Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kate Defends Herself in Twitter War With Jon, EMTanner Designs Bites The Hand That Feeds

Hello Gosselin Fans! I know it's been a long time since I have written on a personal level. While I have may have been dealt a devastating blow in my personal life, I've been blessed professionally that has kept me away from a site that I love and have dedicated 4 years to. Recently a site that I have spent a HUGE amount over the years, EMtannerDesigns, has decided NOT to take the high road and attack the person that single handily blew up her site..Kate Gosselin. Bottom line is, EM's site became successful because her items were on a hugely successful show. While Jon & Kate was on the air, the first few years EM linked the part of the episode that showcased her plates on You Tube. She sent the Gosselins both plates and T-shirts in exchange for advertising on the show. Kate said several times the name of the designer, and even EM has stated many times in the past that thanks to the show her site had become hugely popular.
The fact that this woman has made hundreds of dollars off me alone BECAUSE I'm such a Kate fan then uses the comments made by Kate to attack her publicly and get psycho followers like that "blogging lawyer nut from 15 minues nut" is disappointing and upsetting. Anyone that purchased during those first 2 years did so BECAUSE OF THE SHOW. Em charges $150 for a large dry erase "Kate" calendar! Regardless of the fact that Kate's name was not mentioned, it was called the "Kate Calendar" for a reason.  Other companies that sell EM Tanner DO use the Kate "as seen on TV." So it's basically a case of EMTanner Designs becoming a huge site thanks to a show, and now that the show isn't on anymore, lets trash her and get haters on board for a whole new set of customers!! I'm disgusted by the site and will not purchase one more thing from them. Back in the day if you remember I heavily advertised the site here on my blog. I bought her over-priced products that I could have gotten elsewhere only because she had her items on Kate's show. And for the record, 2 washes of the dress in the above photo and the logo cracked off in the wash. So don't waste your money, and don't buy from a company that has an owner that says the crap that that she said below. Your a complete FAIL EMTANNER DESIGNS! XOXOBM

umm no not to call kate gosselin calendar. will be changing name anyway cuz i cant stand u. haha.

Jon & Kate Gosselin Twitter Drama:
The once happily married reality stars Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin are at war over Twitter, bashing one another and dealing with harsh comments from followers. After a string of nasty comments on the social networking site in which Kate was called "scum", "unprofessional" and accused of "bashing" her ex-husband, the mother of eight responded by tweeting, "if u knew what I know, u'd b AMAZED at my restraint!I don't say neg stuff oft,but wrong is wrong&It should not b rewarded!" As for Jon, when a follower asked him if he misses Kate he responded, "hahahahaha, best joke of the night, r u kidding me, really?"
Kate is taking on the cyber-bullying by "ignore and block," calling it "the best medicine" while Jon seems to be handling the Twitter drama just as well as his ex, tweeting, "Awesome day today, looking forward to the weekend. Long & interesting week, haha. so fortunate to live a simple life now! drama free."


  1. That about sums it up Deb.
    Spot On!!!

  2. Em T forgets how the hatrz boycotted her business when fans of J&K+8 were making her rich. Now she's siding with them and they are dumb enough to fall for her "business" ploy. Sounds like the only thing that matters to her is money and integrity means nothing.

    As usual, Kate takes the high road.

  3. Whew...just say what's on your mind girl! LOL Could not agree more. Although to be honest, I don't even remember much about this gal EmTanner...but for sure the highly impolite, disgusting way she treated Kate was all I needed to know.

    No way I would ever support a business owner who treated people that way and especially someone like Kate who really put her business on the map so to speak.

    Her smoochin it up with the haters and then having a lil phone trist with Jon smearing Kate further was low class...what my dear daddy used to call "skank" behavior! Jon stickin his nose in where it didn't need to be either! Just using the whole event to glorify himself as the "good guy"? LOL

    I love it when you do a personal viewpoint post BabyMama. You have such a style of your own and no beatin around the bush as to where you stand. My kinda gal...up front like Kate!

    LindaO...where are you? Hope life is treatin you well. My best to all the readers and supporters here! A warm southern hello to all!

  4. I was wondering where this EMTanner came from that I've been seeing discussed on Twitter. Now I remember when they had the T Shirts. This whole debacle reminds me of NF. Sadly, people just dont seem to get it. The issue transecends Kate Gosselin, its about hate and treating others with respect. I loved your post BabyMama, but am saddened that it needed to be written

  5. I too bought her products. I did not ask for a refund when they were poorly made. I too remember well when those haterz trashed En Tanner ... Yep the ones she thinks are great now. .Those same haterz trashed both Kate and Jon until Jon tweeted back to a few and they suddenly adored him.

    It's for sure we know where you stand Baby Mama. Neither of us could be called wimpy wafflers

    I dare say Kate is probably overjoyed not to have Jon in her life daily.

  6. I think it's super that Gosselin reruns are on!!!

  7. Aww I missed the re-runs! That would have made me feel better after a hard day.. I'm still blown away that there are those that that sit all night attacking Kate on Twitter. It really just pathetic at this point. And as far as EMTanner Designs, she wouldn't have the business she has WITHOUT Kate. Now she's bragging about Jon contacting her? He's a stand-up guy how exactly? But calling her and starting more crap?

    I miss you all, so sorry I have been MIA. it's all about being there for my hubby and the kids right now. But it was also important to express my disappointment over a company whos owner would talk like that publically. Ohh and would use someone name to promote their business for years, to attack them when they don't need them anymore.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE! Hope you have a wonderful day with your kids today. In honor Radar Online was nice enough to pick your 10 best bikini enjoy

  9. Sadly Tony Dovaloni I have no respect for Tony Dovaloni anymore.

    On ROL
    Kate Gosselin’s Ex-Dance Partner Slams Her, Claims He Had To Go To Therapy! Poor guy, but he obviously hasn't benefitted from said thereapy, if he chooses to act so unprofessionally.

    I hope Kate did something fun with the kids for her birthday and that Jon is able to do the same. Hey its not Utah with the babes, but maybe for his own good he's over that.
    I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather. I was supposed to clean outside today and never did it.

  10. Tony Dovolani's a jerk. He knew Kate was a total novice and, then, there was that crap with Jon's bogus "custody" action. He's a father, he should have shown more patience. He keeps using Kate to stay in the spotlight.

  11. Exactly Peggy! He and Anderson Cooper...who egged on the HaHa jokes about Kate are just wanting to stir up some excitement and attention getting.

    Tony's dancing expertise obviously lacks! He's been there for years and only once got close to the trophy...a third place I believe. Let's see Anderson take his lil cute butt and get out there and dance! He refused to get up with Kelly on Regis&Kelly to even do a two-step with her at Kate's bidding!

    Any future partners Tony has will no doubt worry.."if I don't do well, will he make fun of me and trash me in the media?" It's unprofessional and unkind to go behind Kate's back after years now and still go on and on about this. Tony could have prefaced his comments by saying something nice about Kate. He lowered himself further...he desperately wants to make himself look good, but at the expense of others.

    And don't get me started on where Mr. Private Jon is going now. Looks like the party guy is back....loving the Vodka bash he attended yesterday...I so hope he keeps things dignified and respectful and doesn't go back to reliving his 20's again!

  12. Why is it that everyone thinks you either have to hate or love someone? Kate does things right and wrong as does Jon as does all of us. Why do you think people do that? The 15 minute people think everything she does is WRONG, but you all think everything she does is RIGHT. She is just a person!

  13. Fired Up, ITA, I also hope that warmer weather finds you having better days. Hope, there are millions of people that I have neutral feelings about so I don't take the time to read, watch, blog, etc about them. They aren't worth my time. Personally I don't do that with ones that I hate either, although I might express views on an issue I feel strongly about and if a particular person is wrapped up in that so be it. Kate for me although I developed an interest and kind of attachment through watching their show so I want to see what is happening with them is one of those issues. I feel very strongly about the hate and bullying. I also feel that she (and Jon for what it looks like at the moment) are doing the best they can to raise thriving kids, just as most parents try to do even under unusual circumstances. I see cirtain aspects (both good and bad)of Kate in myself, I see other aspects of her that I admire and would love to have but do not, others that I am glad we do not share. She's relatable to me actually more because she's so human.

  14. I've been MIA for awhile but hopefully and with lots of prayers to our dear Lord HE will let me continue on.

    Jon said that "Kate is taking on the cyber-bullying by "ignore and block," ???? What was the point of that slam since Jon was on Twitter long before Kate and Jon has "Ignore and block" since he started his Twitter. Who is he kidding?

    I'm afraid Jon might make the biggest mistake of his life if he slams Kate in his upcoming book. The children live with their mom every day and she spends by far the most time with them. You can see in the children's eyes how much they adore their mom and how much Kate loves them.
    I have a huge amount of hope though ecause Jon and Kate both have said they are getting along better.

    So many people forget that right up to that interview with Jon and Chris Cuomo that in all Kate's interviews up to that point Kate was desperately hoping that the "old Jon" would come back. After that interview when Jon screamed on National TV how much he hated Kate was the point clearly that Kate gave up hope. How devastating it must have been for her.

    So let's just hope Jon has grown up enough to not write some kind of sensational book that will hurt Kate and even more the children.

  15. Hi all. Haven't been able to get the site to take a post in 5 days. Whew. Happy Belated Birthday, Kate!

    Tony has never been able to do very well at DWTS. Does that mean that he's not the best teacher, that he gets partnered with people who can't dance, or what? He lost so quickly that I don't think too many really knew who he was until the notoriety with Kate. He got pretty far with a partner who everybody knew couldn't dance -- but she could generate the votes. I didn't watch this time because he was on ... however, not that he's lost ... I'll watch again. My little one person watching doesn't mean a lot, but I don't watch a person or a program I don't like.

    Hope - I don't think Kate's perfect. (I don't think anyone is.) I think she's just a mom who's made some good calls and some not so perfect calls ... just like anyone else. I started watching the program from the beginning ... I was on enforced bed rest, my youngest multiples were small, and I could empathize with her frustrations. She wasn't seeking multiples again but I admired her for not seeking selective reduction. I admired her for fighting for the life of every one of her kids.

    I wish Jon well but frankly have reservations that he will every really grow up. He seems to have a lot of Peter Pan characteristics.

    What I don't get at ALL is why, when life is so precious, anybody would waste a single minute following somebody they don't like and why they would waste most of every day hating on somebody. Not only hating on Kate, but being relentless in bullying and attacking anybody who is nice to Kate. That scares me because it appears to be a dangerous sickness. That's just my opinion.

    Great weather. Hope everybody is enjoying it! We've been enjoying high 70s and low 80sF all week. Kids are on spring break now so we're just doing family things together. xoxo

  16. Peggy said, "Tony Dovolani's a jerk. He knew Kate was a total novice and, then, there was that crap"

    I agree wholeheartedly about Tony. Tony wants the publicity and that's what it comes down to. What woman wouldn't have a tough time when their ex decides out of spite to ruin Kate's experience by filing for custody? Jon has tried to say on a couple of occasions that his lawyer filed the papers without his knowledge but there is no way a lawyer would do that without his clients approval.

    Besides that it is pretty clear that Tony is not a good teacher or his partners would go further in the competition but Tony hasn't succeeded in that now has he? I'm not sure the statistics before Kate but everyone was surprised including Kate herself that she went much farther than expected. It wasn't because of Kate's dancing and she is the first one to admit that. The fact is Kate is a polarizing figure and while Kate was on DWTS ratings were the highest they ever were before Kate got voted off.

    Despite the people that don't like Kate I admire her tenacity for staying positive and I do believe her first priority is and has been her children. That's been proven time after time.

  17. Linda said: "What I don't get at ALL is why, when life is so precious, anybody would waste a single minute following somebody they don't like and why they would waste most of every day hating on somebody. Not only hating on Kate, but being relentless in bullying and attacking anybody who is nice to Kate. That scares me because it appears to be a dangerous sickness"

    I agree LInda completely and none of it makes sense. The only answer is that the bullying and attacking has become an addiction to some people and they in fact seem to enjoy hating on Kate and bullying anyone that says something nice to her. Hate does more damage to the person filled with such hatred far more than the person they are hating & bullying. Ninety percent of the people that see these people's remarks are shocked by the level of hatred and the daily hate the negative people spread. The negative people can stomp their feet and insist they have perfect lives but it's clear to everyone except them that these are unhappy, mentally unstable people.

    Hope I don't think there is anyone that thinks Kate is perfect and neither is Jon. Wouldn't it be silly to hate anyone just because they aren't perfect? I personally don't know a fan that think Kate has done things perfectly. Show me a perfect mother because I would love to meet her. We try our best to raise our children through instinct, moral values, lots of love and all we can do as parents is try our best to the "right" things. Yes I'm a fan of Kate's and Jon isn't my favorite person but I certainly don't hate the man and respect him as the father of those eight gorgeous children. I can't understand anyone directly tweeting Kate of Jon with hatred. Hate is an extremely harsh word and I can honestly say I've never hated anyone in my life. It's a waste of time and spouting hatred has been scientifically proven it also affects the haters life with health problems because of the amount of stress puts on the body.

  18. Hello everyone! I'm so happy to see everyone! xo
    I'm heartbroken that someone who is supposed ot be a professional like Tony would stoop to that level. I was completely disgusted. Half those professionals may have not liked or been happy who they were paired up with, but who other than Tony has made such an effort to publicly bash a former partner. It makes him look horrible. I'm thrilled he got booted off early again. It made me never want to root for him regardless of who he was paired up with. Total unprofessionalism and the man has children. He should have been more understanding.

  19. I decided that I should change this post since I pretty much said my peace after being so angry with EMTanner Designs. She is still atting Kate in order to squeeze out more sales, but the best we can do is not contribute to them.

    Fresh paper (early for me) but needed. Love the scent of chocolate cake and that is the fresh scent of the day. Please come comment on the new post..xo