Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mom Ambition, Kate Gosselin is FANTASTIC On The View, "Leave Me Alone!", First Rehersal Footage

Is Mom ambition a bad thing? by Theresa Walsh Giarrusso

Kate Gosselin is being harshly criticized for leaving her kids with nannies to be on the show “Dancing with the Stars.” Many are writing that she has too much ambition.“While Kate was away from Feb. 21 to March 6, leaving her twins and sextuplets with nannies (not ex-hubby Jon), the little ones “were asking, ‘When is mommy coming home?’” according to an Us Weekly magazine source.
Nine-year-old twins Cara and Mady “seem depressed when Kate isn’t around,” per another source, while her three 5-year-old boys evidently acted out and “got into trouble at school for talking back to teachers” during her absence….”“She says Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have lots of kids and their parents are away for long periods, working to support them,” the source said. With more than 70 percent of mothers working in America, Kate is obviously not the only mother having to leave her kids to do her job. Some mothers work because their families need the money and others work because they enjoy what they do and want to work outside the home.
So if Kate is being criticized for her ambition does that mean other moms should be criticized to for wanting to be successful at their jobs? Should moms be criticized for wanting to make more money, be recognized within their industry or overall being successful in their jobs? Is ambition in a mom a bad thing? An author on SFGate concludes there is a double standard for ambition:
“Yet, in the year 2010, our definitions of being a good mother and being a good father remain diametrically opposed. Today, when a father goes in for a job interview, his potential boss will usually think: “This guy has a family to support, he’ll be a good worker.” A mother interviewing for the same job is considered by different standards: she could be an unreliable worker, running off for school meetings or staying home if a kid is sick. Being a good mom is being a nurturer; being a good dad is being a breadwinner. But in reality, outside of the spotlight, plenty of moms work long hours to support their kids including lawyers, doctors, and CEOs. Sometimes I think we should take a break from these mom/ dad labels and just use “parent” to get across how differently we perceive these strikingly similar roles of raising and supporting our kids.”
On the flip side if a mom is choosing to stay at home with her kids, does that mean she doesn’t have ambition? Yes or no? Good or bad?

Kate Gosselin To Critics (and haters) "Leave Me Alone!" Foxnews.com

Kate Gosselin is ticked off at all the negative reports lately. Friends tell Fox 411 that she is working herself to exhaustion and trying to spend time with the children every spare second. The mom of eight, who debuts with dance partner, Tony Dovoloni on “Dancing with the Stars” on March 22nd, is busy providing a living for her family.
"Kate is working her butt off right now and she tries to ignore all the reports that she's a bad mom or the diva among the cast of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’” friends tell Fox411.
“The only reason she hasn't been able to hang out with everyone and bond with the cast is because she has eight children in Pennsylvania. She could not move them all with her to rehearse in LA, so Tony has relocated to PA to train her every day.” But don’t think there is any resentment from Tony’s family. In fact, we hear Tony's wife loves Kate and they have a great relationship. “Kate may not be able to bond with the other people due to her location, but she's doing her best to dive into the show and routines with Tony."

Still, above all else, the busy mom is worried about paying her bills more than she's worried about people thinking she's rude to the “Dancing with the Stars” cast. With ex-husband Jon around only to help parent the kids but not support them monetarily, the brunt of the financial responsibility rests on Kate's shoulders. "Kate is under a lot of pressure to make her mortgage payment and monthly bills,” sources tell Fox411. “She considers herself a true single mom and she knows other mothers understand what she is going through. Her hope is that moms all over the country will be her support system and vote for her on ‘DWTS.’ She loves traveling and meeting women everywhere and she feels like mothers get what she's doing - supporting her family."
But aside from working to provide for her kids, does Kate enjoy the fame and glamour of her new life? "Kate loves having her hair done and being able to wear expensive clothes that she borrows, but she would trade it all for a small quiet life with the kids. She is trying to find creative avenues for work so she can be with the children and working at the same time. Kate is doing her best at keeping her family together and happy."

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