Thursday, July 30, 2009

TLC Makes A Statement, Sneak Peak Of This Weeks Episodes! Kate Not Moving To Maryland

TLC President Eileen O’Neill gave an update on their hit reality series Jon & Kate Plus 8 at the Television Critics Association press tour on Thursday (July 30).

“Over the last four years and through 100 episodes, we’ve captured this remarkable family’s entertaining chaos. Viewers fell in love and the show developed a passionate, loyal following. But this past spring - life intervened and the family’s status changed. It was certainly something we never expected nor planned to have happen. But this has resulted in unprecedented television.

“Our approach to the circumstance was simple: to cover the family with great care and thoughtfulness as they dealt with a subject that is all to familiar to many American families today. Jon and Kate [Gosselin] have never said they were perfect which has made them relatable and created an undeniable connection with the viewers.

“We will continue to capture this family’s journey in a respectful and sensitive way. The show comes back on Monday and most new episodes remain a work in progress. But I will tell you, the iconic couch is gone. Jon & Kate will now have separate chairs for their interviews. You’re still going to see two parents that love their kids, but you’ll be seeing them parenting separately.
“You’ll see what it’s like when Kate has to put a tent up for a backyard camping experience by herself. Or, see Jon trying to cook up a pizza for the kids. As far as new people and places that may be cycling into Jon and Kate’s lives, we are taking it on a case-by-case basis.
“This is real life. It’s important to remember that our cameras are only there for moments in time, and those moments have limits.”

Kate Gosselin Plans to Stay Close to Her Kids:

"She is not buying or renting in the area," says the source. "Kate was having lunch there, and after spending a total of one hour in a restaurant that has condos for sale above it, a rumor began that somehow, suddenly, she was buying a condo there. She didn't even know there were apartments for sale there. It's totally false."

There have been no records of a purchase in Gosselin's name recorded in the area, and a sales representative at the condos where Gosselin was rumored to have toured said she'd never seen the reality star.

While Gosselin and her estranged husband Jon have agreed to alternate in and out of the home they once shared so that their kids can stay put, Jon has already moved in to a New York City bachelor pad. Kate is still deciding where to settle when she's away from her family.

"One thing is certain," says a friend of Kate. "Kate absolutely will not live far from her family, ever. Period. She would never choose to be so far from home."

Monday, July 27, 2009

Jon "Tries" To Stay Single, Mady & Cara in Therapy? Is Kate Moving To Maryland?

Hello Gosselin fans! Its so nice to have the constant support from you guys! Hopefully this is just a temporary shift of the focus of this site. When I started a year ago, I spoke alot about the struggles of this family, and applauded their strength as a couple. Many families deal with the subject of divorce, and it's nice to see that there are so many new people out there seeing a bit of what Kate is going through and starting to feel a bit of sympathy for her. I am proud of all I have done on this and my other blog in the past year, and I hope that you take the time to go through the 200 posts from this past year and share your thoughts. Also if you would like to discuss a previous post, I would be more that happy to re-visit it!

Jon Gosselin "I'm Single" (For today, anyway....)

After a romantic trip to Saint-Tropez with Hailey Glassman and a double date in the Hamptons with Kate Major, Jon Gosselin now says he's happily flying solo.

"At this point ... I'm single – per se," he told PEOPLE at the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge at Blue Star Jets Field on Saturday. "I'm just a regular guy who just wants to have friendship and good times. And I like meeting people." Of 22-year-old Glassman, Gosselin says, "She's always a good friend of mine. Her family is so good. They took me in and I lived there for a while. I love them to death."

But for now, they're on a bit of a break. "She doesn't like this [craziness]. She loves me for who I am and not for what I do," he says. "We are going to chill out for a while and see where it takes us. I'm not looking for anyone." As for Major, the former Star magazine reporter he's been spotted with, Gosselin says, "We are just friends."

He'll also be shooting scenes for Jon & Kate Plus 8, which returns to TLC on Aug. 3. "Kate and I are just showing how we are going to live," he says of the show, which will follow the family in the wake of Jon and Kate's decision to divorce. "If she's got to work, I go home. If I've got to work, she stays home. And that's the way it's always been."

Jon & Kate Kids Hurting. Esp. The Eldest:
The Chicago Sun

It probably will come as no surprise, but the ongoing contentious wrangling between estranged couple Jon and Kate Gosselin is having a very negative impact on their eight children. ''The twins [the two oldest children, Cara and Madelyn, age 8] are taking it the worst,'' said a key member of the ''Jon & Kate Plus 8'' show on TLC.

Apparently, even the younger children -- the couple's sextuplets -- also are very upset and, as often is the case in broken homes, ''are acting out their emotions by fighting, misbehaving and generally acting very moody and bratty,'' said the show staffer.

• It seems the kids don't care much for Jon Gosselin's 22-year-old girlfriend Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate's onetime plastic surgeon. During one of Glassman's rare visits with the kids, the Gosselin tykes made clear their dislike for their dad's love interest.

''They really acted up that day,'' said the TLC insider. ''It was pretty clear that Kate put them up to that. But then, could you blame her?'' Speaking of Glassman, it's kind of funny the ''other woman'' is jealous of the other ''other woman'' in Jon Gosselin's life. Glassman tearfully told People, ''I still love Jon and Jon loves me,'' after hearing Star reporter Kate Major's claim she ended up ''falling for'' Gosselin upon meeting him for an interview. Major, who has since been forced to resign from the Star, long has been known to use her flirtatious charms to get close to male interview subjects.

Kate Gosselin Moving To Maryland Per Notice the jab about Steve, they are really trying to start rumors!

Kate Gosselin is moving to Maryland, has learned exclusively. She's buying a condo in Rockville, a wealthy part of Montgomery County.

Oh, by the way, bodyguard Steve Neild also lives in Maryland. (Just thought we'd mention that.) Kate and Jon are splitting parenting duties while splitting up. When one stays at the Pennsylvania house, the other takes off. Jon has a condo in New York.

Baby Mama's Bites ;)

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