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Kate Plus 8 June Debut, Jon Plays Bartender For Charity, Continuing The Sextuplets Celebrations

It's a June Airdate for 'Kate Plus 8' :
If you weren't invited to the Gosselin sextuplets' sixth birthday party earlier this week, don't worry: you can catch up with all eight of Kate Gosselin's cute kids on June 6, when Kate Plus 8 premieres on TLC. The Jon-free series will begin with a birthday episode (the children go on "an exciting surprise trip" with Mom to celebrate the sextuplets' birthday). Here are three things you should know about K+8:

1. It's not a traditional TV series. TLC has referred to the show as a "series of specials", meaning the cameras won't be following the family 24/7 anymore, as in Jon & Kate Plus 8 days. The show will most likely focus on special events in the kids' lives: birthdays, holidays, dentist appointments...

2. The kids have become performers. Legally, that is! After a challenge from Pennsylvania's State Labor Dept., the Gosselin 8 are required to have work permits, in accordance with standard policy for any other child actor.

3. Jon will not be watching. (Or so he's claimed!) Last fall, the Gosselin patriarch spoke out against Kate Plus 8 on Larry King Live, saying, "I don't think it's healthy for [my children] because we're going through a divorce right now. I don't think it should be televised and I think my kids should be taken off the show." Then again, he may just be bitter: rumor has it that Gosselin simply got edged out of his ex-wife's new show (and lucrative TLC contract), and has since been shopping his own reality series. Kate Plus 8 kicks off on Sunday, June 6 (9 p.m. ET) on TLC. Meanwhile, Kate Gosselin's other new reality series, Twist of Kate, will be premiering later this summer.

Jon Gosselin -- Will Bartend for Food:

TMZ has learned Gosselin served as a "celebrity" bartender at the Ott House Pub in the town of Emmitsburg. But get this -- Gosselin didn't take in a single dime last night because the whole thing was a charity event and every cent Jon made in tips went straight to a local food bank. Despite the good deed, we hear he pours a mean Piña Coladouche.

Kate Gosselin Continues Sextuplet Birthday Celebrations:

After spending the day filming at the homefront, Kate Gosselin continued to celebrate the sextuplets' birthday in Reading, PA on Tuesday (May 11). Joined by a few caretakers and bodyguard pal Steve Neild, the TLC reality mom gathered the kiddies together for a birthday dinner at Austin's restaurant.

RadarOnline: It’s raining in Reading, PA, so that means the Gosselin kids are splashing around in the rain! Momma Kate’s hair survived the rain mist and 46 degree temperatures. She was joined by her bodyguard pal Steve Neild. The sextuplets wore matching white hoodies, perhaps a birthday gift from Monday when the children turned six. And the best gift of all was being able to spend the day with both parents. They had a special breakfast with Kate. And, in the afternoon, they went to papa Jon’s new apartment. And, the couple was briefly re-united for the sake of the kids.


  1. Jon won't be watching? Where'd they get that info?

    I'm actually upset the kids are going to be back on tv. As much as I enjoyed Jon and Kate Plus 8 for my own entertainment I don't watch TLC any longer. I don't agree with their child oriented tv reality shows... especially Toddlers and Tiaras.

    I may tune in online at a later time to see what the shows are about, etc but I won't be watching it on TLC and especially not when the ratings count. I just can't. Not since I feel so strongly about the children not being filmed for entertainment of others.

    My thoughts are I don't take my kids to the circus as much as I would love to take them to the circus, because I don't believe in the exploitation of some of their animals, such as lions, tigers and elephants because they are not naturally "performing animals" even though it is an enjoyable, fun show... so in keeping with that I won't watch the show because I don't believe the children should be on tv for our entertainment. Fun or not, for them or for us, I think they need, and should be entitled to, their privacy.


    Lol looks like The kids got some new rids :)))

  3. Kate and her kids have a suprise for her kids when she takes them to disney land orlando! I read

  4. It'll be nice to see them again doing some things! I'm sure they had a great birthday!

  5. Did the kids get to have their grandma's over for their big birthday? Or their cousins? Anyone hear how many of their little friends were invited to their party?

  6. Thanks for fresh paper, Baby Mama. Do you serve an after dinner cup of decaf to go with it? Lol.

  7. Their new rides are so cute, good for them!! Also, I am not trying to be gross in anyway but...Kates boobs look amazing and she is looking smokin in that pink dress.

  8. I'll take a mocha latte.....LOL

    The move is going waaayyyyy slower then I would like but I think we are getting there, thanks for asking! :) I honestly can't wait to see the special, just for a peek at how the kids are doing. I just read Kate's blog and I love how she talks about how you feel when you have a C-section. It touched my heart what she said about the kids being miracles because of how they are healthy in spite of the odds. It's how I feel about my preemie every day!

  9. For many of us, people here have become far more than just "reads on a blog." It's in many ways. Strange to say that. We don't always see eye-to-eye. I think that would be pretty boring. I do not see eye-to-eye with all of my blood relatives either. I think healthy, and respectful debate is a good thing in many ways.

    SchmeckyGirl reminds me a lot of one of my sisters, lol, except my sister is blond. We don't agree on many things but I trust what she says because I know she doesn't blindly parrot something she's heard. (Unless, of course, she says "Did you see this on TMZ or whatever and then lists the source."

    There are times when I'd like to throttle Jon, but I still hope that one day he'll find happiness and become a productive and responsible person.

    Things Kate said, or her "tone" used to irritate me a lot. I do see tremendous progress there, both conceding her mistakes and waiting to express a thought with control and fore-thought.

    The kids? They are just plain adorable. I enjoy both twins and the tups.

  10. Crafty Mom - keep your chin & spirits up with the packing and move! (Ive got a cheapo recipe that tastes like Starbucks White chocolate mocha latte.)
    Hope - I'm trusting that you are feeling better today from your oral surgery.

  11. SG - I think you are handling your feelings in a most mature way. Our perspectives are different. If you don't Luke something on TV, don't watch when ratings count.

    To me it's a little different now. The Gosselin kids must have work permits, must be paid scale, have mandatory amounts into trusts, and must be considered child actors, even if they are just being themselves.

    I'd also say for anybody who has a problem with child actors, don't watch them on TV, don't watch movies with child stars, etc. etc.

    By the way, I did write Ringling Brothers with questions and concerns. Finally got an answer today. They extended an invitation to either spend a week with them on the road, and/or do an extended visit at winter headquarters in Sarasota. I'm free to write my observations. I have some additional questions. If you have specifics, please send me an email.

  12. Grrr - this iPhone is driving me nuts today. I love it except for the self correction. Everytime I type "like" it changes it to "Luke" for some bizarre reason. Sorry I missed changing it back tonight, in post to SG, for example.

  13. Linda,
    Thanks sista! ;)

    I actually don't have issues with "child actors". Aside from a percentage paid to their managers etc they get to keep their earnings. The Gosselin children all have to split their measly 15%. That's less than 2% each.

    Child actors have a talent that they want to share. They "work" set hours and then go home and live a private life. The Gosselin kids' lives ARE the show. Their vacations and family trips and special days are public for viewers. I don't see how child actors can even be compared to child reality stars. Child actors have private lives.

  14. oooh Linda- do share! I would love to be able to make them from home! And thanks I am trying to stay positive! :)

    And yes Hope I forgot in my other are you and how are you feeling?

  15. Linda! You're joining the circus?!?????!!! OMG! Traveling with a circus for a week! Wow. What are you going to do? Of course I, being a skeptic, would prefer you go undercover! Email you... What address? Do you have Baby Mama's email address? She can give you mine... If she doesn't mind. I don't want to post it. I have a lot of fans. I don't want to get bombarded. Lol.

  16. Oh Linda please share the recipe...that's my favorite SB drink. I'd have to drive 2 hr's to get one! I'd love to be able to make it at home.

  17. SG - not sure what or when yet. One question is can I just show up in city of my choosing etc. I have a bunch to figure out. I have to go back to Mayo Clinic again for 6 days in June. Timing will depend on IF there's more back surgery etc Lots of questions first. I want freedom to go wherever. So many Q's. Baby Mama has my email addy. I posted one here last week for Rita so I'll post again. I will warn anybody that the addy is being monitored. If it gets flamed, I'll close it and open another. This is the one I use for research.

  18. Schmecky~ you could not have more "fans" than me! haha I haven't read all the posts yet because I just got home. But whatever you want me to e-mail you or Linda I will. I have no qualms with helping my girls in any capasity. Theres a few people I know that I would like to ship to a Circus if that is what you are referring to lol.

    Also what is the public outcry with one of the Gosselin boys covering up his face while walking in the pouring rain? Did anyone hear about this? Or do the haters truly look for anything to gripe ande moan to me about? Can't the kid have a moment of being silly? Maybe in that mament he didn't want his pic taken..Does than mean he's abused or that hes giving some secret code to be saved from his miserable life? Don't think so. In fact the kids have seemed incredibly happy lately IMO.

    TROLL FYI: My e-mail address is not for trolls to use as a shrinks chair to bitch & moan about the Gosselins. Please bring that to one of your miserable hate sites. thanks

  19. CraftyMom - it's super simple. You just use sweetened condensed milk with two drops of pure vanilla extract as the substitute for the syrup in the latte. I was buying the syrup from the coffee shop (never read the label, duh) A barrista told me to read the label. It's swt condensed milk with vanilla extract added.
    I still use their coffee beans and pods because it's fair trade coffee, which means the coffee growers make a fair living, and not just the brokers.

  20. Guys to everyone that put posts on the blog I did for PeaceloveWorld contest: I deleted almost everything that didn't pertain to the contest itself. I hope everyone knows to come here. There seemed to be confusion once I put this new post up..ohh well.. more shirts for everyone! lol

  21. Yum! So simple! Thank you. I will definitely try because I can actually use that in my diet.

  22. SG-I believe you are contradicting yourself when you say that "I enjoyed Jon and Kate plus 8 for my own entertainment" and now say that you don't agree with child oriented reality t.v. shows. The gosselin children seems to be having a blast going on all those great trips and gifts they are getting because of show. They are not "working". The real "working" kids are those at Disney channels, commercials, etc,. That's JMO.

    BM-thank you for the t-shirt contest but give it to those who really wants or needs it, lol. Thanks anyways and keep up the good work.

  23. michelle,

    It's not a contradiction. I did enjoy watching the shows. I've always said that. I would probably still enjoy watching the shows in the future too... except I'm making a conscious decision to not watch the new episodes because I think it's wrong to film them. They deserve privacy and being able to just live their every day lives without cameras. Why is that a contradiction?

    Yes, you're right that acting children are "really working" but they get paid for it and then they get to go home and live a private life. That's not the case for the Gosselin kids.

    I wrote this above: Child actors "work" set hours and then go home and live a private life. The Gosselin kids' lives ARE the show. Their vacations and family trips and special days are public for viewers. (The child actors do that in private outside of their "work".) I don't see how child actors can even be compared to child reality stars. Child actors have private lives.

    You really don't see the difference?

  24. Linda,
    Maybe there can be "fair trade" Gosselin children?

  25. First time poster, long time lurker. I am like SG and I am not a Kate fan and worry about the kids, but I have a feeling I am going to be a huge Linda "Original" fan. When I say "huge" I hope that is not what I am going to look like after making the white chocolate latte syrup I just mixed up for tomorrow. Oh my, that sounded so great I immediatly mixed it up and I think I am going use it to make frappuccinos. If it were not so late, I would try it right now. So Linda, thank you so much. I will send you my future Jenny Craig bills. :)

  26. Well, good morning everyone. :)

    Thanks to all of you who were asking about how I am doing! :)

    Yesterday was AwFuL! I swelled to the point I looked like an ogre! Couldn't see out of my right eye and by last night was fairly well miserable. My hubby was worried so he decided not to go into work today so he can take me back for the doc to have a look. I seem to be a little better this morning as I can actually see somewhat out of this eye now. Thank God!

    Linda: Let me know if you need a pro-photographer to tag along to document your circus research :) Seriously. :)

    SG: Hi!! :) Just dropping my two cents on the question posed to you that you were contradicting yourself. I don't see it that way at all. What I see is that you've 'changed your opinion' - which is completely and perfectly within anyones rights to do! When the show began - your enjoyment of the show was with little insight to how much filming was involved and how it impacted their lives. Now, we all have had a 'more than we ever needed to know' look inside and many people who once loved the show feel terribly different now. :)

    I see the new shows more like traditional child actors though. Their 'work day' will be at specific times for specific filming events. Not like it was before - or at least it isn't being portrayed that way. Will those days be on important days for them like maybe their birthdays? Possibly and probably. However - I think the fact that there were no pap photos of the birthday party being filmed (we saw what lengths they went to last year to get pics of the kids parties) that things are clearly being done differently this year! Time will tell.

    As for Toddlers and Tiaras - I personally feel bad for those kids WAY beyond the filming of the show. The entire pageant and parenting process that I see with many of those little girls just made me ill. Watched it like twice and then couldn't stomach it anymore.

  27. Thanks for that recipe, Linda Original. Now can I get one for the vanilla bean frappucino??

  28. Cindy - Sorry I don't have that recipe. lol

  29. SchmeckyGirl - You changed your mind and your position on child actors. That is your privilege and your prerogative. I support that.

    I just don't happen to agree (so what else is new, Sista?)

    Here’s why I really don’t see the difference. In some ways, I think the Gosselins have it easier.

    Source: Wikipedia Child actor
    Child actors (other than reality) must learn lines and perform on schedule. Because of production schedules, they are often unable to attend a regular school, relying on teachers/tutors on set and often isolated from other children. They get paid at least scale. From this wage, they must: pay generally 20% minimum to an agent, pay stylists, pay for tutors, pay for transportation, pay for parent or guardians travel expenses, pay for attorney fees to review contracts, and a percentage must go into trusts if they are SAG or AFTRA, etc. “Regulation of child actors – The activities of child actors are regulated by the governing labor union, if any, and state and federal laws. Longer work hours or risky stunts, prohibited in California for example, might me permitted to a project filming in British Columbia. Some projects film in remote locations specifically to evade regulations intended to protect the child. In the United States, federal law ‘Specifically exempted minors working the Entertainment Business from all provisions of the Child Labor Laws.’ Any regulation of child actors is governed by disparate state law.”
    This is followed by a section on ownership of earnings and both sides are discussed.
    “Competitive pressure
    Some people also criticize the parents of child actors for allowing their children to work, believing that more ‘normal’ activities should be the staple during the childhood years. Others observe that competition is present in all areas of a child’s life—from sports to student newspaper to orchestra and band—and believe that the work ethic instilled, or the talent developed accrues to the child’s benefit.
    The child actor may experience unique and negative pressures when working under tight production schedules. Large projects which depend for the success on the ability of the child to deliver an effective performance add to the pressure.”

    Gosselins as reality actors –
    They get paid to be themselves: playing, taking family trips, doing normal childhood activities. There is no script or lines to learn. While some previous monies earned were put into trusts by their parents, a set percentage now must be placed in a special savings account. They do not pay percentages to agents, attend a regular albeit private school, do not pay stylists, pay for transportation, etc. Because they have at least one parent with them, the parent pays for attorney fees for any contracts. Work permits must now be obtained. (Source: extracts from published newspaper accounts in PA- included court proceedings and rulings.)

    I don’t see the difference. If you object to the new Kate+8, I think you’d have to also object to any TV shows or movies involving any children.

    Effects: “Many actors’ careers are short-lived, and this is also true of child actors.” (Wikipedia)

  30. Scroll on by folks, if you don't want to read.

    To Sista SchmeckyGirl – I’m not sure how you came to the conclusion that other “child actors,” Disney or reality, lead private lives. So I decided to research a few. (I googled most famous child actors)

    Child Actors
    Source: Wikipedia: Child Actors (other sources individually noted)
    “Tragic and well publicized examples exist in which a child actor falls into self-destructive behavior. However, it has not been demonstrated that this hazard occurs more frequently in child actors than in the general population. One study concluded that ‘the present findings also indicate that the environment of the entertainment industry is not necessarily toxic to normal development. Instead, the results support the well-established theory that good parenting serves as a buffer for life stress.’ Lisa Rapport, Ph.D. “The Relationships Between Professional Experience, Parenting History, and Adult Adjustment” Wayne State University.

    Shirley Temple (Black) – Long screen acting career, followed by a career in politics and diplomacy among other things. Successful in film and in her adult life. While there was not the media attention you see today, “I was followed by photographers most every time I left my home throughout my child performing years.” (Source her book)

    Barry Williams (Greg Brady, Brady Bunch). He has a blog, Leads a productive and successful life today, still taking some acting roles and actively working for a charity. During the Brady Bunch and for the next 10 years “was followed everywhere.” (Source his book)

    Quinn Cummings (Marsha Mason’s daughter in the 1977 movie “The Goodbye Girl”: nominations for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress; Appeared in TV episodes from 1975-1991. Won Young Artist Award for Best Young Actress in a TV Series, “Family,” in 1981. She quit acting in 1991; last role in an episode of Blossom. Is an entrepreneur and has a blog today
    (Source Wikipedia and her blog) I can’t find where she was unable to have a private life or experienced following, but then IMO she wasn’t as well known.

    Jodie Foster: began acting in commercials in 1965 at age 3 as Coppertone Baby. Made nearly 50 film and television appearances before attending college. Her movies included a number of Disney films. She graduated as valedictorian in 1980 from Lycee-Francais de Los Angeles, a French-language prep school. Attended Yale University, was a member of Calhoun College, graduating magna cum laude in 1985, delayed a year from stalking by John Hinckley. Active as actor, producer, director from 1965-present. While she is intensely private about some aspects of her personal life, she is still followed whenever she appears in public. (Source Wikipedia and her book.)

    Brooke Shields: began modeling career in 1966 at age of 11 months for Ivory Soap. Continued in a career in film and modeling. Graduated from Princeton University with a degree in French literature in 1987. Little privacy during her teen years. Still followed to some extent today by paparazzi, recently trying to get photos of her mother who has alzheimers. Is a spokeswoman for Tupperware’s Chain of Confidence SMART Girls campaign, a program that teaches girls to nurture their mental and physical well-being. (Source Wikipedia and her book)

    Miley Cyrus: singer, songwriter, television and film actress who rose to fame after starring in the title character in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana. Still acting and performing and followed any time she appears in public by paparazzi seeking anything risque. (Source Wikipedia and me: Go to ROL, People, E!)

    So help me understand how well-known child actors lead private lives.

  31. SG-I really don't see the difference. The real "child actors" don't really have "private" lives either. Many of them are home schooled or go to private schools where everyone there knows all about them. The Gosselin children do have "private" lives "most" of the the time. They are being filmed only "short" amount of time per day, and only few days a week. Not even that because this will not be like the regular season long shows. And they "love" the film crew according to Kate. They started crying when the film crew didn't show up because they were like part of the extended family for them. As Kate stated, they will stop filiming if one child gets uncomfortable with filming. Look at America's Funniest Home Video, parents film their own kids at some very inappropriate times sending the videos so they could earn some few bucks. Should we boycott that show too? Soon we won't be able to see anything on t.v. because the kids are "working".

  32. Linda Original - Thank you for your research! I love it when you get busy and post info. Here's my take on your answers to SG. The successful child stars that you listed is great, but did they have their entire Early Childhood years put on TV? No!. There has not been any long term studies on how the Gosselin kids will be effected by this type of Reality Show. The damage might already be done, but will not show up until their older.

    The study above that stated the entertainment type business has shown no harmful results to child stars, and mentioned GOOD PARENTING. WELL, I THINK THAT IS THE BIG LOOP HOLE IN THAT STUDY. But, lets say it applies to Reality TV shows. Then lets use the Gosselins as an example.
    As infants and toddlers, did they have an extended family to bond with. Only a few, and Jons father was the only Grandpa that was involved. It's not normal the way the children have bonded with a TV crew instead of family. To me, that is a big fault in their parenting skills. They should have tried harder to keep those relationships.

    I have read the post here from everyone saying how happy the children look lately. Why wouldn't they be? The only family they know is back with big presents and trips. Their 2 parents have not been willing to take the kids out much. Please people don't jump all over me, but now Kate is in Orlando. It's a nice Birthday trip for the kids, also another planned event by TLC.

    I know Linda, we do not know how they have spent the last year, because the kids were kept private, away from the TLC cameras. I just think it should have lasted longer or not at all. Not on TV, I mean. I know Kate needs to make a living but I hope she can make it without the kids.

  33. Haha I just loved this. I wish I would have put it up on my post! From (my new fav. blog site..)

    Jon Gosselin is still unemployed. His deadbeat status is causing a rift with Kate and he is reportedly mootching off of her, stealing things out of the fridge and taking off with supplies from her home. And if that isn’t bad enough, he’s having trouble paying his $22,000 a month in child support.

    We’ve taken a close look at Jon’s skills and personality and come up with a list of jobs he would be perfect for:

    1) Bartender: The other day as Kate began filming her new reality show, Jon was mixing up the drinks as a guest bartender in Maryland. The proceeds went to charity, but this would be a great full time gig for him. Who wouldn’t tip a familiar face? Sure, he may not be loved by the general public but if Jon were to serve you up a cold one, you’d give him a great tip since you know he has lots of little mouths to feed. Plus, a bar is a perfect place to pick up women, something Jon loves to do.

    2) Used Car Salesman: Jon recently sold his BMW so he’s got some practice in this area. He’s also a good talker and pretty smarmy. When he backed out of his custody battle with Kate, he tried to smooth it over by saying his lawyer made him do it. It was a blatant lie, but he gave it a good shot, something that is important in this field.

    3) Ed Hardy Spokesman/Non-Spokesman: When Jon was courting former Star reporter Kate Major and hanging out in the clubs with Lindsay Lohan’s father, he was consistently seen sporting the tiger-laden airbrushed tees of the brand. He’s already devalued it, so why not turn it into an ironic ad campaign? Or they could always pay him for NOT wearing the company’s clothes.

    4) Nanny: He’s got 8 kids so he must know a thing or two about child rearing. Plus, it will show Kate and any legal judges he may come into contact with over frivolous lawsuits he may wage in the future, that he is a stable, loving caregiver who understands children’s needs.

    5) Rodeo clown: He’s goofy, acts like a doofus, and is generally disliked so why not capitalize on that? Who wouldn’t love seeing Jon chased around by a bull? Total crowd pleaser. (Yes, this one made the list mostly because I want to see it. Sorry.)Can you think of any other jobs Jon should be applying for?

  34. Right after I read about him bartending for charity, I thought he'd at least try for jobs bartending. It may not be the best career choice for most people, but fits his image and lifestyle perfectly.

  35. Bartending is a great idea! During the day you can see your kids, at night flirt with your Ed Hardy tees and try to pick up chicks that dig you because your Jon Gosselin. Get a head start on the young ones and card them to make sure they are at least 21! I kid I kid..I really do think it's a great idea for him though...

  36. Child actors go home and the cameras do not go home with them. They have privacy in the privacy of their own home.

    Sure, some child actors go out in public and there are a few snapshots of them but their PRIVATE lives are not filmed for our viewing pleasure.

    I'm not saying child actors have it so much better and live great lives and don't have issues. But they get to go home and shut the front door to their home and live a normal life behind those doors. We aren't privy to their private lives behind those doors.

  37. I do though think that the child actors today have it easier than those in the earlier days like Shirley Temple and The Brady Bunch kids. I also think the Brady Bunch kids were probably followed more by fans than they were camera crews and paparazzi. They didn't have all that footage on the internet and various tabloid shows on tv.

  38. #1caregiver,

    I agree. Especially with the GOOD PARENTING part. A lot of child actors' parents go to great lenghts to make sure their children live relatively normal and private lives outside of their acting career.

    I'm sure there are things that I can take issue with when it comes to child actors too... I just don't think it makes a difference in the problems with children on reality television. I don't think young children should be allowed at all on reality tv.

  39. I wonder if TLC is behind Jon's recent "charity" appearances. I just have a feeling that they are organizing these events to keep the "Gosselin" name in the media, especially right before Kate's new show.

  40. michelle said...

    They started crying when the film crew didn't show up because they were like part of the extended family for them. As Kate stated, they will stop filiming if one child gets uncomfortable with filming.

    I'm not sure I believe that. Just because Kate said so?

    I don't believe the kids were crying for the cameras to come back. Sure maybe they liked the crew but that has nothing to do with the actual filming itself. I believe they miss the opportunities that came with the filming. They probably associate the filming and crew with all the fun things they get to do. No crew, no cameras, no fun things to do. And they are right! They still haven't been to the Statue of Liberty!!!!!!! ;)

    I also don't believe Kate will stop filming if the kids don't want to be filmed. Really? Can you imagine how that conversation will go: Aw kids, you don't want to do fun things anymore? Okay. We'll stay home and go in the pool all day then. Oh wait, we can't afford our house with the big pool anymore unless we continue filming. So what will it be kids?

    michelle said...

    Look at America's Funniest Home Video, parents film their own kids at some very inappropriate times sending the videos so they could earn some few bucks. Should we boycott that show too? Soon we won't be able to see anything on t.v. because the kids are "working".

    That's totally different in my opinion. If I sent in a video of my daughter to that show would you even know it was my daughter? Those are anonymous videos. I have no idea who any of those people were. I can't follow their lives around now to see more.

    One of my favorite videos on that show was a boy attending his sister's dance class and he was doing all the moves on the side at the same time. It was so funny. But I have no idea who that kid is or where he lives or what school he attends. Maybe his friends saw it? Maybe they all laughed at him. Maybe he doesn't care. Maybe it haunts him to this day that his friends saw that. I don't know. Are you trying to make me form America's Funniest Videos Without Pity? LOL.

  41. Say what you want about Ed Hardy but that designer/owner is a multi-millionaire. Jon was just trying to get in on the action and get a clothing line with them. He wore Ed Hardy for a while, it didn't work out.

  42. Linda "Original" said...
    SchmeckyGirl - You changed your mind and your position on child actors. That is your privilege and your prerogative. I support that.

    Thanks Sista! But I want to clarify that I changed my mind about children on reality tv shows. not "child actors".

    Even though the Gosselin children are now under the Child Labor Laws for "child actors" I don't think they are the exact same thing. I think the laws for children in reality tv shows should be different. The main one being they shouldn't be allowed to be in them. ;)

    Again, the difference to me is that the reality tv children are selling their private lives for entertainment.

  43. I would also like to add that I would actually enjoy watching the shows. I always enjoyed watching the shows. I just think it's wrong, so I won't. If they did one, maybe two, annual specials like they did with the Dilley sextuplets I would watch them.... the kind of specials that tell you how they are doing and what they are up to, etc.

    To me it seems they are doing a summer series of the Gosselin children... not really a few specials.

  44. OMG! I'm so sorry! I will shut up now. Yikes.

  45. SG - I agree that Child actors and reality TV kids are not the same. Each State now has to become involved in updating their laws to have more appropriate guidelines about children on TV. Hopefully something that will Federally mandated also.

  46. SG & Caregiver - We have a difference in perspective and views. And that's fine. I respect your difference.

  47. IMO - I think all children should be protected by the same laws. I feel that only in Federal laws that surpass all state laws for any child actors, will they be protected. That, however, becomes a very touchy issue with many states feeling their rights are being usurped by the Feds. With Federal mandates, there would be no "shopping" from state to state. But, that's JMO.

  48. Child actors go to work on a set and then come home. The Gosselins LIVE on their set. It has to be confusing.

    The TLC crew had totally changed over the course of J&K+8. Almost all of the regulars went to the Duggar show.

  49. SG - one question. I'm asking just to clarify. I'm sensing, perhaps incorrectly, that you feel TLC production crews are shooting whole days of the Gosselin kids lives.

    See, my sense is that even TLC doesn't have the bucks to pay any production crew for that kind of time. I may be wrong. If I find out, I'd certainly state that I am.

    My sense is that they film several hours, perhaps up to 3-4 at a time and that those shoots aren't happening that many days in a row. Some people may "feel" that they are seeing days and weeks of the kids' lives, but in reality, I just don't think we are. Even if you were irresponsible enough to "try" to do something like that (and it would be very wrong), I think the kids would not have enough endurance to do it. Adults can't. I don't think kids could.

  50. Denise said...
    Child actors go to work on a set and then come home. The Gosselins LIVE on their set. It has to be confusing.

    The TLC crew had totally changed over the course of J&K+8. Almost all of the regulars went to the Duggar show.
    And your source for the info is what, Denise? Please let us know.

  51. Denise said...
    Child actors go to work on a set and then come home. The Gosselins LIVE on their set. It has to be confusing.
    See, again, my perspective is different. The crew does NOT live there; they come for limited hours on limited days. In many cases, the filming in the last year before shutting down, did NOT even take place at the Gosselin home!
    Here's an example. I have 25 kids over for my kids' birthday party and they stay for 3 hours. During that time, Mom and Dad have the cameras running filming it. So at the end of the day, could you say that those 25 kids saw or knew every moment of my kids' birthday? They didn't even see that whole "birthday" as a day, they just saw a tiny 1/8th of one day. In our case, we usually have multiple birthday parties, often with different people (friends or relatives) attending. If we did this three times, we'd have filmed 9 hours of birthday. So who saw the real birthday?

    When each of those "birthday" events was over, would my kids feel their lives had been exposed to all their friends?

    Even the 25 kids, weren't there at breakfast, or mid-morning, or lunch, just a short chunk of one afternoon. They weren't there at dinner, they weren't there in the evening, and they weren't there at bedtime.

    It's different as they've grown older, activities have changed. It's also different as they move into a summer of "specials" as opposed to a series. Even then, production time was limited.

  52. Im kinda Confused lol are we aloud to comment here about gosselin stuff and enter the comp comment on the other 1 ??

  53. Jessica,
    I highly doubt TLC is behind Jon's bartending charity events. They have to protect the wholesome brand image of the Gosselin family name and bars and bartending somehow doesn't seem to fit that. Since Jon wasn't paid to appear for them, nor was it considered a media appearance it may have gone under TLC's radar and he may have felt it was not disallowed by the terms of their contract with him. However, if he is still under contract, any kind of appearance that does not fit under their brand would have been a violation of their terms. Maybe TLC is just tolerating his appearances at those charity events so as not to appear noncharitable.

  54. Lexi - when I started reading your post about being confused, I had just finished reading Lindas' post and thought you were going to say you were confused about that! LOL!!!!

    Linda - Now I am confused, you lost me on that birthday post and taping. LOL. I have to read it again. It does not make any sense to me.

  55. SG-If you sent the video and you were in the top 3 for the $10,000, I guess your family would have to show up don't you think? And the show is already in syndication so we just might see your family over and over, just saying:).

  56. Lexii - Since Baby Mama is working/busy, I think I can help! Yes this thread is for comments about The Gosselin Family, including Jon. The other one is for only entries to win a T-Shirt!
    Good Luck in the contest. I hope we both get a shirt. I have a Granddaughter and she would look great in one!

  57. Lexii~ Yes this is just the comments section. The contest where you enter is the other post. So sorry about the confusion. Anyway I found another really good article. Figures I find all this good stuff after I already did a post!

    "One year ago to this day, Us Magazine published a story that forever changed former "Jon and Kate Plus 8" stars Jon and Kate Gosselin. Jon was supposedly having an "affair" with teacher Deanna Hummel, who he has insisted to this day was just a friend.

    Look how far we've come in a year. "Jon and Kate Plus 8" is no more thanks to the drama, and the Gosselins have gone from becoming stars of a niche reality TV market to household names. The couple filed for divorce last summer, Jon went on to date a number of other women such as Hailey Glassman and Morgan Christie, and Kate went on "Dancing with the Stars." Now, the Gosselins are going their entirely separate ways. Kate is currently filming "Kate Plus 8" (which is scheduled to begin airing June 6), while Jon is doing...well, no one really knows for sure. The reality TV dad worked as a bartender for charity earlier this week, and has been pretty much a ghost ever since.

    Are you surprised that it has been one year since the Gosselin drama broke?"

  58. Interesting discussion. I think the issues of good parenting and kids working as reality stars and/or child actors should be seperated.

    As far as parenting goes, there are so many kids that have it so much worse than the Gosselins (kids that go to bed hungry, are neglected, are beaten, who don't have warm clothes or go to a good school, etc). There are also kids who have more nurturing and more mature parents. Perfect childhoods are rare and I don't see teh Gosselin kids being better off if their parents were both working long hours struggling to get by. On any account, we all have the responsibility of making the best of ourselves in spite of our childhoods.

    As to the question of kids being on reality TV, I am totally against the government being given the power to decide what parents can and cannot do. (Beyond outlawing abuse and neglect, of course.) Right now the focus is on reality TV because the Gosselin drama has played out in the public eye. But it is a slippery slope and just as good arguments can be made against homeschooling or kids spending hours a day training to be future Olympians, etc. Parents make decisions for their kids everyday - I don't want the governemnt in the business of usurping this authority even if some parents make really bad decisions.

    ANd if we want to make distinction about privacy from other types of decisions, then I see the government progressing from outlawing kids on reality TV to outlawing parents posting information about their kids on their Facebook pages to outlawing books written by parents about their kids(e.g for example, Jenny McCarthy's book about her sons autism). Where is the line drawn?

    On the other hand, I am all for regulation and acknowledging that kids on reality TV are "working" and should be justly compensated for that.

  59. PAR - I think those are excellent and outstanding points well made. Decisions on whether or not a child becomes a child actor, reality or otherwise, IMO must be left up to the parents.

    When I was referring to Federal guidelines, I'm talking about:
    1. Standardizing the number of hours a child actor, reality or otherwise can work. (Same max hours per day in CA, PA or wherever.)
    2. Standardizing the percentages of payments that must be held in trust for the child actor. (Same % held back whether the child resides in CA, PA or wherever.)

    My point for standardization in those two key areas is that a only a handful of states have guidelines. A child can conceivably be taken from state to state to avoid existing guidelines.

  60. Linda & Par...
    Great post's today!

  61. I agree. Great discussion today!

  62. I heard there was going to be a protest at TLC headquarters by the GWOPers, LOL. I'll be shocked if more than two people show up. There's no way they could show their true "colors", they will be too ashmed to show their 500 lb body plodding along back and forth, LOL. They probably couldn't walk more than few steps, to their fridge and back, LOL.

  63. Michelle - I can see that you are frustrated by this group and I can understand your frustration. I find, however, that those pro and con for the Gosselins come in all varieties: short & tall, wide and narrow, old and young, and everything in between.

  64. Par & Linda - I agree with Lindas' explanation of standards for all states. The Labor Laws have to be updated for all. Par, I too believe that our Federal Government has their noses too far up our butts already, but children do need to be protected from the long term affects of Reality TV. IMO, the Gosselin kids are not actors, even though the show was scripted near the end. They need to be compensated for their work. More then 15% per family. It should be something more like maybe 8 or 10% per child.
    Is CA law 15% per child, Linda, I don't know? In TLCs' settlement of that case, I think they just agreed to it so they could get on with their plans. The Laws have to be spelled out and more specific as far as I'm concerned.

  65. Michelle, Yes, people of all ages, size, and color post on these Blogs. I feel your comments are too negative for Baby Mama Blog. All it will do is fan the fire and we do not need the heat.
    Sorry, JMO!

  66. I have no problems with regulating activities - especially in the labor field. I am all for limiting work hours for children and making sure compensation is just and protected - I disagree with the percentage approach and think each kid should have a contract that provides for a specific "wage" per episode.

    But I disagree with the idea that reality TV should be outlawed for all children in all cases or that the parental decision to involve kids in this activity should be usurpd by the government.

  67. PAR - I agree with your statement. Again, well said.

  68. Caregiver - I realize I will not change your mind. You are entitled to your opinion.

    I am concerned with a number of misconceptions floating around. The Gosselin kids were never filmed 24/7, or 8 of 12 hours twice a week. They were filmed up to 4 hours a day, several times a week. Many people have the wrong idea that we saw everything that went on in their lives. This 4 hour chunk of time was edited down to 22 minutes for a half hour show. The rest if the half hour was commercials.

    I don't understand the argument "that the Gosselins 'lived' on their set." I'm going to make the argument that it was like having "friends" over to "play" and getting paid to have them come.

    No, the kids didn't have a choice. How many 1 or 2 year olds get to decide whom their parents have over for play dates. This is a parental decision. Before the age of 18, parents decide. Some wisely, some not. Sometimes kids argue on play dates, sometimes they place nicely. I would not assume that I know all about any given child or family from a brief playdate, would you?

    Nobody would watch home movies of a 4 hour playdate. If we have the child's
    family over to view the home movie they only want to see the cutesy times etc. The viewers would not even have an accurate view of the whole 4 hours we spent together. It's like this for reality tv.

    I enjoyed the "slice" of the Gosselins' life I got to see. I do not feel like I truly know them.

  69. Par - I think we are trying to explain the same thing! I didn't say children should be banned from reality TV, but someone has to set better guidelines for them and their parents. Also, then the Industry can't take advantage of them.

    I feel that TLC has taken advantage of the Gosselin family. J&K got swept away by their quest for fortune more then fame. Who would have known that it was going to lead them in this direction???? JMHO!
    Sorry, I am rambling again!

  70. Linda,

    You asked me about what I thought about their filming hours...

    I'm not sure what the filming schedule is for the new episodes coming up but I do remember a lot of episodes where they filmed all day long.

    They filmed from when the kids woke up and then their entire day, even their nap time, bath time, bed time ritual, etc. They did it for a lot of their episodes. Especially when they were showing what "a day in the life of" was like.

    Disney World, they filmed them getting up and ready, then the entire trip down there and then at least one day at the park the very next day.

    Utah, they filmed them getting prepared for the trip, getting ready, leaving, the airport, the whole flight and their days skiing etc.

    They filmed their entire day when they did the camping in the back yard right up until they all said Goodnight and the cameras were there for when they first woke up.

    Sesame Place... Dutch Wonderland... there were days

    Those are just a few examples right off the top of my head. There are more. Just the episodes of how they spent their days with so many kids in the house, etc were long days.

    I think they may have cut down their filming time since there have been so many complaints about it in the past, and they had the Labor Dept look into it. Jon commented on it in an interview with a pap, I think (about the filming hours, not the Labor Dept).

    Now that they have to follow PA Child Labor Laws and people are looking out for it they will have to film a lot less.

  71. I don't have a problem with a mother or parents that have a reality show and their children appear on it in passing or aren't the "main stars" where the cameras follow them around all day. I also think it should be past a certain age. Not so bad for a newborn/infant and maybe early toddler, but during their real developmental years I don't think they should film them. Especially since I've read "professional" opinions on it. JMO.

  72. Ooops. I didn't finish one of my sentences in my long reply to you Linda. Forgot what I was going to write though...

  73. Linda said,

    I am concerned with a number of misconceptions floating around. The Gosselin kids were never filmed 24/7, or 8 of 12 hours twice a week. They were filmed up to 4 hours a day, several times a week.

    How do you know that? I know Jon said it but I personally think he was lying. What other source?

  74. Linda, if you read the cast and crew listings at the end of the show you will see almost all of the crew from J&K went to the Duggars. They have even been shown on camera. At the Duggars holiday show, one of the main Gosselin camera men brought his family to celebrate with them.

  75. SchmeckyGirl - Good point, if it indeed happened that way. I don't think it did! I think it was great editing!

    I didn't say the 4 hours was continuous. I'm talking about 4 hours total. A day in the life is not shot continuously. If you go back and look carefully, you'll see, for example, the boys have on striped shirts and dark blue shorts. Later you see them again with slightly different striped shirts and dark green shorts.In two of these where "crew" are shown, they are wearing different clothes! I don't think this was even shot on the same day. But it is great editing. The point is to make you, the viewer, feel you experienced the whole day!

    Trips were special events. For example, you shoot a few minutes of getting ready, shut down, resume with loading car, shut down, resume when stopping for food, shut down, resume when exiting car, shut down, resume when entering. shut down, etc. etc.

    At Disney, they were there for four full days. Even their helpers (Beth and family weren't there the whole time.)

    In Utah, they were there for five 1/2 full days, a day out and a day back. You have "snippets" of their time there. It isn't even contiguously shown in the final edits.

    But it is phenomenal editing. If they didn't get it passed you, that was great! (That isn't facetious but complementary!) At our house, we go "Time change!" "Clothes change!" and we wonder if anybody else will catch it.

    On big productions, such as movies, you have people whose job it is just to keep up with props so there is "continuity." You'll see a credit for that at the end of movies. You won't see it in "reality tv" 'cause it is what it is (albeit with heavy editing.)

    I'm rushed today and can't do more now. If it would help, I have time tomorrow and can pull the videos and give you time markers where you can specifically see what I'm talking about. If you want it, let me know. I'll email them to you since we are probably the only two who even care about it. But warning, once you know it, you start looking for it. It can be a real killer for enjoying movies and tv. Then you think "Yuck editing" instead of "Great Editing."

  76. SG - Birth to 5 years of age are the Cognitive years. It's the most important time in development. Birth to 2 yrs. is when the brain starts absorbing sights, sounds, and even smells.
    Language development is on going from birth also.
    That's why I believe one on one bonding is so important in those early stages. There were so many people in and out of the Gosselin house, no wonder the kids think of the filming crew as family. They don't really know!! JMO

    Don't get me wrong J&K did try!. Octo- Mom is allot worst. She needs help!

  77. Denise - and you know for a fact they aren't going back. I'm glad they didn't fire them but rotated them. Look at the ROL photo that this blog used several threads ago. Take a look at the crew person.Look familiar? Either he's one of the former crew, also used on Duggars, or he has an identical twin! Look at other ROL photos to see more of former crew or their identical twins.

  78. This is the Gosselin "fan" site right? I'm disappointed with some of the "professionals" here that is not a "true" fan of the show to try to sway people in their favor. I too work in a "professional" field and there is no doubt that I support Kate and the childrean, as well as Jon. I feel if you are not the "fan" of this show and find any "legal" issues in regards to the show or the children maybe you can find other sites pertaining to the issues involved, JMO.

  79. michelle,

    I'm sorry but I really don't think you can compare being on AFHV for two minutes to the same as being on a reality tv show for months and seasons and years. Even if I showed up to collect the money and they said my name I don't think I will have fans and paps looking to follow me or my child around. They won't be in my home filming us or following us around on vacation. I don't think you can compare the two.

  80. Linda,

    Even if the crew shoots when they wake up, then stops then shoots them getting dress, then stops, then shoots them having lunch, then stops, then playing, stops, then napping, stops... etc etc, the crew is still there all day. That's still a lot of filming. Whether the cameras are rolling or not they are still there. I don't think they pack up all their equipment and leave and come back over and over.

    I know we don't see all the footage. I also know that there are snippets here and there all edited together, etc. My opinion is if they have to edit and snippet all those different scenes together, then that's even MORE filming that we don't see. Even MORE that is edited out.

    I know they were in Disney for four days. My impression was they didn NOT film all four days, but I could be wrong. But I do know that they filmed them leaving so the camera crew was there for four days. We don't know if they filmed every day or not. We don't know if they filmed for all four days and then edited it to make it look like one day... or if they only filmed the one day in Disney.

    They filmed the entire drive down there for like 19 hours. They had the camera set up in the car. They filmed them from when they got up to when they went into the little motel to sleep and then again for the rest of the drive and their arrival at Disney. That's a lot of filming.

    I think there was A LOT more filming than we saw. I don't care if they filmed 20 minutes, stopped for 20 minutes, filmed another 20 minutes.... Having the camera crews around all day long, with cameras rolling non-stop or a few hours at a time doesn't seem much different to me. But this is just my opinion.

  81. SchmeckyGirl - this is one more area on which we do not see eye-to-eye. Probably others here aren't interested. I could go on and talk about the crew eating with them, playing games, etc and not filming but since others probably don't care, I'm going to take it to email. Going out the door in a few so it will be late tonight or tomorrow. Ty

  82. According to TLC Scott Enlow (director of photography) and Jim Goodwin (sound) are with the Duggars now.

  83. Michelle - Yes, this is a Gosselin Fan Site! People can be:
    Pro Kate
    Pro Jon
    Pro Kids
    People that have posted here for a long time are used to discussing all the issues pertaining to that family. As long as they they keep it clean and are not just bashing and hating on them. That's the difference IMO, from other sites. Things are hashed over politely!

    Now, since there has been a name change for this site, things seem to be leaning towards everything Pro-Kate. I realize that's because her shows are coming back, and the media is flooding the airways with the news. So naturally all her supports are coming back to Baby Mama in droves. Understandable!

    You know it is possible to be a Child Advocate for the Kids, and still not in favor of the show. Or condone aspects of their parents actions.

  84. Good evening Gosselin bloggers! Another new Kate blog is up! Shocking I know!

    Well I for one am thrilled that she has even been blogging as much as she has. The problem is, just like everyone who is obsessed with this blog, the media is obsessed with hers. US Weekly tried to rip it apart and make it all about them as usual. I love the fact that the more and more she does blog, the more her personality comes out. I totally get her having to struggle now that the kids are 6 & 9. Do any of these haters have kids that age to even compare? Most do not, so they really have no idea. As I try to wind down the kids for what will be a very busy weekend, my thoughts are "Kate, I get you, I'm there..." Again, just one of the many reasons I am still the superfan ...xoxox

  85. Was I right or wrong on my last comments Baby Mama? I didn't mean to offend you, if I did sorry??

  86. #1caregiver~ you in no way offended me. Your a great addition to this site are ya kidding? Sometimes I have to moderate the blog if I think the crazies are trying to come though..YOou are AOK! xoxox

  87. Ok there is a way to read this, but not sure how???? anyone?

    念強 said...


  88. Why r there symbols in another language? I am confused.

    Anyways, I think everyone has made some excellent points. I agree that there should be laws limiting filming times and stipulating the percentage of pay. As far as how long they are filmed, we really don't know because we weren't there. I don't really have an opinion about the amount of time except that laws should stipulate it like it does for child actors. I disagree with those they say the kids will damaged or Kate won't stop filming if a kids says no. I think that since they can't film in a kid's room then if A child doesn't want to be filmed then they can go to their room. I can recall many episodes where kids are missing. Why should she stop filiming altogether when there is a simple solution? However, if several of the children complain then I think she should stop. Also, people think the kids are damaged and will be teased ect. (remember those who disagree with the potty training being shown) I disagree. If they were gonna get teased it would have already happened. They are in school and believe it or not Kindergartners will pick on others, so I think those issues would have already arised. Also, Mady and Cara have been in school for a few years and they definitely would have been picked on if being on TV was an issue. Mady was shown in not the best light for the first 4 seasons. I think she would have encountered problems already. Maybe one day they will have an issue with it, but I doubt it. I think they will remember the good times.

  89. It's chinese - um, not sure what all of it says, but the first phrase roughly translated says "everyone says whatever (they want)" or "everyone speaks casually/carelessly" and the second phrase is "whatever said is good" and then the last bit is "just don't..." I don't know the last two characters.

    At any rate, I think it's just spam, since I did a quick search and it's popped up in other blogs. There was a weird sound that came up when I opened your site today. Not sure if it's related

  90. Helen - It is indeed Chinese. Baby Mama has a long time fan from the Central District of China who reads every day! She has a translator but her keyboard has only Chinese characters. She forgets to do her posts back and hit the translate key. (Did you know if you use Google, it can translate into many languages.) My youngest twins take Spanish and Mandarin Chinese at school (well Chinese offered beginning in 3rd grade.) Baby Mama deletes it because she doesn't know what it means and because, not knowing, she must delete. My son tried to do a literal translation. He thinks it is that "big families not in China. All here get to say/disagree without danger. I am fan." but he's not too sure either. He said run it through the Babel translator, but Baby Mama surely doesn't have time for that.

    I am fascinated by the number of international readers here. Amazing that the Gosselins and Baby Mama have world fans.

  91. Have a great weekend blogger friends.

  92. Good Morning everyone! Looks like it will be a busy day for us ladies, I understand if you guys can't post until later. I will def. be on line to chat with you all. My husband loves these kiddie parites more than I do!

    I am blessed to have so many international readers who are huge Kate Gosselin fans. I cannot post their comments because I do not know what it says. But I know they all read here so thank you so much for making this such a Global Fan Site!

    "Nien-keung said ...

    We always have to say, say anything, just please don't we wanna Dian"

    So thank you Nien-Keung for your comment. I kinda get where you were going with it ?! I know you sent a long post recently and I'm sorry I didn't keep it and try to get it translated. Please feel free to post again!

  93. OHH, and if I didn't translate that properly, which I don't think I did, please let me know. I need to get ahold of a proper Chinese to English translator. I don't want to offend anyone that gets fustrated when I delete their posts!

    I know it's time for some fresh paper, but I will not be able to put up a new post until late tonight or tomorrow morning. Hope you understand!

  94. Whoa, although I've been aware of this site, this is the first time I've had the chance to read here. Really good site, really good mature discussions. Now I know who BabyMamma is. I was accused of being her on the DWTS site & had no idea who they were referring to. I finally found her! No wonder the haters dislike her so much, sense and more sense here.
    Very nice job here, very nice!!!

  95. Hey Ziggy! Great to see you over here! This blog and IW are my two favorite blogs.

  96. Thanks for translating everyone!!!

  97. Thanks, Crafty! Between real life & my blog I'm getting around to reading and participating in other blogs little by little. I really want Kate's show A Twist of Kate to come out of the box with at least a more balanced view of Kate.

    Now, if I can get the avatars on my blog to work like here. I've tried about 6 different codes & none of them work on my template! But it sure looks sharp.

    On topic - I see littel difference between child actors and child reality show participants. IMO, if one bans one, they should ban the other.

  98. Hmmm Ziggy...I wonder why they won't work? Your template is really pretty, I like it.

    I resigned as one of your followers. I signed up like a week ago and for some reason it didn't take.

    I am on the fence about the current discussion, but I am leaning towards parental control. I do think there should be laws in place about all reality shows and I think we need to get tougher on those paps.

  99. My thoughts on this topic are:

    We briefly see the Gosselin children and we think we know who they are.

    We see a movie with a child playing a character and we think we know who that child is.

    Both sets of children spend their life fighting against or running with who “we” think they are.

    We briefly see how the Gosselin parents parent and we think we know who they are.

    We briefly hear or see child actors’ parents parent and we think we know who they are.

    We judge both sets of parents on what we think their parenting capabilities are.

    Reality show children grow up with issues and child actors grow up with issues. Each of us grow up with issues.

    Often we are going by our own assumptions of what we believe because most of us have never met any of them. Even if we get to know them, we again have our own assumptions of what happens behind closed doors.

    The argument is mute because there are so many variables that will affect how the Gosselin children mature and learn about life.

    I think what brings us together is that we can relate to some of what we see, we don’t relate to some of what we see, and we have the opportunity to find what we believe and value in all of it.

    This is the beauty of art, books, television, or movies, we can view the lives, either fictional, pseudo-reality, or raw truth, of others and reflect on our own. Some judge, some understand, and some continue to seek truth.

  100. hahaha, and some apparently use the wrong word when trying to express their thoughts. I meant to type moot but got mute. Sorry.

  101. Welcome ZiggyFlo! I had no idea that people thought you were me. I was wondering why they thought that? Anyway happy to have you here!

    Facinated~ when I write I write fast and click post before I get a chance to catch myself. I have no problems with people making a mistake with spelling. The trolls use it as a means to make fun of someone and it goes to show what complete morons they are. Just because they double or triple check something or have spell check doesn't make them any smarter or more articulate. There are some that literally spend hours on this site looking for me to spell something wrong on my post and try to grab it before I can correct it. Sad and disturbing.

    My computer is new and trying to figure out the kinks. If someone could explain to me why my old home computer has auto spell check and this new one doesn't I would appreciate it. Is there a button I need to set so I wont have to start smacking the trolls back over the bridge for their giggle fest? I'm going to figure this one out tonight! ;)

  102. Wow, am I surprized to see that heading back!!! I have been tying to think about and suggest something for a new one, but haven't a clue yet. Thanks Baby Mama, even if its only temporary.

  103. BM - Best I can figure is because I defended Kate so strongly and I warned them on the DWTS board that the flood of Kate haters would show up and nearly ruin their board.

    I had run across the 'handle' BabyMamma before, but didn't have an idea, I thought it was either someone banned from GWOP or who the haters actually thought Kate was.

  104. Crafymom, Thanks, I saw that and I appreciate the support. Finally figured out this eve. the avatars only don't work in IE. Am still figuring out how to do editing of template. Sometimes I mess up and have to restore previous template. That might be why you didn't show up when you signed up.

    I agree there should be laws and regulations in place. I'm not against that at all. I think Kate is probably a very responsible parent in all regards, but there are parents who wouldn't be .

    And I think there should be strict regulations regarding the paps. Just because one has choosen to be in the media, TV, movies, whatever, doesn't give the paps the right, when that person is simply trying to go about their own life, to run and stick a camera in their face. And I think the paps using zoom lens should be outlawed. I've felt this way for a long time, even before the Gosselin issue.

  105. Good morning everyone! What a beautiful Sunday! I hope you all go out a take a deep breath of that not so hot fresh air. It's brisk here, but I'm forced to sit at the park with a mlion strangers because my baby is hitting the terrible 2's early. Temper tantrums, potty issues, the works. I wad thinking about when I started this blog I had just given birth. I was struggling with being a parent again after a big lasps and I spent every day sick in bed watching Jon&Kate Plus 8. That show helped ne get through so much. Sitting on this park bench I'm amazed at all that has changed when I started this blog almost 2 years ago.

    With that being said, I pit the logo back only because I was having problems spacing the smaller mock bootleg "Kate Plus 8" one. Lol I wrote TLC in the hopes that I can get a brand new logo for the show but they don't have one yet. As soon ad they do I will change it. I don't want my site to look dated like this blog is about an old show!

    ZiggyFlo~ I am the worst at new templates! I had a fit when another fan site popped up taking absolutely every photo and copying the template to look exactly like mine to draw in readers. My problem lies with me having so much in here I need to keep the template as simple as possible. Hense the general Blogger one that people seem to choose. I wad debating trying again in the hopes of more readers now that the shows starting up again. I love what you have done so far and I'm jealous!

    For anyone that hadn't entered the peaceliveworld contest on the previous post, today is the LAST day! Enter to win one of 5 cool kids tees in sizes 2-12. I just got mine in the mail and they are incredibly well made. Even if you don't have a child I'm sure you know one! I'm sorry to everyone that emailed me that wanted to enter but couldn't. I wasn't taking Anon post and the contest is only for my readers with Accounts thY can post! Hopefully I can do more contests once the show starts. New fresh vanilla paper this afternoon when I get home, I promise! Xoxo

  106. fascinated said...

    We see a movie with a child playing a character and we think we know who that child is.

    We briefly hear or see child actors’ parents parent and we think we know who they are.

    I personally don't agree with that. A child actor is portraying a character. I've never confused the two. As for a child actor's parents, I can only think of Lindsay Lohan's mother and father, and I don't know much about either of them, although I do think they both seem like fame whores from what little I know.

    Actually, I see actors in interviews, etc and I still don't think I know "who they are" because I'm never sure if they are still in acting mode.

  107. #1caregiver said...
    SG - Birth to 5 years of age are the Cognitive years. It's the most important time in development. Birth to 2 yrs. is when the brain starts absorbing sights, sounds, and even smells.
    Language development is on going from birth also.

    Good point. I actually keep forgetting how intrusive the cameras and camera men are. They are very close to the children when filming. It's so different when you see a documentary and they are filming wild animals. The camera men are not right in the mother lion's and cubs' faces when filming. They are so far away.

    I do think the cameras and camera men can interfere with their development. I think it's sad that people say "But they are used to it, that's how they grew up." It doesn't make it right.

  108. Baby mama- Thats ok It was probley just me lol :)

  109. Baby Mama,
    You plan to remove Jon all together from your blog? Just wondering...

    *waves to ZiggyFlo Welcome!

  110. SchmeckyGirl~ this site is for the entire Gosselin family and that includes Jon. I would not remove him entirely from the site. If he dies anything newsworthy of course I would continue to post about it. However the logo is dated and it looks to newcomers like an old blog. My new logo will be "Kate Plus 8" and this site will gear more towards that including old photos of Jon & Kate will be removed. New starts are something to get excited about. Keep the blog from getting stale & keeping it relevant. Usually my site spikes as well. I look forward to getting excited about the new shows!

  111. SG said A child actor is portraying a character. I've never confused the two.


    You definitely are not in the majority. Many people think that the person playing the character really is the character. Actors receive hate mail when they play a villian and people are offended when they see an actor that plays a "good guy" smoking outside of a night club during their down time. I know for myself I sometimes get caught thinking one way about an actor or tv personality and then catch a glimpse of who they truly are.

  112. Schmecky,
    How would cameras and cameramen interfere with their development? It may not be "our" normal, but even then, what psychological, social or emotional mechanism occur for developmental interference to happen? In other words, could you elaborate? It would be interesting to see how they turn out in the next 10 years or so.

  113. lucysmom, pull out a video camera at your next get together and look at how it changes people. Even I react differently when I am being filmed.

  114. ok Guys! This is a great conversation and I would love to continue it on a new post! Fresh smelling paper for everyone! xoxoxo Come join me!