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Losing "Nana Janet", Are Jon,Hailey & Michael Lohan Really Over? Kate's Big Interview

Janet Weidenheimer, who helped take care of the Gosselin children and appeared on Jon & Kate Plus 8 several times has passed away. Known as Nana Janet, she once famously rode a horse during a birthday party shown on the TLC program. Sadly, Janet passed away October 28. Janet’s funeral services are Saturday in Sinking Spring, PA. She volunteered to help the Gosselins care for the children and is remembered by friends and family as loving and giving person.

Are Jon & Hailey Really Over?:

After a tumultuous week of dueling public statements from Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, reports surfaced that the couple have split – but a source tells PEOPLE the situation is not cut-and-dried. "This was all a carefully orchestrated sequence: First, Hailey laments how hard her life has been lately and how bad Jon treats her, then Jon repents. Next, Jon plans to announce that he is going to be spending some time alone," the source tells PEOPLE. "It has all been designed so that it doesn't seem as though Hailey got dumped."

As for whether the pair are actually over, the source says it remains to be seen. "Jon has said he was done [with Hailey] before, but he basically hasn't been single since he was 19 ... He doesn't really know how to be alone. He'll probably still spend most of his time either with Hailey, or some new girl."

On Wednesday, Glassman opened up about her relationship with the reality star dad, telling The Insider that he was frequently angry and emotionally abusive. "He'll call me and take his anger out on me," Glassman, 22, said. "He has 'mantrums.' .... I cry and say, 'Why are you so mean to me?' "

Still, she insisted that she wanted to stay with the father of eight. "I don't want to leave him all alone," she said. "When I love someone I would never hurt them." A day later, Gosselin apologized to his girlfriend, saying in a statement, "I am grateful for her emotional support and I regret any pain that my actions have caused her."

Gosselin then announced that he planned to reconnect with his "deeper, more spiritual, more altruistic self" by studying with celebrity Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. "I have allowed myself to become somewhat severed from my own moral anchor and [to] be carried away by the challenges of fame," Gosselin, 32, said Friday. Boteach seemed to foreshadow the couple's possible decision to spend time apart. "A husband must be faithful and he cannot be with another woman (while still married) and he cannot humiliate his wife by being photographed with other women," he said Friday. "Jon has to take responsibility for that and ask for forgiveness." Added the rabbi, "For example, he should not be with Hailey Glassman right now and when things are resolved with his wife, then he should think about that." A rep for Gosselin had no comment.

Michael Lohan & Jon Gosselin, The Bromance is Over:

After months of flaunting their bromance to the public, Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan have parted ways in a bitter feud, has learned exclusively.

Lohan reveals he’s had it with the divorcing father-of-8, largely because of what he calls Gosselin’s increasingly “secret, distant” behavior and the way he treated Lohan’s close friend and former Star reporter, Kate Major. Jon Gosselin sought a safe haven at my Southampton home through a dear family friend, Kate Major. When they arrived at my home it seemed that they were very close. After sharing an upstairs guest room I assumed things were intimate between them and questioned Kate.

I sat Jon down and told him that Kate is like a daughter to me, and he better be straight with her. I asked him if he really wanted to be with Kate or if he still wanted Hailey [Glassman]. Jon said that he wanted to be with Kate and even went so far as to tell her to quit her job (against my advice) and he would hire her. Kate subsequently quit per Jon's advice and promise. Even my fiance Erin told her not to quit her job, but Kate trusted Jon and quit.

After getting to know Jon and hearing how he said TLC was ‘screwing’ him, I then introduced him to Mike Heller, and Mike introduced us to his dad, Mark [Heller]. The three of us cut deals to represent Jon, and representation documents circulated. But as time went on, I was cut out. Albeit, Jon began to become secretive and distant, regardless of the deals I brought to the table. A book contract was even breached without any consideration. All because other people wanted a bigger piece of the pie. As of late, contracts have been breached, legal ethics violations have ensued and Jon has become a different person than I thought he was.Were his words to me words? Or sincere? Looks like the before said.

Kate Gosselin's Big NBC Interview on Monday Night's TLC: Discuss It Here!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kate Gosselin on Ellen, Is Hailey Glassman Being Abused By Jon?

Hello Gosselin Fans! I'm literally just getting home from work..and my kids are a sticky mess from getting ice cream from my husband..So it's off to the tub we go..exhausted as I am...What is NOW going on in Gosselinland? lol

Kate Gosselin Visits The Ellen Show 10/28

Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend Says He Throws 'Mantrums':

Jon Gosselin has more relationship drama on his hands. Hailey Glassman says her reality star boyfriend is emotionally abusive – and she's sick of it. "He'll call me and take his anger out on me," Glassman, 22, says in a two-part interview scheduled to air on The Insider beginning Thursday. "He has 'mantrums.' I shouldn't have to put up with being emotionally abused. I cry and say, 'Why are you so mean to me?' " But she may not get a straight answer. "Sometimes he has trouble with the truth," she says, "and he will dance and dance around his lies. He's like Jekyll and Hyde. But I still love him."
Ever since she started dating Gosselin, Glassman says her life has changed – and not necessarily for the better. "I met Jon in a bubble," she says. "I'd never seen the show. I had no idea." After their trip to France in July, she says she's faced harsh criticism. "People judge me before they meet me. I get threats everyday. I get called a home wrecker and a fat whore. People will stare or point. It gets worse everyday." She admits their relationship is "not normal," but Glassman says she can't imagine leaving Gosselin. "I don't want to leave him all alone," she says. "At the end of the day, I love him but I dislike him at times. When I love someone I would never hurt them." A source close to Jon says, "He was very supportive of her doing the interview. He wants her to clear her name." As for Gosselin's anger, the source says, "He has a lot of on his plate and he gets frustrated but he's supportive of her."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jodi & Kevin Kreider Fumble Again, Watch You Ask, Kate Answers, Kate At The Womens Confrence

Hello Gosselin fans! Low and behold less than 48 hours after the "not so private" meeting with Jon, Jodi and Kevin are back at the only place that will pay them..the CBS Morning Show..This time they invite media hound Gloria Allred, who smiled so big we thought the screen would crack.. To say they did this for the early publicity is a gross understatement. To say anything will come of this interview is laughable..Except perhaps, increase exposure for the Kreider family..Because now that the mortgage is paid off, they need the household bills paid as well! Since last nights episode was an hour long, theres a lot of video to put here, so I needed to make this it's own post..Let me know what you thought of the show!

Watch CBS News Videos Online

You Ask, Kate Answers!

Entertainment Tonight Footage of Kate Speaking At The Women's Confrence: (Thanks Schmecky!)

On the night that Kate Gosselin appeared on a pre-taped TLC special answering fan questions, the mom of eight was in California participating with other authors in Night at the Village, a function connected with the Maria Shriver-hosted Women's Conference, where she revealed how she's coping now during her messy divorce. .

"I wake up every day, get out of bed, do what I do because of my kids," she said on the panel. "There's many more lessons I've learned, many more things I've been through, more unexpected things, but I think at the end of it all, perseverance, determination and tenacity is definitely what will get me there." Meanwhile, Shriver and Valerie Bertinelli commented on Kate's situation.

"Love your children more than you hate your ex," Valerie said, giving her advice. "She seems to be following it. Her ex does not seem to be following it as much. I think she's doing the best she can, which is all anyone can ask of ourselves," Maria added.

The event, in Long Beach, California, brought together 10,000 attendees in a 160,000 square foot "women's village," where there were book signings and stations touching on topics including cooking and food, health and wellness, live music and dancing, and even shopping.

Proceeds from Night at the Village benefit The Women's Conference's WE programs. The main event of the conference takes place Tuesday.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Curious Return of Jodi & Kevin, Will Jon Gosselin Lose? You Ask, Kate Answers!

Hello Gosselin fans! Yep leave it up to dear Jon to take the last advice from his hopefully soon-to-be gone lawyer and make nice with the family..Get some sweet points for the Kate haters that do the dance of joy..Why? Because Kate is literally across the United States, nowhere near where she could protest or do anything about it. Funny how they chose THIS weekend for the much approved pap photos to be released..The day before the big court day.. the day that he supposedly finally put back the $180,000. We didn't fall for it Jon, but it was a good try nonetheless.

Jon Gosselin Reconciles With Kate's Estranged Brother:

Nasty divorces do make friends out of the most unlikely of enemies. Saturday, Jon Gosselin invited his estranged wife Kate’s estranged brother and sister-in-law, Kevin and Jodi Kreider, to his home!
With Jon on parenting duty at the Gosselin’s PA home and Kate in Los Angeles for a public appearance Monday night, Jon met the Krieiders with warm hugs when they arrived at the house. Kate Is Doing A Book-Signing In L.A. Tomorrow. In a series of exclusive blockbuster interviews earlier this year, the Kreiders blasted Jon and Kate for their “sham” marriage which they said was all for the show. This was months before the Gosselins announced they were divorcing, a decision that ultimately led to the demise of their TLC show, Jon & Kate Plus 8.
In one particularly heated exchange involving Jon and his in-laws, after Jodi commented that the kids were “overworked” and shouldn’t be forced to do their show, Jon shot back that the Kreiders didn’t know what they were talking about.
“They don’t even know where we live,” Jon told while insisting his kids loved working on the show.
Kate later told Meredith Viera on Today that her brother going public about her marriage had been one of the saddest parts of the entire ordeal.
We can only imagine what Kate is thinking about the new alliance between Jon and Kevin. Could Jon be somehow hoping to use them against Kate in their financial battle?

Lisa Bloom to Jon Gosselin: You're Gonna Lose!

Jon Gosselin has about as much chance winning TLC's breach-of-contract lawsuit as he does at winning Father of the Year, according to prominent legal analyst Lisa Bloom. Bloom tells that Gosselin will surely lose the lawsuit TLC filed against him last Friday after Gosselin shut down production of "Jon and Kate Plus 8." Jon's cease and desist came in the wake of the network announcing the show would be renamed "Kate Plus 8" and that his role would be minimized."TLC is playing hardball with Jon because Jon chose to play hardball with TLC," Bloom said. "Given what I assume is the typical network-talent contract which grants TLC the right to control what Jon says and the shows he appears on, Jon will lose this battle.

He took the money from TLC when times were good, and a court would enforce the contract against him when times are bad." Times have definitely been bad for Gosselin, who was recently found in contempt of court for taking $180,000 from a joint bank account he shares with his estranged wife, Kate. Bloom, however, says that Kate should make sure her any money she stands to make on "Kate Plus 8" is not affected by any of Jon's future actions. "Kate can just sit tight and watch Jon and TLC duke it out.," Bloom said. "To protect her finances, all money earned by her now should be held in a separate account, and money should be set aside for the kids in a bulletproof trust account in their names." Kate would be wise to protect herself -- she stands to lose a ton of money if Gosselin is forced by the network to pay up. Famed divorce attorney Raoul Felder recently told that "their money is theirs together, and if he has to pay out, then she loses that, too."

Jon Gosselin May Go On Survivor Or Amazing Race: (NSFW)

THAT PICTURE. I truly believe that Jon Grosselin and that poop van were both only put on this plane to take that picture together. That is their only poopose in life. They can shut it down now. Because we all know Jon's purpose in life is not to star in reality shows. CBS obviously didn't get that memo, because they are about to begin talks with Jon to join the cast of the next Amazing Race or Survivor. It seems CBS has a douche quota to meet too.
Some source (aka Hailey's weekend dealer) told
Radar, "Jon is planning to fly to Los Angeles in late November for a meeting about appearing on one of the shows. Nothing is a done deal yet. This is in the very early stages."
And you know the evil warlords at CBS would really try to destroy us by pairing Jon up with Michael Lohan. Hopefully, CBS has Jon in mind for Survivor: Chernobyl or The Amazing Race....Right Off The Face Of The Earth.
I'm kind of surprised that Jon would actually consider going on Survivor. Dude was already banished from one tribe (aka his own family), and now he wants to get banished from another? Glutton for punishment.

UPDATE: Amazing Race, Survivor Rumors not true says rep: (thanks Georgia Peach!)
Sorry Octo-haters, you won't get that chance watch Jon Gosselin chow down on bugs or suffer Ed Hardy-withdrawal on an island, after all. Rumors spread Friday that the ex-star of TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was in talks with CBS to appear on a celebrity edition of "Survivor" or "Amazing Race." Unfortunately for those hoping to see Jon Gosselin stretch his 15 minutes even further, his rep told Access Hollywood the reports are "100 percent not true."

Maybe he's holding out for "The Bachelor"?