Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year, New Kate, Cops to Jon: "Sorry! Publicity Stunt", Details On Kates New Show!

Hello Gosselin fans! This post tonight will be short but sweet. I got into American Idol tonight for the first time in years. It seems like we might have a great group this year after only seeing the first show. Regardless I was thinking today how sad It was that Mondays nights will never be the same. I really miss Jon & Kate Plus 8. After a rough day at work which is a typical Monday, I always enjoyed finally sitting down with my hot cocoa & cheese & crackers and settling in to watch the show (Dancing w/the Stars better come again STAT!). And I needed it, because normally it was a night of kids fighting to go to bed, just so that I could watch kids on TV fighting to go to bed..odd but true. At times I will actually pop the video when I'm cleaning and watch some of my old favorites like 10 Little Pumpkins, or their trip to Disney. Back on my old blog, I would always recap and put my favorites on the site. So here is the first of my many faves! Lets hope that their official Jon & Kate site will eventually come back....

New Year New Kate: Stylist Dishes About Makeover

UPDATE! Kate Gosselin Ready to Get New Reality Show: The Wrap.com

Reality superstar Kate Gosselin is set to return to television later this year in a brand new TLC series of her own, TheWrap has learned.According to a source close to the untitled production, the series will depict the former matriarch of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" as a fish out of water “trying different jobs and tasks and showing how she performs in the different environments.”

The show will also likely have an interactive component, with the professions and corresponding challenges being somewhat determined by the audience. "It's more like Kate Gosselin, firefighter," noted the production source, "not Kate Gosselin, wife and homemaker."The show -- tentatively scheduled to debut in late spring or early summer -- will not feature ex-husband Jon or any of her eight children. "She's proven herself to be a celebrity in her own right," an executive at Discovery, which owns TLC, told TheWrap, "and, with the interest she generates, she can fit into any role on her own."After five seasons, the last episode of the hugely successful "Jon & Kate Plus 8" aired in November. Amidst tabloid headlines and high ratings, the reality show’s last season saw the Pennsylvania couple’s 10-year marriage collapse, controversy emerge over whether the twins and sextuplets were being exploited on air and claims that there had been very little real about Jon and Kate for a very long time.

That fallout proved little disincentive to TLC, who, a production source informed TheWrap, are primarily doing the new show with Gosselin "because they are worried if they don't do it with Kate, someone else will."

Jon Gosselin Still Accusing Hailey of Ransacking Apartment: Buddytv.com
Cops Believe Jon Gosselin's Ransack Claims Are Publicity Stunt: Radar.com

New York police investigating the "ransacking" of Jon Gosselin's apartment believe the event was a publicity stunt, sources familiar with the situation told RadarOnline.com. A large Japanese chef's knife pinning a note - allegedly from Hailey - to a dresser particularly strikes investigators as staged, the sources said. RadarOnline.com obtained a photo of that scene, which also shows tufts of cut up furniture on the floor. "The more cops have looked into it, the more they feel like it was a publicity stunt," a police source told RadarOnline.com. "They absolutely think the butcher knife part of it is B.S." Despite the skepticism, the case remains open.

The criminal complaint was filed after Jon said he found his New York apartment ransacked Dec. 26 and blamed ex-girlfriend Hailey. An NYPD source also told RadarOnline.com that Hailey's complaint against the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star is going nowhere. Cops looked into Glassman's claim that Jon, jealous over a photo of her kissing another man, pushed her against a wall and verbally abused her. "He won't be arrested on this one," said the NYPD source. "It seems clear he pushed her, but he didn't strike her from what they've learned during their investigation. "However, there's now a 'D.I.R.' - a 'Domestic Incident Report' on file because of her claim, which means that if there's any future domestic violence or aggravated assault claims involving Gosselin that comes to the NYPD, they'll be more likely to probe deeper because there's now something in his file." The events occurred as Hailey moved out of the apartment they shared and the couple split.

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