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Kate Gosselin Ready For Her Close Up, I "Heart" Tony, Hating On Haters, New Access Hollywood

USATODAY.COM: Kate Gosselin and her Dancing with the Stars partner Tony Dovolani walked the red carpet last night for the New York premiere of the Discovery Channel's new documentary series Life. So how's she feeling about DWTS?

"I am all about new challenges, facing my fears - this is like the hugest fear ever because I have never ever danced in my life," Kate told Entertainment Tonight.

She praised her partner, saying, "He's a great teacher, because this is not analytical thinking, this is not books, this is not schedule planning, this is like all that other art stuff and he's very good at explaining what I need to do."

Meanwhile, Tony praised Kate, saying, "She's just a complete role model as a mom."

fyi: That is the reason why I heart Tony...

This week my whole schedule was off. Instead of helping my husband figure out the big bathroom remodel I was harping over cut hours at my job and trying to find my path in life. On top of that my eldest who normally never gets sick was well, very sick with a stomach flu. Last night after having to clean her sheets, then on my knees at 2:30 cleaning my rug, we finally decided on the downstairs bathroom. At the time I thought nothing of all the huge Gosselin attacks Kate got for doing the same thing. Well turns out this was the best thing I had done. In between an emergency doctor visit today and about 10 other things , all I could think about was rushing how to blog to those nasty women asking them who they think they are to still be harping on this crap and a mothers decision of whats best for their children. LO AND BEHOLD this is still being discussed as the main reason to hate Kate..If I hear one more person talk about how Kate being sexy is now a crime or how she pimps out her kids I'm going to punch someone. I am proud of my hot breasts and super proud of hoping TLC knock on my door with some cash. Kate looks amazing, and the fact that you have issues with it means your a hag or a nun, or at least not proud of your sexuality.

Lets meet BrummyGirl, a GWOP regular...."Would you really do all the things Kate has done? She says it is all for the kids but it is really for herself. Working out of the limelight would be all for the kids.We have seen what she has done "all for her kids" and it is not pretty.If she really wanted what is best for those eight children, she would quit embarrassing them across the board and get a real job."

Why the heck to need Kate to get a miserable 9-5 job just so that shes an OK mother in your eyes? She already has a job, and that's to provide for her wonderful children however she freakin sees fit. I don't want a 9-5 job either. Does that make me a bad mom? She is in no way embarrassing her children, though you are embarrassing yourself with the crap you posted. I think its great that shes a figure in the limelight and so sorry that you cant handle that..

Lets read "GoAwayFools" "The idiot had those tups on purpose and exploits them to this day so SHE can be famous, so SHE can be rich, so SHE can be on tv. She spends way too much money on plastic surgery, clothes, and spa treatments for her homely self and on nannies, chefs, and maids so she can avoid her kids for me to believe for a second that she does anything for those kids."

Your a pretty sick individual to accuse Kate of having her kids on purpose just to get on TV. She has never had plastic surgery (you wish) and seriously who are you to tell anyone that they spend to much money. God bless those that could afford a nanny and a chef. Maybe if you had one in your life would know how great they are. Any finally, Kate has been home for months with her kids.. Since you look through her windows, you should know that.

And finally my fav..from Meredeth...This one is long so be patient with me: "This woman posing with her hands on her hips....put her sick son on a cold floor in the laundry room and shut the door.She trash talked her sister in law on national tv for giving the kids gum and threw a major hissy fit over a bear with a bitty bit of gum on it.Demanded that the state of Pennsylvania pay for a nurse because it is society's responsibility.Leaves her eight young children in the care of nannies for days on end so she can chase after fame.Had her nanny take her child to the doctor with a possible broken wrist, so she could stay home and be filmed by TLC.Ignored her constipated son who was in clear distress because she was too busy being filmed buying bunkbeds.Is estranged from her parents, some siblings, and all of the friends who helped her survive the birth of 6 babies. Endlessly spends money earned by her children on a physical makeoverfor herself.Lied to the entire world that SHE wrote Multiple Blessings....Yes, you've heard all this before. But revisiting all of these issues while simultaneoulsy looking at this photo in the link above is infuriating. She needs to be knocked down a kazillion notches."

Ohh sweetie, I see you post lots..Lets pick apart what you have said. Putting sick kids on the floor is OK, do you have any? She did not trash talk her sister-in-law, she was very kind to her considering she was upset. If I needed to support my 8 kids the it too, will be the State of New York's responsibly, they can handle it, that's why the money is there. I had several people take my daughter to the doctor if I couldn't. Why are you soooo upset that she asked her husband to handle a constipation issue? The money the family made is theirs to spend however they see fit you jealous bitter.. (opps my bad) She DID write Multiple Blessings, and please get over yourself that your only satisfaction is life is to knock someone off their pedestal because you cant reach it!

Phew! So sorry! I feel better now, since my words were not printed, I felt the need to print them here. Feel free to do the same..Thanks for listening, I normally rant like this every few months....
New Kate & Tony Interview On Access Hollywood!


  1. I don't understand why any parent could expect another parent to be perfect. Parenting is the hardest job in the world and parents are always second guessing themselves and making right and wrong decisions, but if the kids are loved, safe, and have basic needs met they will be fine. Parents also grow and change over time. The only thing that used to bother me a little was how Kate got upset about the messy stuff like art projects and look how over time she was able to grow from that and let the kids do pudding painting and the pottery. If anybody was bothered by Kate's gum rage they should have heard mine. I banned Bre from gum in our house until she was ten. When I was a kid spending the night at Grandma's she would let us sleep on pallets on the floor. We loved it, the punishment for bad Kidd was being sent to the bed. If the haters want totalk about bad parenting they should look at the millions of foster kids in this country who would give anything for a parent half as good as Kate and who due to their parents' issues are a real drain on the system compared to the part time nurse that Kate needed for her premature infants. I also don't know how the kids would be better off with a job that wouldn't even pay the childcare costs. I know of eight and nine year olds that have had to watch five year old siblings while parents work They are not better off. I think Kate's "fake" job is better for them any day.

  2. I'm sorry for the rant, every once in a while I have to, and I know my regular readers can forgive me for that. In July it will be 2 years I have been screaming at people that attack Kate. Why? I guess I just hate women telling others how to raise their families. Half these people are much older and have no idea how it is to raise children. (Seriously old, they are saying Kates outfit is skimpy and how DARE she ware it. Are you kidding? Have you watched DWTS?)

    I outlasted several hate sites, and my goal is to outlast them all. I take offense to anyone that thinks they have the right to tell Kate or anyone else what is right in parenting. I loved that show for keeping it real.

  3. I think Kate is sooooo beautiful, and she keeps getting better! I can't wait to see her on Dancing.

    I think she's setting a good example for her kids. She's been through so much over the past year, and let's face it, the kids (at least Cara & Mady) have been exposed to a lot of it. I think this shows really great willpower & teaches them that when life hands you lemons, you make some lemonade!! I don't think she dresses skimpy or whatever; I think she looks classy, and I wish I had the balls to dress like that too! (I'm working on that...trying to let go of my

    So many people wish she would just go away, but there are a lot of moms out there (like ourselves) that really look up to her & want to know how her & her family are doing. If you want her to go away, then quit buying the tabloids, and change the channel when she's on. Simple as that. You know, there's a lot of celebrities I don't like. And when I don't, I don't spend my time finding things wrong with them, I just ignore them. I don't watch their movies, read their books, watch their interviews, whatever. I just don't support them, I don't make it a habit to knock 'em down every chance I get. Instead, I choose to support the people I do like. Like Kate. :)

    Keep going Baby Mama, I don't always comment (usually, but the Jon drama left me with nothing more to say! lol) but I always always read and this is my #1 source for Gosselin news! Thanks!

  4. I love Kate and I love DWTS so I know who I am rooting for. GO KATE. And anyone who judges parents for "parenting" I have a few diapers I would love to rub your face in. (and that is the least of what you deserve, someday you will get yours)

  5. I applaud you for always finding the good in Kate, she's come a long way in how she handles the messes the kids can get into. My hubby was upset over her rant about the 'gum' issue. I see it from her point of view. Let's see, 6 pair of ruined socks, 6 pair of ruined pants, 6 ruined shirts, etc. Not to mention the bear was ruined, or almost ruined. Looking back I think Aunt Jody did that on purpose. She surely knew how Kate felt about the gum.

    I would not let my kids do finger painting, etc. I hated the mess and the potential for ruining 'things'. Yep, bad mom, but I see her reasoning.

    The haters? Well, I really question their motives. Why would you seek out things to gripe about when it comes to Kate? Picking apart every little thing she does? Nanny, cook, gardener? Hell yes, bring them on, I'd love to have them. Those kids are well adjusted, not exploited at all, I don't care what they say. I think Maddy would have been outspoken and bratty whether on film or not. She's old enough to know exactly what she is doing and she's doing it on film in front of people because she knows that there isn't a lot Kate can do. If the cameras weren't rolling she'd deal with her in a different way. Believe me, my son put me in that position more than once.......because he KNEW the punishment would be different behind closed doors. No beatings, so stop thinking that way, but you can bet he would have gotten yelled at if we would have been in the confines of our home.

    Wow, and he lived thru those yellings without being maladjusted. That's the problem today, no discipline for unacceptable behavior, parents tend to poo poo it away, partly because there's some bitty standing back ready to call 911 if they see a parent actually being a parent and disciplining their child. Look how the tabloid tried to crucify kate for swatting one of the kids, or whatever. I shudder to think how I could handle all 8 of those kids as well as she does, the house is spotless, they are fed, it's amazing how she does it and I still applaud her, and you Baby Mama to bring in some sense to all the hate sites.

  6. I am a pretty modest mommy. Im still pretty young and I see women that dress classy but not skimpy have tons of self confidence. I dont have great self confidence and havent been the one to wear tons of makeup but watching Kate how she has been a Mom, and still looks great has made me want to do more for myself. Face it, kids dont want Mom's that wear hoodies and sweats, they want cool good looking Moms (and Dad's)- I also enjoy when my husband says "your hot!". Looking good brings up a persons self confidence and Im all for that. With changing myself and my wardobe I feel better about myself, and if a women wants to look like Kate thats great!Kate is a huge role model for me, she looks good, has a great personality, love to joke and laugh, and goes above and beyond for her kids. Also, I second everything Tashapork says!

  7. You Rick BabyMama! Those GWOPs don't realize that their purchases of the tabloids etc is so helpful at keeping the Gosselins people of interest. I echo the previous posters.

    The GWOPs are so dumb it's incredible. Yes, you could keep a sick child in bed if you lived in a small house or trailer where it's 15 steps from the front to the back. In a two - story house, it's much safer to put them on a pallet in a downstairs bathroom where they can be in a quiiet area but still close enough to be within hearing. With everybody else downstairs playing, I don't think you could hear a child upstairs being sick or choking. I think it's an issue of safety mostly. Also my backup sheets, clothes, etc are in the laundry room; when soiled from illness I can just zip them into fresh ones.

    The whole chef issue makes my rock with laughter. The chef was paid to prepare meals by TLC on production days. And, not necessarily for the convenience of the Gosselins, but because this is required for the production crew in their mostly union contracts. Kate's error? Being kind enough to share the leftovers with Jodie and Kevin. Sad thing? Those two knew the truth about the chef and chose to distort it in their own jealousy. How do I know for sure about the chef? We have a video production company and we have to do the same. (and no, we didn't do their show, we do video biographies for A&E; we don't do reality shows. I won't mention the name again because I don't want our emails to be flooded again by the GWOPs.)

    Keep standing up for the Gosselins, Baby Mama. I'm behind you all the way!

  8. Tashapork, I really agreed with what you said. I have said similar things in the past about there being kids out in the world who deserve the kind of attention the gosselin kids get but sadly most will not ever get it. There should be a pouring of outrage over kids who are neglected, not kids who have as much as the gosselin kids have. As far as Kate's new clothes. I kind of stand on neutral ground on that. It's her choice either way. I can see how from the platform she took from the beginning with being conservative how it looks to that audience. Yet I can also see how she would want to wear sexy things because she's worked hard for her new body.

  9. Lol, I was trying to say "You Rock Baby Mama" and once again my auto spellcheck on iPhone changed it to "Rick". I never know what it's going to change.

  10. I forgot to mention that if you have a typepad account, you can comment on Kate's latest blog on TLC. It's so you can send suggestions for DWTS or send good wishes.

  11. Baby Mama,

    Hope your daughter feels better. I won't say anything about Kate today because you might punch me. lol.

  12. Aww Schmecky, the whole Tri-State area is in an uproar as midnight came we lost ABC channel 7 right before the Oscars. If we actually lose out on seeing it then Cablevision will lose at least half of their 3.5 mil costomets including myself.

    But all seriousness aside, I don't expect everyone to share my point of view regarding Kate. I just understand her and in awe of coming out a winner after the continued struggle of raising 8 kids. I've supported almost everything she's done. And it posses me off that some old hags that are not raising young kids have the right to judge just because she was on TV...

  13. Linda haha I'm at the park on my Iphone getting fresh air w/the kids who needed to get out. Everyone is feeling slightly better. I meant to say PISSES me off and it changed it. Thank you for saying I RICK! lol

  14. Hi, my name is Sheryl, and I'm the Mom of three sons, and a granmama to seven little boys! I'm probably older than most of you, and I've had a lot of experience taking care of children--they've been the joy of my life.

    I started posting on ROL a little over four months ago in defence of Kate--the GWOPS have lost it over there, and posters are being attacked constantly--I've had enough!I just don't understand how folks can tear Kate apart--she's a good Mother, and you can clearly see that the children are well taken care of. Do these people understand that Kate is the one who provides for these children--not Jon, and not the GWOPS, but all they do is gnash their teeth, and snarl about Kate--these people are dangerous IMHO! God bless those posters who can continue on, but it's so upsetting to see it day and night--it's never ending!

    I so admired how Kate kept a low profile during the divorce--I would have lost it, and I've watched her mature into a lovely young woman who has more responsibilities than most of us will ever have. I so admire her for persevering though all she's been through, and I for one, want to see her succeed. I will remember Kate and her little ones in prayer daily, because they need God's angels around them....

  15. I don't see Kate as a perfect parent - no one is. However, the only people who deserve the kind of hatred directed at Kate are murderers and child molestors.

    I can't decide if the folks who post GWOP are primarily stupid or primarily hypocritical but I am leaning toward hypocritical.

    They claim they just want to be Kate-free but then consciously choose to go and read at place that will guarantee that she is constantly in their face. Millions of people pay no attention to Kate - it is easy to do so if that is what you really want.

    They claim to be child advocates and pat themselves on the back every so often because "someday the children will know someone cared," yet 90% of the posts are about Kate's body, clothing, appearance. People who really care about children don't trash either of their parents - especially for stupid, superficial things like how chunky her legs are or what her hair looks like.

    True child advocates would recognize that stability is critical for those kids right now and that Kate is doing right by them trying to find a way to keep them in their current home and school (especially Cara and Mady).

  16. I totally agree PAR. I do not understand the hatred. Haven’t we all at one time or another disagreed with someone on television, in office, or even just a popular blog? Honestly people, just don’t read or watch anymore. I have done that before when I find someone to be totally disagreeable or offensive.

  17. Interesting, from The Examiner:

    "Former "Jon and Kate Plus 8" star Kate Gosselin may not have to start performing on "Dancing With the Stars" for another two weeks, but she already has a plan for success. According to a new story by My Fox Philadelphia, the reality TV mom intends to rally moms together from around the country in order to form a solid voting block:

    “The most powerful and exciting thing that has come from all the fame and notoriety is the camaraderie with mothers...I feel a uniting of moms everywhere. Moms all do the same job and I get so much from the mothers everywhere. There is so much support.”

    Kate went on to add that “there are patches of people everywhere. Tony’s kids and my kids assure us 11 votes!”

    Having support form all of the moms our there will certainly be well and good, but it's to be seen if that will be enough to pull Kate to the top of the back. In order to win "Dancing With the Stars," you generally need to win over fans early and keep them on your side. For evidence, all you have to do is look at Donny Osmond from last year -- he wasn't arguably the best dancer in the competition, but he realized that satisfying fans was ultimately more important than attempting to get a perfect 30 from the judges. Mya, meanwhile, was an expert at getting perfect scores but lacked the same sort of fan support."

    Do you think that Kate Gosselin will succeed in winning over moms across America?

  18. Hi everybody!
    Tashapork, I think you may have said it all! I think that Kate is a great mom to her kids, and she is confident, hardworking woman. I honestly don't understand why the GWOP'ers insist upon picking apart every little detail about Kate and attacking her daily, nor do I think I ever will. Kate is doing an amazing job with the kids going through this rough patch... I'm 100% certain that none of the haters on GWOP have ever spent a day in her shoes, so how can they say whether or not Kate is a good parent? They have no idea. She has a great opportunity right in front of her, and I'm sure that she'll run with it. Regardless of what others say, I believe that Kate is doing an amazing job right now, and her kids will thank her when they're older.

    Thank you for standing up to all of the craziness out there, Baby Mama, and for maintaining your awesome blog! I'm sure that Kate is thankful for you! :o)

  19. Good morning fans! Had to delete alot of trolls today.. I hope it's not like this once the show starts...Thats why I laughed when I saw this Mario article about Kate. Mario was one of the young R&B dancers from 2008...

    Mario says "Chill Sista, Don't Stress!"

    "Hey, I've been there," Mario admitted. "I love Kate, I think America does too. She's feisty and she's going to do just fine. One of the things she has most going for her is that she has a great personality, so people will love her. My best advice to her is to 'Chill, sister and don't stress too much about it.' That's what I did. I just relaxed and took it all in."

    In 2008, Mario danced (check out the video) with Karina Smirnoff - who's not on the show this season -- and they got high marks (24 out of 30) for their sexy dazzling initial cha cha, but the pair was surprisngly voted off on the show's celebratory 100th episode.

    Still, he gave a polite farewell speech thanking judge Len Goodman, his harshest critic. "I've had a great time, a great partner and great competition," Mario said: "Len, thank you for all the comments you made. Ultimately, you helped me become a better ballroom dancer."

    "Maybe that should be included in his advice. Memo to Kate: Prepare a gracious farewell speech, just in case."

  20. We really need to pray for all those Hate Filled People....What a sad world they live in

  21. Thanks for posting the interviews! I never get to see those otherwise. Hopefully the kids can use the dance floor as a roller rink too!

  22. Schmecky; I think the dance floor is gonna come out as soon as the show is over....... There are probably stipulations on its usage also.........

  23. I was reading several of the Facebook comments. It's sad that they read vengeful comments and take them at face value. Pretty much the consensus is that why are so many reality people now considered stars? First off, every sinlge season of that she has had at least ONE reality TV person. (The first winner was Kelly Monaco (sp) are you kidding???) Exactly what star was she other than being on AMC.

    Women have the right to make money outside of the home for their family and not be attacked for it. Women the work are away from their kids and people have to deal with that and not attack. It all went back to Kate and the freebies! And I'm like seriously people, are you still harping over the fact that shes getting stuff free that you can't? Ugh I can't even go on Facebook & my Farmville without getting annoyed about peoples issues with Kate! ;)

  24. Jane, i do pray for the haters of the world. The world is infested with them and they bring everyone down. There are so many positive things to do with one's life.
    Kelly Monaco plays Sam Mc Call on General Hospital,(the other show I love) she's somone who has done a lot for herself and her family and come a long way like Kate. As much of tv that is reality shows these days, I don't see how they can ssay that Kate isn't a star. It would be like saying Ty Pennington wasn't a star. Kate will be great, she's taking it seriously.
    Babymama, I didn't know you were on facebook, I need farmville neighbors badly. I only have eight.

  25. I hope they leave the dance floor in--what a great place for the kids to skate,DWTS, this would be a really nice gift! If I had the money, I'd buy it for them!

  26. The kids seem to love Tony, and he looks like he's having a blast playing with them. Check out RADAR ONLINE'S pics of Tony playing with the kids today! Man they upload Kate gossip quick don't they?? Even when I didn't like his partners I always voted for him. He seems like an absolute doll!

  27. Good morning! It's a beautiful day, but sad to hear of the passing of Cory Haim. Another yousng actor that left us too soon. I wasnt into him but I know many a girls that had him on a poster on their closet!

    If I was Kate, I would hide my behind today till my new hair came in. Dont give the haters anymore to snark about. Apparently they are fixing the blond do which I personally love, and trying something new for the show. I know she has an appearance coming up. I have to look and see where that is! Also don't forget about The View!

    Posted on Mar 09, 2010 @ 03:40PM__________________

    Hair’s News! Kate Gosselin is getting ready for her debut on Dancing With the Stars and has learned that her stylist Ted Gibson is giving her a slightly new look, starting with taking her extensions out on Wednesday. The $7,000 hair-do Kate has been sporting is coming out, kids.

    Kate will be hitting up the Ted Gibson salon on Wednesday and she’ll be back to her famous short-do. But not for long.

    “She’ll have a new hairdo tomorrow because we’re taking them out and we’re not putting them back in until Thursday. So she’ll have short hair for a day,” Ted told exclusively.

    And Kate will have multiple shades in her new hairdo. “We’re actually doing three different shades of blonde, a caramel, a beige blond and a little bit of a lighter blonde,” Ted exclusively revealed to

    “The extensions will last through the whole time she’s on the show.” Kate is giving Jennifer Aniston’s The Rachel competition for most famous hairdo in the realm of pop culture. Ted explained to the process for Kate’s hair. “We’ll be doing color, we’ll be doing extensions, we’ll be getting her ready for her premiere on Dancing With the Stars!”

    Ted said that Kate is a contender in the reality competition. “I think she has a good chance, I think people love to watch her, I think she’s interesting,” he told “ When she was here last week she said she been trying really, really hard at dancing and she doesn’t feel like she’s necessarily a dancer but I think she’s having a good time and that’s going to show, that she’s having a good time.”

    “She’s thrilled beyond belief,” Gibson said about Kate’s excitement for her Dancing With the Stars chances. “I think this is going to be really great for her.” She is getting along well with her partner and Ted said Kate really likes Tony.

    Ted has his own line of products and talked about the ones Kate uses on her new hair. “She loves Build It blow drying spray, she loves my daily shampoo which is called Daily Cleanse and a daily conditioner called Daily Nourish. She also loves hair styling sheets, she’s a woman on the go, and it’s a great product for styling or refreshing.”

  28. Hey, is she going to be guest co-hosting on The View still? If she is, what dates?

  29. Kate is scheduled to be on The View tomorrow I was aware, if not then she is on on Friday.If anyone can confirm this let me know!

  30. So Kate is going to go around the country and try to get votes? I hope so! and Baby Mama, if you find the dates and places where she is going, please post them I would love to see her again if she comes near me. I am actually glad that Kate is getting a new hair style because it/s not really working. I can't wait to see her on DWTS!

  31. I was going to ask the same thing about the View because when I checked the guide it didn't mention Kate but that doesn't mean she's not on. i hope she tells us about the kids. I am glad Tony is interacting with the kids but I didn't like the way ROL was referencing Jon. They don't know what the custody agreement is and nobody will ever take their Dad's place. I hope Kate can look into some dance classes for the kids that are interested.

  32. Hi baby mama and all,
    I am posting from home on my new pc, wow it's nice. I have been reading here but it is going to take me awhile to catch up on all thats Gosselin. Where and what is Jon doing? He should be taking care of his kids while Kate is practicing her dance with Tony. I wonder if they will ever work things out for the benefit of the kids, so they can have both parents around instead of being left with Caregivers!!!

    No matter how good a caregiver is, nothing can take the place of Mom or Dad. JMO!

    I will be watching Am. Idol tonight, and The View tomorrow at 11AM

  33. I have been a bit lazy with posting the appearance dates and schedules. It appears Kate may have been switched to Friday to be home and not conflict with rehersals. So if shes not on Thurs. have no fear! it appears now to be Friday!

    And to all those that live near Indiana, don't forget that Kate will be at The Women's Expo in South Bend this Saturday 1pm

  34. Just saw pics of Kate's new hair style. Not sure if I like it yet... But I see she finally got to go to Nobu.

  35. Are you talking about the short hair on ROL? I honestly don't like it, it's very "mommy" looking, and that says alot coming from me!

    From what I was aware though, she was only having that short bob for a day before debuting a hot new set of entensions for the show. I hope this it true because I do NOT LIKE this look. But I'm starting a new post now and I will put the shot up for people to see. Hey, give that hair a day to breathe! lol

    Also sorry to everyone that I mis-quoted the day for Kate on The View. She will be on tomorrow! So keep a look out!

  36. They declare to be kid supporters and pat themselves on the back again every so often because "someday the kids will know someone cared," yet 90% of the content are about Kate's system, outfits, overall look. Individuals who really proper worry about kids don't junk either of their mother and father - especially for ridiculous, trivial factors like how big her feet are or what her locks looks like. Family Lawyers Mississauga