Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Mystery Ledge Photos & Other Stupidities, New Zealand Here We Come!

Kate Gosselin and her eight children are on the move again after spending the last couple of weeks in Australia. The brood were pictured arriving at Sydney Airport from Brisbane as they made their way to New Zealand. Travelling with eight young children is no easy feat but Kate seemed to take it in her stride and held the hands of some of the younger ones as they went to catch their flight.
Kate was dressed down in grey leggings, a white top and black cardigan and added comfortable wedge flip-flops for her journey. The reality family have enjoyed a stay at a luxury hotel and went for a fun day out to Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo in Queensland earlier this week. Kate has spent much of the trip sunbathing and showing off her taut figure in a sexy bikini which she has been earning from regular workouts. The adventure is being captured for their TLC reality show Kate Plus 8 and the family have been accompanied by a television crew throughout their working vacation.

The Gosselins have been in Australia since late December and rang in the New Year in Sydney Harbour. Kate’s ex-husband, Jon, is said to have tried to stop the trip from happening by going to court in Pennsylvania last month but he lost that battle. 'It was another slap in the face for Jon because he did not want the kids to go to Australia', a source told Radar Online. 'But the judge ruled that because it was for work it was okay.' Her bodyguard, Steve Neild is also along for the ride. The Kiwi will spend the next few days in his home country with the Gosselins before they all finally go home to Pennsylvania in mid January. Sinks to New Low By Skimming Pressi's Posts for Gosselin Photo Drama  Uh-oh! Has Kate Gosselin’s bodyguard and rumored lover Steve Nield overstepped the boundaries of his position? It’s his job to protect Kate and her eight kids against intruders, including paparazzi, but could he actually be the one who took the photos of Kate in a bikini in Australia and sold them to photo agencies? And did he do it with Kate’s approval? Just looking at the railing in these photos, and you can see that the pics were taken from the same balcony that Steve was sitting on. Either he is a lousy bodyguard who can’t chase a way a paparazzo, or he is the one who took the photos! And does it seem weird that Kate was sucking in her stomach while she lay out in her bikini — maybe she knew she was being photographed!

According to a fan site, the resort that Kate and her kids stayed at has very expensive rates and a pretty exclusive list. “There’s no way REAL paps would ever be able to afford it,” The Grapevine notes. (BM sidenote: The fact that these losers are skimming Preesi's site for for hate gossip only proves my point that they DO read hate sites to get dirt on Kate!) Rooms at the Mooloolaba Beach Resort (located about an hour north of Brisbane) start at $550 a night for a two-bedroom suite during off-season, but it’s the middle of summer in Australia now, so it’s even more pricey, and weekend rates reach as high as $2,200 a night! “I bet all along Steve has been taking photos of Kate with her permission and selling the photos and splitting the proceeds with Kate,” a reader of The Grapevine shares. (BM side note: Are you for real? You interviewed one of the trolls from that site? Like they have legit info? It's all speculation and lies like your site HollyBaby!) Wow, doesn’t this whole scenario seem a bit off? And it appears that guests at the resort were not happy with Kate and her crew being there. “Thanks to an Aussie who’s family stayed at the resort at the same time, we learned that Kate acted like a total bitch/diva,” the site claims. “The kids are cute, and the TLC crew wrecked havoc on the property traipsing about, filming, without a care for the experience of the other guests!”

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Answering Polly Kahl: Heck NOOO! Werny Gal To Make Money Off The Gosselin Children Via "Tell All" Book

Good morning Gosselin fans! Ok, so am I seriously the last to know anything? Before I checked my own e-mail this morning (something about LIFE getting in the way) I happen to hear about this post over at Imperfect Women regarding their response to the following letter sent to the Gosselin Fan Sites last night:

Hello Fans of Kate Plus Eight,
I’m writing to invite you to participate in a book I am writing about the Gosselins phenomenon. I’m interviewing various entertainment and mental health professionals, former fans who no longer support the Gosselin children being on TV, and others who have a unique view of the Gosselins reality TV shows. The book is about reality TV, how real or unreal it is, and its impact on the Gosselin family. I’d like to include the perspective of fans who continue to support Kate and her shows and I hope you’ll be a part of it.
If you’re interested in participating, I’ll send you an interview sheet and it can be filled out and emailed back to me. After you’ve submitted the filled-out interview sheet, I’ll edit it for typos, punctuation and other problems, then I’ll email it back to you for a final OK. My goal is to include all views and although our blogs have differing perspectives, your views are important.
I’d also like to invite the owners of the GWOP Without Pity and Ziggyflo blogs to participate but cannot find their email addresses on their blogs. If you are in contact with them, would you please extend this invitation?
Thank you, Polly Kahl “Werny Gal” at Small Town Gosselins

Imperfect Women's Response? "Are you nuts? Thank you, Fans of Kate Plus Eight"
I am beyond disgusted that Polly was so hard up for GREEN $$ that she took a page literally from her buddy slug Al Walentis and decided to make money off the Gosselin Children as well. Polly didn't you know his book was a huge failure? Did you not know that he only did it to not get kicked out of his rental? How mentally hard up for cash are you that you stalk the family in corn fields and only talk to your 100 cats? Get out there honey and get yourself something called a REAL JOB! You know, the one you accused Kate of not having while she travels around the globe and saves her millions. Polly, or Wormy Gal as you are so rightfully called, please don't become the old Jon Gosselin. This book will not help you achieve your dream of living next to Kate so you can pick through the trash every morning. This book will not help you get your own Steve with a cute accent. This book will prove to the world what a complete hypocrite you are. Hugs, BM XOXOXOXOX

Congrats to Puff & to Grandma Judge Judith!
"Hello from Puff's Mom,
Puff has delivered her babies, Braeden James 5lb2oz & Brandon Thomas 5lbs4oz. Mommy & babies are fine."
We wish you all the love and blessings in the world!