Friday, July 22, 2011

Why is Jon Gosselin Talking Marriage? Kate Talks Fertility Treatments, Surprise During Yellowstone Park Trip?

Despite going through one of the nastiest divorces in reality-TV history, Jon Gosselin reveals to Life & Style that he's ready to take another walk down the aisle! The reality dad has been dating 24-year-old Ellen Ross for more than a year and see mairrage in their future. "I definitely would not be with her this long if I didn't have the intentions to marry her," Jon, 34, raves to Life & Style. "We're enjoying each other's company, and we're still going strong." But that doesn't mean he's spending less quality time with his brood of eight! "My plan is to enjoy my life by spending time with my kids as well as with Ellen," Jon tells Life & Style. (Note from me.. why is Jon even talking at all? lol BM)

'Kate Plus 8': Kate Gosselin tweets surprise during Yellowstone trip:

Kate Gosselin is in the process still of filming a "Kate Plus 8" special in Yellowstone National Park, but she seems particularly interested in making sure everyone knows that this trip is not necessarily be just like any of the others that the Gosselins are not necessarily going to visit the same exact places that they always do.
In a new post on Twitter, Kate specifically talks about what she is planning on doing in the way of travel:
"Movin movin movin... We r seeing & doing & having fun! U just never no where we will pop up!!!"
One of the most surprising things about this trip really is how the Gosselins have been largely able to avoid the paparazzi during this trip. Granted, they are not the stars that they once were -- but the paparazzi were still willing to follow them around in New Zealand earlier this year (and that is not exactly close). How do you think the family has been able to keep things under wraps?

Kate Gosselin Warns Future Parents About The Woes Of Fertility Treatments:

If you should listen to anyone about fertility treatments, it's Kate Gosselin. The mother of eight is speaking from experience, warning women to be very, very careful when it comes to the potentially woeful process.

"I will say fertility is not a perfected science and I’m going to tell you the same thing I tell any prospective parents that are going through fertility that come to me for advice," Kate explains to me. "I’ve said it for years. I’ve said be very careful ... I am the perfect example of 'the doctor had it under control' and we ended up with sextuplets. We were shocked to death and so I just tell everyone to be extra, super, super cautious.”

Just three years after giving birth to twin daughters, Kate became pregnant with sextuplets. Refusing selection reduction, ex-couple, Kate and Jon Gosselin wrote in their book, "Multiple Blessings": "Jon and I believe that every life, whether seconds old after conception or a full forty-week term, robustly healthy or horribly sick, fully developed or severely challenged — every life is designed and ordained from God. We would therefore never consider choosing to end that life in any way at any time. Period.”

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kate Gosselin sightings At Mount Rushmore, tells haters "meet me before you judge"

Kate Gosselin promises fun episodes next month:

Kate Gosselin is promising fun upcoming episodes of her popular show, Kate Plus 8. The reality based program will resume airing on August 8, and fans are so excited for more fun with the family. "August 8 at 10PM [on] TLC. Back with exciting and different fun episodes, I promise," Kate wrote to a fan on Twitter. This tweet has people wondering what types of things the Gosselin's have been doing, and people simply can't wait for the new episodes to air.

While many people have different opinions on Kate and the show, it is fun to watch her eight (not so) little ones grow up. They do all different types of activities and it's really cool to see them learn new things. Fans of the show have gotten used to having this family in their living rooms, and to hear Kate talk about new episodes that are going to be "exciting, different, and fun," well August 8 can't come soon enough!

Kate Plus Eight sighting:

I’m back from my trip to Chicago, and on the flight yesterday from O’Hare to Rapid there were some folks I didn’t expect to see: Kate Gosselin and what looked like all eight of her Eight. There didn’t seem to be any cameras or staff traveling with them. I’m not sure where they were going or why… has anyone spotted them in the Hills today?

AJ Says:
They went to Mt Rushmore, I was working the desk when they came by. Too bad the mountain was fogged in most the day.;)

TK Says:
They (or Kate at least) visited our local Target for some Starbucks. 

Kate Gosselin Challenges Haters To Meet Her Before Judging:

Don't think for one second that Kate Gosselin doesn't know about her satirized status as a money hungry mom. But get a load of this, she doesn't care! "The biggest misconception is that I'm a money hungry b*tch," Gosselin tells me. "My friends come and tell me. They can't take it." But friends, family and other folks get much more upset about the negative rumors than Gosselin does.

"I have to tell them just ignore it, don't read it," Gosselin tells me. "You know it's not true. I am very driven, very type-A, very hard-working, very perfectionist. Every single person with that personality is accused of being self-absorbed, snobby and horrible. A bad impression is given because you are so driven. My mind is on the finish line. It's an attractive quality as far as men are concerned. Now women trying to act like that ... men get put off by that and offended."

Keeping in check with her self-proclaimed type-A personality Gosselin has issued a challenge. Anyone that doesn't know her but thinks she is a "money hungry b*tch" should meet her and then see what they think."I really have to tell you I enjoy the challenge of meeting people personally and changing their opinion of me," she tells me. "Because it happens 100 percent of the time."