Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kate Gosselin Shines on "Katie", Ready For "Watch What Happens Live" With Andy Cohen!

Hello Kate Gosselin fans! While the last few haters left have a coffee clutch about the book no one will ever see IE: VICTORY... I have been so excited to be back in the blogging world. I know it's been a while since I've done a personal post. So it was long over due. I took myself out of the computer world for a bit to focus on my own career which has blessed me with some great opportunities. And I thank Kate for that. I saw her strength with a few rotten people trying to bring her down and it just made me thrive and have the confidence in myself not to let anything get in the way of my dreams. Which is not to say it's been easy..but I have made myself happy and healthy and it would not have been without using Kate Gosselin as my role model. In the end the haters lose, Kate is back and getting out there and not letting any lies of some stupid book or negativity get her down. Know that I will always be here supporting strong women, like yourselves...and if you ever need an ear I'm a click away..xo BM

'I've been through a lot': Kate Gosselin steps out in New York City after tearful television interview with Katie Couric:

She catapulted to fame as the multi-tasking mother of eight young children. And Kate Gosselin certainly has her hands full with 11-year-old twins and eight-year-old sextuplets. But the 37-year-old former reality star managed to squeeze some time in for herself today, hitting the streets of New York City looking fresh and glamorous after an emotional television interview with Katie Couric. Kate, who with her ex-husband Jon was profiled on TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8, exited the Manhattan studio dressed in black denim and a matching purple, grey and black sweater. The busy mom gave herself a few added inches of height with a pair of peep-toe stilettos. Kate was one of several reality stars featured on Couric's new talk show Katie, for a segment entitled Who We Are Through Reality TV. The episode, which aired on ABC on Wednesday, was an emotional one for Kate, who fought back tears and broke out in hives as she discussed her personal life. Asked how she was doing by the former news anchor, Kate said: 'I have been through a lot, sorry. So when you’ve gone through a lot you realize what’s important. 'I’m learning to let the little stuff go. Yeah. I feel like everybody as you get older... you mature. My heart was always in the right place,' she added.

Kate also confirmed rumours she is planning a return to the small screen - with her own dating reality show.
The TV mom, who divorced husband Jon Gosselin in 2009 after ten years of marriage, explained: 'It's true. After a few years and realizing my barriers to dating and loving TV and the experiences... I feel like honestly, that was my idea!
'I would do it! But I think it would be fun and allow me to meet people and have fun. It will show my fun side. I think it would be really fun.' Kate meanwhile is coming down from a legal victory after a scathing book about the star was removed from sale by online retailer Amazon. It followed claims about her mental health by author Robert Hoffman, who claims to be a close friend of Gosselin's ex husband Jon. Hoffman followed Kate daily as a freelance reporter for Us Weekly during the height of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 popularity.Much of his information in the book came from computer hard drives that he claimed he found in Kate's trash. The book was filled with what he alleges to be emails from Kate, the Discovery network, contracts and personal documents - many of which he reproduced in their entirety.
Hoffman described his ongoing friendship with Kate’s ex husband Jon Gosselin early in the book, saying he was in possession of 5,000 family photos, personal documents, tax and business records plus contracts from his trash-diving computer find.

'I'll be sued by one or more parties before this is over,' he wrote. While the book repeats many well-known stories depicting Kate in a negative light, Hoffman’s tome is filled with personal attacks. Amazon notified Hoffman that it removed the book, pending further investigation after receiving notice that it may not be properly authorized by the appropriate rights holder.' Williams & Connolly, representing Discovery Communications, Inc. also allegedly sent Hoffman a legal letter informing him that his book contained confidential information protected by law and demanding he 'cease and desist from dissemination' of that information. In the endless Jon vs. Kate debate he found some supporters for his book and is now asking online for donations, thanking people who have allegedly offered to help him financially and writing: 'I’m overwhelmed and at a loss for words.' Hoffman posted the notice from Amazon and also the legal letter from Williams & Connolly. It is not yet clear if Kate or her former network will sue Hoffman. And while he describes himself as Jon’s friend, he gives no indication of what Jon thinks of the book.

Morgan Fairchild & Kate Gosselin on "Watch What Happens Live" on Bravo This Thursday!

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