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Kate Graces 3rd People Cover, The Kids Start School, Jon Cash In Vegas, Jon Still Loves Kate?

Hello Gosselin fans! Even though her kids do not start school until the Wed. after Labor Day, things are about as hectic as they can be for me. Which is the reason why I haven't been able to do as many posts. But TRUST, after next week this Mama will do the dance of joy, and when I am not working I will relish those 2+ hour baby naps with hopefully some cool stuff.. (I hope lol).

Some of you have already discussed in the previous thread how excited you were to read how Kate "really feels" in the new People Magazine. I for one will be picking this up tomorrow. I actually went to my CVS here and it was sold out! So hopefully my supermarket will have it. As for the media attacking the kids and their first day of school, many are just as outraged! Could YOU imagine having to deal with that? What if you had no choice? I think under the circumstances, they all (including the kids) handeled things very well. Including what appeared to be a very emotional Kate being the sad mom I was on my childs first day of school!

Jon Will Always Love Kate, But Is in Love with Hailey:

Jon Gosselin says that, while it was over between him and wife Kate last October, he did try counseling in an effort to save their 10-year union. "I worked on my marriage," the reality star, 32, told PEOPLE outside his Pennsylvania home on Wednesday. "I went to therapy. I have huge bills so [detractors] can't denounce that ... For [Kate] to say she'd been working on it – well, I'd been working on it too, and at one point in time I just gave up. There's a point in time where you just say, 'This is not going to work.' So I just moved on." He says he reached that decision in October 2008. In May, he says he began "talking" to Hailey Glassman, 22, but they did not start dating until after Kate, 34, filed for divorce on June 22, because it "wasn't appropriate."

Now he and Glassman are "boyfriend and girlfriend," he says. "I love Hailey," he says. "I'll always love Kate. I went through a whole bunch of pictures today, and it's sad to see something that was good turn bad but we moved in two different directions. We know that."

He says anyone watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 could tell they were having problems. "We move further and further apart because we're so frustrated," he says. "But you have to understand reality TV. We can get in a fight today and have to do an interview tonight."
As for his soon-to-be ex: "I have no ill will toward Kate. She's the mother of my kids. She's a great mom. She does a lot for them."

Jon Wants Money To Talk In Las Vegas:

For Jon Gosselin money talks. And he means it. The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star is hosting a pool party in Las Vegas this weekend at MGM Grand’s Wet Republic but sources in Sin City tell exclusively that Jon says he won’t talk to the media on the Red Carpet. The reason? It depends on who you believe. One source told that Jon says he doesn’t want to answer certain questions. (We could fire off 20 of those before taking a breath!) But another source says Jon want$ to be paid for any media interviews.

Either way, he’s still going to have to talk at the pool party. And sources say he may grab a microphone on the Red Carpet and say a few words but there won’t be any give-and-take with the media, which is usually expected at these events. Jon has taken a bit of a beating in the press, as wife Kate has repaired her image and garnered much public sympathy. Her tearful Today show interview, followed by a strong performance on Larry King Live portrayed her as a caring mom completely focused on her children. Jon, however, has been linked with various women and partied publicly.

That apparently won’t stop in Las Vegas. hears from Las Vegas sources that a group of Jon’s friends from Pennsylvania are coming into town and while Jon will publicly appear with his mom, his pals are planning on partying with him well into the night.

The Media's Coverage With The Kids First Day Of School:

It looked like there was tension in the air as Jon and Kate Gosselin reunited for a second day -- once again, for the sake of the kids. The estranged couple were seen together Friday morning taking their sextuplets to the bus stop in Reading, PA. for their first day of school.

The sextuplets will be in junior kindergarten only three days a week this school year; next year, they'll go five days a week. While Kate hopped on board the bus to kiss her kids a final goodbye, Jon waved from outside. Kate’s bodyguard and close friend Steve Neild was on hand to watch the kids get onto their bus. On Thursday morning, the bickering couple came together for the first time in a few days to send their 9-year-old twins, Cara and Mady, off for the first day of school, where they’re entering the third grade.

Jon and Kate have certainly had a strange week: from Kate calling the cops on Jon to her whirlwind media blitz to Jon’s black eye (he hit a cabinet). Jon and Kate's divorce will be legally official by the end of September. It's not clear how their divorce will impact their reality show.
Kate and Jon Gosselin are in the middle of a divorce, but life still goes on and the kids are back at school. Jon and Kate arrived in separate cars at the bus stop at 7 a.m. The twins came with their mom and gave their dad a hug before getting on the bus. Kate got on with them and a couple of minutes later got off. Jon stayed by the stop pacing and texing. Mady and Cara started third grade on Thursday, the sextuplets start junior kindergarten on Friday, and it’s only three days a week. “Next year will be kindergarten for the little kids, and it will be five days a week,” says Jon

Jon tells PEOPLE that the 5-year-olds aren’t ready for kindergarten yet because they were “preemies”. For class assignments, Jon says, “They’ll split them by personality. Alexis and Collin will definitely not be classmates.”

The twins are excited to go back to school, “because we live in the middle of nowhere and all their friends live near school,” Jon says their brothers and sisters aren’t anxious about their first day of class. “They use each other as a security blanket,” he says. “As long as they’re all going, they’re not nervous. If I would send one, they’d probably freak out.”

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kate On New Larry King Live, Jon No Longer Wants The Show, Sneak Peak Of Next Weeks Episode!

Kate Gosselin On Larry King live 8/25: Complete Interview
A composed and somber Kate Gosselin bared her soul to Larry King Live.

Among the topics discussed were why they did the show, their very public divorce, how the kids are holding up, life after Jon and will the show continue. When quizzed as to whether the show would carry on post Jon, Kate was tight lipped claiming it was "up to the network to decide".
Jon has been more vocal however, saying today that he hates the show And wants to leave.
When asked if there would be a season 6, Kate was evasive, saying "there could be or could not be. We take each season as it goes."

As to how the kids are holding up, Kate says they're "doing remarkably well" and that "they're dealing with it". Hinting at the obvious tensions between the two Kate paused before answering if Jon is a good father, saying "He is - his decisions are not ones that I would necessarily make but deep down I know he is."

One good thing is that they do agree on two things apparently - faith and the children's schooling. However, they disagree on "current things" with Kate claiming she is "looking more towards the future than he is." When asked if she still considers herself married Kate answers "I am not yet divorced." And unlike her soon to be ex-husband Kate has no interest in dating, claiming "I don't think about it. I'm lonely but very busy. I'm alright."

Jon Gosselin: "I Don't Want" to Tape Jon & Kate "Anymore": US

Jon Gosselin wouldn't mind punching the clock instead of appearing on a hit TLC reality show.
"I wish I had a 9 to 5 job instead of the nightmare I'm living. This is 24/7," he told outside his $1.1 million Pennsylvania home Monday. "I don't even want to do taping for the show anymore."

But Gosselin says he's stuck filming and doing promotional appearances to make as much money as possible. (A source also tells the current issue of Us Weekly that he's "suspicious" Kate is hiding cash ahead of their divorce proceedings. They make an estimated $75,000 per episode.)
"I have two houses and eight children to take care of and I need to work," he told Us.

Later that day, Gosselin taped Jon & Kate Plus 8 with the kids at the Lower Heidelberg Fire Company in Berks County, Pa. The family threw a fundraising lemonade stand.
Gosselin smiled and posed with local young women while wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with "Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies" and big sunglasses. A witness says the crew filmed the kids for about an hour playing with firemen, who showed off all their equipment.

Sneak Peak Of Next Weeks Episode..CNN.COM

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Watch Last Weeks Battleships & Barber Here! Kate "Breakup" Hair, 10 Reasons To NOT Watch A Jon Gosselin Show

Hello Gosselin Fans! Per Radar of course Jon Gosselin returned on Sunday to the Pennsylvania compound that his eight children call home, received with warm welcome by his kids and German shepherds. Kate's enjoyed a low key week of errands and one-on-one time with the little ones. Presumably, Jon will now do the same. Reports said that on his off time from this brood, Gosselin hit up Connecticut's Foxwoods Casino with girlfriend Hailey Glassman. I guess he REALLY must want otblow every last of his divorce dollars...

10 Reasons Jon Gosselin Shouldn't Get His Own Reality Show: TV (Thanks Rachel)

Is Jon Gosselin in talks to appear in another reality show? TMZ says he may join Divorced Dad's Club, which would chronicle the lives of famous divorced fathers. But a new show featuring the octo-dad is a bad idea for a plethora of reasons — here are just a few:

10. Ed Hardy gets enough free promotion as it is
9. He already has a second show: his Facebook relationship status
8. As if his kids aren't embarrassed enough on career day
7. Paparazzi have already purchased second homes in Pennsylvania, don't need thirds
6. Is the divorce even final yet?
5. The tabloid industry will cease when all reporters resign after falling in love with him following a 10-minute interview
4. He'll whisk away the executive producer's 22-year-old daughter because she's "bored"
3. His hair plugs are exhausted
2. Kate won't give him permission
1. Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Joel — someday they'll learn what Google is

Breakup Hair: Our Suggestions for Kate Gosselin: By Ysolt

No question, divorce is a scary ordeal. I couldn't even imagine! I've gone through several breakups myself and it never gets any easier, does it?
One good thing that does come out of a relation-split is that you become empowered, reminding yourself about how awesome you are, that there are plenty of fish in the sea and that you've still got it. Who cares about that guy?
The first step? A healthy hair makeover! We decided to give Kate Gosselin (whose divorce was recently announced on TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8) one using our Makeover-o-Matic tool. She's gorgeous in her own right, but if she wants to jazz up her look with a new 'do, these are what we'd suggest to the mom of eight. Goodbye spikey bob. Hello extensions!
Which do you think suits Kate best?

Watch Battleships & Barber Here