Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Kate Interview, It's A Normal Life! Watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 Valentine's Day HERE!

UPDATE: The Kate Gosselin E! True Hollywood Story was moved HERE. You can still comment about it on this thread.
Hello Gosselin fans! Today I wanted to talk about the #1 ammo used by those attacking Kate Gosselin. They want the kids to lead a "normal life". OK so that's basically code for.."I get on the Internet to snark on Kate because she gets things I only wish I could get and she never seems thankful for them therefore she doesn't deserve anything." What to you is considered normal then? Before that amazing vacation in January 2010, the last time the children were filmed was for Halloween. And they were in Alaska for the Summer! In fact, I know families that are away on longer trips during the year than Kate and the kids were even filmed. So consider this an open letter to the haters. Find a better excuse for your daily rants on blogs. The kids in fact live quite normal lives. There are many children across the US that are pulled out for homeschooling, millions of kids having to live through divorce. Millions that have working moms, that pick them up from school and run errands to Target when they are not home. in fact lay off poor Kate that should be entitled to live her life however she chooses. Who are you to complain that there are too many photos of her pumping gas or going to Target? Perhaps try not looking so hard then.

Kate Gosselin To Appear on The CBS show "The Talk" This Tuesday 2/15...Will you watch?
Tuesday, Feb. 15 Television personality Kate Gosselin; Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Cyndi Lauper..."THE TALK, which premiered on CBS in October of 2010 (Weekdays, 2:00-3:00 PM, ET; 1:00-2:00 PM, PT), is co-hosted by Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini. The co-hosts - moms with children ranging in age from infant to adult - swap stories, challenge each other on issues and engage the studio audience and viewers at home with events in the headlines and their own homes through the lens of motherhood"

My Favorite Jon & Kate Plus 8 Episode: Valentine's Day!
Every year for the past almost 3 years now I have played this episode on Valentine's Day. 2009 and 2010 Not just in honor of the Holiday but because it's my favorite. So I can't break tradition! Hug the one you love! FYI..After all these years STILL haven't gotten those Pottery Barn Chair Malboxes. Please bring them back! xoxox BM

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Both Jon & Kate Hopeful For Kids School Return, Kate Gosselin Style Icon? Her Best Looks By Baby Mama Infamous reality parents Jon and Kate Gosselin are both hoping that their wayward kids Alexis and Collin can return to school later this year.Kate is thrilled with the progress the pair have been making since they have been home schooled and Jon thinks that Kate has done a good job getting the two back on track. Kate had denied the fact that Alexis and Collin were actually expelled from their private Pennsylvania school after she made an appearance on Entertainment Tonight in November.

But recently, both Alexis and Collin’s behavior has shown a vast improvement leading Jon and Kate to believe they are now ready to return to school. “Kate is very proud of the way the home schooling has gone – both Alexis and Collin are arguing less with their siblings and they really understand what they did was wrong in the past. “Jon is also pleased with what Kate has done to get the kids back on track academically – he would love for them to go back to school with the rest of the kids. “He’s really happy with the progress that both Alexis and Collin have made and feels that they are better behaved in public now and are more responsible with doing chores and tasks around the house too.

“They are no longer fighting with their nannies when they are told to do something or are asked to get ready for bed either.” It remains to be seen if their former school will take the Gosselin kids back after they were expelled but that the school may consider doing so around September if the childrens’ attitudes continue to improve. Both Alexis and Collin received three full weeks of intensive special treatment in an attempt to focus their behavior before they were expelled but the school could consider giving them a second chance. It caused a real rift between Jon and Kate but they have become united by the fact that they both believe that Alexis and Collin are now ready to re-enter the education system later this year.

The 1st Annual Kate Gosselin Awards 2010 For Her Hottest Looks! By Baby Mama

After losing my beloved Gosselin Garb, I have been wanting to do this for some time. I wanted to award the hottest looks that Kate has graced us with for the past year. While there were a few missteps, most made me want to go out and purchase a large percentage of her wardrobe. Some I figured out where to get them. Some I'm still stumped. Maybe by showcasing them, you the reader can help me find out where to buy them! Also is there a look you loved that made you search and buy? Tell me in the comments section what makes Kate Gosselin an unexpected style icon!

1. Hottest Swim Suit: My favorite (and there were many to choose from) was the yellow bikini she wore in the pages of the People Magazine Bikini Edition. This simple yet super hot number is by Melissa Odabash Bikinis

2.  Favorite Interview Dress: My favorite color is purple, so you know when I saw this amazing dress my heart skipped a beat. It's very flattering to all body types, has a beautiful shine and Kate Looked amazing in it. While most of her dresses are by Ann Taylor Loft, this was a pricier number by Catherine Malandrino. So worth the purchase. I even loved the silver shoes she wore with it at the Larry King Live Taping August 25, 2010

3. Most Infamous Fastest Selling Kate Gosselin Worn Dress: While it was a hard choice between the green or the pink, my vote for the dress most associated with Kate was this summer ruffle number from Ann Taylor Loft. There was much speculation that since Kate wore so much of this designer she got the close for free, but executives from the company quickly put that rumor to rest... "Kate purchases what she likes on her own" a rep. from Ann Taylor stated. Well Ann Taylor hopefully sent Kate a big Thank You of something. Because when these dresses came out in Spring 2009, it was also the season of the explosion of Jon & Kate Plus 8 and the recent inquiries of an unfaithful Jon. Here Kate was filming an episode in May when they went to the Ronald McDonald house without Jon, and fans of the show were clearly seeing the beginning of the end of their marriage. It was one of the hardest episodes I had to watch before the big announcement in June.
4. Best Kate Gosselin hairstyle: Go figure the hair I loved the most was something that Kate wore for only one night. In between Ted Gibson's infamous new longer hairstyle he let her hair breathe a bit by cutting it into this chic bob. It was only but one photo anyone got to see, but I really wished she would have kept this after the hoopla with dancing with the stars. I was probably one of a few that really liked her signature style (topped only be the 1992 "Rachel"). And while I understand someone really wanting long hair after having it short for so long, hopefully someday she will consider going back to this pretty, flattering look.

5. Best Kate Running Errands Look: Kate wore this denim look a few times, mixing it up with various tees, and a sleek pair of black pants. This was such a great staple of hers I made it a staple of mine. In this look, while taking the kids to a Jonas Brothers concert, I recreated it by purchasing EVERYTHING lol on the Just Jared "Get this look".  All you need is a pretty pair of pink matching heels, pink tee, white denim jacket and sleek black pants.

6. Favorite TV appearance look, The View: Everyone simply loved when Kate Gosselin hosted on The View in this color flattering yellow blouse. Maker is still unknown. Someone needs to tell me where I can find this, since I already have 5 people that want it! Her hairstyle created huge buzz since it was the first time people had seen her with a new look since that infamous "spikey do". Either way, they whole look screamed confident interviewer, as fans and haters alike spent an entire week picking apart every second of her appearance.

7. Favorite Kate Gosselin accessories, All Cole Haan: OK so when Kate when to a few public speaking events wearing the matching shoes to the purse Jon Gosselin gave to his "rumored" girlfriend Deanna Hummel, there was a HUGE uproar. Was that gift meant for Kate and he gave it to his girlfriend instead? Or was Jon so clueless about what to get for a gift he ripped off ideas from his wife's own closet? Either way I chose these 2 because after I saw them on Kate I immediately went out and bought them myself. Both from the Genevieve collection, these are the most comfortable, stylish wedges I have. And Kate's pink leather bag that feel like butter she uses everywhere? Well lets just say I was the same until my kids got a hold of it near a pen. Both I will definetly use again this Summer.