Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jon Sucks Up Swag At Sundance, Showing His "Diva" Side, Sara Snow Visits

Hello Gosselin fans! Pretty quiet Kate Gosselin news week huh? This was actually good for me, because I have been so busy wrapping up new projects and getting ready for my friends sower this weekend, I have no time for anything. So I'm very sorry I have not been able to keep up with my blog!

Jon Gosselin however, is a different story. There are 165 Sundance articles on him alone I had to go through. Most were basically saying the same thing...The fame-hungry father is basically sucking up every freebie he can score at this years Sundance Film Festival, the whole time flaunting new Girlfriend Morgan Cristie. Lets also point out that Jon is staying with Morgan and her parents who live in Utah. WTH?? What is wrong with this 30 year old guy that constantly gets young 20 year old girls just to shack up with the parents? This is all sorts of creepy and wrong in my book. My own mother finds that hysterical.

So now as the show Jon & Kate Plus 8 fades off into the sunset, what WILL keep people like myself interested? Watching the re-runs makes me so freakin sad. I'm sure Kate has been enjoying the quiet month with the kids, but even then I hope that she knows her fans are ready for the new chapter. I'm still here and I'm still waiting! ; This week, I was a bit hungry for Organic food, so why not play another of Baby Mama's favorites, the Sara Snow episode!

Jon Gosselin, Girlfriend Flaunt "Inappropriate" PDA at Sundance: Usmagazine.com

Jon Gosselin is taking Hollywood by storm -- via the Sundance Film Festival. The former reality star has been popping up all over Park City, Utah during its annual invasion by the film industry. His constant companion on the snowy streets, at swag lounges and parties? Morgan Christie, his new 25- year-old girlfriend, whom he met during an earlier snowboarding trip in the state.

He and Christie were spotted making out Friday at House of Hype party at Cisero. "Tons of PDA, holding hands, kissing," an onlooker tells UsMagazine.com. "They kept walking around, it's not like they tried to be discreet and stay in a corner." And despite Christie's actual age, the law-school student "looked anywhere from 19 to 23," the partygoer says. "Anyone who saw him remarked how inappropriate it was. Gosselin seemed to love the attention." As for Christie, another guest that night says she was "super clingy and got jealous when he talked to other girls." The dad of eight is reportedly staying at a "massive mansion" owned by Christie's weathly family near Park City, a pal says. Before their affectionate night at Cisero, the new couple snatched up some swag Jan. 22 at the Tal
ent Resources Gift Suite at the Sky Lodge.

"He picked up jewelry for his mother at Rebecca and Eos lip balm for all his children," an observer tells Us. Gosselin, 32, was overheard telling a pal, "This year I'm having fun. I just went snowboarding, I'm relaxing with my girlfriend." (He noted he'd last visited Park City about two years ago with his family.) But Gosselin's Sundance stint isn't necessarily all pleasure: another source says he's "taking meetings about walk-on movie roles."

Jon Gosselin displays diva tendencies at Sundance: FoxNews.com

Jon Gosselin is taking over the Sundance Film Festival, much to the chagrin of real actors and celebrities. The divorced dad of eight has moved into the snow-covered Utah mountains and is staying at the family home of new galpal, Morgan Christie. The two have been spotted all over town snagging freebie swag and making out in public.

"Jon and Morgan are really making a spectacle of themselves and Jon expects star treatment everywhere he goes," an insider tells Fox411. "He has turned into a total diva. He and Morgan have been setting themselves up at free events each day, they request security teams to help them and make sure the paparazzi are around to catch them." The two decided to make a special date night out of the Kelis performance at the Film Lounge/House of Hype on Friday night.

"Jon made sure he was escorted into the venue with full security and he insisted on watching the performance with Morgan on the side of the stage, all alone, while real celebrities were in the audience with everyone else. Morgan was ALL over Jon during the performance. Then, when Jon was ready to leave, which was before the concert was over, he made security escort him and Morgan to his car. It was lame!"

Ryan Reynolds and Bob Saget were also at the House of Hype for Kelis and the two men acted a little different than Jon and Morgan. "Ryan and Bob hung out with the regular crowd and they drank beer and mingled with everyone all night. They were laid back and cool while Jon acted like he was a superstar. Everyone in the audience was wondering why Jon demanded such treatment."

My Favorite Jon & Kate Episodes: Sara Snow Visits!