Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kate Defends Herself in Twitter War With Jon, EMTanner Designs Bites The Hand That Feeds

Hello Gosselin Fans! I know it's been a long time since I have written on a personal level. While I have may have been dealt a devastating blow in my personal life, I've been blessed professionally that has kept me away from a site that I love and have dedicated 4 years to. Recently a site that I have spent a HUGE amount over the years, EMtannerDesigns, has decided NOT to take the high road and attack the person that single handily blew up her site..Kate Gosselin. Bottom line is, EM's site became successful because her items were on a hugely successful show. While Jon & Kate was on the air, the first few years EM linked the part of the episode that showcased her plates on You Tube. She sent the Gosselins both plates and T-shirts in exchange for advertising on the show. Kate said several times the name of the designer, and even EM has stated many times in the past that thanks to the show her site had become hugely popular.
The fact that this woman has made hundreds of dollars off me alone BECAUSE I'm such a Kate fan then uses the comments made by Kate to attack her publicly and get psycho followers like that "blogging lawyer nut from 15 minues nut" is disappointing and upsetting. Anyone that purchased during those first 2 years did so BECAUSE OF THE SHOW. Em charges $150 for a large dry erase "Kate" calendar! Regardless of the fact that Kate's name was not mentioned, it was called the "Kate Calendar" for a reason.  Other companies that sell EM Tanner DO use the Kate "as seen on TV." So it's basically a case of EMTanner Designs becoming a huge site thanks to a show, and now that the show isn't on anymore, lets trash her and get haters on board for a whole new set of customers!! I'm disgusted by the site and will not purchase one more thing from them. Back in the day if you remember I heavily advertised the site here on my blog. I bought her over-priced products that I could have gotten elsewhere only because she had her items on Kate's show. And for the record, 2 washes of the dress in the above photo and the logo cracked off in the wash. So don't waste your money, and don't buy from a company that has an owner that says the crap that that she said below. Your a complete FAIL EMTANNER DESIGNS! XOXOBM

umm no not to call kate gosselin calendar. will be changing name anyway cuz i cant stand u. haha.

Jon & Kate Gosselin Twitter Drama:
The once happily married reality stars Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin are at war over Twitter, bashing one another and dealing with harsh comments from followers. After a string of nasty comments on the social networking site in which Kate was called "scum", "unprofessional" and accused of "bashing" her ex-husband, the mother of eight responded by tweeting, "if u knew what I know, u'd b AMAZED at my restraint!I don't say neg stuff oft,but wrong is wrong&It should not b rewarded!" As for Jon, when a follower asked him if he misses Kate he responded, "hahahahaha, best joke of the night, r u kidding me, really?"
Kate is taking on the cyber-bullying by "ignore and block," calling it "the best medicine" while Jon seems to be handling the Twitter drama just as well as his ex, tweeting, "Awesome day today, looking forward to the weekend. Long & interesting week, haha. so fortunate to live a simple life now! drama free."