Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kate Gossselin Shines At The Red Cross Gala, Moves On From 'Haterz" & Lying Photogs

CelebrityGossip.Net: Treating herself to an elegant weekend affair, Kate Gosselin made an appearance at the American Red Cross Red Ball Gala in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday night (March 10). The mother of eight was decked out in a frilly, black mini dress as she mingled amongst the fellow guests at the Please Touch Museum venue. Tweeting about the soiree, 36-year-old Gosselin wrote, “Thx @redcrossphilly & @dcschrader for a fun night at #redball12 Met many great people!Great food! Hope 2c u next yr!Keep up the good work!:)” The following day, it was back to her motherly duties, as Kate treated her youngsters to a family movie by watching the Martin Scorsese picture "Hugo". Of the weekend-ending doings, she messaged, “It’s been a great day with my kids! All are happily in sleepy land, with bellies full of party foods and a good movie to dream abt! GN!”

Kate Gosselin Moves on from 'Lying' Photog: Effie O. GatherNews.Com

 Kate Gosselin got into a bit of a tiff on Twitter with a photographer who spoke with her at a charity event. He was set to write a piece about the mother of eight and about the fire victims whom the event was really about, but things turned pretty nasty after he began changing his tune. Kate thought he was going to write something positive, but after reading his tweets, she noticed that his story wasn't going to be in her favor at all.

Kate and the "Philly Photog" got into it on Twitter, firing off messages to one another for all to read. Naturally, some people sided with Kate and others with the photographer but no one really knows exactly what happened and why the argument ensued. Kate believes that the story that was going to be written about her was based on "lies" and didn't focus on the charity event as it should have. The photographer felt he was reporting his take on what he witnessed after seeing Kate at the event... so who is right and who is wrong?

At this point, Kate Gosselin has "erased" it from her mind by blocking the man on Twitter. This likely means she won't be talking about the incident any more and that she is doing what she needs to do to put it behind her. That doesn't mean that she is right (or wrong), but she's doing what she can to block out the negativity.

"And, by the way, I've now blocked the Philly paparazzi liar and I encourage ALL to do the same. Whether you love or hate me, one fact remains: He lied to you!" Kate tweeted on Tuesday. In a way, you can't be too cautious if you're Kate. In fairness, the photog/reporter may have wanted to get some publicity for himself by stirring the pot... and that he did. So there's that.


  1. Interesting ... Why is it that the paps can "talk" about all that they see Kate doing that they "think" is so very wrong ... but they never can seem to come up with a photo?

    Does anybody else find that bizarre? They seem to make some excuse about how they "missed" the photo, "forgot" to take the shot, etc. Since they thrive and make their living with the photos they take, it seems incomprehensible to me that they would conveniently "forget" to make the big photo that, if it happened, would make them major bucks.

    If your job was to make photos and hopefully catch people in compromising situations, how could you forget?

  2. I had just heard about this minimal tiff. I'm so happy that Kate was able to stick up for herself and tell this guy off. What I DIDN'T realize was that was made into this HUGE deal by the last real hate site left. Why are these haters STILL talking about Kate. I thought it weas all about getting her show off the air. Your STILL trying to make big deal out of nothing?

    Boggles the mind. Glad to still be here supporting strong women and not making a fool out of myself still trying to tear people down...

    Miss you Linda, your the best. Stay strong & healthy xo

  3. Hi BabyMama and Linda!!

    It was awesome to see Kate put that guy in his place!! What a scam he had tried to pull off. It sure backfired on him. His credibility level is probably pretty low -- his own fault.

    Hope you ladies have an awesome weekend.

    It's so warm here in the former "frozen tundra"-- we'll be mowing lawn soon. Hubby's birthday is Monday and historically a day of blizzards.

    My heart and prayers go out to the poor people in Michigan who were hit by tornadoes.

  4. I am home, its soo nice to be here. We had a hectic, but great time with family and are now enjoying home.

  5. Well, the guy got his punishment. He kept hinting that he had a "money shot". The haters convinced themselves that this HAD to be their Holy Grail=a photo of Kate and Steve (who was there with her) in a position that couldn't be explained other than an affair. Well, after giving them a night to whip themselves into a frenzy, he published his photo, a shot of Kate with a Tarot card reader and some idiot story about how Kate didn't want the card reader to know who she was. He said he SAW Kate and Steve talking with their heads close together and Steve with his arm across her back but he somehow MISSED that shot. (Some and the back and forth between Kate & the pap indicated that he wanted Kate to pose with Steve and, when she wouldn't, he got ticked). What he clearly wasn't prepared for was the backlash from raging haters who saw the Grail vanish just as they thought it was their's. He really lit into some of them including SG. He kept changing his story about Kate.

  6. Hey everyone! has been loadin up my plate again. Kinda view the buffet of problems as just the way it is for me! LOL Gobble it up & move ahead! No sense wallowin in despair about it all.

    Kate sure gets her above normal share of drama everytime she sets foot out of her door. As always, she handles herself well...and was glad to see her stand up to this pap and his "no shot" fail at trying to create scandal that was not there!

    Sad to see Jon using his twitter spouting bad language & rude interchanges w/folks there. Seems not too much has changed with him. His vulgar mouth was always a puzzle to me as to how Kate & him even got along. Not something I could ever live with...sorry, but I think human speech needs to edify and upbuild. I'm blessed to have a husband that never...yep...believe it or not...but he NEVER uses filthy language! Not allowed in our house!

    So continuing to support Kate...always hoping new opportunities come her way. Take care BM and LindaO...and all you super fans for Kate and her eight!

  7. Hi all!!! So sorry I've been MIA.

    Miss you Baby Mama!
    Corrina, we gotta "talk" soon!
    Thanks for encouraging words, Ziggy!
    Are you warm yet, Fascinating?
    Peggy, you got that part right!
    Welcome home, tashapork!
    I've been reading things CMo3! Just slow following up.
    Oh my! You and me both fired up! Hang in there, my southern Friend! You've had more than your share but that great attitude will ultimately see you though. I agree about JG. No prude but who wants to live with a potty mouth. ugh.

    Weather is gorgeous; hope yours is also!

    Again all, sorry about being MIA! Just had to take a break, step back, and get my head around some physical issues. I think I've accepted what's happening now and ready to move on and just deal with it! I'll be the one zipping around eventually on a power chair using the joy stick to guide my way.

    Catch you all soon, I hope!

  8. I know I mistakenly left out some. My apologies. Not intentional at all.

  9. Hope all is well Linda. The power chair, although probably seems like a set back right now, will actually be of benefit in the end.

    It was forecasted to go to plus 16C this past Monday, but we ended up getting a freezing rain then snow storm. I knew they had to be kidding about the plus 16. LOL

    I remember someone saying that Kate +8 was going to be showing repeats. Did this ever happen?

  10. fascinated - holy guacamole -- it's spring with 16 degrees?? I'm sending you warmer weather and a whole basket of cherry blossoms, Bradford pear blossoms, tulips, jonquils, bedbug, and Southern Forsythia. Lilacs are loaded with buds and I'll send those soon.

    I am truly thankful for the years I had with more mobility. Just adjusting. I'll get used to planning ahead for it one day and you're right ... Eventually it will increase the mobility it's just the dealing with contractors and insurance companies.

  11. Oh dear Linda, I hope things are getting easier for you!!

    Any word from Tiggerfan? How did it go for your brother? Still praying!!

    Linda-- Was that redbuds? Well I just had a downright good belly laugh and hubby had to see about what!! Love ya!! :) Yes we need to catch up.

  12. Hey Corrina & fascinated. Yes I meant r e d b u d s, my apologies. Even with auto spell turned off, it doesn't stop. I'm using dragon speak and it goes from voice to type. Sometimes it does weird stuff! Yesterday I said p e n g u I n s and it converted it to male anatomy. The kids science teacher had to call me on phone he was laughing so hard, and in school chat mode you can't take it back. Will be a while before I lve that down. Supposed to use dragon speak to save hands but you can see why it is frustrating.

    1. Linda, Oh my goodness!! Technology can be such "fun"!! My son was returning a text message to his neighbor who had texted for him to have a great weekend. His message was supposed to read "Thanks, you too!" But somehow he used an "L" for the exclamation point. We are still laughing.

    2. Well, I'll be honest. I didn't know half of the plants you were listing, so I didn't notice the issue. LOL

  13. Hi All!!!

    Prayers still needed, even after 2 days of hearings. Hoping his lawyer cut enough holes in their stories. But judge said he needed two weeks or more to rule. It was rough I'm told during the hearings.

    So now we pray judge sees the lies for lies and rules in his favor.

    Thanks to all who prayed and continue to pray.

  14. Tiggerfan--Thanks so much for the update. Sounds like it's been a tough week. Will certainly continue to pray.

  15. Kate Plus 8 is airing from 8am - 10am CDT this morning.

  16. Forgot to say on Discovery Fit &Health.

  17. Thanks Corrina.

    It must only be showing in the US. It isn't coming up on the schedule for Twist TV (Canada's Discovery Fit & Health channel). : (

    1. fascinated -- Oh darn!! Sorry about that.

  18. Hello everyone! Yes I know Iv'e been a bit MIA, and this site went dead like stale old bread, but I'm back! With fresh paper and fresh bread! I got very upset recently and put my heart out on the table for my new post. Please go to it and share your thoughts with me! xoxo