Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How Legit Are Sources of Celebrity Sightings? My TOP 5 BS Kate Gosselin Stories

Hello Gosselin fans! Recently several sites have been putting out crazy outlandish story after story about Kate Gosselin. Some are just so crazy and bizarre that you know in no way it could ever be true. But when it's re-posted on more blogs, people feel that since it's everywhere it's got to be true. Well if they say it comes from a source, what does that mean? and several others have links on the their pages, asking if you know any "scoop". So how easy could it be for anyone to make up a story, and for it to be printed when it was just to hurt Kate Gosselin? Or for that matter, how factual is a story when it's just being repeated from places like US Weekly?

The more people hop on blogs to create the "lynch mom" mentality (written correctly) against Kate, the more these stories will come up. Lets recap the recent Top 5 of complete BS that I find crazy people will believe. 10 will represent the highest level of BS or total lie while 1 will represent IMO what I feel is a real legit story...

1.Source: Kate Gosselin Has Blown Through Millions: has well known "gossip" Rob Shuter, who obviously dislikes Kate. His recent article says "a friend" told him Kate has gone through millions.. Are you for real? What friend of Kate's would ever tell you that info? Or Kate telling anyone for that matter? BS LEVEL: 4

2.Source: Kate Gosselin Makes Kids Eat Week-Old Sandwiches: US Weekly is KNOWN for celebrity haters as their sources again, this sounds like a jealous mom at school. No one at a private school like that would ever give out information like that. And there is no way a woman like Kate would ever allow her kids to bring back old half eaten for the next day for their lunch! She's way too anal.

3. Kate Gosselin Slept While Kids Went Trick-or-Treating : US Weekly didn't even give this an actual article. They blabbed about this supposed story in between yapping with Smokey Robinson on a video and didn't even say it was from an actual "source".  And FYI, any REAL mom will tell you that it is IMPOSSIBLE to sleep in a car that is slamming the doors and 8 kids getting out of the car every 5 minutes. Trust me I tried...BS LEVEL: 8

4. Kate Gosselin & Steve Neild Have Sleepovers In Her Basement! mostly re-posts US Weekly articles with a nasty snarky anti-Kate edge, but this story they claimed to have as an exclusive. No friend of Kate is going to tell anyone anything so ridiculous. How could ANYONE know where this man sleeps if they do not see it? So this story is either complete BS or handed to them by someone like Chris Watts from INF who seems to really be working hard for that paycheck. And the only one besides Werny Gal still stalking Kate Gosselin... BS LEVEL: 6

5. Kate Gosselin Tells Her Kids They’re Going To Be Sent Away Like Their Dogs!  See HollyBaby claimed again that this was an US Weekly exclusive, but at UW I can't find where they made this comment about the dogs! Either way, INF has of all things today, photos of the kids playing with SHOOKA! That's right, one or possibly 2 of the dogs are back for the kids. How awesome is that? Hollybaby doesn't even say where this info was originally from. Seriously who makes up this crap?  BS LEVEL: 9

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Supporting Kate Gosselin, Learning About Children of Divorce

Hello Gosselin fans! Since many of you read other sites and have heard of rumors regarding the Gosselin children, I will not post or talk about that here on my fan site. The fact that the children's names are even out there I find upsetting and disturbing. Especially since this info was originated from a tabloid having a horrible track record of making things up. When it comes to something as important as children, I don't believe or print a word until it comes from the mom's mouth. So for today's post, I wanted to talk about the positives. Supporting Kate, which is the reason for this site. And since I felt that this was an important topic for me to read about, I wanted to write about children of divorce. Below I cited an amazing article. I did not post the entire thing here, but I urge you to click on it's link to read in it's entirety.

We have a new Kate Plus 8 Special airing November 28th. It will be interesting to see how all of corn maze privacy issue plays out. Having young children myself, I know what it's like for kids to act out, grow and develop, defend themselves, and deal with emotional issues. Those that are attacking Kate Gosselin on hate sites must either not have kids, or dealt with these type of issues in a long time. Or else they will know that this is very normal for those going through a hard time dealing with divorce, siblings or just life to have to come to grips with how they are handling it. Get over it people, and stop attacking these beautiful children just because you have issues with Kate Gosselin. Because you may need to search inside yourselves and find out why...xoxox BM

The Effects Of Divorce On Children:
For obvious reasons, divorce traumatizes children. They are often concerned with their own security, not with their parent's happiness. An adult elects to end a marriage; a child has that decision thrust upon him or her. The parents acts; the child reacts. The philosophical questions of choice, which reward human experience for adult who makes them freely, are meaningless for a child who sees his or her idea of order collapse when his or her parents separate. A child whose parents divorce may feel sucked into a vortex of loneliness, guilt and fear. When one parent leaves, he or she may fear the other one will follow. Even when both parents reassure him or her of their love, the child may be tormented by the belief that he or she caused the break. Almost always, children worry about what is going to happen to them. From the point of view of a youngster, that fear is quite reasonable.
Children react in different ways with the onset of divorce. Some will be extremely sad and show signs of depression and sleeplessness. Anxiety levels peak as they feel they are going to be abandoned or rejected by one or even both parents. Some divorce situations may make the child feel lonely. This may be due to a long absence of one of the parents. Divorce deranges the idea of order for a child. This is why broken promises -- something as small as going to a baseball game -- take on a magnitude far beyond its actual significance. No matter what the situation, the child will be affected in some way by a divorce. Some children may become psychologically scarred from the experience, and still other children may not be affected emotionally at all. Much depends on how well the parents are able to handle the situation.
Psychologists rate divorce as one of the most stressful events in life, just below the death of a spouse. Divorce is like getting into a lifeboat. For sure, the lifeboat offers the chance of escape from a terrible situation, but abandoning ship holds little appeal because of the enormous uncertainties. The same is true for divorce. From a child's point of view, divorce is enormously dislocating because he or she lacks the life experience to even envision possible good outcomes. A divorcing parent, in addition to all his or her problems, must support the child in what may be the most difficult experience in his or her young life. This is a tough set of marching orders.