Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Repairing The Corporation That Is Kate Gosselin Inc.

Hello Gosselin fans! I know I have been a bit slow on the posts this week. I'm not the type of person to just put an "open discussion" sign on the door and cop-out on having a real topic worthy of putting up. But since the topics this week only give me more Kate going to Target photos or trying to accuse her of alcoholism buy going to a liquor store to buy Sake, I wanted to to try something different. I talked a bit in the comments section about fans of Kate and wanting them to speak up about it. I have over 620+ followers, and I know many of you send me e-mail of continuous support. But I'm hoping that those that have never posted, or at least haven't spoken in a while, to come here and tell us why you are a fan of Kate Plus 8 and what makes you a follower of this site. Hey you never know, you may meet some cool newbies like yourself, and enjoy commenting with us. I promise I don't bite, unless I'm really hungry LOL xoxoxo

Restoring The Image That is Kate Gosselin Inc. Or Does She Really Need To? By BabyMama

With the funny mess that was Sarah Palin's Alaska many of the anti-Kate fans felt that she hurt her persona as a reality-tv super mom quite a bit. Did she appear to be too high maintenance? Was she nasty to her children, even though tricky camera editing and multiple "sad-sextuplets" shots proved otherwise? Was she appearing bratty or just perhaps, like some of us, had had enough of the cold and wanted to jet? What steps should she take to re-build her brand as wonder woman/super mom? Or are you like me, that only feels that this has made her more famous and kept her in the limelight so she can support those wonderful children? I don't for a minute feel her reputation or image and a true celebrity has hurt her one bit.

While I don't feel that Kate made any mistakes, and was just being her funny in a non-funny way self, most feel that she went too far on her trip to Alaska. Whenever you make a mistake, you are always told its easier to just own up to it. Or so I'm told. You need to tackle the issue upfront and as soon as possible. Kate has done thins a few times when rumors (or lies depending) get too rampant. That's when the haters/anti-fans flock to the blogs in droves saying that she should have "laid low". What that really means for them is, when no one hears about her, they feel in their minds that they "won" and got rid of her. It's not really that they truly wanted her to disappear altogether, because what would those hate sites do? It's a form of guilt and it's not what will solve her image problem. If she does in fact have one, because in the end, it's only what side of the fencee you ask.

Many people feel that she should use the the talk shows to come on and apologize for her behavior. Tell people that she is sorry for how people saw her on Sarah show, and that's not who she is. I don't agree. Apologizing for being yourself does not make good Reality TV. And in order to get the viewers, why not be you right? You may disagree with me on this, but again that is the discussion on whether or not there is a need to re-build Kate Inc. Some others feel that we have seen enough of the target/going tanning/ going to FedEx photos. We have discussed this at length in the comments section. She is entitled to live her life. These are things we do on a daily basis, yet it's NOT OK for Kate to out and run her errands in whatever the heck she wants to wear? How about telling Chris's Watts from INF to stop following her around and leave her the heck alone. You know why they wont? They have their own blog to snark on. Kate needs to once again do some print interviews with possibly People whom she trusts, and tell the world how she feels about the negative criticism surrounding her Alaska trip. Because "laying low" isn't going to do anything to restore her persona, it only gives those that wish her to lose her fame to keep her down and her image out. Because in actuality she IS out of the spotlight, but people like INF is dragging her private personal business out there.
If Kate watched that Alaska appearance, what do you think she felt about it? If she felt bad and was upset, would it make you feel better for her to publicly acknowledge it? Would her fans support her even more, or would it make a difference. If you didn't hear any more stories of her getting her hair done, going tanning or spending a whole $11.99 on Sake would that make you feel better? If she publicly apologized for her behavior would that matter at this point? Wow that's a lot of questions to ponder. Please free to talk about them with me in the comments section. And thank you for the continued support of this site for the almost 3 years I have been here. Still in support of Kate Gosselin. Always her #1 fan..
Do you have any suggestion for Kate to rebuild her image?