Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still Loving Kate Plus 8 & Now More! Tom Murt MUST Embarass Himself Again, 2011 Reality TV Convention!

Hello Gosselin fans! Though I didn't want that troll Tom Murt to get any more of my time I wanted to you be aware that he doesn't like to be kicked in the head and be told to "buzz off". It really embarrassed him. So now he's back for round two. Making sure he does WHATEVER he can do to get himself to look good in the voters eyes, tell me what YOU think about his article. Also I would love your thoughts on the First Annual Reality TV Convention. This announcement comes on the heels of the incredibly successful ComicCon. Would you go? Do you think it can be as successful or better? I also included a short clip of last night. I love the info added to Kate Plus 8 so much, I want it permanently added. What do you think? Are these to many questions to comment on? Lol. Those that do not know how to comment please feel free to e-mail me at It's very easy, and it's free!

Reality TV Convention Planned for 2011!:

What would happen if you put Snooki and Kate Gosselin in the same room? Would they duke it out over who has the better signature hairstyle? We may find out at next year's inaugural reality television convention. The three-day Reality Rocks Expo — produced by Billboard and Hollywood Reporter owner e5 Global Media — will take place next April at the Los Angeles Convention Center, according to The Associated Press. The honorary advisory committee includes American Idol judge Randy Jackson and The Biggest Loser executive producer J.D. Roth. Expo organizers say that fans will be able to interact with contestants, judges, hosts and other reality TV personalities. The event will also include autograph sessions, performances and an awards show. Would you attend?

Murt Wins Key Child-Labor Law Victory??:

PHILADELPHIA - Local GOP state rep. Tom Murt has convinced a Democratic state committee to hold child-labor hearings speared on by Jon and Kate Gosselin’s TV show. Murt, the Montgomery County state rep who has held local hearing on the Gosselins last spring, will testify at the hearing this fall in Harrisburg. Former child star and kids’ labor advocate Paul Petersen will also testify. Murt got his state house rivals to hold the hearing on reforming the state’s child-labor law despite pressure from television industry lobbyists. Last month, Murt tried to get the Pennsylvania Labor Department and attorney general Tom Corbett to investigate the Gosselin family and their production company after Murt said they filed illegal work permits for Jon and Kate Gosselin’s sextuplets. The department declined Murt’s request.

Murt didn’t agree with the Labor Department's actions."I still believe L&I must seek the advice from the Attorney General on this apparent inconsistency in the law and the work permits," he said. Murt said it should be up to Corbett, who is also running for governor, to decide if the Gosselin sextuplets can continue to appear on “Kate Plus 8, the successor show to “Jon And Kate Plus 8” that is filmed in suburban Reading, Pa.

Quick Clip of Yesterdays Kate Plus 8 And More!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jon Gosselin Embarasses Himself on Twitter, Then Tries To Look Good On Video

Hello Gosselin fans! I put this post up kind of quick, so it may be a work in progress. Jon has been busy in the past 24 hours. He is being attacked by fans of the show for making fun of Kate publicly after finding out about an old song about her he was sent. Ellen, did the EXACT same thing on her Twitter account, showing that her "neutral" stance on the family was just for show. Ellen also proved one step up from the rest of his girlfriends of the past year by basically giving interviews to any blog that would ask her. Where was Jon's mind to think that this was OK?

So now he has taken the opportunity to make his wife look like some type of monster by allowing his FRIEND from INF meet him at the door while he drops his kids off. The kids are obviously upset and sad that they have to leave their dad. Do any haters have kids or at least know that they ALL do that? My kids were screaming when I went to work too you know. Pisses me off to no end. They cried, Jon couldn't hear anyone at the gate and the kids were dropped off up front where the pap could video the whole thing. Did anyone stop to think this was COMPLETELY planned? Image makeover 101. Make SURE friend has video to see kids sad to leave there dad, make them sound HYSTERICAL. Make Kate look bad. I want to hear from you all and tell me if you agree with me or not. But comment after you watch the video you you can see how staged this all was. Jon this backfired on you baby. But nice try after making yourself look horrible by PUBLICLY attacking your wife.......

Exclusive: The Gosselin Kids in Hysterics Over Leaving Dad Jon: (Or how I like to call INF not knowing what it's like to have kids and making a big deal over nothing to get readership) (photos & video courtesy of INF)

INF has exclusive photos and video of Jon Gosselin dropping off the sextuplets yesterday afternoon after they spent the day together at the arcade. The pictures are hard to look at, but the video is absolutely heartbreaking and should be watched with caution, as it’s upsetting. The sextuplets are hysterical: when Jon opens the van’s door you can hear them all crying and wailing that they don’t want to leave him.

Jon waits at the gate of Kate Gosselin’s house while a nanny comes down the driveway and gets into the driver’s seat to take the van into the garage. Twins Mady and Cara come out from the house to greet Jon, and both of them are visibly upset as well, though they’re very quiet. Jon gets into the waiting car of a friend and drives away – it’s clear he’s anguished.