Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Watch TLC Websode " Airport" Here: When Hate For Kate Gosselin Should Not Go Goes Too Far

Hello Gosselin Fans! I posted this picture because it's my fav. Beautiful, happy & smiling, with a great cut. lol It's been a while since I have personally made a post here. And a lot has happened in the past few weeks. For some reason, the more slow the Kate Gosselin news, the more vicious the Kate haters are. I don't know if it's because they can't get to Kate personally (more on that later), or they get some sorry of power off attacking and "outing" others on the web. But in recent weeks those that are anti-Kate Gosselin have taken their vile behavior too far.

I currently had a hate site under police investigation after said site starting posting personal information about not only myself but members of my family. Then theres the infamous Werney Gal, boasting with pride after following (stalking) the Gosselins to a film location to comment, and take photos of the family most notably commenting about her "boots". And finally, finding out that sites were originally stating how they do not allow attacks on other sites, are doing just that. Recently a commenter named "BerksPA" went on and on several times about her recent "run-ins" with Kate Gosselin. Her immature hurtful snarky comments finally got to her and in the end, she had to even stop herself from more embarrassment, and fess up to how she really felt after seeing all her horrible posts...

BerksPa said... "Something that really hit me in seeing her was how sad she looked. (or maybe she was tired). I will add for clarity, that on Monday I was at Target and as we were heading down the main aisle to the checkout counter my husband said to me: Did you see who was staring at me. Apparently she made eye contact with him for a little bit. Not with me - wouldn't look at me. She was NOT smiling, did not look happy at all. I posted, and snarked about it. I had not seen her in person...and didn't expect to see her...very odd. No one in the store I saw as we passed bothered her or talked to her. She was all dressed up...skinny jeans, tight grey sweater and super high heeled pumps/shoes.

I don't feel great that I did a snarky post, because after seeing her this morning, and adding it to what I saw on Monday, I really felt bad. I guess that's why I followed the van, to see if she really did have help, or if she was doing it on her own. Seriously, she must be really lonely. She lives out in the county, no one here seems to like her or perhaps they just don't acknowledge her. All I've heard second hand is what a 'b*itch' she is. Seeing for myself, especially this morning sealed it for me. She's doing what she thinks is best for her situation. However at this point it may not be best but she must provide for the kids. The attack on her as a child abuser was UNCALLED for. I wonder if that is why she looked so tired/down on Monday and this morning.

I know I can't make presumptions from just a few brief encounters, however, I do know that she's a real mom/person/friend that is trying to get some good out of her situation. People who sit out in the sidelines and judge her need to grow up. This includes all the 'super mom' judging as well as the snark.No one is perfect. Not very many people can last being put on a pedestal as the 'greatest thing since sliced bread' or survive 'the worst mom in the world' comments. She lives between those two scenarios and unfortunately lives it in the public eye. I wish to God there was a way she could do something else where she wouldn't be judged for every little thing. Kate once said "you can't go back, you can only move forward". Agreed, however she can move forward in a slightly different pattern. I hope that someone offers her something or that her Twist of Kate show maybe would get started. Anything for the kids to be out of public scrutiny. As for being skinny...seriously. Pictures do her no justice...she is thin, thin, thin and when she wore her heels she looked taller than she is, because when I saw her this morning she looked really short."

One down, and more to go. My dream is for everyone to realize that their lives must be incredibly lost if they have to continue to attack someone they don't know in order to feel better about themselves. I am incredibly proud to be able to say I continue to have a positive site. I support and protect my readers. If you moderate your site, then you are responsible for what comes out of it. Why allow people to comment about this site and me personally? It clearly shows that they are still reading here! xoxo BabyMama

- she has NOT robbed her kids of their childhoods
- she has NOT robbed her kids of their privacy
- she has NOT robbed her kids of having a voice
- she has NOT robbed her kids of having a choice
- she has NOT robbed her children of having a mother (she is quite wonderful)
- she has NOT robbed her children of having normal relationships with friends
- she has NOT robbed her parents of having relationships with THEIR children
- she has NOT opened her children unfairly to ridicule But thanks for asking!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Watch Here!: Alaska Here We Come, Are People Watching Kate Plus 8? What's To Come? They’re back! Kate Gosselin and her brood are returning to TLC in a series special, Kate Plus 8: Alaska, Here We Come! For more info on this special episode (complete with sneak peek video!), as well as what the Gosselins have been up to recently, keep on reading! Kate Gosselin and her heard of kids are making a return to TLC this weekend in an hour-long special called “Kate Plus 8: Alaska, Here We Come” in which they, well, go to Alaska. Things have been pretty quiet with the Gosselins since Kate’s stint on “Dancing With the Stars” last season, and TLC has even cut down their promotion of their once media-crazed family. But it looks like the Gosselins (minus Jon of course) are trying to make a bit of a comeback. In a stroke of cross-promotional genius, TLC is sending the family to Alaska. The kids and Kate will be doing typical Alaska-type things like visiting glaciers, whale watching, riding Iditarod dog sleds, panning for gold, and meeting Sarah Palin. Yep, that’s right. The Gosselins and the Palins. Hanging out in Alaska.
With the debut of TLC’s new show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” right around the corner, it makes sense for the network to use the Gosselins and Kate Plus 8 to promote their new show, and to use Sarah Palin to bring some attention back to Kate Gosselin and her octofam. TLC reps have confirmed that the two megamoms do meet up in Alaska, and that it will be featured in an upcoming episode, but whether that episode is of “Kate Plus 8” or “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” (or both?) has yet to be determined. Aside from visiting the great white north, the Gosselin clan has been (surprisingly) quiet. Jon went to Taco Bell a while back, and there have been some reports that one of the Gosselin girls got suspended from school for fighting (it was only a matter of time before one of them snapped). Other than that, things have been pretty calm in Pennsylvania.“Kate Plus 8: Alaska, Here We Come” airs tonight (Sunday, November 7) at 9/8c. What do you guys think of the Kate Plus 8 Alaska special this weekend? Will you watch? What do you think of Kate and Sarah Palin becoming TLC buddies?

Travelling to Alaska with Kate Plus 8 July 22, 2010 by

Spending 8 hours on a flight from Philly to Anchorage with the KatePlus 8 family (and entourage) was exhausting. Mostly due to sitting in a tight coach seat  for that long a period of time but with all the comings and goings of the entourage it was tough to get any sleep. I had to travel to Anchorage on Monday to visit a customer for my paying job.  There’s a new flight from Philly that flies non-stop to Anchorage and you can’t imagine how excited I was since it can normally take 3 to 4 hops to reach Anchorage from Albany. Upon arriving at the gate in Philly I noticed lots of people milling about staring at 2 camera crews and I was almost giddy with delight that I’d be travelling with the Palin clan (more on that later - 2 days after my arrival in Anchorage I actually did have a Palin connection).  Upon closer inspection I see a gaggle of small children with cameras in their faces and a tall, blond woman instantly recognizable from all the tabloid covers we’re all forced to glance at while waiting to pay for our groceries (I should shop at the food coop in Albany more often, you are totally spared the tabloid experience by shopping here).  Although I don’t watch the Kate Plus 8 reality show you’d have to be sleeping under a rock not to know who this gang was.  I tried very hard not to stare and but it was much too interesting and so I would take a few lingering glances over while we all lined up to board (through some miracle the plane departed on time – probably a first for Philly).

The kids seemed very well behaved. They weren’t screaming or shouting, just playing normally and they didn’t really seem to mind the camera crew. They almost seemed like they didn’t even notice the crew (even though, as you can see from the photos, the camera was often literally pointed at their faces). The entire group plus entourage boarded last and stopped right next to my seat because the camera crews sat behind me. When it was time to continue down the aisle momma Gosselin just said: “walk”. Naturally that had zero effect on the kids lined up behind her so she turned around again and said: “we’re walking” and that did the trick. They marched down the aisle to their seats.  Later in the flight I was told by my seatmate, who seemed to have a small bladder,  that #3 and #7 threw up but I cannot confirm that. I have no idea what the family will be doing in Anchorage but I’m sure there will be a couple episodes of escapades from the trip. I can’t imagine taking 8 kids (I actually only counted 7 so one of them might have taken a later flight) on a long trip like that. You have to give that mom credit for getting them out of the house and up to Alaska. Can you even imagine the packing involved!! Oh, the one funny thing is that I didn’t see the family at the baggage check, only the camera crew. So I’m guessing the crew had to carry all the bags. I just think that’s funny. So it’s been my brush with celebrity week.