Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kate Gosselin Attending Celebrity Gala To Help Moms, Kate Looks Back At 2011, Who is HollyBaby Re-Tweeting?

FRIDAY, JAN. 6 BERMUDA: A gala event helping moms & celebrating all things luxury will take place next weekend to raise money for premature babies. The Syncairly Yours Foundation will host Diamonds and Caviar at the Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort and Spa on January 14. Celebrities Star Jones, Lance Gross and Kate Gosselin will be at a star-studded Diamonds and Caviar Gala next Saturday night, hosted by the Syncairly Yours Foundation. Jones is known for her work on The View, Gross stars in hit TV show House of Payne and Gosselin was the star of John and Kate Plus Eight. The foundation was set up last year to raise money for uninsured mothers and their premature babies. Molessia Joynes founded it after her daughter almost died giving birth to her son Syncair in November 2010 when he was just 25 weeks.

During the gala, there will also be a special jewellery showcase with jewellers opening the vaults to display the best of the best of their collections. Seventy per cent of proceeds will go to the Syncairly Yours Foundation. Tickets for the Bermuda Night are $80. For more information, call 599-SYNC (7962).
Kate Gosselin Opens Up: 2011 Was "a Year of Gaining Complete Independence":
The year 2011 was definitely a crazy one for Kate Gosselin. Aside from raising eight kids, the 36-year-old endured the cancellation of her reality show, Kate Plus 8, had a run-in with the law, landed a new job and even completed her first marathon in Las Vegas.
So what kind of resolutions is Kate making for 2012? "I don't typically make New Year's resolutions because I'm not one to make drastic changes just for the sake of making them or just because the calendar starts over," Kate writes in her latest blog post for "However, I do aim for certain things as I organize and prioritize my life all year long." Some of those things include projects around the Gosselin house. She writes, "This year, I learned that if I want to accomplish something, whether it's hanging a picture in my home, building a chicken coop or running a marathon, it's all possible if my mindset is one of determination and positivity!
"The year of 2011 for me was a year of gaining complete independence, and learning to look for solutions in every situation instead of focusing on the problems...I've always said that I don't live apologetically; I live passionately! A great way to do that is to learn from the past and make it better in the future." Here's to a bright new year for the reality mama!

Kate Gosselin Wants To Host Her Own Fitness Show (or thanks for ripping off my Tweets)

The mom-of-eight has been working nonstop to get back on TV and she might have finally found a way in — would you take fitness advice from Kate? Kate Gosselin says she loves being a “stay at home working mom” but she’s still crossing her fingers for her own TV show! The former TLC star took to her Twitter over New Year’s weekend to tell her fans that it would be a “dream come true” to have a workout show.

“@AskBabyMama a fitness show would be a dream come true,” Kate tweets. “Not for me only but a way to reach ALL moms who desire fitness but don’t know how!”

Kate spent all summer training for her recent marathon and she’s always blogging about eating healthy. We think Kate looks great but would you watch a health show hosted by Kate?