Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jon Sucks Up Swag At Sundance, Showing His "Diva" Side, Sara Snow Visits

Hello Gosselin fans! Pretty quiet Kate Gosselin news week huh? This was actually good for me, because I have been so busy wrapping up new projects and getting ready for my friends sower this weekend, I have no time for anything. So I'm very sorry I have not been able to keep up with my blog!

Jon Gosselin however, is a different story. There are 165 Sundance articles on him alone I had to go through. Most were basically saying the same thing...The fame-hungry father is basically sucking up every freebie he can score at this years Sundance Film Festival, the whole time flaunting new Girlfriend Morgan Cristie. Lets also point out that Jon is staying with Morgan and her parents who live in Utah. WTH?? What is wrong with this 30 year old guy that constantly gets young 20 year old girls just to shack up with the parents? This is all sorts of creepy and wrong in my book. My own mother finds that hysterical.

So now as the show Jon & Kate Plus 8 fades off into the sunset, what WILL keep people like myself interested? Watching the re-runs makes me so freakin sad. I'm sure Kate has been enjoying the quiet month with the kids, but even then I hope that she knows her fans are ready for the new chapter. I'm still here and I'm still waiting! ; This week, I was a bit hungry for Organic food, so why not play another of Baby Mama's favorites, the Sara Snow episode!

Jon Gosselin, Girlfriend Flaunt "Inappropriate" PDA at Sundance: Usmagazine.com

Jon Gosselin is taking Hollywood by storm -- via the Sundance Film Festival. The former reality star has been popping up all over Park City, Utah during its annual invasion by the film industry. His constant companion on the snowy streets, at swag lounges and parties? Morgan Christie, his new 25- year-old girlfriend, whom he met during an earlier snowboarding trip in the state.

He and Christie were spotted making out Friday at House of Hype party at Cisero. "Tons of PDA, holding hands, kissing," an onlooker tells UsMagazine.com. "They kept walking around, it's not like they tried to be discreet and stay in a corner." And despite Christie's actual age, the law-school student "looked anywhere from 19 to 23," the partygoer says. "Anyone who saw him remarked how inappropriate it was. Gosselin seemed to love the attention." As for Christie, another guest that night says she was "super clingy and got jealous when he talked to other girls." The dad of eight is reportedly staying at a "massive mansion" owned by Christie's weathly family near Park City, a pal says. Before their affectionate night at Cisero, the new couple snatched up some swag Jan. 22 at the Tal
ent Resources Gift Suite at the Sky Lodge.

"He picked up jewelry for his mother at Rebecca and Eos lip balm for all his children," an observer tells Us. Gosselin, 32, was overheard telling a pal, "This year I'm having fun. I just went snowboarding, I'm relaxing with my girlfriend." (He noted he'd last visited Park City about two years ago with his family.) But Gosselin's Sundance stint isn't necessarily all pleasure: another source says he's "taking meetings about walk-on movie roles."

Jon Gosselin displays diva tendencies at Sundance: FoxNews.com

Jon Gosselin is taking over the Sundance Film Festival, much to the chagrin of real actors and celebrities. The divorced dad of eight has moved into the snow-covered Utah mountains and is staying at the family home of new galpal, Morgan Christie. The two have been spotted all over town snagging freebie swag and making out in public.

"Jon and Morgan are really making a spectacle of themselves and Jon expects star treatment everywhere he goes," an insider tells Fox411. "He has turned into a total diva. He and Morgan have been setting themselves up at free events each day, they request security teams to help them and make sure the paparazzi are around to catch them." The two decided to make a special date night out of the Kelis performance at the Film Lounge/House of Hype on Friday night.

"Jon made sure he was escorted into the venue with full security and he insisted on watching the performance with Morgan on the side of the stage, all alone, while real celebrities were in the audience with everyone else. Morgan was ALL over Jon during the performance. Then, when Jon was ready to leave, which was before the concert was over, he made security escort him and Morgan to his car. It was lame!"

Ryan Reynolds and Bob Saget were also at the House of Hype for Kelis and the two men acted a little different than Jon and Morgan. "Ryan and Bob hung out with the regular crowd and they drank beer and mingled with everyone all night. They were laid back and cool while Jon acted like he was a superstar. Everyone in the audience was wondering why Jon demanded such treatment."

My Favorite Jon & Kate Episodes: Sara Snow Visits!


  1. I cannot believe how FAT Jon is getting! I mean, compare the recent shots with the pic of him in the green sweater at the top of the page- it's not the same person, in more ways than one! Beyond that, clearly his behaviour is ridiculous, but he really needs to watch his health and be careful- his kids need their father to be alive, not dead of a coronary by age 40!

  2. I've been watching lots and lots of re-runs on DVD while I'm at home on maternity leave! It's the one non-cartoon show me and my 3 year old can agree on!

  3. for Jon's sake and that of the kids, I hope he can line up some income possibilities. I just hope he figures out that burning bridges doesn't help and sugar works better than vinager.
    Jon could be soothing his stress with food (or alcohol which the body burns as a fat) hopefully as things settle down for him, he'll develop healthier habits. I hope Kate leaves meals like she used to for the kids when she isn't there so they eat healthy. When I was seeing previews for the Duggars NICU show, it made me miss the Gosselins and reminded me of how cute they were visiting the hospital where they were born.

  4. Let's hope that something comes out of Sundance, like a job for Jon. But it seems dubious if his attitude is as it's being reported.

  5. I can't imagine why the parents of these young girls don't try to talk sense into them about dating a 30 year old guy that could walk away from his family so easily. What is up with that, plus the negative publicity it brings?

    I'd have to sit my daughter down and talk to her for sure if she drug home the likes of Jon Gosselin..........EWWW! She could and did do way better than him!!!!

    At the least her husband works and is a loving devoted father.

  6. I was shocked the other day when I found out that Mike Heller is also the rep for the Kardashians?? They seem to be good in their PR standing...I wonder if Kris keeps Mike Heller in line?!??!

    Anyways...I honestly hope Jon stays out of the limelight, I am soo sick of seeing him. He needs to get a real job because he obviously is too immature to handle any kind of job that will stroke his ego.

    I always thought that I watched the show because Jon & Kate amused me, but I found myself missing the kids the other day! Especially after my 3 yr old said "underwears" the other day! Reminded me of the Leah episode.

  7. I am still hopeful that something interesting is going to come of Kate's show with TLC. Is there any more news on what it might be??

  8. The problem with many of the girls that age is that for too many of them a talking to by the parents makes them want to do more of what the parents are saying not to do . Now I believe that if the parents would withdraw all financial support and only offer emotional support things would change. I don't think Jon would stick around long if the money wasn't there. Then again the parents probably buy into it too.

  9. Personally, I think any kind of job for Jon would be a real job, same as for Kate. I'll feel much better when they are both gainfully employed again. JMO

  10. I'm not so sure HOW they work is any of my business.......

    You are right, most girls would do just the opposite what the parents would ask them to do, but our daughter acted like a typical spoiled stubborn minded $h!t when we tried to talk sense to her, but she LISTENED. We'd give her time to think on it, but she'd get to thinking about it and puttting it into perspective after our discussions. Generally she only needed a discussion. But she totally respected and admired her father. She used to say all the time she didn't want him disappointed in her. She wanted to make US proud. She has and we are.

  11. http://entertainment.blogs.foxnews.com/files/2010/01/jonshirt.JPG

    PRICELESS! (too funny to resist posting it)

  12. *crickets chirping

    I guess it's good that things are quiet in Gosselin Land.

    I read somewhere (don't remember where) that Ted Gibson (the one that gave Kate her hair extensions) was on a TV interview (Today show?)and said Kate was supposed to appear on What Not To Wear but changed her mind.

    I guess maybe that's why she got the extensions. I wonder why she decided not to do it and if TLC changed their mind or if she just did. (If it's true that is.)

  13. jtctywoman~ I LOVE the photo of Jon's swag at Sundance!

    Schmeckygirl~ People that hate on Kate always seem to point out the one or two days she's away from her kids like shes never freakin home (minus of course her book tour). But it's been great to know that Kate has spent the Holidays to now spending some quiet time with her kids and mapping out her future. Jon can only live at his girlfriends houses and basically live for the swag.. And theres nothing wrong with that....Myself, it's been nice for the Gosselins to not be front and center but I want Kate to come back in a MAJOR way now..Hopefully something cool will come out soon!

  14. Baby Mama,

    I agree that it does seem like Kate is home with the children a lot more than Jon, especially since he's been in Utah.

    I just wonder what really is the truth. I guess we can't ever really know. Seeing pics of the children with Kate or Jon every few days doesn't really tell the whole story.

    I too wonder what Kate will be doing with TLC. I wonder if they have something in the works right now. Although if Kate has been home with the kids non-stop then when would she be working on her show? The last TLC spoke it seemed like they weren't going in a clear direction with Kate yet. Whatever it is I'm sure it will be interesting.

  15. Well it's indeed a slow Gosselin news week.. The top story today on US Weekly (besides Oscars?)

    "Kate Gosselin Hides Her Hair With Baseball Cap!"
    Let it flow?

    "After bunching up her $7000 hair extensions in a ponytail last week, Kate Gosselin freed up her pricey new tresses -- beneath a baseball cap, that is -- during a grocery run with her boys.

    With five year-old sons Aaden, Collin and Joel at her side, Kate, 34, stepped out on Monday to pick up supplies at a supermarket near their Wernersville, Penn. home. Bundled up in a puffy black coat, the star -- whose as-yet-untitled TLC reality series is set to premiere later this year -- strutted in signature boot cut jeans and high-heels.

    Sources have told UsMagazine.com that Gosselin "hates" her new hair, which took about 20 hours in the salon to affix. Meanwhile, her ex-husband Jon Gosselin was spotted partying and making out with his new 25 year-old girlfriend Morgan Christie at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah earlier last week."

    The pic of her and the boys are too cute. They are growing up so fast! Its sad that we don't get to see that every week like we used to!


  16. Well, I have missed allot of news since my computer is down & out. I am visiting today so a friend let me go on line. Hi to all.
    Just a short note to say I am getting used to kates hair and hop she does too. sooo quiet in gosselin land i don't have much to say.
    busy with my sons' wedding plans so I will probably tune in in March to say Hi.

  17. That's funny that they would ask Kate to be on What Not To Wear! She has been looking so good lately with her clothing choices, I wouldn't think they would find anything to pick on. I'd get it if it were before when she was always frumpy looking but now? Maybe that was something in the works way before she started looking so good.

    Other than that, it sure is a slow Gosselin.

  18. I empathize with and admire those of you dealing with computer problems where you can't get online for long stretches. I would be completely miserable. I also probably would get more done. I am glad that Kate took her boys shopping. I know it's a pain, but it is soo good for kids to shop. Maybe she can impart some of her coupon wisdom on them. This will be their first valentines day post divorce. I know Kate will make it special for the kids. I hope Jon does too. Kate or Jon have their hands full helping all six kids with their school valentines cards. If there are 20 kids in a class. Tha is 120 cards to deal with

  19. I don't think the sextuplets are in 6 different classes in school. I doubt there are 6 different kindergarten classes. I think they go to a pretty small private school at this point and I would bet they're in maybe 2 different classes at most- 120 valentines cards isn't a realistic concern.

    I have no doubt, though, that Kate will run herself ragged making Valentine's Day special for the kids. I bet she's been planning since New Year's for this. We all know how much she loves holidays.

    I also think all this speculation about how Kate feels about her hair is ridiculous. Who doesn't just put it under a cap when on an errand? It's like they think she should go everywhere dressed as a supermodel or something. She's a mom! It's a mom thing to do!

    Anyway, I think Joel has really sprouted up since the show stopped. I think he might end up being a tall guy!

  20. I'm reaaaaaaly curious as to how JonG and/or HaileyG were able to get the NY police dept to stay mum on the break in????

    Last reported was that they believed it was a staged publicity stunt.

    Could it be that that's EXACTLY what happened and that apologies were given to the NYPD and they just dropped it? I find it hard to believe that if there were more to the story - the NYPD's statement would be more along the lines of "we are still investigating"?

    If that was a staged thing - it makes me mad to think that police department resources were wasted when I'm sure there were real crimes happening they could have been dealing with instead of providing 'free publicity' for JonG!

  21. Hope,
    I'm not sure you CAN get the NYPD to stay quiet about something if they don't want to. ;)

    That last "report" was on radaronline and it was an anonymous source. It wasn't an official police statement, so I wouldn't take that too seriously.

    I too wonder why we haven't heard anything more about it. I don't think they NYPD are going to make a statement unless asked. Maybe no one has asked?

    I think if it came out that Jon staged it Hailey would have twittered it all over the place. If it came out that Hailey staged it Jon probably can't comment on it because he's not allowed to speak to the media. I'm not sure if Jon's lawyers can speak for Jon at this point either. They've been pretty quiet since the judge's ruling.

    I will say that I'm pretty sure the NYPD has a lot more serious crimes going on in NYC and this one doesn't take priority. I too am waiting for an official statement though. I do find it an interesting "case" and can't wait to hear the outcome.

  22. Merry Merry- Thanks so much for the note. I understand it was just meant for me & I have no intentions of posting it. I'm posting my email address so you or anyone on this site can contact me privately if you need to. I will quickly say to everyone that when I joke about trolls and haters, one thing is true: you always need to be careful about people attacking others on the web. Period. For there to be people that hate on someone they don't know simply out of jealousy and take it out on. Others on the web.. Well I don't need to even say that they are just sick individuals. We are here to discuss celebrities & nothing more. I will sY that I myself have made comments in the past to others I am not proud of, but when you see your screen name on every single Jon & Kate blog on the web, saying stupid crap like they know better, you tend to go ballistic. I'm so over the petty blog crap & have been for a while... (this excludes GWOP b/c those snakes need to be taken off the web PERIOD!).

    Just know that my goal here will always be the same. I will NOT leave the web until GWOP shuts down for good. I may be very busy in my personal life right now, but anoyne can contact me regarding anything Gosselin or non-Gosselin related at any time or even discuss it here if you like, my door is alwways open...the end (lol) So going back to you Merry WTH? Freaking psychos! Email me and we can talk and we can talk about it!


  23. In reply, I think Kate was supposed to be on What Not To Wear at the same time the hair extensions were done. I think it would have been interesting to see her on the show. I know a lot of people don't like how she dresses. I don't care much how she dresses, she's an adult and for the most part I like a lot of her clothing. Either way it would have made for a good episode.

  24. Baby Mama,
    I totally agree. I don't understand why people feel the need to attack other people for stating their opinions on blogs or media websites. I do notice that both sides/teams jump all over the other posters if they have an opposing opinion. I've seen some heated debates and some really horrible personal attacks. I really try to stear clear of all that. I also try to keep my "SchmeckyGirl" as private as possible. Not because I have anything to hide, because I don't. But there are a lot of vicious people out there so I try to keep my real name separate from all SchmeckyGirl alias. People need to be careful because you can find out a lot in google. It's sad.

  25. Guess I had good timing on my earlier post?

    New Report:http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2010/02/exclusive-jon-gosselin-will-be-questioned-district-attorneys-office-over-break

    FWIW I guess now we wait to see if anything does come of this. Interesting.