Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kate Plus 8 Having Fun In New Zealand, Do you smile all day? Then STOP attacking The Gosselin Photos!

Hello Gosselin fans! The kids are having a fun, amazing time on their trip to New Zealand. But nothing is more upsetting or frustrating than to see sites taking pot shots at the kids. On hate blogs like 15 min. the moderator is allowing comments like "the kids look sick" "Cara is all swollen" "Collin looks miserable". And I literally have to laugh. Exactly how are you ASSuming this? By looking at a spit second photo? Why must these adorable kids pose for you? They're not WORKING right? They are having a normal relaxing day. So lets say you know how children actually behave on a normal day. Do they smile all day? Are they allowed to be tired? Does that mean that they hate being where they are and want to run home to daddy? NO! So please stop thinking you know how the kids are feeling just because poor Collin isn't giving you a grin from ear to ear. I know this family is doing things that most of will never do in our lifetimes. But please stop showing that jealousy in spades by attacking the innocent Gosselin children. We know you are not monsters, but you are not acting normal xoxox BM Getting a chance to see the beautiful nature of New Zealand, Kate Gosselin took her kids out to the natural springs in Rotorua today (January 12). The “Dancing with the Stars” babe led her brood around a park where they tried on hula grass skirts that are worn by the Maori people of the land. Ms. Gosselin also took her kiddos on a horseback ride through the New Zealand countryside where they saw all kinds of wildlife and scenery. It looks like the Gosselin clan will have plenty of footage for their hit TLC reality show “Kate Plus 8” by the time they go back to the States later this month.

Kate Gosselin allowed her ex-husband Jon to speak with their eight kids recently during their action packed trip to Australia and New Zealand, can reveal. That part of the world was hit with some freakish floods during the adventurous expedition which Jon did not want his family to take, leaving the infamous former reality dad on tender-hooks. So far, 16 people have been killed in the floods with a reported 43 people missing in Brisbane - which Kate and her family visited recently. Kate and her brood are about to return to America and thankfully it looks like the kids will be returned safe and sound to their father. A source told “Naturally, Jon was worried because his kids were so far away and in an area that was hit by the freaky weather.“But to her credit Kate kept him posted and he was allowed to talk to his kids on the phone - who saw the trip as a huge adventure.“Luckily, they missed the worst of the floods and they should return safe and sound to America shortly so that Jon can be re-united with them again.” Australia’s northeastern state of Queensland has been flooded by drenching rains that began in November sending rivers spilling over their banks and flooding huge areas.