Friday, July 23, 2010

Alaska News: More Sarah Palin & Kate Gosselin, Who Wishes They Were A Gosselin Kid? Great Fan/Hate Debate

Sarah Palin teams with Kate Gosselin in "Kate Plus Eight":

The two famous moms join forces for what will be a ratings bonanza. "Worst Dad in the World" nominee Jon Gosselin recently complained on Twitter that he hasn't seen his eight kids in weeks. Well, he might have to wait a bit longer -- it looks like the tykes are in Alaska with their mom, Kate Gosselin, reportedly filming an episode of "Kate Plus Eight" with Sarah Palin.

It's a tag-team of famous moms destined for colossal ratings. But the cable network that airs the show, TLC, has not confirmed the former governor's appearance. All signs indicate that it will happen, though. Yesterday Gosselin and her kids were spotted at the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage, which is just 45 miles away from Palin's hometown of Wasilla. And Palin, media savvy as she is, already has TLC ties: Earlier this year it was announced that she was working on a series for the network, called "Sarah Palin's Alaska." What better way to promote her own show than by appearing on TLC's most popular program?
A source says Palin, Gosselin and the kids are going camping -- television cameras in tow, of course -- where Palin's father, a retired science teacher, and brother, a third-grade educator, will conduct a hands-on natural history lesson. It is unkown if Palin will take the kids moose hunting or show them the view of Russia from her porch.
Stop, stop the bad mom attacks on poor Kate Gosselin!

There are far worse mothers in America, I can assure you than the infamous mom of eight. If you want to get all worked up about negligent mothers then I can direct you to the pages of The New York Post, for any number of examples of mothers, who go shopping and leave their babies alone or worse allow their boyfriends or baby daddies to beat their little ones. Save your rage for them. And when it comes to celebrity mothers, I’m fine with you finger pointing at Dina Lohan, who should take big blame for her hot mess of a daughter Lindsay.

But leave Kate alone! I have no problem with her turning her adorable eight into TV stars — in fact, I want to be one of her brood. I want to go camping with Kate and Sarah Palin in Alaska. How fun would that be?. Alaska is gorgeous, you can bet the Gosselins are going to get the best camp site, the best tents and the best cookout in the state. And who wouldn’t want to play with Willow, Piper and baby Trig. But that would have only been my latest adventure as one of Kate’s kids this summer. I would have escaped my home in Pennsylvania for Discovery Cove animal park in Orlando, hung out in the super posh Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in LA while my mommy was on Dancing With The Stars, and had lunch in NYC’s Chinatown.

Furthermore, I’d have the cutest outfits to wear at all times, my own personal bodyguard/piggyback provider, TV production assistants willing to fetch me anything I needed and I’d be banking a paycheck. Who wants to grow up and THEN be starting with a bank account of zero. Kate’s kids will get a step up in life — with money they’ve already made, when they turn 21. If I were one of Kate’s kids I’d say thanks mom, for giving me an ultra exciting childhood, adventures and experiences I never would have had as the daughter of the average nurse, and for setting me up with some financial freedom, so that I could pursue the career or passions I wanted , instead of having to scramble for dollars when I was a young adult.
So back off Kate bashers and admit it — wouldn’t you like to go camping in Alaska this weekend, for free, and with your mom and the Mama Grizzly herself?

See Bonnie Go Head To Head With Kate Hater lol: Great Debate Here!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kate Plus 8 Does ALASKA? Gosselin Kids "NOT Exploited", Jons Twittering Again

KATE PLUS 8 in ALASKA exclusive! Hello Gosselin fans! Well for those that were wondering why Jon was Twittering his "sadness" over not seeing the kids this week we now know why. Kate Plus 8 has taken the ultimate adventure TO ALASKA! Thats right, I get so giddy when I can actually show you things no one else knows YET. But yes they are currently sightseeing in the exact same places I did on my Princess Cruise a few years ago. For me, this will be a Kate Plus 8 episode I will be super excited to watch. Normally a young couple would not think of a cruise to Alaska for our anniversary, but since my husband is not a beach person, off we went. It was the most incredible trip I ever took. If you ever want an "experience" and not a typical vacation, I highly recommend you go.

Recently we have had some great discussions on the issues of the kids being filmed. And whether or not you agree with that decision. And I also talked a bit about how even when Kate tries other ways to support her family, she STILL gets attacked. It's like the woman can't win. She will forever be attacked for every choice she makes not only by the media, but those that dislike her simply because she is who she is and her personality is not the one many approve of. But I'm still here, keep cheering her on, and will continue to be in awe of all the amazing things she does for her children....Any questions? lol xoxoxox

The Gosselin Kids Aren't Being "Unlawfully Exploited":

Rest assured, the authorities say that the Gosselin children aren't being exploited.

In spite of cries to the contrary, labor officials have determined that the 6-year-old sextuplets of Jon and Kate Gosselin aren't being exploited and the filming of TLC's Kate Plus 8 can continue. According to Us, Pennsylvania's Department of Labor and Industry released a statement on Tuesday (July 20) saying that the work permits of the Gosselin children are legal and valid. State Rep. Thomas Murt had argued that state law allows kids under the age of 7 to work in movies - but not on TV.

According to an official statement, Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel and Leah are not being "unlawfully exploited" as they film with mom Kate and older twin sisters Cara and Mady, 9, in and around their Wernersville, Penn. home. The statement goes on to say that the work permits ensure the kids are protected from working too many hours and receive earnings from the show.

Jon Gosselin receiving more positive support: (or now we know why Jon is "Twittering" again)

Jon Gosselin is getting something that he hasn't necessarily received a ton of over the course of the past year -- support. For evidence of this, all you have to do is check out some of the positive messages the reality TV dad is getting (and responding to) via his Twitter account. So has public opinion changed, and will it ever change completely, when it comes to Jon? Probably not. Just as Kate has his supporters, he had his supports. However, Jon has kept out of the public eye, embarked on a goal to lose weight, has a new girlfriend who is not out looking for fame, and is even spending some more time with his children. Do you think staying out of the public eye has helped Jon in terms of his reputation?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jon & Ellen Photo Op, Whats The Next Kate Plus 8?, Ellen Ross Gives MORE Interviews

Hello Gosselin fans! What I thought would be a slow news week turned out to be more emails sent to me that she giving out even more interviews. Now it was one thing to do one trying to explain herself, but to give more, and on top of that been seen photographed in a bikini all weekend has many people scratching their heads. Is this person finding a new way to seek the limelight the others didn't? For someone that treasures her privacy, it seems that she is using Jon's silence to her advantage...This weekend Jon appeared to have just the sextuplets. No sign of the twins. It seems that Jon and Ellen Ross are still going strong. According to a new report, the couple spent some quality time over the weekend with Gosselin's children. As Radar Online reports, the couple and the children were in Pennsylvania this weekend, swimming at Gosselin's apartment. It is evident that things are progressing with Gosselin and Ross. She was afterall the first of his series of girlfriends (post marriage to Kate) that have met the children. The media is now so slow on news that they are pitting her with Kate on who looks better in a bikini..Kate, even after 8 kids, wins that title hands down. Lets hear it for the moms! xoxox

Ellen Ross Talks (Again):

Jon Gosselin's girlfriend Ellen Ross, 23, has lost her privacy but has found love. Ross said, “I’m completely happy with him, and I have no complaints and we always have a great time.” Within months, Ross has gone from virtual obscurity to tabloid cover girl. Although she has become a paparazzi magnet and has been thrust into the rumorville, she has kept quiet - until now. For the first time ever, the 5'5 brunette known as "Gosselin's girlfriend" is speaking out. Ross said, “I’ve never spoken with any [reporter] and I’ve never had an interest to. You can put that down” .

What was your first date with Jon like? I heard it was a blind date. Ya, that is true. We were introduced.

Was your first date in a bar? Oh no. That was where Star magazine got the first picture of us, I guess. [The bar photo] was for a charity event that I went to with him. Prior to that, we had been together for several weeks.

What was your first date like? It was a backyard barbecue. You get together, sit around, have drinks, talk. That’s just the kind of stuff we do. I always tell people we’re like a regular couple.

What do you love the most about him? I’m completely happy with him, and I have NO complaints and we always have a great time. Let’s see ... He’s funny, he’s very down to earth, he’s very laid back. Obviously, he’s a good father! He’s just fun to be around, he always thinks of fun things to do. We actually have a lot in common; I think that’s why we get along so well.

Do people ask for your picture? Nope. Nope. None of that yet [laughs].

Have your family and friends met your boyfriend? Everyone close to me has and everyone’s supportive and totally understandable about everything, so, they just want me to be happy. That’s important to me.

Were you nervous about introducing him? No, no. I told them that he’s a regular guy to me and he treats me like someone should treat someone in a relationship. I told them that they’ll see that when they meet him, that’s all I say to people. [After they meet Jon] they're like," You know what? You’re right.” And I always say don’t believe anything you read because it will be the complete opposite.
Has anyone called you a home wrecker to your face? Do you stay off of gossip blogs? Anybody that says anything to me is supportive and they kind of feel for me for how certain things are perceived on the internet. I have yet to meet someone who strongly dislikes me to my face.

What kinds of things are people saying about you online? I might see the headlines, but I try to ignore it all. [Jon and I] both do. If we see it, we see it. I don’t read any comments. I figure anyone who is close to me is the one whose opinions I care about.

Would you ever appear on a reality show? No. I have no interest in doing that. I never have, never will. I would NEVER do [a reality show], that is not the direction that I’d ever want my life to go into.

So basically it sounds like you’re the anti-attention whore. Yep! That’s what everybody tells me. It’s very easy to make up a rumor about somebody, especially when they don’t have anything to talk to them about, they just speculate on their own.

What can we expect on the next "Kate Plus 8?"

With the recent news of ratings going down on “Kate Plus 8” we think TLC should step it up with filming. While the next episode has no air date yet we do know the crew has been out filming the Gosselin brood. The Gosselins took a recent trip to NYC which included Kate schmoozing with Donald Trump and seeing Lady Gaga concert. Oh yeah and she was briefly seen hanging out with her kids in China Town in the sweltering heat. While we aren’t sure they were actually there in NYC we know that the crew was there to see them off. The Gosselins opted to take a train ride into New York. Crews were filming the children and a over the top dressed Kate as they waited for the train in Lancaster, Pa.

We hope the crew did follow the clan to New York because watching the kids in a train station sounds pretty boring. Kate also took the kids to Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty another day. Instead of cooling the kids off in the heat with a cold treat she gave the kids lollipops. She probably opted for the sticky treat due to the fact that the kids would have dripped all over their matching color coordinated outfits. If the next episode is New York themed, maybe this episode will involve Kate revealing that she will be on the next “Celebrity Apprentice.” While reports have denied that she will be on the show we have other opinions. If her own show keeps failing she’ll need something to fall back on.

For better ratings, we hope that TLC got Kate and Jon’s epic fight in the middle of the street early July. Reports say that the couple was arguing about Jon’s visit. Apparently, Jon was running late with the kids and also reported Kate was mad about the van. Everyone loves to watch a good fight…isn’t that why everyone tuned in to “Jon and Kate Plus 8?” What would you like to see on the next episode of “Kate Plus 8?”