Friday, October 7, 2011

Kate Says No To H8R, But Yes To Tooth Fairy!, Why Do People Hate On Freebies?

Whats Wrong With Kate Getting Freebies? Why is she accused of Mooching?

Kate Gosselin says definitely she won't pay for getting her hair styled. Even though she's said to be pinching pennies, she still looks like she's getting some pretty expensive hair treatments. How's that all working out? According to Hollywood Life, it seems there's a bit more to the story. Some might even say she's doing a bit of mooching. Just because Kate says she's not paying to get her hair done doesn't mean she's not getting it done. It seems that Kate has utilized the services of the upscale Ted Gibson salon. Now that she's no longer on TV, she is still getting the hair treatments comped. How did word of this get out? On Twitter, of course. Kate Gosselin was asked recently by a Twitter follower how much haircuts cost at the Ted Gibson salon. "Always comped. Wouldn't dream of spending that kind of $ on hair!!??!" Kate replied.

Kate GosselinSo how long does Kate Gosselin think these comped services will last? She still doesn't have a job and had so been hoping that a deal for a new reality show would come up. Rumors have been circulating about Kate Gosselin doing a radio show, but she's said there's no basis to that. The former Kate Plus Eight star is 100% unemployed. Do you think this is a cut and dry case of Kate mooching? How much longer do you think the salon will continue to comp Kate's services? It will be interesting to see if in the very near future, Kate Gosselin starts sporting a different hair style. What do you think?

Kate Gosselin Talks Cupcakes and the Tooth Fairy!

Kate Gosselin  is very excited to celebrate the birthdays of her twins, Mady and Cara this weekend! The family received something very special from one of their favorite bakeries, just in time to kick off the festivities! "My friends at Georgetown Cupcakes overnighted 5 dozen cupcaFile:A rainbow of cupcake bites, March 2009.jpgkes! Oh how excited Cara and Mady were," Kate tweeted on Wednesday. Of course she has been very busy planning for their birthday party, which is presumably on Saturday. Aside from planning the party, the mom of eight is also struggling with other duties... ones of the tooth fairy kind.

On today's blog Kate talked about how it's not easy keeping track of all the Gosselin missing teeth! With the sextuplets all losing pearly whites on a regular basis, mom is having a hard time keeping up! Her suggestion? "More sleep and less night flying!" There is never a dull moment in the Gosselin house as you can tell from the range of topics Kate covers in 24 hours! The big question is, will the "little kids" still be able to eat those cupcakes despite losing so many teeth? Perhaps they should leave one out for the tooth fairy as incentive...

Kate Gosselin Says NO to H8R, Then Show Gets Canceled:

The star of the former hit show, Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin is making headlines today. According to a new report, Gosselin has allegedly passed up an opportunity to appear on a new show entitled, H8R. On each episode of the show, a celebrity confronts his/her "biggest hater." A producer of the show, reportedly stated that at this point, it does not seem as though Gosselin is interested in making an appearance on the show.
As Huffington Post reports, a show producer of H8R reportedly said of Kate Gosselin: "We have had more videos sent in about Kate than any other celebrity. We have reached out to her many times asking her to do the show, but so far it doesn't look good." Now that Kate Plus 8 has been canceled, in previous interviews, the reality star revealed her wishes to continue her career in television, and it is certain that her fans would love to see her return to TV. However, at this point, there has been no news of Gosselin making a return to TV in the immediate future, but H8R is reportedly interested in having her on the show. The show has since been CANCELED