Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kate Gosselin Ready For Her Close Up, I "Heart" Tony, Hating On Haters, New Access Hollywood

USATODAY.COM: Kate Gosselin and her Dancing with the Stars partner Tony Dovolani walked the red carpet last night for the New York premiere of the Discovery Channel's new documentary series Life. So how's she feeling about DWTS?

"I am all about new challenges, facing my fears - this is like the hugest fear ever because I have never ever danced in my life," Kate told Entertainment Tonight.

She praised her partner, saying, "He's a great teacher, because this is not analytical thinking, this is not books, this is not schedule planning, this is like all that other art stuff and he's very good at explaining what I need to do."

Meanwhile, Tony praised Kate, saying, "She's just a complete role model as a mom."

fyi: That is the reason why I heart Tony...

This week my whole schedule was off. Instead of helping my husband figure out the big bathroom remodel I was harping over cut hours at my job and trying to find my path in life. On top of that my eldest who normally never gets sick was well, very sick with a stomach flu. Last night after having to clean her sheets, then on my knees at 2:30 cleaning my rug, we finally decided on the downstairs bathroom. At the time I thought nothing of all the huge Gosselin attacks Kate got for doing the same thing. Well turns out this was the best thing I had done. In between an emergency doctor visit today and about 10 other things , all I could think about was rushing how to blog to those nasty women asking them who they think they are to still be harping on this crap and a mothers decision of whats best for their children. LO AND BEHOLD this is still being discussed as the main reason to hate Kate..If I hear one more person talk about how Kate being sexy is now a crime or how she pimps out her kids I'm going to punch someone. I am proud of my hot breasts and super proud of hoping TLC knock on my door with some cash. Kate looks amazing, and the fact that you have issues with it means your a hag or a nun, or at least not proud of your sexuality.

Lets meet BrummyGirl, a GWOP regular...."Would you really do all the things Kate has done? She says it is all for the kids but it is really for herself. Working out of the limelight would be all for the kids.We have seen what she has done "all for her kids" and it is not pretty.If she really wanted what is best for those eight children, she would quit embarrassing them across the board and get a real job."

Why the heck to need Kate to get a miserable 9-5 job just so that shes an OK mother in your eyes? She already has a job, and that's to provide for her wonderful children however she freakin sees fit. I don't want a 9-5 job either. Does that make me a bad mom? She is in no way embarrassing her children, though you are embarrassing yourself with the crap you posted. I think its great that shes a figure in the limelight and so sorry that you cant handle that..

Lets read "GoAwayFools" "The idiot had those tups on purpose and exploits them to this day so SHE can be famous, so SHE can be rich, so SHE can be on tv. She spends way too much money on plastic surgery, clothes, and spa treatments for her homely self and on nannies, chefs, and maids so she can avoid her kids for me to believe for a second that she does anything for those kids."

Your a pretty sick individual to accuse Kate of having her kids on purpose just to get on TV. She has never had plastic surgery (you wish) and seriously who are you to tell anyone that they spend to much money. God bless those that could afford a nanny and a chef. Maybe if you had one in your life would know how great they are. Any finally, Kate has been home for months with her kids.. Since you look through her windows, you should know that.

And finally my fav..from Meredeth...This one is long so be patient with me: "This woman posing with her hands on her hips....put her sick son on a cold floor in the laundry room and shut the door.She trash talked her sister in law on national tv for giving the kids gum and threw a major hissy fit over a bear with a bitty bit of gum on it.Demanded that the state of Pennsylvania pay for a nurse because it is society's responsibility.Leaves her eight young children in the care of nannies for days on end so she can chase after fame.Had her nanny take her child to the doctor with a possible broken wrist, so she could stay home and be filmed by TLC.Ignored her constipated son who was in clear distress because she was too busy being filmed buying bunkbeds.Is estranged from her parents, some siblings, and all of the friends who helped her survive the birth of 6 babies. Endlessly spends money earned by her children on a physical makeoverfor herself.Lied to the entire world that SHE wrote Multiple Blessings....Yes, you've heard all this before. But revisiting all of these issues while simultaneoulsy looking at this photo in the link above is infuriating. She needs to be knocked down a kazillion notches."

Ohh sweetie, I see you post lots..Lets pick apart what you have said. Putting sick kids on the floor is OK, do you have any? She did not trash talk her sister-in-law, she was very kind to her considering she was upset. If I needed to support my 8 kids the it too, will be the State of New York's responsibly, they can handle it, that's why the money is there. I had several people take my daughter to the doctor if I couldn't. Why are you soooo upset that she asked her husband to handle a constipation issue? The money the family made is theirs to spend however they see fit you jealous bitter.. (opps my bad) She DID write Multiple Blessings, and please get over yourself that your only satisfaction is life is to knock someone off their pedestal because you cant reach it!

Phew! So sorry! I feel better now, since my words were not printed, I felt the need to print them here. Feel free to do the same..Thanks for listening, I normally rant like this every few months....
New Kate & Tony Interview On Access Hollywood!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

IT'S TRUE!!! Kate Gosselin On This Season Of "Dancing With The Stars"! & "Jimmy Kimmel Live"!

EXCLUSIVE: It's True! Kate Gosselin Will Be On Dancing With The Stars!
Reality TV supermom Kate Gosselin will be one of the celebs joining the ninth season of Dancing With The Stars.The official line-up will be announced Monday night during the big finale of ABC's The Bachelor.But Kate's new gig will not keep her away from her children.
The mom of 8 likely will do most of her practicing near her Pennsylvania home because she insists on putting her children first.The show was willing to accommodate her because they believe she'll be a huge draw, a network source told Kate is the breadwinner in the Gosselin family now that Jon has spectacularly flamed out and cost the family a ton of cash by first shutting down Jon & Kate Plus 8 when he denied TLC permission to film the children, and then breaching his contact with the network, which caused them to sue.That suit was recently settled but cost Jon -- and his family a lot of cash. TLC won a preliminary injunction, a sure sign that they would prevail at trial.
Kate Gosselin Last Night On Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Kate and Perfectly Paired Partner Tony Dovolani Talk Dancing on GMA!