psychotic loser that hangs out with Grandma wrinkles Mary Beth who sounded about 100 on air. Stop the insanity that is your site Lisa! They have no lives and nothing better to do than to comment about Ziggy all day. Now she's back talking smack about me. She needs to get off that Russelville library computer and stop talking about people in order to keep her dead site afloat!

  10. Yes I'm back, and better than ever thank you. I'm sorry to be so MIA, thank you all for the massive flood of e-mails and concern. I did mention to Linda that I had alot on my plate this month and the blog would be on a slight hiatus for me for a bit. I had a few special auditions that I would in no way would be discussing publically after Mary Beth/JW was salavating over my daily Tweets to get any sort of info on me. Between that, doing back to school, working and my family there was just no time to update. I have a life and they sadly do not.

    Also things have changed a bit with Kate personally blogging now. And I think its great. But I do hope that there will still be a need for the blog. If things continue to stay quiet and Linda and I remain to busy with these new projects they we may have to freeze the site for a bit. I hope that you all continue to show your support as this is still my 3 year baby that I would love to celebrate with over the summer. Just right now I want to jump on the opportunities that have come my way...

  11. BabyMama,
    My labor economics professor said all the time to............

  12. BabyMama,
    One more thing.........
    Do you follow @GotCast on Twitter or the internet? If not, you should.

  13. Thanks Ms.Goody! I'm already set up in casting with them but now I will follow them on Twitter. Most of their good stuff is sadly based out of LA. I try to follow only about 50 because it gets cluttered and I really like to keep track of peoples comments. I just hate that it only gives you a little block to say what you have to say which is why I love having my site here ;)

  14. Don't ya dare ever freeze this site! It's the only one that always puts up the vids...the current pics and articles on all things Gosselin.

    And you always present it in a positive, upbuilding manner that we all know will never be anything the G's will be ashamed of when they get older!

    This site will never have the hate, the vulgar expressions and downright uncivil discourse that is present at so many blogs all over the net.

    Life is busy...I deal with the same much to do with so little time. Plus you have to take care of YOU! Make sure you always get some R & R to recharge the batteries.

    It is amazing when you scroll thru Kate's twitter feed...the amount of time these haters sit there ya ya ya-ing all day long and into the nite! They truly must have empty lives...they cannot possibly have children, jobs or spouses and hang on all that time!

    So they are indeed a sad, pathetic bunch. Ziggy said she ID'd some of them and they are sitting at library computers and they switch from one to another and they are sharing their twitter accounts to keep the barage of hate going.

    It is truly sad show of degraded human nature to invest their precious minutes of life on wasted negative energy. Life is too short!

    Good make life better by just being nice!!!

  15. Baby Mama will remain a Kate fan and supporter. I will remain a Kate fan and supporter.

    It is amazing that Kate fans have lives, real lives where we do things that are not related to Kate. For some bizarre reason, those who are Khaters, seems to live every breath with spreading their vile garbage.

    My living priorities are very clear: Family First, Work next, then Friends, then being a fan of Kate.

    I despise bullying in all forms. The more of their hate these bullies heaped on me, the more determined I became that "I make my decisions based on what I want to do and that haters will not force me to flee because of their junk!"

    Let them say whatever they want on their blogs. I don't want to read it on Baby Mama's blog, I don't want it in my Twitter Stream, I will not read it on Facebook... I will NOT be a part of their garbage.

  16. For the record, the number of people reading on this blog (from around the world and the US) has not decreased, but still going strong. BabyMama gets emails from people who read daily but don't post a comment.

    Since the Khaters think I'm stupid anyway (and the feeling is mutual for sure), I'd like to explain to you intelligent women that if readership #'s remain constant and you have blocked IPs of as many of the lunatic fringe as possible, in reality that means that numbers are increasing. LOL. They can say that Kate's star is fading all they want, but it looks pretty bright and shiny still.

    My take... I don't have time to be like these crazies, I'm too busy living a real life.

  17. LindaO - Great recap of Lafair. The only thing missing was that Lafair told Hailey to forget about the $200,000 Jon owed her. Wonder why she doesn't forget about the $10,000 Jon owes her?

    BabyMama - I agree with Firedup. You can't ever freeze up this site.!

    I don't like Sunday nights. Hate to think about another week of work. LOL

    Hope you all have a great week.

  18. GeeWhiz~ everyone is spen ding their nights on Twitter hopin Kate will respond to them! lol. No one wants to come here anymore ;) But I have no idea how anyone would tell someone to forget about 200,000.

    Now Jon is hinting he may get a house? Exactly how is he to do that if he can't pay Hailey back the money he owes her. Would you just "forget" about that kind of money? WTH?

  19. I hope you don't mind my take on Jon's tweet that he wants to get a house. I do believe that Jon is trying to "repackage" himself so that he may give off an air that he has really changed. Do I think he has? I really wish but honestly I think this is just another one of his plays for attention. I agree with Linda, you don't play off and announce your celebrity status on your Twitter or Spiffbox account. IMO you don't give an interview to the media to declare you are a private person now especially when you've been declaring that for many months now. Why give an interview if you want to be "private", why announce you are going to sue your brother to the tabloids? Sorry but I truly believe it's just another one of Jon's plays for attention like we've seen many times before. Ellen if she doesn't listen to any of the rumors or gossip would not be in league with known hate groups, emailing back an forth with known haters, and for someone that proclaims to be private you don't announce you are the girlfriend of Jon Gosselin the reality celebrity star and then put a picture on your blog pointing out the press you and your boyfriend have recently received and using that to draw attention to your blog and to yourselves. JMO

    Now for the house rumor. Jon has been known in the past to have Google alerts set up for whenever his name is mentioned and you can bet your bottom dollar that Jon knows about Hailey's tweet that she was meeting with a lawyer. Now Hailey did not say what she was meeting with a lawyer for and many are assuming it's to get the money back for her trust fund that she had loaned Jon back when they were a couple. I'm also betting that Jon read one of Hailey's interviews where she did state that she was reluctant to sue Jon awhile back for what he owed her because she didn't want Jon to use that as an excuse to not pay his child support and she didn't want the children hurt. Yes I truly do believe that Hailey has a heart. Hailey definitely made mistakes but towards the end of their relationship I do believe Hailey did alot of growing up and she was also standing up for herself and no longer wanted to be "played". She also did say in one of her tweets it's taken some time for her to "heal" from all the damage and press that her relationship with Jon did both publicly and privately and only now does she feel healed enough to move forward and do what she has to do. Well unfortunately time may be running out for Hailey to sue Jon so that maybe why she met with a lawyer. I truly believe because of the timing of Jon's tweet and Hailey's tweet that Jon is trying to play on Hailey's sympathy for the kids and just maybe he is hoping she will once again not want to take him to court because that might throw out the chance of Jon getting a house to live in and have during his child visitation times. Remember this is just my opinion and not a fact but I do suspect that Jon is hoping that Hailey will back off because she will once again be concerned about the children. Only this time IF Hailey is going to proceed with a lawsuit she doesn't have much of a choice if she ever stands a chance to get paid back the money she is owed.

  20. There has been a misconception that the money came from Hailey's parents but Hailey herself did state that the money she loaned Jon was from a trust fund that had been set up for her long ago from which she can withdraw from now that she is of age. So when Hailey loaned Jon the money, if she can prove she did in fact loan him some, the money was not a loan from her parents but from Hailey herself. I don't know about any of you but I sure would want my money back I loaned to someone from my trust fund so if Hailey can prove she loaned Jon that money then I feel she has every right to go for it and I doubt that his latest "sympathy" card Jon sent a twitter out is not going to work this time as Hailey has no choice. I also think that Jon is just trying to "remarket" himself in hopes that someone in the media will be interested in him. Again, JMO. Hailey probably knows that Jon doesn't have the money now but the important thing is to get that "judgement" because she then has the power of the judgement to collect what she is owed if she wins in court against Jon and his earning power increases in the future. For the sake of the children I truly do hope Jon does financially become secure in the future.

  21. One last comment I promise. This is nothing but good.

    Baby Mama we are still here and will not desert you for Twitter. I do believe you may even have even more visitors and although they may not feel comfortable yet to talk on your blog, I'm betting you have gained supporters on your blog and Ziggy's because of Twitter. There are some fans from around the world that I have talked to on Twitter who just aren't that comfortable with their English skills to feel comfortable enough to post yet. I would also like to say that I truly admire you Baby Mama, Linda and Ziggy Flo because by far the three of you take the worst abuse from a certain group of let's call them Anti Kate Obsessives. I don't know how you have the strength to do it for as long as you have, taken the snide and downright nasty and cruel remarks that have been thrown at you but I do want to thank all of you for having the courage, strength, and determination to continue on with your blogs and moderation despite all the crap that has been thrown at you. So from my heart to your's I want to give you a huge Thank You for giving us fans a comfortable place to talk and discuss on without constant badgering from the AKO's. We love you girls and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  22. Baby Mama, Linda and Ziggy--I am with all of your supporters. With all your hard work and persistence in keeping a positive site and fending off nonfans--it shows what stong women you are and you're excellent at rising above the negativity--you're also setting an excellent example for your kids and all the rest of the world!! We really need you. Keep up the good fight and Thank You.

  23. I need to add that the commenters here are awesome too. So supportive and informed.

  24. hi. first time I've commented so here foes. love the blog. it is the only place i can watch the show and i thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to do it for all of the fans. As for twitter, it is lovely to get a comment from Kate and to see what she has to say but it will never replace to blog.i log on here every time i'm on line to see if there is a new video or post and love reading them. I hope you keep it going and look forward to many more episodes of Kate plus 8. Thank you!!!

  25. cazbuck7 - Welcome and thank you for posting your comment.

  26. I have placed a comment from an unknown/new poster in the "hold" file until BabyMama has a chance to review it. Links requesting money and those routing to unknown sites are likely to be permanently deleted. That call is BabyMama's since this is her blog.

    I am just her "wing woman" riding herd. Final decision is up to the Blog Owner.

  27. This is mostly true…partially tongue-in-cheek because I think we’ve all seen that the following people just enjoy their hate obsession too much to ever get help.

    The increasing need of some people to spend every waking moment steeped in the dregs of hate puzzles me. Who would ever choose to live their life in such a depressing manner? What the heck is wrong with these people?

    I decided to do a bit of researching and the results show there IS a name for this condition. God help their families, neighbors, and others with whom they come in contact!

    It’s called: Anxiety Over just Being Nice! It has a long phobia name that is based in Greek but that’s what it means is … It causes REAL physical symptoms when they say or do nice things, so they live their lives being NASTY and MEAN!

    According to research:
    In their attempts to prove themselves normal, they perform certain unreasonable tasks and unfortunately end up making fools of themselves.
    It is a social anxiety disorder (SAD)
    They suffer fear of rejection so they must reject first
    Anxiety symptoms when they try to be nice include:
    Racing heart, slow heart beat, palpitations
    Indigestion, heartburn, alternating constipation and diarrhea
    Increased depression and aggression
    Agoraphobia (can’t leave the house much because compulsively at computer spewing hate)

    There are cures for this phobia including: medication and Cognitive Behavior Therapy such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

    Doing nothing about the phobia, “failing to take action condemns them to the same anxiety and continuing the restricted habits that have been created.”

    We know they live on the computer. We need to let them know that there are Online Help Programs. They begin at a mere $67 for one complete program for NLP and you can pay via any CC or via PayPal.

    Until you get help haters, stay the heck off this website. That’s right… you’ve been rejected here until you can Play Nice!

    Don't want to cause you any pain despite the hate you've heeped on others, but I feel compelled to say: Have a Nice Day! :)

  28. Oh my you have given them a "medical excuse"! LOL

    Sorry, they are not excused!! My take is their momma's didn't get to their "mind from the behind" when they were young...(favorite southern saying here).

    They have been bullies and abusive in all their relationships...this is not something you just wear occasionally. I believe they live very lonely, unfullfilling lives.

    Lexxi, you made some excellent points. I too seriously doubt Jon bought a house. Whose credit rating did he use? where did he get the downpayment money? We know he is seriously behind on CS...I think it's just another rumor he wanted to put out there to make himself look responsible.

    And another laugh..."government worker" has put up pic of her and Jon from In Touch mag...with a link on her blog that says "look at me in In Touch"...!!

    Nah, she and Jon want the simple, no notoriety life!

  29. If Jon gets google alerts every time his name is mentioned, no wonder why it took him soo long to get a job. He never had time to look for one. Poor guy. Twitter complements this blog, it in no way replaces it. For one thing it is a lot easier to misunderstand in 140 characters than in a blog. I'd love it if Kate would come over and chat with us once in awhile.

  30. Hi Ladies,

    Been busy with a life. LOL .I do enjoy this blog, and hope BM and Linda know that we all care. As for haters, poof, they disappear to the back pages everywhere.

    Did you see the HUGE pizza Ellen was eating. I would say she needs to count calories . :) She has stepped into the wrong sandbox, using Jon to get face time makes her look like a lowlife. Can't she do something on her own??

    I sure hope Hailey goes after her money. Feeling sorry for the G's kids is what Jon wanted her to do. If he can afford to eat out and help feed 3 pi$$ing dogs, he can pay her. Kate will take care of her children.

    Have a great sunny weeek everybody.

  31. Hello everyone! What a joy to come back from a long day to see you all here again! Linda I'm sorry I didn't text you back. My kids have my phone after there was some Ipad

    Today my whole body aches and Im trying to get the kids to bed early so I can relax & see if this is going to become something worse than it is. The wave of stomach virus/ flu is going through the schools again.

    Who is asking for money? haha workin hard for it sir. Maybe you could give me some? I was seriously considering freezing the site a bit while I get a few impoortant projects of mine off the ground. I was concerned that people had all moved to Twitter now that Kate was on there. But sadly its the same stupid 4 trolls from Facebook that got banished and moved onto there. I really hope that Kate blocks them and doesnt have to see the stupid garbage they are writing back and forth. All day no less.

    The kids party was yesterday & I hope that they show it on TV. We have the May 30th episode coming up. I will try to continue to investigate about any other possible ones. Till then, you ladies are my joy of the internet and I appreciate every one of you...xoxoxo

  32. I would also like ot quickly add that when I found out Ellen was pulgging her new hot In Touch interview. I was litererally sick to my stomach. Now I may have been already sick but thats not the point (I kid I kid)

    An interview for Jon to talk about how hes not in the entertainment business anymore? Why would you exactly need that? It was a big slap in the face to Kate and the Khaterz are all over it. Pose by the pool table! Give her a slice of pizza! Show how great life is for you and we will give you another $30k! I always wondered if he really owed Hailey that money, but if he did he should be paying her with mnoey he made from this random bogus interview.

    Smile Ellen, make it look like real! The rent is due! UGH rediculous.

  33. "Making final preparations for round two in celebration of the sextuplets' 7th birthdays, Kate Gosselin enlisted the help of daughters Mady and Cara while making a trip to the local Giant supermarket in Reading, PA over the weekend (May 14).

    The TLC reality star mom and her growing twin gals were followed every step of the way by "Kate Plus 8" camera crews while loading up with supplies for what will be the second sextuplet birthday bash.

    Miss Gosselin previously held a family-only dinner on the sextuplets' actual birthdays (May 10), after which she tweeted, "Whew!Bday whirlwind!Screams of joy&happiness&mommy choked up during bday/dinner prayer!:) great day-all r happy&healthy!I love being a mom!"

    Hinting that another soiree was in the works, Kate - who's currently in a court battle over unpaid marriage counseling bills - tweeted the following day, "Hi guys! I just finished in court. Now back to my all important bday party prep! We are having FUN with turning 7!!! :)”

  34. Remember last August when Jon couldn't get verified on Twitter? His fans said it was because Twitter didn't do "verified" any more. Did he ever get verified?

    Strange then, that Twitter verified Kate right from the beginning.

    Then there is Spiff Box. Jon's last entry is for the first of March. Yep, two months ago. He still has an active account where he lists himself as an international celebrity. I guess after landing no media jobs, by March he gave up hope and decided he wanted to be a "regular" guy.

  35. So why didn't he close the Spiff Box account?
    Why didn't he change his bio to be "regular" guy?

  36. Any one can get verified. I know a bunch of bloggers that just did. Another false fact that has been put out there.

  37. Keep voting for CraftyMomof3. :)

    Jon is a regular guy, guess he forgot to tell Ellen that. LOL

  38. I read that one can't have a 'protected' account if it's 'verified'.

    Saw the reference 'does that mean you've bought a house?', plus a mention of the cute pic he sent where the comment was 'Mady looks just like you'. Seeing one side of Twitter is certainly fodder for gossip...! I too wonder just HOW Jon, who claims skint, was able to even rent an apt. w. his financial problems, much less a home. Guess the a$$umption would be that Ellen is his envoy...if any of this is true??? ;0)

  39. Good morning all. It's a dreary morning here weather-wise. The downpours of rain don't seem to be dampening the spirits of the kids though since they are overjoyed daily as they get closer to the end of school.

    Many changes happening in our lives right now. We are weighing many options and praying about decisions.

    On the Gosselin front, it sounds, from rumors, that many exciting things are in the works for Kate. Sounds wonderful.

  40. HB - Who knows with Jon. His direction seems as subject to change as the weather.

  41. Only good thoughts to you, Linda! 'Many options' could be envied by most, but those 'decisions' are rough.

  42. I'll believe Jon has a house when we see his next interview in In Touch mag! You know if he gets a house...he will have to perpetuate the "regular guy now has a house for his kids" tale.

    I believe he just likes to put that rumor out there. Just like 6 months before he ever got this roofing job...we were seeing all his stories about having a job...blah, blah, blah!

    Don't ever believe anything Jon says until the proof is out there!

    LindaO...whatever it is you are deciding on...remember Kate's favorite scripture Proverbs 3:5,6! You won't go wrong!

    Ziggy has some nice info up about how to properly address Kate on twitter so we don't inadvertently feed haters comments to Kate! Good advice...don't you think LindaO? :)

  43. Southern hello to my girls from Brazil, Debora and Jacque!

    Did you see the tweet Kate sent you two this morning?

    I asked her last nite to say hello to you two. Kate is so busy, yet she truly makes a sincere effort to acknowledge all that she can!

  44. Hello Cazbuck7, HB, Bubbles, FiredUp, GeeWhiz, TashaPork & everyone else I know I forgot! It's raining terrible here and super cold for May. No wonder why I'm sick!

    Twitter is just another way for vile garbage to get on the web & personally attack vactual celebs. Pressi & Lisa Knights goons are flooding Twitter and using Kates name to create their own chat room that appears to even have pron attached to it! They were on Facebook but once the mod stated deleting people they all migrated. It's gotten rally bad, I dont even follow her name anyone, just chat when I feel like it. It's crazy that they slither to whever they can get in and be un moderated!

    Jon's tweets are all over the place. So it's hard to tell if he's telling you something or TRYING to hint at something. Either way with the trail the judge has NOT made a decision as to wether Kate owes the money for the legal bills, and the haters are claiming Kate already lost. Even though articles clearly state no ruling has been made and when one does they have 30 days to appeal anyway.

    Love you all! Whats everyone up to on this miserable day? Hugs to all the international readers! I got alot this weekend! Feel free to comment! xoxo

  45. Fired Up - I do agree; It's good advice; Same song I've been "preaching" on Twitter. :)

  46. Thanks for the good wishes and emails. HB, you are right it is great to have options and really tough to make decisions sometimes. I'm not rushing into any decisions, just need to pray over things and see where it leads. xoxo

  47. Good luck LindaO on making your decisions, take your time, things always work out. :)

    Fired up, you make me smile.

    It's been nice here for a change, but I do try to stop and read. BM, just post when you can. Summer coming soon, and people have lots to do.

    Keep voting for CraftyMomof3.

    If Jon gets a house, ROL will be the 1st to report it and he will need $ to pay for it or maybe Ellen will sign the morgage for him, that way Jon will not have to responsible for the bills.

  48. Poor PK needs attention from Radar Online and feels it important to babysit Kate's tweets and sell the information to ROL. She needs a life outside Gosslinland.

  49. Oh my, "cornstalk dweller" Polly is staking her claim to fame again...takin' credit for ROL mess of a story!

    Yep, the woo-ha-ha counselor is still stalking Kate...even on twitter. And guess we have proof again she don't mind selling out her neighbor Kate to make a buck or two.

    Bless her heart, Kate seems a bit down this mornin'. Wish Firedup and Jack could be there to do a run with her...that would get her motivated! LOL

    Sometimes life just whips up on ya and you just have to stare back at it and say...You ain't gonna get me down! I've got to keep moving on!

    It's good when you have a great support system too...a good husband, sweet kids, good friends...lots of folks that can give you the kick to get back up and going!

    You all have a great day and let's stay FiredUp for Kate and the 8!

  50. You all have a great day and let's stay FiredUp for Kate and the 8!

    firedup, I like that sentiment, but isn't that what WG, et al, were trying to do by warning Kate about that Ped? We all care about the 8, right? Your post was a tad snarky.

  51. FiredUp - I totally agree! First of all, when has Polly Parrott ever cared beyond trying to gain fame for herself and money from her books, all on the coat tails of the 8. After I read Polly's snarky posts about clients on a psychologist's snarky blog about her clients, I wondered why any "client" would ever choose her services. Sounds like really ethical behavior...NOT! Making fun of clients who have come to you for help is sure not somebody I'd want as a counselor.

    Selling stories to ROL ... Why? How did that help the 8? If after analyzing Kate's 12k followers did she also analyze Jon's followers on Twitter? I don't care who follows Jon.

    I do care about the idiocy of people who think that by stalking Kate and being nasty to her they can "help" the 8.

  52. Kate's fans Tweet positives. The fans of the 8 Tweet nothing but positives. The khaters spend every waking moment Tweeting nothing but hate against her. How does that help the 8?

    Tweet positives. Don't include the haters in your retweets and responses. Block the haters from your Twit Stream and don't get caught up in ever responding to them.

    Oh what the heck? Since the end of the world is supposed to be Saturday according to the guy in California, lol, I'll just continue to look for the positives and avoid stepping in the garbage of hate.

    Busy day here. Hope everybody has a great day!

  53. Good Morning!! Well said LindaO!! And we'll see you in the Sweet Bye and Bye. :) However, it may not be on Saturday. lol

  54. Hello everyone! I'm so sorry I havent been around and put up a new post yet. This is the time of year where Im so busy my head spins. last night was a dance recital and tonight I have a big meeting for Girl Scouts at a bank to discuss finances with them. I swear there are times when I feel that a vacation couldnt come soon enough.

    The blogs have been crazy quiet. I can only assume that us REAL ladies have real lives and havent had the time to chat. I completely understand. Just please stop by even to say hi so that I know we are all ok. I miss you all! New post hopefully tonight... xoxoxo

  55. Hi everybody!
    Hope everyone here has been well! This is such a busy time of year isn't it? I'm totally out of the loop, but your excellent break down of the court hearing's was very helpful.
    I've had some RL stuff going on so I can't be around as much, but I've missed you guy's!

  56. Southern shout-out to Momsby...sorry real life is diggin' its heels in ya!

    Ah LoriAnne...yes, I was snarkin' on "corn-stalk dweller"! I have no problem with being concerned about the so-called pedo on twitter.

    What I had a problem with is Polly sellin' the story to ROL and her also encouraging Jon & "government worker" to call CPS on Kate!!!

    As if Kate wasn't taking proper care of her kids! It's none of her nosey business to contact Jon. If she really had any genuine concern and any genuine proof of Kate doing ANYTHING inappropriate with her children...darn it...then SHE HERSELF has an obligation to report it!!

    She blogs blah, blah, blah..this and that about Kate acting like she is such an expert and that she has the inside scoop and she is acting on behalf of all child advocates for the Gosselins!

    Don't get me "firedup" any more about her. I could go on and on! Nuff said!

  57. And I hope Kate's lawyer has another angle going on this appeal issue. Seems like they were determined to go ahead with that.

    Maybe they knew the small town judge wasn't going to rule favorably. You know that kind of stuff does happen. Justice isn't always blind is it?

    So maybe the next go around will prevail for Kate. If least she stood her ground for what she felt was right. And of course, she will pay up. Hopefully, this will be the last financial mess from Jon that she has to clean up.

  58. Ok, I'm deleting previous post and adding this one. Holly/Bonnie posted this

    So, I thought Jon's media days were over. Guess he forgot to tell Girlfriend. WTH?

    Hmmm.... Seems like LaFair who's brain doesn't engage but still is believing the glory of Jon thinks they'd make perfect parents. Well good for them. Might be nice if they made a legal commitment before any baby commitment. Oh wait, the counselor also called Jon's previous love of his life Hailey a brief relationship that was never serious. Who would pay that woman $22k as a life coach? Wonder if she got a contract for the book deal with Jon?

  59. Reesey Cup...I'm gonna be nice and tell you your opinion about Kate having a hard time being nice is peanut butter nuts!

    Everyone who has dealt with Kate professionally says she is a sweet heart...even Joy Behar who will criticize your toenail says Kate has always been pleasant when she was around her.

    On her twitter account Kate has been more than kind, gracious and accomodating. She has never said one ill word toward all the haters that attack her.

    Early episodes of J & K were reality of a very tired, stressed woman with 8 small children and little financial means to care for them. Add to that a immature husband not knowing how to step up and really assist.

    I wonder how nice any of us would be in that situation. Maybe you should cut Kate a little slack there.

  60. Reese - I have moved your comment to the "Hold" file pending approval or deletion by Baby Mama. I'm very sorry but we do not post Anti-Kate material on this blog. Say what you will, your comment was definitely anti-Kate.

    There is also a reason many on this blog who formerly supported Jon (myself for one) became disenchanted with him: one example, leaving your kids for 5 months to be in Colorado. He wasn't in CO looking for a job. I would be overjoyed to see Jon become a responsible adult. I live in hope that one day that will happen. He's making "baby" steps, but he has a long way to go, IMO.

    In the interim (until Baby Mama makes a decision on your comment), you might be more comfortable posting on several of the AKO blogs. They welcome anything posted that is Anti-Kate. I feel compelled to note, though, that some of those blogs were also anti-Jon until Jon started answering their Tweets. Then they flip-flopped and decided he walked on water.

    Each to his/her own opinion. The position of this blog is that we do not post Anti-Kate.

  61. Oh, and Reese, we do wish you a great day.

  62. You have to be kidding on this latest flash about Jon. He wants more kids????

    He abandoned the 8 he had for months at a time to go relive his lost twenties! He can barely afford the rent where he is now...he only just started working a month or two ago.

    He has yet to catch up on his back CS paymts. and still does not have the means to provide adequate housing for his kids now...his one bedroom apt. allows only for 8 sleeping bags on the floor!

    Loon Lafair truly reveals what poor life coach she is everytime she opens her mouth regarding Jon.

    Kate has stated that she wished Jon would spend more time with his kids...he only sees them 4 days out of the month. And Lafair thinks Jon and "government worker" should get busy and procreate another child for Jon to neglect?

  63. Hey FiredUp. I have no idea if Polly sold the story to ROL and/or encouraged Jon to call CPS – I don’t lurk around her blog much, but I would hope her heart was in the right place. It’s just the snarkiness in general that’s getting to me.

    When I found this blog a year ago it was a safe haven, alive with happy ladies with positive attitudes. I could come over here and cleanse my soul after reading some of the vile stuff on the “anti-Kate” blogs. The tone has changed so much since then. Now it seems we’re allowed to be just as vile as they are so long as we’re discussing Jon, Ellen, other blog owners, TV talk show hosts, radio talk show hosts, journalists (there’s another fan site much, much worse, but still..) We don’t personally know these people but it’s OK to assume they’re wrong and bad and we give them nasty nick-names, but Kate, who we also don’t personally know is always right and good and shame on the haters for judging her and giving her nasty nick-names.

    Don’t you see the irony?

    Everyone in the world has some good and bad in them but hopefully we look for the good and celebrate that. Kate DOES have good in her, or course she does, but so do the others and they deserve just as much respect.

    Well, thanks for letting me vent. Take care, ladies. I wish you all peace.

  64. Lori Anne I must disagree. I have not seen anyone be vile on this blog. Just because some of our opinions don't meet your standards that doesn't mean that those that voice their opinions are vile. Maybe you should look up the meaning of the word. Just a suggestion.

    Linda, it seems that there might be a few people that have gone over the edge because it seems they or maybe it's all the same person is going from blog to blog using their comments as a forum to attack another pro Kate blog. It's so simple, if you don't like what is said on a blog you have freedom of choice to not post or to go ahead and post there or you have freedom of choice to find one more suitable for your viewpoint but when people go from blog to blog complaining it gets to the point of being vindictive and pointless. I have actually seen quite a few comments hoping and wishing the best for Jon and I do believe most of us do hope that one day he will become the father that eight children do need and who they can one day be very proud of.

    I must agree Fired Up it is completely irresponsible for a therapist or counselor to speak publicly about anyone they have treated or have treated. It's against all the standards of ethics of the profession and giving it a very bad name. It is in my opinion to say a man should have a baby with his girlfriend when at the present time he cannot catch up on past child support payments and who has admitted he pays when and if he can pay. That is a man that shouldn't think about having another child until he can financially support the eight children he already has. It is also very irresponsible to bring another life into the world when you can't find or provide suitable living quarters for the children you already have when they come to visit you. When Jon and whoever his next wife may be decide they want to have children that's fine but please be responsible and make sure you can take care of the children you already have first before you go into bringing more children into the world. Remember this is just my opinion.

  65. LoriAnne...sorry if you found my comments offensive. Certainly did not mean to spoil your visit here.

    I wish life was all cheerios...but it ain't!

    Go read the ROL story and it clear where the story came from. They give Polly full credit and even plug her book on the Gosselins.

    It doesn't take much reading at Polly's blog to figure where her heart is. I tell you plainly is not in supporting Kate or her children.

    That blog from the get-go has ridiculed, analyzed and psyco-babbled all of Kate's imperfections to a max.

    It's not the type of blog that the kiddos are going to be happy to read about their mom.

    Things I comment on Jon are public actions that he himself and his "life coach" are putting out there.

    You won't see me commenting about his face, hair, toes, legs, stomach and other private parts like they comment on Kate.

    BabyMama or LindaO...If you feel my comments were out of line, I yield to your judgement.

    I truly wish I could merrily compliment and extoll the lifestyle and decisions Jon has made. It's just not happening in my opinion.

  66. Lori Anne - I feel you are most definitely entitled to your opinion. Sometimes I agree with you and sometimes I don't - thus my opinion.

    Let me be clear - I wish nothing but the very best for Jon! I get frustrated with him (again my opinion) for things that appear to be right out of junior high. I give him praise for stopping smoking; he says he has and I'll take him at his word for that.
    Why do I feel this way?

    I was not thrilled with his position with Hailey (declaring her the love of his life - then jetting off to CO mtg Morgan Christie and not coming back for 3 months) and I thought little of his affair with Kate2 and the babysitter while professing to love Hailey.

    That's water over the dam, and I hope he's moved on. I hope he is very happy with Ellen and they are able to make a life together. But, the two of them Tweeting and putting down Kate is neither mature, nor moving on. That makes me sad.

    I have NEVER, not once, heard Kate Tweet anything negative about Jon. I have NEVER, not once, heard her Tweet anything negative back to people even though there have been more than 1000 disgusting Tweets to Kate from a total of 5 people. She just ignores them and moves on.

    I have repeatedly seen these same 5 people Tweet disgusting things to ANYONE who Tweets anything positive to Kate.

    I happen to like Kate. I don't think she's perfect. For people who don't like her - move on, change the channel, find somebody you do like and live your life in happiness not in degrading others.

    These same 5 people attack her for being with the kids, attack her for appearances that don't involve the kids at all, they are just truly nasty trolls. I'm sick of it there. I'm sick of it here, but at least here we can delete the profanity, along with the just disgusting stuff and do our best to block them from being here at all.

    And if Baby Mama doesn't like my comments, she'll delete them, just as she has done others. I don't take it personally. It's her blog; her decision.

    I'm just the wing woman filtering comments and trying to fix things. I don't permanently delete; I put comments in the hold file and she makes the call.

  67. FiredUp - Perfectly said.

    If Jon was sincere about wanting a normal, private life he would not let his life coach speak on his behalf. Appears Jon does not realize that is the same thing as Jon speaking.

    "Dr. Lafair says Ellen is not out there to garner tons of publicity and “do me, me, me.”
    LMAO that Lafair was not aware that Ellen posted her picture from the In Touch article on her blog and said see me in this weeks In Touch.

  68. Lori Anne - I've placed that last post into "hold" for Baby Mama to review. IMO, it was uncalled for. Her decision, her call.

    I won't be part of let's ignore Jon his every mistake and let's rake Kate. Baby Mama may totally disagree and pull it out of "hold."

  69. LoriAnne~ I so happy to see you back here and come post on this site. I did however decide not to post the other comments.

    I have had this site for over 3 years. In that time the ladies here have always been nice and respectful. This site has, for the most part always stayed postive. Yet only when people "think" were bashing Jon is when I get all the comments. And that pisses me off. Where is everyone when were NOT commenting about Jon?

    That crap with PollyPocket being the Radar source for the Kate Gosselin "being stalked on Twitter" thing pissed me off more than you know. She has such a big mouth and is rediculous with trying to get her name out there to sell 5 books. I truly think that was a total hoax. The name has already been removed. I feel that it was one of those idiot trolls that use Kate's Twitter handle as their own vile chat room. And just did it to mess with her. Sadly ever stupid hate blog picked it up and the next thing you know it goes maninstream thanks to Polly.

    And there are bashers galore on line but MY site is NOT allowed ever to share their thoughts on Jon? If Im pissed off at the stupid crap hes pulling again we on this site should be ever entitled ot do so if the world is allowed to bash Kate. Yet taking the high road once again everyone on this site other than myself have handled the comments about Jon with alot of respect.

    People are allowed to have their opinions and I encourage everyone to share them, even if your a Kate supporter or not. I will not publish however any snarky comments whatsoever about Kate. But I love you all and I hope you understood where Im going with my comments on this. xox

  70. 2am fresh paper. The fresh scent of yummy hot coccoa and warm buttery toast for you. Too late at night to think...xoxox night ya'll