Friday, February 5, 2010

Jon Gosselin Will Let TLC Film His Kids Again If Lawsuit Dropped! Did Jon Go Back In Time?

EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Will Let TLC Film His Kids Again If Lawsuit Dropped: (Please feel free to comment about this on the previous post)

Jon Gosselin will allow TLC to film his children again if the network drops its lawsuit against him, has learned exclusively. The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star is facing an expensive trial as TLC pursues its breach of contract claim against him. The prestigious law firm Williams & Connolly is representing TLC and won a preliminary injunction against Gosselin, prohibiting him from engaging in behavior that violates the non-compete clause in his contract.
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Now Jon is ready to make a deal. He’s hoping to get TLC to drop the lawsuit by allowing them permission to film his children again. But don’t expect the return of Jon & Kate Plus 8. One source with knowledge of the situation told that the network would NEVER take Jon back. “You can be sure that if the kids come back to TLC it will be only with Kate, not with Jon. And there’s no guarantee that will happen either.” TLC is convinced they can make their new project with Kate work even though they have not revealed what the show’s format will be. It is possible that Kate Plus 8 could return as several specials, rather than a regular series.

But all the talk right now about settlement is coming from Jon, who is clearly getting the worst of the situation in the litigation. He’s been restricted from making money off his reality TV fame and is no longer receiving a TLC paycheck. His trial is scheduled to being in the Spring.
Jon’s attorney Mark Heller told “You haven’t seen the last of Jon Gosselin.”And while that may be true, other sources say that you can be sure you’ve seen the last of him on TLC. “That bridge is burned,” one source told

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jon Being Questioned Next Week For Possible "Fake" Charges, Kate is Finally Back? 10 Little Pumpkins

Jon Gosselin Will Be Questioned By District Attorney's Office Over Break-In Report:

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is summoning Jon Gosselin to a meeting next week -- whether Jon likes it or not, has learned exclusively.
Jon is now going to be questioned over the filing of his criminal complaint alleging ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman ransacked his apartment, sources close to NYPD told
A source close to the NYPD told exclusively that the former TLC reality show TV dad “is receiving word this week that he needs to come in for a meeting” as early as next week with officials in the office of the new Manhattan D.A. Cyrus R. Vance Jr.

According to the source, the cops investigating the matter believe the break-in was staged and at the meeting in the D.A.’s office Gosselin will be asked to explain the filing of his criminal complaint stemming from the “ransacking” of his New York City bachelor pad last Dec. 26.
Gosselin claimed he returned to his Upper West side apartment and found it vandalized with furniture and clothing “sliced up” and electronics and other valuables missing.

He also claimed a nasty note from Glassman – who had moved out earlier that week – was left behind stuck to his dresser with a butcher knife! exclusively obtained a photo of the knife spearing the note into the dresser. Glassman admitted she removed items from the apartment but said those items belonged to her, including a plasma TV. She said the rest of Jon’s claims were “nonsense.” NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said in late December that detectives were looking into whether the incident “was staged.”

And the NYPD source now says: “The more they’ve looked into it, the more they’ve felt like it was a publicity stunt on Jon’s part. They absolutely thought the butcher knife part of it was complete ‘B.S.’ – something out of a bad B movie! “While this hasn’t been the detectives’ top priority, Gosselin could get the collar for filing a false report. “Now, the open investigation that’s continued has resulted in the D.A.’s office deciding that Jon Gosselin must come in and appear in person to be questioned.
“This is serious stuff if the D.A.’s office wants to speak to him directly. And if he refuses to voluntarily show, they could make it difficult for him and issue a subpoena – basically, forcing him to appear. “It would certainly be in Jon’s best interests not to give the new D.A. a hard time. “But it’s now clear that Jon may have screwed up big time if what he alleged against his ex-girlfriend was fabricated, the D.A. doesn’t like people filing false police reports and they could certainly make him an example!”
Kate Gosselin (Minus 8) To Return To TV:
Just when you thought you'd seen the last of her, reality TV staple Kate Gosselin is returning to the small screen this March. US Weekly reports that the busy mom will be reprising a guest host spot over at 'The View,' along with a new TLC reality show-- this time without the kids.Kate, who will start on The View on March 11, last appeared on the show in September of 2009 during the height of divorce proceedings with her then estranged husband.As for the new TLC gig, we're told it will debut later this year with cameras following Kate "trying different jobs and tasks and showing how she performs in different environments." Though public reception towards the mother of 8 has been polarizing to say the least, we're just excited to see those new hair extensions in full HD glory.
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