Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kate Plus 8 June Debut, Jon Plays Bartender For Charity, Continuing The Sextuplets Celebrations

It's a June Airdate for 'Kate Plus 8' :
If you weren't invited to the Gosselin sextuplets' sixth birthday party earlier this week, don't worry: you can catch up with all eight of Kate Gosselin's cute kids on June 6, when Kate Plus 8 premieres on TLC. The Jon-free series will begin with a birthday episode (the children go on "an exciting surprise trip" with Mom to celebrate the sextuplets' birthday). Here are three things you should know about K+8:

1. It's not a traditional TV series. TLC has referred to the show as a "series of specials", meaning the cameras won't be following the family 24/7 anymore, as in Jon & Kate Plus 8 days. The show will most likely focus on special events in the kids' lives: birthdays, holidays, dentist appointments...

2. The kids have become performers. Legally, that is! After a challenge from Pennsylvania's State Labor Dept., the Gosselin 8 are required to have work permits, in accordance with standard policy for any other child actor.

3. Jon will not be watching. (Or so he's claimed!) Last fall, the Gosselin patriarch spoke out against Kate Plus 8 on Larry King Live, saying, "I don't think it's healthy for [my children] because we're going through a divorce right now. I don't think it should be televised and I think my kids should be taken off the show." Then again, he may just be bitter: rumor has it that Gosselin simply got edged out of his ex-wife's new show (and lucrative TLC contract), and has since been shopping his own reality series. Kate Plus 8 kicks off on Sunday, June 6 (9 p.m. ET) on TLC. Meanwhile, Kate Gosselin's other new reality series, Twist of Kate, will be premiering later this summer.

Jon Gosselin -- Will Bartend for Food:

TMZ has learned Gosselin served as a "celebrity" bartender at the Ott House Pub in the town of Emmitsburg. But get this -- Gosselin didn't take in a single dime last night because the whole thing was a charity event and every cent Jon made in tips went straight to a local food bank. Despite the good deed, we hear he pours a mean PiƱa Coladouche.

Kate Gosselin Continues Sextuplet Birthday Celebrations:

After spending the day filming at the homefront, Kate Gosselin continued to celebrate the sextuplets' birthday in Reading, PA on Tuesday (May 11). Joined by a few caretakers and bodyguard pal Steve Neild, the TLC reality mom gathered the kiddies together for a birthday dinner at Austin's restaurant.

RadarOnline: It’s raining in Reading, PA, so that means the Gosselin kids are splashing around in the rain! Momma Kate’s hair survived the rain mist and 46 degree temperatures. She was joined by her bodyguard pal Steve Neild. The sextuplets wore matching white hoodies, perhaps a birthday gift from Monday when the children turned six. And the best gift of all was being able to spend the day with both parents. They had a special breakfast with Kate. And, in the afternoon, they went to papa Jon’s new apartment. And, the couple was briefly re-united for the sake of the kids.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 Contest Exclusively for The Gosselin Family Fan Site!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Hershey Kisses! Alexis, Hannah, Aiden, Collin, Leah & Joel

Kate Gosselin Throws Sextuplets A Birthday!:

Spending her Mother's Day acting as party hostess, Kate Gosselin threw the sextuplets a birthday bash in Reading, Pennsylvania on Sunday (May 9).

Prior to the festivities, the TLC reality star mom was busy sweeping up her front yard barefoot while having the kids throw out a bit of trash on what was a windy day. Looking to be in full mommy mode, Miss Gosselin then headed off to toss up some last minute decorations before the pool party got underway. Not much later, the guests started pouring in by the droves - as bodyguard Steve Neild and his family turned up, along with plenty of the sextuplets little friends who seemed more than ready for the fun-filled afternoon party action.

Kate Pampers Herself The Before Mothers Day: Gossip
Looking to add a bit of color to her skin, Kate Gosselin was spotted at a tanning salon in Reading, Pennsylvania on Saturday (May 8).

The former “Dancing With the Stars” chick did her best to ignore the paparazzi as she sauntered out of the salon before hopping back in her vehicle. In other news, the mother of 8 recently told People magazine what Mother’s Day means to her. She said, "Mother's Day means that my sextuplets turn a year older every year, so that's what I think of when I think of Mother's Day." She also added that the best gift she could ever ask for is, "Without a doubt, my best Mother's Day gift: I have eight of them every year. I mean, in any shape or form, I'll take them. I love them."

Jon Gosselin Lied Exposed About Kate Not Letting Him See The Kids:

The Gosselin sextuplets turn 6 years old Monday and will get to celebrate with both their parents (separately), despite ongoing conflict and Jon getting caught in a big lie about his access to the kids. In a video posted on on May 6, Jon is seen shopping and loading packages into his car. Talking about the sextuplets he says: “I want to see them on their birthday, but I don’t know. I don’t have custody so I’m hoping that Kate let’s me see them on their birthday.” But before that video was shot, has now learned that Kate and Jon had already discussed the situation by phone and Kate told Jon he could see the kids on their birthday. “For some reason Jon went out and made it seem like Kate might not let him see the kids on their birthday,” a source told “But they had already discussed it and Kate told him of course he could see them, and they had reached an agreement. “Nobody knows why Jon does this, unless it’s for attention.”

Kate celebrated the sextuplets birthday on Sunday, Mothers’ Day, with her bodyguard Steve Neild and his family, Kate’s closest friends. And also learned she planned a special breakfast Monday for the kids and told Jon he could do whatever he wanted with them after school. “Jon asked Kate if he could see the sextuplets on their birthday and she said absolutely yes. That conversation happened well before he was videotaped acting as if he didn’t know if Kate would let him. “She wants Jon to see the kids. The kids want to see their father. They love him very much and Kate knows that. She offered Jon total access to the kids on their birthday and knows the kids will be thrilled to be with him.”

Jon, however, chose to publicly create the impression that Kate might not allow him to see the Gosselin sextuplets on their birthday. “Jon loves to create public drama in these situations. Maybe he just likes the attention,” the source told Kate and the Neilds combined Mothers’ Day and the sextuplets’ birthday celebrations on Sunday. And Kate has plans for another celebration as well. The sextuplets were born the day after Mother’s Day making this year’s birthday remind Kate of that. Alexis, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Hannah and Joel had a great time at Sunday’s celebration.

While the Jon and Kate divorce has left a lot of acrimony between them, the kids are happy that they are seeing their father more now than the past several months when he spend extensive time out of town. Jon has a new apartment in Pennsylvania, a new girlfriend and is still being paid by TLC even though he is not appearing on any of their shows. His relationship with Kate, however, is often a tool for him to get publicity. “There was never a question of whether or not Kate would let Jon see the kids on their birthday,” the source told “It’s a priority for her. She wants the kids to be with their dad and she will go out of her way to accommodate Jon.” But one scenario that was not discussed was Jon and Kate and the kids spending the day together. “No, that would be extremely awkward to say the least,” said the source. “But Kate wants their children to be happy and it’s a priority for her that they spend time with their father.”