Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jon Being Questioned Next Week For Possible "Fake" Charges, Kate is Finally Back? 10 Little Pumpkins

Jon Gosselin Will Be Questioned By District Attorney's Office Over Break-In Report:

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is summoning Jon Gosselin to a meeting next week -- whether Jon likes it or not, has learned exclusively.
Jon is now going to be questioned over the filing of his criminal complaint alleging ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman ransacked his apartment, sources close to NYPD told
A source close to the NYPD told exclusively that the former TLC reality show TV dad “is receiving word this week that he needs to come in for a meeting” as early as next week with officials in the office of the new Manhattan D.A. Cyrus R. Vance Jr.

According to the source, the cops investigating the matter believe the break-in was staged and at the meeting in the D.A.’s office Gosselin will be asked to explain the filing of his criminal complaint stemming from the “ransacking” of his New York City bachelor pad last Dec. 26.
Gosselin claimed he returned to his Upper West side apartment and found it vandalized with furniture and clothing “sliced up” and electronics and other valuables missing.

He also claimed a nasty note from Glassman – who had moved out earlier that week – was left behind stuck to his dresser with a butcher knife! exclusively obtained a photo of the knife spearing the note into the dresser. Glassman admitted she removed items from the apartment but said those items belonged to her, including a plasma TV. She said the rest of Jon’s claims were “nonsense.” NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said in late December that detectives were looking into whether the incident “was staged.”

And the NYPD source now says: “The more they’ve looked into it, the more they’ve felt like it was a publicity stunt on Jon’s part. They absolutely thought the butcher knife part of it was complete ‘B.S.’ – something out of a bad B movie! “While this hasn’t been the detectives’ top priority, Gosselin could get the collar for filing a false report. “Now, the open investigation that’s continued has resulted in the D.A.’s office deciding that Jon Gosselin must come in and appear in person to be questioned.
“This is serious stuff if the D.A.’s office wants to speak to him directly. And if he refuses to voluntarily show, they could make it difficult for him and issue a subpoena – basically, forcing him to appear. “It would certainly be in Jon’s best interests not to give the new D.A. a hard time. “But it’s now clear that Jon may have screwed up big time if what he alleged against his ex-girlfriend was fabricated, the D.A. doesn’t like people filing false police reports and they could certainly make him an example!”
Kate Gosselin (Minus 8) To Return To TV:
Just when you thought you'd seen the last of her, reality TV staple Kate Gosselin is returning to the small screen this March. US Weekly reports that the busy mom will be reprising a guest host spot over at 'The View,' along with a new TLC reality show-- this time without the kids.Kate, who will start on The View on March 11, last appeared on the show in September of 2009 during the height of divorce proceedings with her then estranged husband.As for the new TLC gig, we're told it will debut later this year with cameras following Kate "trying different jobs and tasks and showing how she performs in different environments." Though public reception towards the mother of 8 has been polarizing to say the least, we're just excited to see those new hair extensions in full HD glory.
My Favorite Jon & Kate Episodes: 10 Little Pumpkins!


  1. Aggghhhh these poor kids...I totally believe Jon probably staged it...I never thought I'd see the day where Hailey Glassman looked-dare I say it?- good! I really do hope though, for these kids, that Jon did not do this. I hope, for the kids, that he doesn't go to jail or anything. (I don't even know if he would over this, I'm just saying...).

    In the meantime, thanks for posting the episode! I'm STILL watching my series dvd's while on maternity leave! 1 more week!

  2. Thanks for posting the episode! It's one of my favorites.

    I found it interesting that Jon said he knows what Kate does when she's home with the children and there is no way he wants to be home with the children every day all day long, ever. He's rather be at his job. Kate even agreed with him. It's just sad that he loved being a father but being a stay-at-home dad really wasn't something he wanted to do and he had no choice. It all seemed to go downhill from there. I think if they had stuck to their original plan they may still be married.

    As for the NYPD and the DA, I'm really looking forward to knowing the outcome, whatever it may be.

  3. Did Jessica ever come back from Disney World? I haven't seen her posting... Hope you had a great vacation Jessica! Sorry Off-Topic!

  4. Baby Mama, totally OT but I do NOT miss the NYC slush! I remember those days when I was working in Midtown Manhattan. Yuck!

  5. Hey Baby Mama,
    I'm sure there will be other people commenting about it but Kate is scheduled to be on The View again in March!

  6. Poor Jon, but at least Mr Sleazebag Heller will get to show his stuff. I am just wondering if they have investigated whether somebody else could have been the one hoaxing maybe on Jon's behalf without his knowledge like Mr Sleazebag I mean Heller or on Hailey's hehalf like her friends. I also wonder if Jon did it if the real intention could have been to get out of his lease on that apartment that he couldn't afford and didn't really want without Hailey. I believe he probably only went to New York in the first place to be with Hailey anyway. I just think there could be more to this story than we are privy to. I hope he wouldn't have done this for publicity himself that soon after the heeneys were sentenced for that stunt, and I think he could be too impulsive to plan it out on his own. Anyway, it will be another sad thing for the kids to google some day.

  7. I wonder if Kate will be on The View promoting her now show on TLC or if she is working her way toward being a host on The View or another TV show, or if she was simply invited just because...

  8. Hi everyone sorry I have been MIA lately, Disney was fabulous, but since coming back we have been dealing w/ snow and school being closed and now we have another huge storm coming in this weekend...where is spring?

    off topic,but Schmecky thanks for asking about me. We were totally spoiled going to Disney in January, no lines, no crowds, great weather. From now on I think we will only go this time of year. We were even able to walk up and eat at Askerhaus (sp?) in Epcot with the Princesses without a reservation. My 9 year old son not so thrilled but my 4 year old daughter was in heaven, even my 15 mo old was in awe. I saw the vegetable stuffed pasta on the menu remebered what you had said Schmecky, so we stayed clear. I could go on and on, but wont continue to bore any non-disney fans... is there even such a thing :)

    On to Gosselin news. As for Jon and the NYPD and DA, If it comes out that he did stage this I really wonder if it was completely his idea and not that of his media hungry attorney?

    I'm excited Kate is coming back to TV, I just have a hard time watchiing her on the View with Whoopi. I used to always watch the View, but since Kate was on it in September I didn't care for the way Whoopi treated her. Since then I rarely tune in to that show and it seems like anytime I have the Gosselins have been in the news and Whoopi makes a rude comment about Kate. Of course I will watch when Kate is on in March, I hope she's filling in for Whoopi being gone.

  9. Schmecky Girl~ I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for giving me the heads up about The View appearance. I think they are giving a few of the previous hosts that did well or that people really talked about back on the show. It will be interesting to see if she talks about the new show!

  10. When I saw Taylor Swift the other night on Grammys, I was thinking of when she and Kate were on the View together. I hope that they let Kate talk about her sweet kids and let us know how they are doing. I didn't think they liked her that much, especially Whoopie, but maybe.


    EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Will Let TLC Film His Kids Again If Lawsuit Dropped

  12. Most of us knew this would be the case. I just hope that if the kids are wanting to film and they decide to go with it that they remove Jon's decision making around the kids filming and possibly give it to an objective third party so he can't hold it over tlc's heads. The boy must be getting desparate. Maybe this is what He and Kevin discussed at the bars. See now Kevin can get paid for criticizing Jon's decision and maybe Kevin will share the money. I am being a little sarcastic. I would love to see the kids on tv if they want to be. I would love to see Kate take them on a Disney Cruise. There are really neat children's programs that would halp her handle that many kids with maybe a nanny. I do think that if it is strictly about money TLC would get more from filming Kate Plus Eight than it ever could from suiing Jon, but it is complicated. On one hand TLC needs to send a message to everyone it is doing a show with and its advertisers, but it also needs to not come across as a bully, bullying a poor helpless Jon who has been through the worst year in his life. A tightrope is what TLC will be walking

  13. Georgia Peach 311~ Thank you so much for sending me this! I'm going to put it up as a post but everyone can feel free to comment here! Now it's almost laughable that Jon took the kids off TV. It was just him being selfish and wanting to hurt Kate, but at the expense of hurting his family destroying his income and losing all his fans that loved the show!

  14. None of this is suprising.

    I hope they do film the kids and Kate again. I miss seeing them and I think it offers great opportunities for the family!

    I am sorry, but the "I hate Jon Gosselin" club is so immature but also not suprising from Jon's "friends". How in the world did Kate put up with Jon's immaturity for as long as she did?!

  15. Jessica! BEE! So glad to see you both! I thought you all forgot about me! ;)

    Yeah, I was debating wether to post that stupid "I hate Jon Gosselin" link but I find it so funny that Hailey Glassman is all over "ze" Lohan. I guess Jon is still kicking himself that he ever became friends with that man. It's like the kiss of death in the celebrity world.

  16. I'm not saying it's not true, but radaronline is a tabloid... what makes anyone believe it based on their reports? The only other media outlets reporting that are quoting radaronline as their source.

    I really hope it's not true. It will be interesting to see if it is true and if TLC accepts the offer. If they do it will only show that they didn't sue Jon for breach of contract, but really sued him to get the children back on tv.

    I wonder if Jon's lawyer is allowed to respond to those allegations or if he is also under the judge's ruling.

    I really find the whole TLC lawsuit very intriguing. I hope we can get more info through more reliable sources. The apartment vandalism too.

  17. Jessica sounds like you had a great vacation. Feel free to go to my Disney World blog post and tell me all about it! I'm almost sorry you didn't try the ravioli... I would have loved your reaction to it. lol.

  18. Please pray for warmer, sunny weather. I love my kids, but 6 1/2 days of being snowed inside made my hair turn gray. They were in school for hour this morning and it started snowing and sleeting so sent home. More snow forecast for Tuesday. I miss my blogging friends. And loved the episode posted Baby Mama; thanks. Remember, think WARM

  19. You're welcome. I am happy to be back online and, as of today, wirelesssss. :)

    Back to the news and pic of the day: Just look at how cold the little girls are while Jon is all snug in his heavy coat!

    What a selfish clueless excuse of a dad.

  20. Schmecky Girl~ You are 100% right. Radar Online has given unreliable reports in the past. The rumor that Kate was moving to Marlyland & getting an apt. was 100% BS. Then Radar retracted by saying she backed out of the purchase, when in fact she just had lunch there one day.. hence starting said rumor.

    But more so than not they have given us news before any other outlet, normally TMZ's bragging rights. I really hope, that this one is true.

    Jessica~ So excited to hear about your trip. If you put the details on Schmecky's blog let me know. I'd love to hear all about it! Tonight after dinner when the snow storm stars I'm going to finish planning my Summer vacation!

  21. I hope the kids return to TV.

  22. I think TLC might take Jon's offer. It will be interesting to see what happens. I don't really think they'd do a Kate+8 in anything other than an occasional special and that's probably better for the kids.

    But, on the other hand, TLC may move full steam ahead into court due to all the grief they put up with Jon not returning calls but even more the grief they got from Hellet's demands.

    You know with no money now, I wonder if Heller is pressuring Jon to push for a deal with TLC?

    The next few months should be very interesting indeed.

  23. Baby Mama and Schmecky ~ I posted some of the details of the Disney trip on your blog Schmecky.
    (I had to put it in 2 separate posts it was so long)

    About this whole radar thing, I hope it is not true, I would love to see the kids, but I just don't think it is possible to create that show again. I don't feel that TLC or Jon have much credibility left but what does that say about both of them to use the children as a bargaining chip in the lawsuit...THAT IS SICK!

  24. Haven't forgotten you Baby Mama!! I've just been taking a Gosselin break.

    I am not so sure how sold I am on the new Kate show idea. Watching her work in different environments just does not sound very entertaining to me. Is there any confirmation on what type of show Kate will be doing with TLC?

    I don't watch the View but will if Kate is on it!

    Just made our Disney reservations for April, this afternoon! Can't wait!!!!

  25. Linda, I do agree for all parties involved, that Jon should agree to the filming of the kids in order to get that million dollar lawsuit dropped. I think he finally realized that he destroyed not only his own future career but the future savings of his children by ending the show. He knows he will never win this lawsuit & seems to have no problem contradicting himself when it comes to filming his kids. Apparently it's ok now, just don't sue him. And he better not be praying for TLC will take him back. I agree anything filmed with the kids should be with just Kate.
    SchmekyGirl, we never got a drop of snow, but I'm hearing parts of NJ got 2 feet! So crazy since we are so close together. My crazy friend left for Atlantic City this morning for a boat show, not knowing about the state of emergency there! Still driving in one lane to get to 2 feet of snow! Crazy!

    Jessica, I agree that the magic of the show is gone. I really wished they could have worked on things before it got so out of control. But I'm happy to know that legally Kate can have the kids on whatever new show she has. I would love to see and hear then so grown up now. I really hope her new show doesn't suck. Haters are praying for that!

    Bee, I forgive your Gosselin break lol, but I did miss you! Always feel free to come say hi even if it's not Gosselin related. Off topic, I figured that since Spring Break is so early in March this year that April would be cheaper..I was shocked to see how expensive still flights are to Orlando! Also, I think that families Re finally not feeling quilty about spending & travelling in the resession now. All the places I wanted were sold out. Still waiting for rooms to open in the Carribean Beach Resort. And how messed up is the new dining plan? It's not even a good value anymore. Hate the Gosselins all you want, but I feel sorry for whoever has to pay for that many kids on any vacation nowadays! Kate is probably REALLY missing those freebies ;)

  26. Sarah RDH, I also forgot to mention to enjoy your last week of materity leave! Going back to work is the hardest thing as a mom you have to go through (besides birth if course!) I know it will be an adjustment.

    Tashapork, having the Gosselin kids go in a cruise would have been another great episode. But we would gave to hear of all the moms cry foul about it in the blogs.. You know one more thing Kate gets to do that they don't. They would say how NOT jeous they are, when deep down they would run to hate blogs seething . It was the case every time that family did anything.

  27. Am I overcautious or does anyone think Hailey is crazy to be posting on twitter when and where she will be celebrating her 23rd birthday and inviting all. There are just too many sickos out there that may think they are avenging a sick love for Jon, or something weird like that. I know I get after my little sister's friends for sharing phone numbers on myspace instead of in e mail or messaging, but I don't think Hailey really realizes how many deranged people there are in the Gosselin land that she inserted herself into and whether she likes it or not, still is in at least for awhile. She must really need attention. Now Radar will probably post it.

  28. Baby Mama, we got 8 inches of snow last night. I need Spring!

    As for Jon letting TLC film his children, I personally hope he doesn't, but I do remember Jon saying he didn't want them being filmed during their divorce, so I think he did leave it open that they may film again. I'm just not sure TLC will because the labor dept is still looking into the allegations about filming permits and the hours they filmed, etc.

  29. Georgia Peach,
    While I agree with you about the pic with Jon and the girls freezing, there are more recent pics of Kate out with the boys on a day where the high was 34 degrees and she is in a huge puffy warm jacket with sleeves all zipped up and her boys are wearing just vests not zipped up and Collin looks like a popsicle.

    They BOTH don't seem to dress their kids appropriately for the weather. We've had this discussion before...

  30. Anyone see the current pics of Kate's hair? It seems the same hair stylist that did the extensions trimmed it and restyled it straight. It looks so much better. I really do not like it long and curly/wavy on her. I actually like her better with the short hair (but without the top sticking up).

  31. Tashapork, I agree that in light of recent announcements I have made about Kate haters being closer to the source than we know, she should be careful. Unfortunately nowadays even semi-celebrities get paid $$$ to promote appearances and get as many people at the door as possible.

    Linda, both you and surprisingly some trolls are asking about seeing the results of the poll. If anyone knows how to properly work Blogger and can help me fix the issue with viewing please let me know. For the record none of the options are keeping the kids completely off TV. So for my troll buddies you will need to pick another option! Basically what I need is anyone that knows how to make smaller only the poll, not everything on the right of my blog. THANKS!

  32. Baby Mama, did you fix the poll already because I see it all just fine.

    My one suggestion would be to widen the sidebar margins if you can't make the poll smaller.

  33. I'm not surprised at all. (If this is even true, that is.) Jon is clearly getting desperate, and is now realizing how stupid he was to take the show, the experiences, and of course the income, right out from under the kids, Kate, and himself. The sad part is that now it's painfully obvious that he never did care about the kids getting hurt on camera, for the whole world to was just out of spite towards Kate and TLC. It honestly amazes me how much he has screwed up his life. It really is mind boggling.

    If this is true, than I do have mixed feelings about the kids getting back on camera. Part of me misses seeing them every week, and the other part wants them to be out of the spotlight because they've already been through a lot. I don't think that TLC would attempt to recreate Jon and Kate Plus 8. (Or even Kate Plus 8 for that matter.) They would definitely have to start from scratch with a new show. I think that I'm rooting for Kate's own show, and updates a few times a year for the kids!

    Good luck to everyone who's been hit by the winter storm! Try not to catch cabin fever! :o)

  34. SG please don't post to me if you are going to continue to be condescending. I will simply resume scrolling on past.

    We have not had a conversation before about this subject. I have not seen a pic where the kids are not wearing a coat and look like they are freezing while with Kate. No I haven't.

    You seem unwilling to accept many documented facts that Jon makes a lot of mistakes, with and without the kids, that Kate does not. I am tired of posting rationally about issues documented in photos and eyewitness accounts only to be challenged by someone who places no value in documentation (Jon's mistakes) or lack of it (no documentation of Kate making the same mistakes), for the sake or arguing. Maybe you should get out of the house more, ie grocery shopping.

    I think you do Baby Mama a HUGE disservice. I am sure the whoppers are just tickled by the bickering and reduction in activity here.

  35. Georgia Peach,
    ROFL! I have no idea what the heck you are talking about. When I said "we" I meant the bloggers here. Guess you missed that conversation. And I guess you missed the pics too. You need not take it so personally. I also think you might want to rethink taking personal jabs at other posters in here. I think THAT does Baby Mama's blog a disservice.

  36. I too hope they do annual updates of the kids.

  37. Wow so much has gone on in the Gossline land its been a good month or so since I posted. I read all the time but dont post as much. Jon has gotta be getting pretty desperate right now it would be nice to see specials of the kids but I think its great that the kids are off the screen now that they are older. I kept looking at the radaronline picture and I cant believe how much the girls have grown! I miss J&K +8 and curious to see Kate's new show.

    On another note, SchmeckyGirl I read your Disney blog it sounds sooo much fun! I havent been to disney since I was 12 (13 yrs) and sooo excited to take our 2 yr old to Disney for Thanksgiving. We are doing the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique for my daughter and lunch in the castle. Anymore fun suggestions for a 3 year old?

    Anyways, kinda shy sorta coming out of my shell and trying to post more often. Im here in Seattle where its warm but we have a bunch of family on the east coast, I keep thinking of all you ladies there, stay safe!!!

  38. I think, if what Radar is reporting is true, that it proves several things about Jon:

    1. He never felt filming was bad for his kids.
    2. He stopped filming for the sole purpose of hurting Kate.
    3. TLC has an amazing case against him and is likely to win.
    4. He is getting terrible, terrible advice.

    Assuming they do eventually work something out, quite frankly, I don't think there IS much to film right now. With all 8 in school, their days are probably filled with school, food, homework and then bed. That doesn't make for good TV. At this stage in their lives, it's better to film in the summer, I think. At least then they're playing or on fun trips and stuff.

  39. Wow, some news finally. I was beginning to see the tumbleweeds floating around in Gosselin land lately. lol Not that I have been around all that much. Man, this winter has been rough for getting sick! I have caught just about everything the kids have brought home and then some. 3 times strep throat and then a nasty cold. YUCK! Anyways, sorry for going off topic...

    So, it looks like Jon is finally feeling the burn of not having a regular paycheck? Wow, he'll let the kids film again if TLC drops the suit. So much for all his claims that he was pedophiling his kids out and exploiting them and he was taking them off the show as a matter of principle. Either that, or dare I be naive and say that maybe his kids were begging to do the show again? Whatever the case, I hope it all works out in the best interest of the kids. That's it!

    On a positive front, yay for Kate finally getting back on tv!! I'm so excited to hear she'll be on the View again. I am sure it has something to do with promoting her new upcoming show. Who watches the View more than the demographic that would likely tune into Kate's show? I wonder if it is a one or two time thing or is she actually guest hosting on a semi regular basis?

    I can't wait to see the new show too even though I have said that I doubt it will hold interest for as long as J&K+8 did, I will take her any way I can get her.

    One interesting question though; if the whole thing with the kids coming back on tv happens, what will happen with Kate's new show?

    In one sense it might be a blessing in disguise if the new show doesn't work out or become popular. If it does, I wonder if she will do both. It will definitely be interesting to see what unfolds in the next few months.

  40. I would be so, SOOO happy if Jon and Kate plus 8 came back! But the only reason Jon probably said that is because he's broke, and he will do anything to be rich again! But whatever just as long if I get to see those darling children again I will be so happy! I really miss the Gosselins!! When J&K+8 ended I was devastated I like devoted my life to that family and to hear that they may be back again is such great news! Hopefully if they ever do come back Jon will be back to them all selves. I hope at least TLC will have like a special on the Gosselins like Where re the Gosselins now or something like that.

  41. Sitting here trying to warm back up...power was out for 24 hours, looking out of my window to about 18-20 inches of snow...I want to be back in Florida!

    Just saw the pics of Kate's shorter, straighter hair and I think it suits her better than the longer style.

  42. Maybe the Gosselin kids could be on a filming schedule like the Hayes and film just during school breaks and special circumstances. They show when other shows are on hiatus, like maybe six episodes at a time. I also think it would be really cool to see the Gosselins and the Hayes do something together. They are similar in age and don't live too far from each other. It would be soo neat for the kids to meet other sextuplets and Kate and Betty have something unique in common even though they are very different.
    I really don't understand the whole notion that a lot of the haters have that the Gosselins (or Duggars, Roloffs, etc) are eating off of TLC like a welfare check or something. If I was them I would be taking every perk I could get because I and my family earned it because trust me, If TLC wasn't making good money off of them, they'd be kicked to the curb.
    I also think that there could be more to the story about the kids not wearing heavy coats. When I was little, I used to hate them and get hot easily. Maybe the kids ask to not wear them and they let them since they will only be out a few minutes anyway.

  43. Amy,

    I pretty much agree with all 4 points you made. I do think Jon did a lot out of spite at the time and at the advice of Heller. All the months leading up to the separation, when Jodi and Kevin first came out crying exploitation, he denied it and said it was ridiculous and that the kids were only doing what they would be doing anyway and on and on. Then when the whole trying to stall the divorce and money taken from the bank account mess happened, he does an about face and suddenly realizes that his kids are exploited and not even making paychecks for their work. I don't think any of that really had to do with ttheir actual welfare since now he will agree to do the show if they stop suing him. So sick!

    I'm really not trying to unnecessarily pick on Jon here, but if he was sincere in his desire to keep the kids off camera, then nothing would make him use that as a bargaining chip. However, I could see him defending himself by saying at the time the family was going through a divorce and it wasn't good for the kids to be on tv. Now that the divorce is over, the kids can be back on tv. This would be fine save for the fact that when asked on other occasions whether he regretted saying that the kids being exploited was ridiculous, he said that yes, he did regret it. I just don't get which it is. I think it happens to be more about whatever is most convenient to him at that moment rather than what is best for the kids nomatter what.

  44. I just saw an article on the peolpe website, that Kate is scheduled to be releasing a new book on 4/13 based on some of her journal enteries and a personal letter to each one of her children...

    here is the link,,20342494,00.html

  45. Baby Mama! Kate has a new book coming out!,,20342494,00.html

  46. Kate has written a book!

    Kate is also set to release a new book on April 13th, titled I Just Want You To Know: Letters To My Kids On Love, Faith And Family.

  47. Hello everyone! I had a crazy long day today but I just got every ones e-mails and posts. I am SUPER excites about all this great new3s! Please don't feel I'm being redundant by using all this as for my new post tonight (after the kids go to sleep) Do you think she will do another book tour? For the record, I really love how she has her hair now, even though it DOES scream Suburban Mom. Which is what she is.. so that OK with me!

    She probably wouldn't have the time, and that would probably mean John would have to leave the confines of his girlfriend's parents house in order to take care of the kids for a month. Then the hate blogs will all explode from typing that Kate is now a bad mother ever though shes supporting her family because she's away from her kids for too long..

    Ohh no here we go again! lol

  48. I am excited about Kate's new book, but I hope she writes one about her family's experience through divorce, but it is better to let more time pass before that. I think it might be neat for her to do a book with her kids, I think they would love that and people would buy it up because they love the kids. I think there could be some flexibility in the book tour to make it fit within her custody schedule
    I wonder if part of why Jon is willing to settle with tlc and let his kids be filmed is because Mr Sleazebag oops I mean Heller has dumped him. Heller has been surprisingly quiet. If Jon dumped the sleaze he and or Heller would be all over Radar with how Jon abused him. I think Heller has just been too quiet for something not to be up.

  49. Wow, super exciting about her book! Can't wait to read it. Looks like things are on a roll for Kate again. Way to go Kate!

    I really hope 2010 is a great year for her!

  50. I thought the issue was pretty much settled that Jon pulled the kids from the show as a "bargaining" chip with TLC on the advice of Heller. I know TLC executives testified in court that Jon's lawyer threatened them with pulling the kids from the show if he wasn't realised from the exclusivity clause in the contract. There was no reason for the executive to lie about that in court.

    I am wondering if we will ever here more about the apartment "buglary." It strikes me that the cops are treating it as a domestic dispute without much merit.

    I am also wondering about the custody arrangements. Life and Style (I think) reported that Jon gets to see the kids one day a week - and of course, he misses that one day a week when he is out of town for that week.

    The one day a week custody arrangement seems strange to me for a couple of reasons. First, there was no court battle - the custody arrangements were agreed upon by both parties. Why would Jon agree to such limited time with the kids? Is that all he wanted or was he bought off? And what could Kate have possibly offered that would make that arrangement attractive?

    Second, even if Jon really didn't mind (wanted) severely restricted time with the kids, why would agree to one day a week knowing that he did not expect to live in close proximity to the kids. It seems like this guarantees Jon will miss much of his scheduled time with the kids, especially if he moves as far away as Utah. Can he really fly back and forth each week?

    The custody situation has me very confused mostly because Jon signed off on it without a fight. Given all the speculation about Kate being abusive, etc., Jon could have mounted a custody battle if he wanted to. I guess I should have believed him when he said on the show that he did not want to be home with the kids all day.

  51. YAY I am very happy for her. I agree I hope that 2010 is a great year for her and her children.

  52. PAR,
    I wouldn't give much credence to what Life & Style magazine says. They cut Jon out of the pics and then wrote that he didn't take his kids out to play in the snow. The original pics are on and Jon is in them.

    Then they put a pic of the kids out playing alone saying Jon wasn't there for them but in actuality they were outside with the nanny when it was Kate's turn at custody.