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Kate Graces 3rd People Cover, The Kids Start School, Jon Cash In Vegas, Jon Still Loves Kate?

Hello Gosselin fans! Even though her kids do not start school until the Wed. after Labor Day, things are about as hectic as they can be for me. Which is the reason why I haven't been able to do as many posts. But TRUST, after next week this Mama will do the dance of joy, and when I am not working I will relish those 2+ hour baby naps with hopefully some cool stuff.. (I hope lol).

Some of you have already discussed in the previous thread how excited you were to read how Kate "really feels" in the new People Magazine. I for one will be picking this up tomorrow. I actually went to my CVS here and it was sold out! So hopefully my supermarket will have it. As for the media attacking the kids and their first day of school, many are just as outraged! Could YOU imagine having to deal with that? What if you had no choice? I think under the circumstances, they all (including the kids) handeled things very well. Including what appeared to be a very emotional Kate being the sad mom I was on my childs first day of school!

Jon Will Always Love Kate, But Is in Love with Hailey:

Jon Gosselin says that, while it was over between him and wife Kate last October, he did try counseling in an effort to save their 10-year union. "I worked on my marriage," the reality star, 32, told PEOPLE outside his Pennsylvania home on Wednesday. "I went to therapy. I have huge bills so [detractors] can't denounce that ... For [Kate] to say she'd been working on it – well, I'd been working on it too, and at one point in time I just gave up. There's a point in time where you just say, 'This is not going to work.' So I just moved on." He says he reached that decision in October 2008. In May, he says he began "talking" to Hailey Glassman, 22, but they did not start dating until after Kate, 34, filed for divorce on June 22, because it "wasn't appropriate."

Now he and Glassman are "boyfriend and girlfriend," he says. "I love Hailey," he says. "I'll always love Kate. I went through a whole bunch of pictures today, and it's sad to see something that was good turn bad but we moved in two different directions. We know that."

He says anyone watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 could tell they were having problems. "We move further and further apart because we're so frustrated," he says. "But you have to understand reality TV. We can get in a fight today and have to do an interview tonight."
As for his soon-to-be ex: "I have no ill will toward Kate. She's the mother of my kids. She's a great mom. She does a lot for them."

Jon Wants Money To Talk In Las Vegas:

For Jon Gosselin money talks. And he means it. The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star is hosting a pool party in Las Vegas this weekend at MGM Grand’s Wet Republic but sources in Sin City tell exclusively that Jon says he won’t talk to the media on the Red Carpet. The reason? It depends on who you believe. One source told that Jon says he doesn’t want to answer certain questions. (We could fire off 20 of those before taking a breath!) But another source says Jon want$ to be paid for any media interviews.

Either way, he’s still going to have to talk at the pool party. And sources say he may grab a microphone on the Red Carpet and say a few words but there won’t be any give-and-take with the media, which is usually expected at these events. Jon has taken a bit of a beating in the press, as wife Kate has repaired her image and garnered much public sympathy. Her tearful Today show interview, followed by a strong performance on Larry King Live portrayed her as a caring mom completely focused on her children. Jon, however, has been linked with various women and partied publicly.

That apparently won’t stop in Las Vegas. hears from Las Vegas sources that a group of Jon’s friends from Pennsylvania are coming into town and while Jon will publicly appear with his mom, his pals are planning on partying with him well into the night.

The Media's Coverage With The Kids First Day Of School:

It looked like there was tension in the air as Jon and Kate Gosselin reunited for a second day -- once again, for the sake of the kids. The estranged couple were seen together Friday morning taking their sextuplets to the bus stop in Reading, PA. for their first day of school.

The sextuplets will be in junior kindergarten only three days a week this school year; next year, they'll go five days a week. While Kate hopped on board the bus to kiss her kids a final goodbye, Jon waved from outside. Kate’s bodyguard and close friend Steve Neild was on hand to watch the kids get onto their bus. On Thursday morning, the bickering couple came together for the first time in a few days to send their 9-year-old twins, Cara and Mady, off for the first day of school, where they’re entering the third grade.

Jon and Kate have certainly had a strange week: from Kate calling the cops on Jon to her whirlwind media blitz to Jon’s black eye (he hit a cabinet). Jon and Kate's divorce will be legally official by the end of September. It's not clear how their divorce will impact their reality show.
Kate and Jon Gosselin are in the middle of a divorce, but life still goes on and the kids are back at school. Jon and Kate arrived in separate cars at the bus stop at 7 a.m. The twins came with their mom and gave their dad a hug before getting on the bus. Kate got on with them and a couple of minutes later got off. Jon stayed by the stop pacing and texing. Mady and Cara started third grade on Thursday, the sextuplets start junior kindergarten on Friday, and it’s only three days a week. “Next year will be kindergarten for the little kids, and it will be five days a week,” says Jon

Jon tells PEOPLE that the 5-year-olds aren’t ready for kindergarten yet because they were “preemies”. For class assignments, Jon says, “They’ll split them by personality. Alexis and Collin will definitely not be classmates.”

The twins are excited to go back to school, “because we live in the middle of nowhere and all their friends live near school,” Jon says their brothers and sisters aren’t anxious about their first day of class. “They use each other as a security blanket,” he says. “As long as they’re all going, they’re not nervous. If I would send one, they’d probably freak out.”


  1. Kate looks great in the photos in People! I thought it was a great interview and she answered questions she didn't answer on Larry King!
    As for Jon, I wish he would think before he speaks. Does he realize how he is acting will affect his children? Good Grief!

  2. p.s.babymama not to pick on your website, but it takes longer to load than ANY other blog I read (and that is a LOT!)
    Also, it keeps giving me error messages when I try to post, saying try again later.
    I think it's due to the huge amount of content in the sidebar, a friend of mine cleaned up and pared down her sidebar and the problems went bye-bye!

  3. THEY DID IT AGAIN!! STUPID radaronline!!!
    ". On Thursday morning, the bickering couple came together for the first time in a few days to send their 9-year-old twins, Cara and Mady, off for the first day of school, where they’re entering the third grade."


  4. Okay, I'm confused. From August 25th US Weekly, Jon G. speaking: "I wish I had a 9 to 5 job instead of the nightmare I'm living. This is 24/7," he told outside his $1.1 million Pennsylvania home Monday. "I don't even want to do taping for the show anymore."

    Now today he says: "I never said that," Jon told PEOPLE while speaking outside his house on Wednesday. "A fan asked me, 'Don't you sometimes wish you could go back to a 9-to-5 job?' [And my reply was,] 'Yeah, because this is 24/7 and 9-to-5ers punch in and punch out and you have no responsibilities.' "

    Didn't he say last season that he wanted to stop the show? Why the constant contradictions?

  5. To answer a question in the previous post, for those that have a People magazine subscription we get it in the mail on Thursdays.

    Its a great peice where the pictures are absolutly stunning, Kate is SO pretty in it. Shes very honest, funny and you can really see into her heart and thoughts. I think she feels alot more comforable talking to Kate Coyne who has interviewed her every single time when she has talked to People. The thing that surprised me the most is some how you get the feeling she holds out alittle bit of hope that Jon will come to his sences and come back.

    So excited for all the kids to be going to school. Is anyone else surprised that TLC wasnt there to make it part of the show? I mean its a big step in the childrens childhood.

  6. Kate looks amazing on the cover of people. I am excited to read the whole article soon and see what all she says.
    sorry but I don't deem Jon very trustworthy so I don't know if I believe that he tried counseling. If they did do counseling i think it was kates idea. We all know that jon does not give a flying hoot about the marriage and from how he has been acting and things that he has been saying he does not give a hoot about kate.
    Vegas wow. I thought he would be taking hailey or some stripper. I bet his PR people are having him take his mommy. Think she is going to babysit him while he gets drunk and make sure he does not do or say something stupid? I wonder who is paying for all of his friends and his mom to go to vegas...
    from the picture it looks like kate is taking more of jons crap. Looks like he is trying not to yell to loudly. so till the end of september jon will still be cheating on her... His PR people have their hands full.

  7. Junior kindergarten?? That seems weird, I hope they don't fall behind because of that decision.

    The People mag. looks great, can't wait!!

  8. rkc~ I posted your comment in case anyone else had this problem. I am a woman with A LOT to say ans share (lol). So yes, I will try to see if I can get rid of some stuff, but I kinda want everything there so it's hard! But will work on this for you! xoxox

  9. I wrote a post last night and it never went through, when I hit enter is just reset and totally erased what I just wrote, its done that a few times.

    Leslie, pfft Jon wouldnt take Hailey, theres too many women to be had in Vegas, come on lol

  10. KatherineDenise said...
    I wrote a post last night and it never went through, when I hit enter is just reset and totally erased what I just wrote, its done that a few times.

    I always copy and paste my comments into Word before I hit Post Comment. I have problems posting comments to this site and have lost some so I save them just in case. I always have a lot to say (Don't say it!) and hate to retype it all. lol.

  11. Leslie said...

    sorry but I don't deem Jon very trustworthy so I don't know if I believe that he tried counseling. If they did do counseling i think it was kates idea. We all know that jon does not give a flying hoot about the marriage and from how he has been acting and things that he has been saying he does not give a hoot about kate.

    I don't think Kate did counseling. At least that's what I remember from past interviews.

    I agree that Jon doesn't care about the marriage or Kate (as far as being his wife). However, I think that wasn't always the case. They are in the middle of a divorce. I don't think either of them care about their marriage at this point. And I think they both haven't cared about the other's feelings in a long, long time. I felt it was pretty obvious in season 4.

    As for who to believe... it's always going to be he said, she said, and I don't think we will ever know the truth.

  12. ok thanks baby mama. to be honest, i like quick loading blogs. I visit them more often too, because I know i'll have time in between all the chaos in my house!
    I just moved in with my sister who has the exact opposite of Kate that I do! It's hard to believe we have the same mother even but yep we honestly do! So anyways I'm tryign to keep her computer from crashing and thanks for at least considering changes to sidebar.
    this blog is great I'm glad I found it. Nice to find a place with other Kate fans!
    Now to try and get this posted...seems like only one post went though, wouldn't you know it was the one complaining about technical problems, unless for some reason you didn't like what i said in the other ones I wrote. Oh well I keep trying. I will try until this computer blows up! LOL

  13. everyone is asking me about the situation with their comments on the blog. This is a two-parter....I did read that Blogger was having technical issues but it has since been resolved (or so they claim). This would be the reason many you were having issues trying to post..

    Now once the post comes through to me, thats a different story. Double the amount of comments on any one of my posts and thats the amount that I delete. It's troll city and if they think they can get a comment on they will try. Sometimes I may just glance at something and if I don't like it, I wont post it. And most of my fan regulars I don't even moderate anymore. Re-submitting a comment editing the things you KNOW shouldn't be on a fan site helps. If you have any issues with why your posts don't get through, then feel free to talk to me about it. Most of you know the drill by now so it's pointless to repeat it. Bottom line, if it's not meant for a fan site, feel free to take it elsewhere..Thanks for understanding!

  14. my2girls...The sextuplets were probably tested (screened) for regular kindergarten and probably weren't ready, thus the junior K.
    Children who enter kindergarten when they're not ready are always trying to catch up with a moving target.
    I know parents who've waited a year because of late birthdays, immaturity, etc. so their kids have a more successful experience when they begin K.

  15. hahaha KatherineDenise... Your right!!!! lol I don't know what I was thinking =)

    That was a good one! It really was.

  16. regarding Pre K for the G6. Don't forget they are preemies. So if you take into consideration how old they would be if they were full term. They really are close to the cut off for holding them until next year anyway....

  17. I have lots of issues posting to this blog also. I gave up trying to say too much. My computer locks up every time I hit post comment. It is so frustrating!

  18. Baby Mama thanks for all that you do on here.

    I don't have trouble getting this site to load for the most part even on my little iPhone. Only time is when Blogger is having server problems. Clearing your cache and temp files usually makes sites load faster.

    I'm guessing that Jon's immaturity has bugged Kate for years. I think that perhaps she just reached the point where she gave up. I remember her saying they got the dogs because he wanted them, that he hated their house so they moved, and that he was bored and she'd suggested he get an outside job but he didn't want to, that she'd suggested he go back to school but he didn't want to, etc. I think down the road he will wish he'd gone a different route. But it willbe too late.

    Kate is a very intelligent, strong, forceful, and dynamic woman. It seems like new doors are opening for her and that's fantastic! Hopefully down the road she can find an intelligent, self-assured partner. She is so wise to realize that you don't jump into a new relationship until you've had a time for healing.

    It is so physically and emotionally draining to have multiples, particularly in those first five years. I commend Kate for surviving.

  19. my2girls, I agree with taylor. I have a son who did pre K and is now in every excellerated class (not that he likes it). There is no falling behind or trying to catch up, your child then becomes one of the smartest.

    I love how some of the message boards are complaining about Kate's choice of shoes. What is wrong with looking your best when you go out. What would Stacy and Clinton have to say?

  20. I agree with Taylor that Junion Kindergarten is a great idea for these kids. Kate is lucky that her school provides this option. Remember, these kids were born in May, and even if they had been full-term babies, their birthday would have been late summer. Children with summer birthdays should always be watched for school readiness and many should be held back a year. It definitely won't hurt them - and will probably help. I would have done exactly the same thing if they were my kids.

  21. I just saw the video on Radar on them getting on the bus...why are they getting on a school bus in a shopping mall parking lot???

  22. rkc - I cannot post on this blog using the Firefox browser. I have to use the IE8 browser when I post. I have no problems posting on other blogger blogs using Firefox. (This blog and my computer = a special combination. :) ) Also, I had to disable all plug-ins (ie the Flash Player) for the pages on some sites to download - pages that have a lot of videos, ads, etc., using both Firefox and IE8. Good luck.

  23. I really liked the pics of Kate in the new people article. It was really neat to see her glammed up. Not a side I've ever seen before of her so I thought it was cool to see. She's beautiful! I to was a bit suprised that the TLC cameras didn't follow this landmark but I have my suspicions that maybe this is just the beginning signs that there won't be another season and this is the last one. I however have NO DOUBT that Kate will move on and continue w/ TV but just in another format. We shall see though about the season thing. My second child had her 3 yr preschool open house on thursday. This is such a busy time for moms. Also expecting number 4. It wil be our final so I will need to change my name eventually. :)

  24. Cindy~ Please don't give up trying to post! (lol) we want to hear what you have to say! There have been a few good ideas here with the cashe thing if you want to give that a try. But def. keep trying to post...

  25. More from Jons big Vegas weekend...zzzzzz

    (From Radar)
    EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Smokin’ In Las Vegas
    Posted on Aug 29, 2009 @ 12:17PM
    Take one soon-to-be-divorced womanizing reality star, put him in Las Vegas and let the fun begin.

    But there was little fun to be had for Jon Gosselin on Friday night after he arrived in Sin City. The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star seemed more concerned about buying cigarettes than anything else.

    Jon is hosting an event at the MGM this weekend and Friday night he ate at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant with four guys. For most of the meal, beer-drinking Jon talked about how he had to buy cigarettes ASAP.

    Our favorite part was as he hung out with photographers he told them he hoped no other photographers were watching or following him!

    Jon checked out the black jack tables but did little else and by 2:45 a.m. headed out of the casino. Hailey Glassman, his 22-year-old girlfriend was nowhere in sight.

  26. SchmeckyGirl thats a very good idea. I didnt rewrite it because I didnt have the energy, it was late but will be doing that from now on so that wont happen again. And I always love your comments and do read ALL of it, your thoughts are always interresting. (See I didnt say it)lol

    I watched the video on Radar when the 6 went to school and found it interresting that Kate had the courtesy to go over to Jon car afterwards and say goodbye. When he didnt even bother saying a word. You can tell she is trying which is great. It would be hard to get to a point where you can communicate with someone who has shut down so much.

  27. Kate is a class act. I have been her supporter with my family and friends for a long time. The women in my family that talk about how big of a bitch she is to Jon can't even handle 2 kids. They don't keep their homes clean or organized, rarely do laundry, don't cook meals, are just basically 'doing their own thing' but have the time and energy to diss Kate. It just makes me crazy! I can't believe it.

    I asked my most outspoken sister if her hubby sat on his rear texting while she was packing, cooking, organizing with 8 kids under her feet if she would say to her husband, "Honey, if you don't mind can you please come give me a hand?" Yeah, right, Kate would look like a nun compared to how my sisters would react.

    My husband pointed out that in ALL episodes you see Kate working like a fool. Jon is just there. My husband has always been engaged when taking care of the children. If the carseats needed moved: DONE! If they needed coats, hats, mittens, DONE. He was engaged, he didn't have to be told what to do. Jon had to be prompted sometimes more than once! Are you kidding me? They had 8 kids, not just 32 year old Jon with 8 kids, both of them had women that support Jon 100%, I hope you get a loser like him.

    I'm sure she has put up with his idiot behavior and is done with it. But it still has to hurt. I think she loves him, but he's being a first class jerk. I say cut the ties, but as a woman who is totally in love with my own husband, I would be totally and completely devastated if mine was behaving as stupid as Jon is.

    Oh, on the posting thing, I work in an IT shop, so I know about the cache, etc. I haven't decided what makes this so difficult for me to post but I keep trying.

    Even if you don't want to hear me, I'm going to talk. My opinion is worth as much as you paid for it, and I want you to get your money's worth! HAHA SNORT

  28. KatherineDenise said...
    SchmeckyGirl thats a very good idea. I didnt rewrite it because I didnt have the energy, it was late but will be doing that from now on so that wont happen again. And I always love your comments and do read ALL of it, your thoughts are always interresting. (See I didnt say it)lol

    I watched the video on Radar when the 6 went to school and found it interresting that Kate had the courtesy to go over to Jon car afterwards and say goodbye. When he didnt even bother saying a word. You can tell she is trying which is great. It would be hard to get to a point where you can communicate with someone who has shut down so much.
    Thank you!

    She didn't actually say good-bye. She said So you're gone then? And he said something inaudible (like he has to go back to the house for something I suppose), then she said And then you're gone? See ya.

    I think she was checking to see if he was going to be at the house when she got back. Maybe she didn't want to see him there? Just a guess.

  29. I held my daughter back one year from K because she had a late birthday. She is now a very successful happy young wife, mother and career woman. I think that decision helped her a great deal. I have to give the credit to my friend who was the K teacher. I trusted her experience and she was right.

  30. My oldest was a premie, and I did not send him to kindergarten until he was 6. He was not ready emotionally. Had he been full term he would have been an August b-day (cut off Sept 1). And looking back, I would not do a thing differently. He is 24 now and graduated at the top of his class both high school and college. He needed that extra time and it made his learning experience easier and less stressful. It's no surprise to anyone that I am not a Kate fan - but she is a good mother, and I for one would never question her decisions on whether or not her children are ready for that big step.

    I've had many of the same problems posting as the others have described. I do the same thing that Schmecky suggested, I always save my posts into word - I've lost many and re-typing is NO FUN! It always tells me that my post didn't go through and to try again later. I usually just hit submit again and it goes through on the 2nd try (or just erases - LOL! So saving to word is definitely a step saver. i don't have any trouble at all with the site loading - I use IE also.

  31. As for the whole kindergarten conversation... Kindergarten is not even mandatory in PA. Technically they don't even have to go to school yet.

    Personally, I think they should have went into regular kindergarten and if they were behind just do it again. You really don't know what kids are capable of once they are in a learning environment. Why not just try it?

    I do know that in NJ my daughter is required (well more like requested) to know her alphabet, to write all her letters, capital and lowercase in the new hybrid style and to count to 25 and be able to follow 3-step instructions. I was shocked she had to know all that! I thought that's what kids learn in Kindergarten! I had to teach her the hybrid letters throughout the summer because she only knew the regular ones. I was kinda pissed. lol.

    I don't know what they would do if she didn't know all the above but I figured it would make it easier for her so I taught her (and more). I kept thinking Isn't this what teachers get paid for?!?!?! lol.

    Maybe the sextuplets don't know the basics. As preemies they were behind other children their age. However, maybe enrolling them in kindergarten would have pushed them to learn.

    They are also only going 3 days a week as opposed to 5. I thought maybe that was for filming purposes but I wouldn't assume that's the reason just a possibility. Hopefully that had nothing to do with it.

    Of course all this is just my opinion as a parent of two children ages 4 (next month) and 5 1/2. I don't have any experience in "teaching" or "multiples".

    I do know that I could have enrolled my younger daughter who would be 4 in September into Kindergarten if I pushed for it, but although her speach is excellent and she knows all the preschool stuff, I know she is nowhere near ready for kindergarten and I have no desire to push her into it.

    Maybe the sextuplets are like 4-year-olds? But at the age of 5 1/2? Is that usual for preemies? I do think the sextuplets seem a little "young" for their age but I also think that can be the case for all children. Children just mature at different rates.

    Well hopefully they were tested in school and the best decision was made for them as far as their learning capabilites and not for any other reason than that. They seem like smart kids, especially the girls, who seem older than the boys (maybe because they have older sisters). I'm sure they'll all do fine.

  32. I loved the People magazine article and how she is consistantly posturing her interviews around moving forward and finding learning lessons in situations. Her strength and courage can be a source of inspiration to those in tough times.

    One sentence really stood out to me early in this article:

    "But since her marriage to Jon, 32, began to unravel, even fans have focused less on the show's family fun and more on the fodder."
    I believe we all stand convicted, and rightly so, of this.....

    I will strive to keep on positive topic when posting here in the future. God help me!

  33. LOL! Jon must not be used to the new kitchen cabinets... He got a black eye walking into one in the dark. He needed stitches. lol.

    As for the Vegas thing... the whole smoking thing really disgusts me. I know people smoke but ugh, why take a chance on shortening your life when you have 8 children. I think that annoys me more than anything else he does. lol.

    Not sure why it's "news" though. We've known he smokes for some time now. Is that the most they got on him in Vegas???

  34. I thought this was funny:

    Dave on Demand: Larry & Kate = Awkward!

    Mom and moderator seemed never to have heard of each other.

    The most sublime chapter of the TV week was, in my estimation, Kate Gosselin on Larry King Live.

    To see two people of such fierce intelligence parrying with each other - oh, wait, that was David Letterman interviewing legendary magazine editor Anna Wintour the previous night.

    Larry was lasered in on one issue: Why, why, why would Kate agree to participate in a reality show, putting her life under a microscope?

    Oh, come on, Larry. She does it for the same reason you stay on the air: the paycheck. And the free prunes in the green room.

    There was an initial stiffness to the interview. Of course, that may be because the last time Larry interviewed a homemaker it was Dolley Madison.

    But each was clearly oblivious to the other's circumstances.

    "Do paparazzi follow you around?" King asked. Um, have you passed a newsstand in the last year, Magoo?

    At one point Kate said, "Nobody goes into a marriage or has kids planning a divorce." Girl, you're talking to Larry King, a guy who makes Liz Taylor look monogamous. King's eight marriage licenses should be stamped with expiration dates.

    The most intriguing exchange came when King asked, "Would you date?" Kate responded, "No, I'm too busy. Sorry."

    "Sorry"? Did she think Larry was hitting on her? Do we smell Wife No. 9?

  35. KatherineDenise....

    I noticed too that there weren't TLC cameras. I remeber that they also did not film the twins first day of first grade. When we saw the episode where they talked about them being in first grade it was after the first day. First days are hectic so Kate probably wanted to be left alone. The paps ruined that though.

    I think they get picked up in a parking lot because it is private school and they don't necessarily provide front door pick up. The bus could be bring kids to several different schools as well. It is like that where I live for of the private schools.

    It's good they have junior kindergarten. There is nothing like that in the school systems where I live and knew people who had kids barely make the cut off and have to repeat kindergarten.

  36. I don't have a link butthere is a Hailey Glassman spoof of on you tube. LOL

  37. My2girls wants to know why Mady and Cara are getting on the bus in a shopping mall parking lot. They go to a private school which probably does not have bus service into every residential area. Apparently the bus did stop at their old house, but not the new one. That happens all the time where I live. The buses pick up kids at central locations; the parents have to transport them to that location - there is a whole bus load that is picked up at the grocery store near my house and travels to a private school in the next town.

  38. I never have a problem with your blog loading..I'm on firefox maybe that's the difference? I also have high speed internet..

    I'm really worried about Jon as much as I don't like him right now..I'm really scared he is on drugs..and I mean harder then pot he almost looks like he is on crack or cocaine :( I know I may just be reading into him his actions and how he looks but I'm very worried..He almost seemed emotional taking the kids to school Mady and Cara and the tups and even though he did say the snide comment about the girls and not having to drive I saw almost a sadness.. I can't really explain it but if you've ever been around someone who does drugs like that it really affects them emotionally and how they respond to everything..I'm not trying to make excuses for him his actions have been horrific as of late..but something about this whole situation really is bothering me. For the kids sake I hope I am really wrong and he is just being a jerk but anymore I'm just not sure..

    I think Kate looks great! I love how she is always so stylish! I think the haters just hate to admit that she has 8 children and can take care of herself when they just sit at home in their sweats and never look nice jealousy speaks very loudly!!

    I really hope the all of the kids are having a lovely time in school and doing well!! They deserve a good education and to make friends outside of their home!

  39. I read this at E!, thought it was very interresting.

    Gosselin had a paid appearance lined up this week at the Shrine club at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods—on which he bailed—and he has one other in the offering, at a club called Wet Republic in Vegas, for which sources tell me he will be paid $15,000.

    But beyond that, I could not find a single booker willing to deal with him. Including the very people who were seeking him out just days ago.

    "We offered $5,000 for an unadvertised appearance," Randy Greenstein, partner at Shrine, tells me. "Jon is not really in demand because of his negative image. Who would want to advertise 'come hang with the world's biggest scumbag'?

    "No, we would never book him again."

    Other talent bookers tell me there's plenty of demand for soon-to-be-ex Kate Gosselin, but none for Jon.

    "Kate is doing three upcoming events for me," talent wrangler Glenn Rosenblum of Celebrity Access tells me. "She is lovely and a hard worker."

    As for Jon, he could garner an estimated $10,000 per appearance if anyone wanted him, but "especially with the economy, it would be hard to find a group that would want him right now."

    Other talent bookers, including Huff Events in New York, Queenie Donaldson in Los Angeles, and Leverage 8 in Chicago, all tell me they see no current demand for Jon, only Kate.

    And oh, just in case you're wondering whether clubs outside of Los Angeles, New York and Vegas would like to hire Gosselin, the answer is, not likely. At least not for money.

    Shane Brennan of the San Diego nightclub Stingaree tells me, "Even with the big hype surrounding Jon Gosselin's pending divorce and personal drama, he's still not the caliber of celebrity we'd pay big bucks for. He doesn't appeal to our demo of young and hip partygoers. Although Stingaree would not pay an appearance fee, we would likely offer complementary bottle service to his party."

  40. has anyone the link to the peope interview with kate? im dyinggggggggggg to read it!!

  41. I don't believe that Jon gave up on the marriage in October. That's completely unbelievable -- two months after vow renewal and before they moved into the new house??? Sounds nuts. Plus, if he gave up, why did they plan the kitchen remodel and say in the recent eppie that they planned the remodel before everything happened??? I think he's making things up to make himself look better and to me, it's not working. Do I think their marriage was in good standing all these years? No -- Kate was definitely outspoken to him, but he took it. Now he's just going through a mid-life crisis, and although I'm really not a fan of Kate, I think she's taking the high road on this one. He's just a wimp digging himself a bigger hole that he won't be able to climb out of... I feel bad for those children.

  42. I'm a teacher and I have seen children that were sent on to kindergarten having barely making the cutoff and others kept home another year. We don't have Jr. kindergarten here. I have found that it is best for the students to wait a year rather than pushed ahead and maybe have to repeat kindergarten. Better to be more mature rather than always playing catch-up. Even if a young, late-birthday kindergartener seems ready, the immaturity usually catches up with them sometime in their elementary years.

    This being said, I believe the Gosselin children are right on target with their behavior, speech, and interaction with others. The decision to place them in Jr. kindergarten, given the fact that they would've been born later in the summer is appropriate.

  43. Terri,
    Very true but they've only had two or three episodes to discuss since it all happened.

    My feeling is if Kate and Jon can do interviews about it and discuss it why can't we?

  44. Kellie,
    Didn't Kate herself say that they were having marital problems for over six months back in May?
    Does anyone remember when she said that? It was on her show about the separation I think.

  45. My grand daughter is in preschool, her second year, I don't know if it is considered Jr. K anywhere else, but she goes for 2 hours 3 days a week.

    I am on Firefox and do not have trouble with the site loading, just with posting. At work, I have Windows VISTA........that may tell the whole story!!!

  46. I am so not surprised that Jon is not in demand for appearances. He has really stepped on himself in my opinion! OF course they want Kate, cream rises to the top. While he moped around and worried about being a '32' year old with 8 kids, his wife was going full throttle, full speed ahead.

    Jon has nothing to offer. Not even a 9-5 job would take him now, I am sure of that. He's going to be hard pressed to get anything.

    BTW, wonder where Kevin and Jody are now? I haven't heard much from them lately, maybe Jon should have spent less time listening to them and more time supporting his wife while she brought home the bacon!!!

  47. Hi. I just want to thank you very much for running this website. I had what I can only describe as the misfortune to visit the gosselin without pity site, and was shocked and appalled that people in this country in today's age can be so close-minded and literally hateful. I sincerely hope that no one believes the lies and bad will that those folks perpetuate. Again, thanks.

  48. Going through the last episodes of last season, the six were in pre-K three days a week then. They are going to the same school so I'm sure they were tested and the decision made to keep them in pre-K another year. My multiples did the same thing and it was definitely the right thing. While they are very bright and now in highest level classes, it took them a little linger to physically mature gripping and writing with pencils, etc. They are still the physically smallest in their classes despite waiting a year (now 5th grade). Each child is different so that's why the schools evaluate them. Much better to begin school with a positive experience than a struggle. Add in the emotional struggle of divorce and it is probably a wise thing.

    The church experience seemed to be so important to J&K in the past. I think the school is affiliated with their church. Is that right? I'd still like to see more of Kate sharing that with them.

    We don't see much if them interacting with other children but that obviously happens on non filming days. I remember at the birthday party Kate mentioning that she was glad their favorite friends from playdates and school could come.

    If Jon is having a difficult time getting booked places, maybe it will hasten the eye- opening reality for him. He isn't, unfortunately, qualified to do much, certainly not the high end $$$ he's making from TLC. Without the mega dollars to throw around on Hailey, do you think she'd stick around for long???

    Do PA judges ever order couples to go through counseling? Can they do that? I think Kate still loves Jon but think at this point she's probably ready for it to be over. For Jon, wouldn't it throw a kink in his plans if the judge said he wasn't ready to grant a divorce yet? In NC where I am you have to be legally separated for a year and then file for divorce with it not automatically being granted unless all custody and property issues resolved. My hubby is from FL and you can get a divorce there in 30 days if you are a legal resident. I'm just wondering what the laws are like in PA???

  49. One more thing... Jon said the marriage was over in October. They didn't buy the new house until November. He really needs to get a calendar and write down his stories so he can keep them straight. Earlier he said that things got really strained when the ski trip in January was ending and that's why he stayed on for a week. Poor guy is so confused. He really, really, needs counseling no matter how much it costs. It's painful to keep watching him self-destruct!

  50. ....I must laugh at the pics of Jon lounging at the Vegas pool party........he's trying to make himself look like a sex symbol when in fact his only claim to fame is fathering twins & sextuplets.

    Ashlee.......I also wonder if he isn't doing some kind of harder core drugs. His behavior is just so erratic, which could explain why Kate just doesn't even recognize the person he has become.

    On a positive note, the kids were just sooo adorable on their first day of school. I love the way they all have their own unique looks and personalities and they are just little sweethearts, all 8 of them!



    Reality-show trainwreck Jon Gosselin, of "Jon & Kate Plus 8," bailed on a paid nightclub appearance at Foxwoods over the weekend. The tabloid regular had a deal with the MGM Grand club Shrine to show up on Saturday night, but Gosselin cancelled at the last minute, saying through his agent that he didn't want a paid nightclub visit to damage what's left of his image. As if he reputation could get any worse.

    Gosselin apparently told the nightclub that his surprise appearance at Shrine and the Foxwoods nightclub Scorpion Bar earlier in the week should satisfy his contractual obligation. Staffers, who seem to have little loyalty to Gosselin after he skipped Saturday's gig, tell us that when he showed up unexpectedly at the clubs last Tuesday, confusing employees who expected him days later, Gosselin ended the night by taking a few women up to his hotel room. One staffer, a server at Shrine who says she was invited up to the room, claims that Gosselin made out with one of the women and then asked that any photos taken of the evening's events not be posted on Facebook. Classy, yes? No word on what Gosselin was supposed to be paid for the Saturday appearance or if he'll get his money.

  52. Yeah SchmeckyGirl maybe I was reading into it too much, maybe she wanted to make sure she wasnt going to be there if he was going back to the house.

    And on the kindergarten subject...My daughter's birthday is on May 30 so she was very young and I so wish I would have made her do kindergarten twice because she now struggles in 5th grade. And shes constantly trying to keep up with others in her grade. I think its very smart that they will wait a year to start regular kindergarten and will then excell in there class instead of trying to keep up and get frustratted.

  53. Want to know the quickest way to put those bodyguard affair rumors to bed?

    Just ask Kate Gosselin. While her soon-to-be ex-hubby Jon Gosselin was off having a pool party in Vegas, the mom of eight hosted her own get together with loyal protector (and rumored beau) Steve Neild and his family.

    Kate's security details arrived at her Pennsylvania home with his wife, two teenage sons and a cooler full of goodies in tow.

    "The kids all went swimming," an eyewitness tells E! News. "They were splashing around in the pool and having a really good time."

    The gang spent the rest of the day picking apples on Gosselin's property. But Neild, the consummate bodyguard, kept on eye on Kate plus eight's safety the entire time, patrolling the perimeter on Jon's ATV. Wonder how the patriarch will feel about that?

    After over five hours of fun, the Neild family departed as Kate and Steve's wife even hugged goodbye.

    So, like we said, affair? What affair?

    Now I hope people can finally shut up already and get over this Steve and Kate thing and realize that Kate and Gina(Steves wife) are really good friends.

  54. In defense of Jon and Kate for not sending the kids to regular kindergarten, our school sometimes encourages parents to hold kids back a year if they seem a bit behind or have a birthday that is very close to the cutoff for kindy. My twins, and boys at that, are on target academically (they just turned 4 and know their colors/shapes/say the alphabet, etc) but emotionally, are definitely not very mature. They will attend half-day Mon - Thur preschool for the next 2 yrs and will be age 6 when they start kindergarten. I feel this will benefit them the most rather than being held back if they do not "pass" kindergarten. I don't want them to make friends w/ those in their class and then not understand why they do not get to be with them the following year, nor do I want to chance one twin doing better and going on to 1st grade and one being held back.

    I know there is a LOT of discussion regarding the Gosselin children on other sites and I just wanted to say I can understand on this issue maybe why they went w/ jr. kindy.

  55. I read somewhere that J/K get paid by TLC to do some of the interviews they do - do you think that's true? I've wondered by Radar seems to have a plug for them sometimes, like at the end of a story, it will say that "Jon & Kate Plus 8 airs Monday nights on TLC" or whatever...

  56. Does anyone know who runs the sosugary website of the Gosselins?

  57. SchmeckyGirl said...

    Didn't Kate herself say that they were having marital problems for over six months back in May?


    Linda said...
    One more thing... Jon said the marriage was over in October. They didn't buy the new house until November. He really needs to get a calendar and write down his stories so he can keep them straight. Earlier he said that things got really strained when the ski trip in January was ending and that's why he stayed on for a week. Poor guy is so confused.

  58. Linda, the Gosselins attend a very good private school that is NOT church affiliated.

  59. Ha! Of course Jon isn't in demand, the media is magnifying his mid-life crisis so much right now, that I don't think anyone would want him! (Shocker!) I just can't believe how bad things got for him. Really, I think that when they got separated a lot of people thought that Jon would be in trouble, because Kate was the one who kept him in line. (Her 9th child!) But right now, he is just in way too deep. And my only worry is how in the world will he ever get out? He will get out someday, right?!
    As for the whole Pre-K thing. I'm not a teacher or doctor so I wouldn't know. My guess is that their preschool teacher probably recommended it. But none of the 6 seem like they are "behind" to me. Just because they were preemies doesn't mean that they aren't as smart or mature as other kids. But what do I know?! ;o)
    If anyone has the People article, can you put up a link!! I really want to read it. (and so does Grainne Campbell!) I checked my local grocery store, and they don't even have it!!

  60. Okay sorry, but I just HAVE to comment on this!
    The pictures of Jon's "pool party" are completely hysterical! He's no famous actor, he hasn't done anything amazing, and he certainly isn't a very nice person, but look at that crowd! They're all obviously there for the party, not for him! And also, I'm wondering how much money the paps. paid him to get a picture of him with his mother in their hotel balcony, and him lying on his bed?! One word: ka-ching!!

  61. What I don'd understand is this, why would a woman go anywhere near him? He isn't good looking, he has put on weight, his affect is very flat. He just has nothing that is appealing. Now he doesn't have any money, sounds like he blew through it, what a train wreck.

    I, too wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't doing drugs.

    SEX SYMBOL? Please, I wonder what Kate saw in him. DOUCHE comes to mind, he is just plain nasty.

  62. Don't you just love, love, love it when you can watch a hard working intellegent woman start to get the rewards for her efforts? I sure do. Keep it up Kate! You are inspirational to many!

  63. E! News has learned exclusively that Good Morning America scored the first post-split interview with the new man-about-town. On Friday, Jon Gosselin sat down with GMA's Chris Cuomo and chatted about Kate Gosselin, the network that started it all and his future in showbiz.

    It will air on 20/20 sometime next week. He talks about exploiting the kids and TLC. Should be very interresting.

  64. from Radaronline...

    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Heckled At Bikini Pool Party

    Jon Gosselin hosted a party at the MGM Grand Hotel's Wet Republic pool nightclub Saturday night and has the only video from inside the bash.

    Most of the 2000 party-goers were girls in barely-there bikinis but the few guys who braved the crowd had themselves a field day at Jon's expense.

    They heckled the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star about his bald spot, asking him about the cost of hair plugs; his weight; his pecs, or lack of; even his clothes -- and he wasn't even wearing Ed Hardy!

    Jon had his mom Pamela plus four friends with him but that didn't stop him from mixing and mingling with as many women as possible.

    He had the welcome mat out at his cabana in the club's VIP section and even took phone numbers from several girls as he downed a glass of Veuve Clicquet Champagne.

    Not all the women there were Jon fans however. Some came just to get out of the 115 degree Vegas heat. One woman even held up a Team Kate sign.

  65. New News,
    Jon is going to be on Good Morning America and also 20/20 sometime this week. He now says: "TLC is exploiting his children". I would imagine that there will not be another contract signed under J&K+8. things are going to change fast and that's why Kate is picking up her pace with shows and interviews that do not include him.

    He'll be sorry!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. i thought the kids started this week not after labor day

  67. SchmeckyGirl said...
    As for the whole kindergarten conversation... Kindergarten is not even mandatory in PA. Technically they don't even have to go to school yet.

    Personally, I think they should have went into regular kindergarten and if they were behind just do it again. You really don't know what kids are capable of once they are in a learning environment. Why not just try it?


    I agree with the those who have had preemies and educators who advise them that parents who have any doubts to their readiness for kindergarten should hold them back. I believe you shouldn't "try" and risk setting them up for any possible failures as it could cause unintended academic problems such as lack of confidence, motivation and other frustrations later.

    The 6 may appear intelligent enough on camera for kindergarten but only their parents and teachers can really make that determination.

  68. I don't think it's any surprise that there's little or no demand for public appearances for Jon while Kate's is skyrocketing. He is total opposite of her; he has nothing to offer; he is unattractive, has no personality, is dull and boring, and is a train wreck. Whereas Kate is beautiful, vibrant, strong, capable, intelligent, articulate, wonderful personality and sense of humor even in the midst of hardship. Best of all, she has higher standards for herself and her children.

  69. will be interesting to see what mishmash and inconsistencies come out of Jon's mouth in these two interviews. I'm hoping he gets hard questions.

    Wonder if TLC is threatening Jon with a non renewal of his contract and his retaliation is to say that it is now harming the kids. He clearly doesn't get the point yet that about the only job option to him is J&K+8. He couldn't hold on to either of the IT jobs. Guess he could go back to clerking in a department store or doing valet parking at a hotel - both of which he did in his late teens and early twenties. There's not a thing wrong with those jobs but they clearly won't pay the $5k a month rent on his bachelor pad. His 15 minutes of fame is quickly fading. I fear that if he goes on interviews and says stupid things he may go down in flames even faster.

    Having never put much stock in aliens at this point his behavior is so bizarre that perhaps he was abducted by aliens. Or, he's having a breakdown. Or, he is on drugs.

    God bless Kate! Hold your head up high! While not approving if the way you sometimes spoke to Jon in the past, it's becoming more apparent all the time that you were totally frustrated with his lack of maturity. So sad when you can see the potential of the guy and are in live with him despite his faults. We all loved you, Jon, and are hoping you can get off the trainwreck before you hit rock bottom.

  70. I just watched the video of Jon's party. I really really really don't like Jon, but I have to say, I felt a little bad for the guy. Yes, I know I'm contradicting myself, but whoever that man was who was yelling at him, he was actually being really mean and obnoxious! Don't worry ladies, I'm noting turning on Team K8, but that was just something that I had to say!

  71. #1Caregiver said
    "Jon is going to be on Good Morning America and also 20/20 sometime this week. He now says: "TLC is exploiting his children".
    Somehow that reeked of being out of context and sure enough! The story is that Jon is now saying that the media and tabloids are exploiting his kids. Not TLC. The story I read actually stated that any media or tabloid profiting from covering their family, other than TLC, is exploiting them. Don't mean to "bust your b@lls" #1Caregiver, but that's in important distiction to make...especially with THIS particular topic (exploitation).

  72. April is correct, first of all. Wow don't rumors fly fast.

    I can't believe some people are accusing Jon of using hard drugs. That is as ridiculous of saying Kate is sleeping with her bodyguard. NO proof, move along.

    Kate used to say that Jon was "let go" from one of his jobs because they didn't want to cover him with insurance. That was shown to be incorrect, he was actually fired, not let go, for abusing company time according to his employer. Way to go Jon, you're a real winner.

    Kate may have been spinning the story to make Jon look better, but I still say, she is one classy woman. Does anyone know an address I can send her kids some handmade gifts? I have lots of time on my hands since moving here with my sister, she is taking care of me and I am bored!

  73. Just wondering, I have preemie twins (3 months premature)that are now 18 months old corrected age. I have been told that they generally stop adjusting preemie's ages around 2 or whenever the child catches up to peers of their same actual age. Wouldn't the sextuplets not be considered preemie anymore at 5 years old? Obviously my boys are not old enough for school yet so I don't know how they will handle it if I put them in school according to when they were born (Nov) as opposed to when they were supposed to be born (January - in my case it makes a year of school difference because the cut off is Dec.31 where I live). So far, they are right on everything with kids their age and have even started talking earlier than a lot of kids their age. Similarily, the sextuplets as far as I know, don't have any major delays right? Aside from Aeden's glasses, I don't remember Kate mentioning anything on the show about them needing early intervention for anything. Maybe they are in JK at 5 because of their maturity level in handling school or maybe because of the show somehow?

    Another thing - I have to admit that I have thought of drugs too where Jon has been concerned. I remember shots back when the whole Deanna thing came out where his eyes were always bloodshot and glazed looking. I remember thinking that is not a "just drunk" look. Now with him in love with a past druggie who I am not convinced is as clean now as she says she is, I wouldn't be surprised if that is how they have fun and let off steam now. If that is true, it is very sad and I hope he gets help and it would also explain a lot about his behaviour recently. Not excuse anything of course, but at least explain it.

    My final comment is about the timeline of things being brought up about him saying things were over as far back as October. I don't think it is all that unrealistic. I think both Jon and Kate have alluded to the fact that there have been problems a lot longer than we were led to think. I believe they did have problems even as far back as the vow renewal. While they have always argued and been sarcastic with each other, something in the last year or so has been more off. Just a lot more sarcasm and I remember even back when I first watched the episode where they told the kids they were moving to this house, there was something that didn't sit right with me. I think they tried to make it a special surprise announcement for the kids because the house was really for them which they stated even then but there was something lacklustre in their voices and it stuck in my mind. Even the part later when they were moving in and Kate was making a big deal about the kids not going into their bedroom again. She really made a point of it and made Jon say it too ( about which he was really annoyed). Maybe she made such a stink about them needing their privacy because she didn't want the kids to notice that they weren't getting along. I don't know when exactly Jon moved out but it would make sense that she wouldn't want the kids to see that daddy wasn't sleeping there. Just in general, I think there have been many occasions where both Jon and Kate have answered cryptically or given conflicting information. Even on the Today Show interview with Kate recently, when asked about when Jon moved on, her answer of not remembering was not very convincing to me and it looked like she had to think about what to say.

    Well, I guess I am looking forward to Jon's upcoming interviews if they happen, mostly to see what new revelations might come out and to see if it backs up any of his claims of the marriage being over as long as he says it has.

  74. rkc:
    Kate used to say that Jon was "let go" from one of his jobs because they didn't want to cover him with insurance. That was shown to be incorrect, he was actually fired, not let go, for abusing company time according to his employer. Way to go Jon, you're a real winner.

    That too is a "rumor". Supposedly a true one because it "supposedly" came from his old job, but Jon or Kate have never addressed it since it came out.

    However, he was supposedly abusing company time because he was supposedly always on the internet supposedly looking for supposed freebies for the sextuplets and I may be wrong, but I heard that was before they were even born.

    Oooh, whatcha making for the kids?

  75. rkc - I don't think anyone is "accusing" Jon of using drugs to be intentionally cruel or spread rumours about him. I think people are just so shocked at his behaviour the last couple of months (as well as the company he has been keeping) that you have to ask what could have brought on this sudden craziness? Unfortunately, I think it is far more realistic an option than the thought of aliens having anything to do with his recent weirdness but that has been said too and by his own soon to be ex-wife!

    Face it, half of hollywood does or has done drugs at some point and it looks like Jon is really trying to have a hollywood lifestye. That coupled with his appearance in a couple of photos had me thinking the same thing. Thinking or wondering something is not the same as accusing.

  76. I could be totally off here... Aside from Jon and Kate being upset about the media making money off their children there could be other reasons.

    There has been so much backlash about Jon and Kate and TLC exploiting their children, as we all know. Especially people complaining that the kids have no privacy.

    Maybe Jon and Kate or TLC decided not to film the first day of school because of this backlash or so no one knows where they get on the bus (for safety reasons).

    However, the paps filmed it and now it's all over the internet and people are watching it anyway. That could have been on their show instead.

    Also, all the paps pics can show inconsistencies in the show or their timelines. The public knows so much before those episodes even air.

    I also think they don't like the paparazzi because they have no say of what gets filmed or what pics get published. TLC isn't going to show anything that can have a truly negative effect on the show or family.

    There are the Mady/no water clips, Leah getting spanked, the 911 call, Kate's recent dress "malfunction" outside of Target, the spoon in the car... those are things that would never be seen if not for the paparazzi.

    Also, some pics could be taken out of context without the proper explanation of what happened. Kate could look like she's arguing with Jon in a pic, when in reality she was adjusting her shirt (one example I heard).

    Of course they would hate it. I know I would.

  77. I don't do much posting here but this is where I go to keep up with the Gosselin's. I really have to agree with rita.... I felt really bad for Jon as he was getting heckled at the pool party. He was so out of his element. I think he is trying to invent himself into this stud or something!!!!!! The clothes and shades and even the picture of him with his Mom. Just too much. I can't help but wonder how the Kate M story just disappeared. Wouldn't you of thought that the media would of pursued that? What if she is telling the truth? I wonder too why none of her friends stood up for her? If she is telling the truth it would of surely shown his true colors. Guess that story is old news. There is something else new everyday!

  78. OMG! I can't believe Jon is doing an interview! A real one! On a major tv show!

    I'm actually worried about it for him. LOL. He's not very articulate. He doesn't get what he is trying to say across very well and he tends to mumble. I don't mean that to criticize him, I really don't. I just think it may not put him in the best light. Sometimes he says things and because he doesn't express himself very well it comes out the wrong way.

    How many times has he had to explain exactly what he meant after he was quoted... Yes, maybe some of what he is saying is lies and thus the descrepancies, but I do think sometimes he just gets his point across poorly.

    A good example is what just came out about TLC vs. the media exploiting his children. What did he actually say? What did he actually mean?

    Then there was the "strike" he said his kids did about not "working". Are they slip-ups or just poor wording on his part? Is he doing damage control afterwards or is he really correcting it to what he meant to say?

    All I can think right now is this is going to be interesting...

  79. Wow, I just watched the Jon/Vegas/Heckling video and I really felt sorry for him. I wanted to sink through the floor for him. That guy was really mean yelling about his bald spot and flabby belly and hair plugs. It should have reminded him that he did not belong in that kind of environment and that you can't recapture what is gone - a.k.a your college days!! Although he may have deserved it after what he has been acting like lately, it still made me feel sorry for him.

  80. The thing about the heckling was that Jon responded to it and didn't seem bothered by it. I mean he could be not acting effected by it on purpose but then again he did respond to it. I don't feel bad b/c he's put himself in this position and he knows he looks bad in the media yet he continues to do things that make him look bad. He realizes it and just doesn't care. If I feel bad for anyone it's the kids. I guess if I were to feel bad about anything else it's the fact that he's so blind right now and it's sad.

  81. The Las Vegas video is so pathetic, it's embarassing - fun to finally see a picture of Jon's mom.

    I too hope in the interview(s), that Jon will say what he actually means and that it will not be anything harmful for the kids to see or hear.

    I find it hard to believe that Jon says the media is exploiting his children when Radar is advertising their show at the end of some of their stories. Do they do that for free??

    I also wonder what Kate was referring to in the People article when she said that she doesn't trust anyone because everyone has sold her out, that the Neilds (sp?) are the only ones who have never talked about what they've seen or heard. What is there that's come out that was meant to be confidential?

  82. schmecky I have been recently making small cotton quilts. I don't know what I was thinking though, why in the world would Kate want blankies from a stranger?! I will donate them to a hospital or charity, or even sell them at our next garage sale.

    What you write always makes the most sense to me, very logical. It does make me think...Kate says the show must go on, right? But she also says she hates paparatzi and photographers.

    But TLC is contributing to this problem, isn't it true? If they were not on television, then why would anyone hang out to capture their photos? I heard Kate say it wouldn't change, if they stopped filming. But I think, that without a show, people would stop wanting to read them in the tabloids. And so maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle. As in: the media would go away, but so would the large paychecks? I don't know.

    Ok one more thing: somebody wrote Jon is only famous for being father to twins and tups. Kate may have become an author and tour the country speaking about mothering, but if she weren't a mother to twins and tups, she wouldn't be famous either! Not being mean, it's just true. Go Kate go, you are the strongest media mom ever!

  83. I wonder about Jon and the new season of J&K8 also. Three questions:

    If TLC does NOT renew Jon's contract would he then be able to do a tell-all interview or book because he is no longer under contract? I wonder if he signed a confidentially agreement. I can't imagine him or Kate themselves having to sign something like that in the past... probably just others who appear or work on the show, but I bet they'd want him to sign one in the future.

    Would TLC renew Jon's contract and just not show him as much on the show (unless he has to get a specific amount of air time) just so that they can keep him under contract and control what he can say or do?

    Kate said if Jon does not continue the show that she and the kids will. Does Jon have any say in the matter?

    And by the way, I really can't see Jon giving out any dirt on Kate or TLC or the show in his Good Morning America interview. I'd be shocked if he did.

  84. SchmeckyGirl - I totally agree with the point you made that Jon might be taken to backtracking on things a lot because he doesn't know how to articulate his thoughts properly.

    He has never really been the greatest speaker, even on the show. He does mumble a lot and a lot of time, I have to strain to really catch what he's saying. Doesn't mean that he hasn't told any lies but I tend to think his poor speaking skills have a lot to do with why he ends up saying things and then taking them back.

  85. April,
    I may or may not stand corrected. There is a post right now on from 8-30, Sunday where they are corecting themselves or Jon!
    He now says that the show is exploiting the children, not TLC. I would like to know what's the difference. Sorry if my statement offended anyone!

    I am not pro K or J, I am 4 the kids!!!

  86. 3KMOM - I too was surprised that Jon actually responded to the hecklers! Maybe he was trying to laugh it off and show that it didn't bother him but he definitely looked uncomfortable to me. Here he is the host of this party and his supposed guests are mocking him. Yes, he did bring a lot of this on himself but I couldn't help cringing at that guy just humiliating him in front of everyone.

    SchmeckyGirl - I'm pretty sure TLC cannot make Jon keep quiet if he is off the show but I don't know the legalities of all that stuff. They might be able to make him sign that he cannot talk about anything pertaining to the show or his time on the show but as for his private life with Kate and the break up of their marriage, I don't see how anyone can force him to keep quiet about that.

    As for the future of the show, Kate made it very clear on LKL that she and the kids would be willing to do the show alone as long as TLC approved it. I don't know if Jon would have a say because if he tried to make it seem like he refused to let the kids do it, I don't think it would hold up because he has allowed it all these years. He would have to prove that the kids themselves absolutely did not want to do it anymore. Aside from that the only thing that he might have a right to is a change to the show's name since there is no point to his name being in it as long as he is not involved. Somehow I don't see him having a problem though because it still is a source of income for Kate and a way to provide for the kids. As long as that money was coming in, Kate would not expect him to pay child support I would think and I think he mostly cares about not being on the show himself anyway.

    Oh, and I don't think he would dish dirt, at least I hope not! I would hope he would just say what really happened to cause their split and give relevant information without trashing Kate or saying things that would hurt the kids. Hopefully Kate will have time to tell the kids in age appropriate terms what happened before Jon puts it out there because it looks like he is determined to do so unless it is all just an attention grabbing ploy and he too will say nothing new.


    ladies......i have no words

  88. Grainne~ Actually I have words. It's called publicity stunt to get people back in favor of Jon. And for Jon to look better, as apparently he's trying to start a Childrens Foundation on his own without Kate.. Why do that when even though your divorced, YOUR STILL KNOWN AS JON FROM JON & KATE PLUS 8?? MAKES NO SENSE!

  89. Awww geez why the hating on Twitter! I love it! I have been able to keep up with my friends and family, as well as follow the story of the Stansel sextuplets, born last month. (poor family has lost 3 of the 6 so far, I hope the 3 remaining girls get strong and healthy!)

    As for the charity, it seems like people get mad when Jon does nothing...or does something...?
    Probably this is something you think is more appropriate for Kate to do I guess. I dunno.
    I think they both are paying out to PR firms, so who can say if they have any original thoughts left in their heads! LOL

  90. no no im not hating on twitter....just jon bein and his midlife crisis lol:P