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Behind The Scenes Jon & Kate Scramble, Kate's Hair "Most Googled", American Chopper Loves Kate

The editing experts at Serious Robots and the sound experts at Blazing Music + Sound toiled nonstop last month, not knowing what was going on with the Gosselin marriage or what those troubles might mean for the show. Before all the drama, the show's producers sought to give it a different sort of update. Serious Robots and Blazing Music + Sound have been reshaping the look and sound of the show since the Season 4 finale aired March 24.

Some last-minute scrambling is normal for Figure 8 and the show's post production crew in Raleigh. For the premiere, seven editors, five in-house and two freelancers worked four days, with visits from TLC and Figure 8 personnel and many coffee runs and pizza deliveries, to put the show together.

"What has become challenging on 'Jon & Kate' is, the network and the audience are so hungry for new episodes, every episode we make gets (broadcast) instantly," she says. "Getting behind is not an option."

The visual folks at Serious Robots were expecting Season 5 to be more complicated; the show's producers want the content to mature as the Gosselin children do. Welsh says the interviews should feel different, too: less rehashing, more analysis.

The show will also have more destination and theme episodes. Welsh says the update won't strip the show of the raw quality fans love. "There are no setups," she says. When Kate snaps at Jon and he rolls his eyes or the sextuplets erupt into giggles, it's real.

"We let those moments play out," Welsh says. "We don't really edit around (Kate). We haven't really found any need to." READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

721,000 Hits On Google For Kate's Hair

I mentioned that magazines now send me their Gosselin articles, and I was floored by this one from INSTYLE.COM. So many sites live to bash on Kate's hair, but now literally everyone has some sort of version of it....

A Google search of Kate Gosselin's hair returns 721,000 hits! Love it or hate it, everyone is talking about it. And quite a few people are requesting it. “At least 10 of my clients have requested a version of her hair in the last few months," says senior stylist Sanda Petrut of Chicago's Maxine salon, which counts celebrities Mandy Moore and Jenny McCarthy as clients. "They like how the asymmetrical look frames the face—it has an element that's very in right now.”

NBC TODAY SHOW: Paul Teutuls Likes Kate Gosselin

Final Sound Bites: From FORBES.COM
"there's probably some pent-up envy over Kate making tens of thousands of dollars per episode for what most women are doing for free: "Women are kind of resentful because Kate is getting paid a fortune to do what a lot of them are doing anyway: raising a family. She's become a scapegoat for every woman who is frustrated, at home raising kids."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Us Weekly Stirs The Pot With Cheating Rumors, Jon Gosselin Defends His Dogs, New Sextuplets Show

I used to be a huge fan of US Weekly, but after the ridiculous "Mom To Monster" headline, that was it for me. This week they are coming out with pictures of Jon with alleged woman Deanna. What angered me about this week wasn't even those pictures, but what they claim inside: how he spent Valentine's Day buying shots for girls, TLC's staged "romantic" getaway that got canceled last minute because of Jon's affair, and Jon's appalling treatment of a babysitter. I find this type of reporting to be just sickening, vile and hurtful.

I had 2 phone interviews and several e-mail exchanges a few weeks back with Rebecca Bienstock from US Weekly Magazine. She contacted right when the mess hit via e-mail. She was, as she claimed, looking to have a positive and supportive article come out about the Gosselins and their struggle to work on their marriage. I was on the phone with Rebecca for quite a while, talking about my meetings with Kate and information about the family, that lead me to continue this new chapter of my fan site. She promised me that this information would be in the upcoming article. Well being naive, I spoke open and honestly about my sadness for this entire situation and my continued loyal support of Kate Gosselin as well as other personal information. And now for weeks straight, article after article has been more nasty, more snarky in tone, and more lies spread just to sell magazines. "Completely made up" sources to go with articles, and adding people that don't exists to make the stories sound better. Following up myself with a article that stated a Gymboree employee said "Kate was mean & horrible", turned out to be a complete and utter lie. I know this because I know who the store manager is in the store that Kate shops in. And for the record PAID for her purchases. I received another e-mail from Rebecca yesterday. I basically told her to have a nice day.

Now the point in me discussing this is to prove a point..Not EVERYTHING you read is true. And even when they say Susie Q saw Kate being nasty, you don't know if it's really true, only hearsay. And while I must stress again that US Weekly does NOT pay for interviews, they DO pay and DID pay Deanna's brother several thousand dollars for his video and for photos. That is fact. Take it for what it's worth.

Jon Gosselin Defends Himself Against Animal Curelty Alligations

There are some seriously sick individuals out there that look to stir up trouble anyway they can. When Jon spoke about his dogs and how well they interact with the kids, it only ONCE AGAIN took a few phone calls to the media to twist it around...

"In a recent interview with People magazine, Gosselin apparently intended to sing the praises of the German shepherds, Shoka and Nala, by saying that they put up with a lot from the eight Gosselin children (8-year-old twins and 5-year-old sextuplets). "Those kids beat them up, climb on them, pull their tails, bite at them, drag them around and everything you can imagine not to do to an animal, they've done," Gosselin told the magazine." From LA say:

It wasn't long before the Humane Society of Berks County, Pa., where the Gosselins live, received about a dozen complaints from animal activists around the country, prompting Gosselin to release a statement Friday to the organization about the care of his animals.

"I'd like to set the record straight," he said. "We understand the responsibilities of being good dog owners. Whenever my kids are with Shoka and Nala, everyone is carefully supervised to ensure that no one -- dog or child -- is injured. Shoka and Nala are loyal companions who we consider members of our family. We would never do anything to hurt them, and treat them with the respect and love that they deserve."

Karel I. Minor, executive director of the Humane Society of Berks County, told the Reading Eagle that his group had looked into the complaints, but found "no credible reason to believe in way that there is cruelty going on." Shoka and Nala were both properly licensed, Minor said, and a Gosselin family representative had agreed to forward the dogs' vaccination records to the agency.

New Sextuplets Show Tonight..Bad Timing??

Calling themselves and their new show on tonight the "Not Jon & Kate" (yeah, of course not)

Bryan and Jenny Masche have watched as the marriage of Jon and Kate Gosselin has fallen apart on television, and they vow it won't happen to them. The Masches, along with their six kids, are the focus of WE TV's new series "Raising Sextuplets," and they're well-aware of the media-feeding frenzy that has befallen another TV family with multiples, the Gosselins.

And they're using it to their advantage. Jenny Masche told the Daily News: "Bryan says that it doesn't matter because we're a different family, but as a mom, I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, that's scary. How can we protect our family and do this and have fun without anything negative happening?' I think we're both wise enough to learn from those mistakes [of the Gosselins], instead of thinking, 'Well, that would never happen to us.' Read More HERE

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 Review, Watch Bam! 100th Episdoe Here

For most of season 5, the series has helped confirm reports that the Gosselins’ marriage is on the rocks by mostly showing them apart. For example, Jon went snowboarding in Utah while Kate celebrated her birthday with the kids.

But for tonight’s episode, the series’ 100th, celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse managed to reunite Jon and Kate, who spent most of the half hour cooking together in the kitchen, looking no more dysfunctional than they had in the preceding four seasons. Kate acted like a control freak and needled Jon, who generally shrugged off her comments or responded with bits of mild passive-aggressive sarcasm.

Jon and Kate did, however, appear solo in the interview segments on the famous couch.

“At this point, whoever lands in the interview chair does the interview,” Kate said at the beginning of the show. “Don’t ask any questions—it’s just, it’s called rolling with life.”

All this raises a question: What did Emeril know, and when did he know it? Was his footage—in which he helped the family prepare a green-bean casserole, chili mac and granola—shot before the tabloids began printing speculation about Jon’s possible infidelity and Kate’s close relationship with her bodyguard?

If Emeril had known about the alleged marital problems, he probably wouldn’t have said to Jon, “I’m very impressed it’s your 100th show. I don’t know how you made it.” (To which Jon replied, “I don’t either.”)

Emeril may have sensed something was wrong, as he seemed a little more subdued than usual. At one point, Kate said to him, “Hey, you didn’t say ‘Bam!’ yet. I’m a little disappointed.” He gave her a perfunctory “Bam!” with the next dash of seasoning.

Jon, however, was pleased to see that Emeril had taken over the kitchen. “That’s Kate’s territory,” he said, “and he, like, went into her territory.” Kate was miffed when Emeril encouraged the cameraman to take a shot over the stove. “They’re not really allowed,” she said. As soon as the shot was finished, she shooed the cameraman away, saying, “Back, boy!”

Emeril even interfered in Kate’s usual effort to control Jon’s every move. As Jon was scraping out a bowl, she tried to hand him a spatula, which would supposedly facilitate the task. Emeril told her to let him continue, and in frustration, she hit Emeril on the hand with the spatula, saying (you guessed it), “Bam!”

Kate was pleased to see that Jon was mostly reduced to scut work. At one point, as he was grating cheese, she walked by him and asked archly, “How’s it going over here?”

“De-grating,” he replied.

The kids, as always, were adorable. Two of the boys, caught by the camera crew doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing, said, “Guys, don’t look. Close your eyes.” Later, grabbing a jar of Emeril’s Essence, one of the boys said, “Emeril, this stuff has you on it.”

A closing montage compiled touching moments from the previous 99 episodes. Except for the solo interview segments, this show could have fit right in. It will probably provide Gosselinologists with more questions than answers. Was it shot before the scandals broke? Or was it shot after, and did it prove that a married couple can fall back into settled patterns of behavior even after traumatic events? Did a little quality time together with the family help reconcile Jon and Kate, even a little? Or in next week’s episode, will they be back to living separate lives?

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Bam! 100th Episode, GDNNOP New Site

Hello Gosselin fans! I have celebrated my birthday with my family in California and it has been a wonderful trip. I wanted to open this thread to discuss the 100th episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. This blog will be back and running fully tomorrow. I'm sorry that the threads had to be closed, but once again its been terrible that people feel the need to come and attack this fan site. I will be removing all traces tonight of anything that came on the site without my consent. I'm sorry that the fans had to deal with all that. I will also be fixing this page when I am back on my own computer. ALL WILL BE FIXED!

As you may or may not know, GDNNOP has closed. Nina Bell and family have dedicated a year of discussion the Gosselins. They have also become good friends. Their new site: is hoping to become another cafemom-type of site. Please feel free to join the group. I hope those that used to post on the old Gosselinsdonotneedourpity site know that I would love to have them here! This has been a long time in planning and I wish them all the best. OK so tomorrow I am back people! Fans do not fear! Until then, its off to Disneyland! Enjoy the show tonight and discuss it here!
xoxoxo Baby Mama & Family