Thursday, August 18, 2011

What's Next For Kate Gosselin? Jon Gosselin Reacts To The Cancellation Of Kate Plus 8

Hello Gosselin fans! This week has been a hard one for the fans of Kate and her family. Not because we didn't see the signs on the wall and the inevitable cancellation of Kate Plus 8. 150 shows and almost 6 years is nothing to sneeze at. But there have been such nasty gloating and cheering from the haters that you just wish you could smack all of them lol. I for one have to keep telling myself that 3 years on my site is nothing to sneeze at either. So much has happened, this site and myself have gone through so much, you kinda wonder where do you go from here. Just like Kate. For me, I have had to deal with both sides of the bloggers make attacks and accusations, perhaps in the interest of pumping up readership. Alas they forget who they're dealing with. I don't plan on going anywhere, won't give them the satisfaction of just ending it and letting them "take over". This site continues on, until all others have gone. I thank those of you who have been loyal and stuck by us. And here's to an amazing new chapter in not only my life but in Kate's as well! Xo BM
Jon Gosselin "Relieved" His Kids Won't Be On Tv (File this one under DUH)
Jon Gosselin has responded to the cancellation of his ex-wife Kate's reality show, Kate Plus 8. He is "very relieved" that his kids will be away from the cameras, he tells in an exclusive interview. "I hope they can have more private family moments," he added.  "I hope that this will bring more privacy to my children and that they can get the proper attention they need for any personal issues they might have in the future." Gosselin confessed that he learned of the cancellation via a "press release," but that he wasn't surprised by it."Contracts have to end at some point. I think everything had run its course and it was time to come to an end anyways."
Jon and Kate Gosselin burst into the national spotlight with their original reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8 which premiered in April, 2007.  It featured the Gosselin family -- mom, dad, a set of twins, and a set of sextuplets. It became a ratings blockbuster for TLC, soaring as Jon and Kate's marriage imploded in front of the cameras.  They announced their separation in June, 2009. A tortured divorce proceeding followed. The couple share custody of their eight kids. Jon has a steady girlfriend and lives in an apartment not far from his ex-wife's large house. "I have no clue what her next move is," Jon said. "I hope she dedicates more time to the kids now and I wish her the best as she goes forward with whatever career she wants to pursue."
Kate Gosselin Already Planning Her Comback (Or Take THAT Haters!)
After news broke that TLC would be bringing down the axe on Kate Gosselin's show, "Kate Plus 8" upon its 150th episode, no one was more shocked than Gosselin, herself. But anyone that thinks America’s most famous mom is going away needs to think again. “Kate is already planning her next career move,” a friend of Jon Gosselin's ex tells me. “For sure she’s not looking to find a 9-5 job but instead, [she's] looking to start up her own production company.” Just a few weeks ago, Gosselin told me that she had her eye on producing, saying, “I know when things translate into TV. I’m good at it 'cause I live this life. I have had people come to me and say ‘I have this great idea for a reality TV show.’ I actually, in my mind, can play it out and see it happening ... for me it's like writing a living book and I really love to write.” In addition to reality shows, Gosselin is also looking to write another book, get into acting and is even interested in having her own fragrance. “As far as Kate is concerned, she is TV gold,” a friend of Gosselin's tells me. “What is TLC's loss will be another networks gain.”

Sunday, August 14, 2011

TLC Does Not Renew Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin Loves Her Twitter Support And Answers Your Questions

Hello Gosslin fans! This afternoon the world was buzzing with the news that TLC had announced they were not renewing the Kate Plus 8 Show as a regular series but hoped to do specials to check in with the family in the future. Let me just say that all haters can stop talking about this site cause I"m not going nowhere! Let's all enjoy Kates Tweet:

“TLC canceled it. I’m sorry,” Kate told her nearly 30,000 followers. “We’ve had a great run! Six years of whirlwind fun-filled adventures. Thanks to TLC and our many, many supportive and diehard fans! While it is very sad for me and the kids (there were many tears at the breakfast table this morning!), we are we are looking forward with great anticipation to our bright future!”
“As is very typical for me, I am choosing to see the positive in this situation and I am excited to consider the many more invigorating opportunities that may come my way,” she added. “I poured my entire self into the last six years of Kate + 8 and I can’t wait to have the chance to challenge myself again with future endeavors!”
“In the meantime, I hope to have more time for motivational speaking, book writing and other fun work opportunities that come my way,” she wrote. “And maybe even some dating? We wish our fans well. And remember, this is not ‘goodbye.’ I prefer to say ‘See you around!’”

Kate Gosselin Loves Her Twitter Support:
Kate Gosselin really loves her fans and the support that they lend her on Twitter! The mom of eight shocked many (including herself) when she joined the social networking site, but now she says she can't live without it! "Thought I'd give Twitter a try... Now can't live without support from so many fans! Loving it! Can you tell?" Kate tweeted to a fan. As controversial as you might think she is, Kate has a ton of people who support and love her. She has tons of fans on Twitter who constantly praise her and send her love, and, really, who would even want to live without that? Gosselin is very chatty on Twitter and she will often respond to her fans. While she gets her fair share of "hate" messages, the good seems to outweigh the bad at this point. Surely if it got to be too much for her she would sign off, but as of now, well, you heard her! She's loving it!
Kate Answers Your Tough Questions This Week! Was Yours Picked?
Kate sits down to answer some of her viewers' toughest questions, from "Is Kate dating again?" to "How many plastic surgeries has she had?"