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Kate's Birthday Weekend, Will Kate Gosselin Go Home First? Jon's Breakup

FOX411.COM: After stumbling through the first broadcast of "Dancing with the Stars," Kate Gosselin is one nervous mother of eight. An ABC insider tells Fox411 that the reality TV mom is shaking in her high heels after this week's first show, in which she gave one of the program's worst performances. "Kate is terrified that she'll be the first person voted off and she is determined not to let that happen," a network source told Fox411. "She is a lot more focused than she was leading up to the first show. Kate finally realized how hard 'DWTS' is going to be for her and she needs [her partner] Toni [Davolini]'s help."

The source said Gosselin thought she could charm he way through the contest. Not anymore. "There was a time when she cared more about her nails and tanning and continuing her regular workouts. Now, it's all about the kids first and dancing second." Monday night's DWTS debut was almost more than Kate could bear, the source said. "Kate struggled to get through the show. She knew the producers planned for her to go towards the end of the show, but it only served to make her so much more nervous that by the time she was set to dance," said our insider. "She's trying to get her mindset prepared for next week. It is harder than she imagined." Our insider added that rumors of on-set tensions between Gosselin and the rest of the cast - especially Shannen Doherty - are overblown.

"[Kate]'s not unfriendly. She is quiet and keeps to herself and her small team," the source explained. "Kate and Shannen have talked and there's no rift - everyone is friendly and cordial onset. The competitors are trying to remember their routines so there isn't a lot of time for socializing." So how does Gosselin plan to turn her fortunes around on Monday? "She told [her partner] Toni she will listen to every single thing he says. She wants to stay in the competition." And if she can't improve her performance?"She will play the mom card," said our insider. "She hopes that her great support system of moms everywhere will help vote to keep her in."

Gosselin: 'Children liked my DWTS debut':

Kate Gosselin has revealed that her children were happy with her first performance on Dancing With The Stars. The reality star only scored 16 points from the judges after her Viennese waltz with partner Tony Dovolani on Monday's show.
However, Gosselin told Access Hollywood that the only thing her children didn't like was that the programme was on after their bedtime."They had nothing but good stuff to say, so that's all I'm worried about really," she explained. "Leah said, 'Mummy, why do you have to dance so late?'"
Gosselin also defended her decision to split her time between her home and training for the show in Los Angeles. "I'm up against the hard spot of tabloids painting me one way or another, and the whole experience of the last couple of years," she said. "So I'd like to show people that I'm a mum first... but it's okay to have fun sometimes." Kelly Osbourne recently urged viewers to give Gosselin "a break" for appearing on the show.

Jon Gosselin Dumped by 25-Year-Old Girlfriend: Us
Jon Gosselin is a single man once more. After less than two months together, Morgan Christie, 25, has broken up with Gosselin, 32, a source confirms to "It's true," the insider says, explaining that Christie first initiated the split. "He's a mess and feels like a loser." Gosselin met the youthful-looking Christie, a law school student, while snowboarding in Utah. (He parted ways with former love Hailey Glassman in late December, when his divorce from Kate Gosselin was also finalized.)

Gosselin and Christie were inseparable during January's Sundance Film Festival in Park City, where they shocked partygoers. "Tons of PDA, holding hands, kissing," one witness told of the pair. "Anyone who saw him remarked how inappropriate it was." As Jon's ex-wife rehearsed for Dancing With the Stars in L.A. and at home in Wernersville, Penn., he had been staying at the "massive mansion" owned by his girlfriend's wealthy family. What about his eight kids back home? "Kate won't let Jon have extra custody," a source explained in a recent issue of Us Weekly. "She thinks they're better off with a nanny."

Kate Gosselin & Lady GaGa Share The Same Birthday! Happy Birthday Kate!

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Coming Off The Dancing With The Stars High: Rooting For You Kate! Billy Bush & Tony Dovolani

Hello Gosselin fans! What a high last night! We are back! Or should I say "Mondays" are back. In a HUGE way! Back in the day I used to constantly battle between my 2 fav. shows on Monday night. Now it's like the best of both worlds. Last night I felt like I was cheering for my sister. I had a "Dancing With The Stars" cheering party, and invited my two best friends and their family over to watch the show. Even though the kids were all over the place, we had the best time last night! I made sure everyone brought their phones. We had a total of 7! And let me assure you, even though the guys wanted to go elsewhere, they DID stay and watch Kate & Pam, TV's hottest moms. And so that I'm not impartial, I'm taking TV's BUZZBLOG.COM's review of last nights show and where the contestants stand:

'Dancing With the Stars' Recap: Hello, Dolly! By Kate Mulcrone

It seems like only yesterday that Donny Osmond waltzed offstage with the famous mirror ball trophy. Well, time flies. A hop, skip and an Olympics later we’re ready for a new season. This week our would-be champions danced the cha-cha-cha and the Viennese waltz. High honors fell to the jocks, Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek and ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews. The best performance of the night, however, was a waltz by former Pussycat Dolls frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger. Talk about a bad girl makeover! She and Derek were all sweetness and light out on the floor. Of course, not everyone dazzled. Niecy Nash was a little too goofy for her own good and astronaut Buzz Aldrin should stick with the moonwalk rather than trying to cha-cha-cha. Soap star Aiden Turner got no love from the judges for his "sexy" dance and Kate Gosselin waltzed her way down the scoreboard. Here's the dirt on all the stars' performances:

Chad Ochocinco
Okay, there's a football player on pretty much every season of the show ... but has there ever been one like Chad Ochocinco? The NFL's ultimate showboat opened the season with an absolutely amazing cha-cha-cha. His footwork isn't perfect yet, but he more than makes up with it in attitude. The judges had some harsh words for Chad and Cheryl, but they couldn’t hide their smiles. You could bet on a worse champion.
Score: 18/30

Shannen Doherty
The wicked witch of "90210" and "Charmed" turned in a surprisingly sweet Viennese waltz. She had a little trouble with her footwork and one of her holds and lost the thread of the routine toward the end. Still, the judges commended her for soldiering through such a challenging routine in the first week of competition. The show clearly means a lot to Shannen -- her dad's a big fan -- and she's obviously willing to work hard. Don’t count her out just yet.
Score: 18/30

Erin Andrews
Rumors are already flying that this lovely sportscaster is dating her partner Maks. If they’re not actually dating ... they probably will be soon. There was definitely a lot of sizzle during their cha-cha. Erin has great rhythm and her footwork was quite good, but her arm movements are just a little bit out of sync and she holds her shoulders too stiffly. There's plenty of room for improvement, but she’s off to a great start.
Score: 21/30

Jake Pavelka
Okay, Jake was on "The Bachelor," we get it. Between the rose he carried out onstage, Chelsie's dress (pink) and the music ("A Kiss From a Rose") they waltzed to there's no way anyone could be left wondering about his pedigree. Poor guy. Luckily, his dancing was not half bad. All of the raw material is there: rhythm, footwork and, maybe most important, fluidity. Jake does need to stand up straighter, though. His posture was pretty bad. Chelsie Hightower has a history of making passable dancers out of the unlikeliest guys, so I'll be interested to see what Jake does next week.
Score: 20/30

Niecy Nash
We saw Niecy eating a cheeseburger just before we cut to commercial before her routine. Antics! (Just for the record, I would totally be willing to cha-cha if I got to eat a cheeseburger first.) As good as it is to laugh, the show is about dancing. Niecy put in a valiant effort on the dance floor, but her rhythm was way, way off. Len complained about the oversimplicity of Niecy and Louis's routine, and for once I agree with the old grouch. Let's hope Niecy has a very active fan club. She dedicated her performance to "big girls everywhere," so maybe that will help.
Score: 18/30

Evan Lysacek
Our poor judges! They really had to struggle to find anything bad to say about Olympic figure skating champion Evan's magical waltz. Carrie Ann told him to point his toes. Len rather enigmatically advised Evan and Anna to "get chemistry between the two of you," and Bruno agreed. While it may take time for Evan to adjust to sharing the stage with his partner Anna, he's clearly got all the right moves.
Score: 23/30

Buzz Aldrin
Well, the good thing about walking on the moon is that it doesn't really matter if you mess things up after that. Things like ... the cha-cha-cha. Although Buzz certainly had his moments out on the floor there were other moments when he just kind of stood there. It wasn't pretty to watch. It's hard to imagine Buzz will take another turn on the floor.
Score: 14/30

Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole's waltz was, in a word, transcendent. I really don't think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful routine in the first week of competition, and Carrie Ann said pretty much the same thing. (And she obviously knows more than I do.) Len freaked out about Derek's choreography like he does every season, but he somehow also decide to yell -- yes, yell! -- at Nicole for some supposedly sloppy footwork and a lack of musicality. Whatever, Len. This girl's got massive star power.
Score: 25/30

Aiden Turner
Soap star Aiden seems to be going for the whole sexy Gilles Marini angle. Unfortunately, it didn't work for him. His cha-cha-cha felt gimmicky rather than fresh. His footwork was passable, but his sense of rhythm is pretty basic. Len said the routine was "full of everything I don't like." (The million dollar question, of course, is what on Earth does Len like?) Aiden was not great, but he probably deserved a little more love from the judges. Will the audience step in and save him?
Score: 15/30

Kate Gosselin
Reality TV’s most stressed out mom looked ... pretty stressed out on the floor tonight. There's dancing a waltz, and then there's letting a waltz dance you. Kate moved gracefully, but her footwork was awfully basic. The routine itself was pretty, but certainly not as technically accomplished as Nicole or Evan's Viennese waltzes. It's hard to see Kate in this competition for the long haul.
Score: 16/30

Pamela Anderson
What can I say, she plays to her strength. Pamela's routine was fast, loose and almost -- but not quite -- out of control. Her footwork was pretty good and her rhythm was great. More to the point, though, her stage presence was pretty powerful. Both Bruno and Carrie Ann were pretty much besides themselves, giggling through critique. Len, on the other hand, is not distracted by célébrité (or sex tapes) and ragged on Pamela's technique. She probably won't win it all, but she'll have fun trying.
Score: 21/30

Who won over the judges: Nicole and Evan
Who won over the audience: Erin and Nicole
Who needs to step it up: Buzz and Aiden

Billy Bush Pushes Toni Dovolani To Update Kate's Dresses (lol)

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Kate & Family Rock At Taylor Swift! Dancing With The Stars TONIGHT! 1800-868-3410

Hello Gosselin fans! Its an absolutely beautiful day out and I hope everyone is enjoying this fabulous weekend across the US. Kate & Tony are probably practicing and getting quite nervous about this huge premiere. It's going to be HUGE! The ratings for Dancing With The Stars are supposed to be the highest they have ever been! I hope you come back here and chat on my site about what you think. I will be glued to the computer to post comments for everything going on! Please watch Dancing With The Stars this Monday and click on my icon on the right of my blog to vote for Kate and Tony on line as well as the toll-free number! She needs our votes!

Kate & Family Go To Taylor Swifts PA Concert:
The reality TV mom was spotted out on Friday with her dance partner Tony Dovolani and bodyguard Steve Neild as she prepared to take the kids to a Taylor Swift concert in Philadelphia. Swift is of course one of the most popular young performers in America, and her performance of "You Belong With Me" also earned her a number of awards at the Grammys earlier this year.
While Kate hasn't exactly shared her public thoughts on Swift, Tony was quick to admit to one thing on his Twitter page Friday: "Taylor Swift rocks."
Both Kate and Tony are now in Los Angeles getting set for Monday night's two-hour "Dancing" premiere. Will this recent break away from rehearsals end up hurting them? It will depend, since really much of the performance will teeter on how many votes they manage to pull in from the American public.

Read a fantastic interview with Tony HERE. Thanks Schmecky!

Work It, Kate Gosselin: Some Advice from Another Ballroom Dancer Mom

FUNNY KATE MOMENTS: Taylor Swift As Kate on SNL